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Could you maybe write a drabble for ConnorxEvan, where they are going on their first date and both boys have no idea how to properly do the dating thing? Please and thank you!!

leeets do this (i literally just said this out loud oh my god) evan x connor is the reason i breathe

love these boys!! so much!! tree bros!! (i also added in a mention of alana/zoe cause i am starting to ship them)


“So…” The word hung between the two awkwardly, the tension thick. Evan’s face was a light pink color, what seemed to be a permanent blush. 

The ice cream parlor was nearly empty, apart from the family in the corner, and the two boys sitting at a high table near a window. The parlor was cold due to the air conditioning, but even in September, the weather was still quite hot. Connor briefly wished that he hadn’t worn his standard all black outfit, but remembered what Zoe said. “Don’t act any different than you usually would- but also don’t be a douche. Just be the good version of yourself. You don’t want to change yourself on the first date, because he said yes to you because he likes you as you.” Even though half of that didn’t make sense, Zoe has been sucessfully dating Alana for a few months now, so she must know what she is saying. So Connor wore his standard black jacket, black shirt, and black jeans.

“You like trees?” Connor finally said a few moment too late. Connor internally cursed himself the moment he spoke. You like trees? How much more lame can you get?  

Any regret over choice of words dissipated when Evan’s face lit up. Connor made a mental note. Evan really likes trees. 

“W-well, I did a internship over the summer-” Evan started talking quickly, probably the loudest that Connor had ever heard him speak, but cut himself off. His face became even more pink, borderline red now. “Sorry, you probably don’t want to hear this.” At this, Connor frowned. He leaned across the (slightly sticky) table and made direct eye contact with Evan, observing how flustered the other boy got from that. 

“Evan, I asked you out cause I want to know more about you. Now, I know nothing about dating, let alone first dates, but if talking about trees makes you happy, I beg of you, please talk about trees.” As Connor finished his little speech, he leaned back in his seat. Evan looked slightly shocked, but he smiled and looked down at his ice cream. “Now,  Evan Hansen, could you please tell me everything about your internship with trees?” 

“O-okay.” Evan said quietly. He shot a quick glance back up Connor, and looked down before he started talking again. “Over the summer,” 

Connor took another bite of his ice cream as he watched Evan become more animated. Yeah, he made the right choice by asking Evan out. 

The Coldest Kiss (Ch.5)

Pairing: Jon Snow X Reader

Summary:  Based on a tumblr imagine: What if Jon and you were friends, but he wanted to be more. Jon sees you flirting with Robb and preferring his company. So, Jon thinks you don’t care about him at all. That is until a certain, mischievous Stark tells you the true feelings that Jon has for you.

Words: 2039

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9296567/chapters/21887864

You blinked a couple of times, trying to register what Arya was saying. You couldn’t believe your ears.

“Jon likes me?” you questioned.

“Yes! Isn’t it obvious?” Arya finally stopped laughing, but kept her big, smug smile. “He’s like you for quite some time now.” Annoyed, you put your hands on your hips.

“How do you know? Why should I believe you? This could be a trick,” you said as-of-matter-of-factly. Arya grinned and stepped closer to you.

“Well first, he always smiles around you. He doesn’t smile that much around other girls. You two always find each other at every feast or gathering. He talks about you all the time. He won’t stop. Theon teases him about it a lot.”

“That doesn’t prove anything,” you said.

“You know why he stormed off the other day? It wasn’t because he was moody. It was because you and Robb were flirting all day.”

“I wasn’t flirting with him!” you immediately defended yourself.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Arya went on. “Theon told Jon that you and Robb would be good together. Jon got really angry.”

“But why would he say that? I don’t think of Robb that way. I—

You thought about it more. The way you laughed with Robb. The way you took Robb’s side of things and spent a lot of time with him alone. What you said to Robb about Jon being a bastard and him being a lord. The puzzle pieces were falling together, and you put your head in your hands.

“Now you get it,” Arya teased.

“How long have you known this?”

“A couple of months now,” Arya said as she climbed onto another stone and balanced herself with one foot. “Jon told me himself that he liked you, but he didn’t want to do anything about it because he was scared.”

“How do you know all of this?” you questioned. Arya knew a lot for a little girl.

“I listen. Jon tells me things,” Arya had an answer for everything. She still annoyed you a bit.

