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What's your fav kaisoo moment?

OKAY! Now I’m gonna answer your question and kill you in my mind for making me choose a fave kaisoo moment.  You just can’t make a person choose a favorite moment of a couple with thousands of moments! It’s like puttin a gun into the head of childern and asking you who deserves to live, and who deserves to die. Unfair.

From all the moments I remember, that is amazing and I love it. Not because it’s my favorite, but because it shows everything about Kaisoo.

This moment is blessing to my soul. Why? Because it shows how Kaisoo is an intimate couple and how they care for each other and apreciate each other’s affection. Kyungsoo was having his hair fixed and Jongin is at the front, closer to the stage. When Kyungsoo is done, he puts his hands on Jongin’s waist. He looks around and asks Kyungsoo if he wants something (you can see the way Kyungsoo shakes his head). His hand stays at Jongin’s waist and he doesn’t care. A PD stares at them and Jongin exchange some words with him. This doesn’t change their positions. Kyungsoo doesn’t say anything, but smiles.

When it’s their cue to enter the stage, Kyungsoo holds Jongin’s waist a little longer and releases him at the last second. 

You notice how natural everything is. Their closure. Their smiles. Their postures. How they enjoy each other’s contact, don’t even caring for the PD staring at them. It’s so beautiful and I smile everytime I see this gifset. It shows how they give each other strenght, and it’s so beautiful and meaningful.

So, this is a very special Kaisoo moment to me.