“I know this may be a long shot, but do you know if Jon’s feelings are still there?” Arya shook her head.

“I know he really likes you, (Y/N). You make him really happy, and he makes you really happy. Anyone can see that you two have something special.” Arya was right. If Jon wasn’t going to do anything about it, then you were.

“Thank you, Arya, I’ll see you later,” You started to walk away, but then turned around to tell Arya one more thing. “Don’t hide like that from people. It’s not ladylike.”

“Well, maybe I don’t want to be lady,” Arya smiled. She went the opposite direction. You left the godswood to go prepare for the feast. You had an idea cooking in your mind.

Meanwhile, in the castle, the boys were preparing for the feast too in their own way. Jon did not speak to Robb for at least two days now. Jon only grunted and rolled his eyes at everything. They were putting tunics on when Robb broke the silence.

“So, Theon was telling me earlier that he was going to try to get Roz out of the brothel for the feast tonight. Isn’t that stupid? As if Roz would do anything for Theon,” Robb chuckled a little louder than he should to get Jon’s attention. Jon only hummed as a response. Robb wasn’t going to give up that easily.

“I hear there’s going to be some lemon cakes tonight, that’s good isn’t it?” Robb knew he was reaching. Jon still didn’t say anything. They continued to straighten their clothes.

“Well,” Robb sighed. “I know I am excited for tonight. A certain someone will be there.” Jon’s ears perked up like a wolf. Robb knew he was listening this time, so he continued talking. “There’s this girl I’ve been eyeing for some time now. One of her brothers told me earlier that she’s going to be there. So, I’m going to ask her to dance with me.”

Jon kept his composure. Theon was right. Robb and (Y/N) would be perfect together. Robb was the shining star of the Stark children. He was handsome, kind, and charming. (Y/N) was beautiful as she was smart. She was gentle, warm, and fair. They were perfect for each other.

“I hope you enjoy her company,” Jon told Robb and he left the room. He had no idea how he was going to make it through tonight.

Hours later, Jon found himself in the midst of the feast. Higher and lower classes were all together laughing and eating. Jon grabbed a lemon cake from a small table on the side. He studied it and saw how the bread itself was shaped like a rose.

‘That’s her signature,’ Jon thought to himself. He smiled down at the tiny cake warmly. He didn’t want to talk to her, but he had to admit these past few days had been rough. So many times he wanted to tell her about a new trick Ghost learned, or a funny story only to remember her and Robb together. He heard Robb’s laughter and turned towards the sound.

What he saw shocked him. Robb was laughing and smiling with another girl. He showed off his famous smile as smiled back at him. This girl had a neutral colored gown on, but she was still beautiful. She looked nothing like you. Robb wasn’t talking about you at all. Jon immediately scanned the room for you. The great hall was crowded with people from wall to wall, but Jon didn’t see a single hair of your (h/c) head anywhere.

‘Why would she be here, whatever we had is over now,’ Jon thought to himself. ‘She won’t talk to me ever again. Not after the way I yelled at her.’ Jon decided to move past through the crowd and make his way outside. Just as he stepped out, you stepped in. You wore a gray gown that you made yourself. You styled your hair much like Sansa’s, but you put small roses in your braids.

You scanned the room for Jon, but you didn’t see him. You made your way into the feast. Left and right you saw your family and friends stuffing their faces, talking to one another, and dance.

“(Y/N)!” you heard Robb call out. You walked over to him, noticing another girl beside him.

“Jeyne?” you said surprised.

“Hello, (Y/N),” Jeyne said. She giggled. “You look gorgeous, did you make that yourself?” You nodded your head.

“Robb, have you seen Jon? It’s really important that I speak to him,” you urged.

“You want to talk to Jon?” Robb questioned. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes,” you nodded. “I know what was wrong.” Robb replied with a half-smile, unsure about your answer.

“I saw him leave, maybe he’s outside. It is a bit warm in here,” Robb said. “Or maybe I’m getting warm.” He looked at Jeyne and giggled. You shook your head and turned to go outside. You thought about what Arya said.

“Jon has always liked you. He doesn’t hate you at all.”

The thought about Jon having feelings for you warmed you. Has he liked you all this time? You never thought about Jon that way, but now that you were thinking about him it made your heart beat faster. A slow smile crept on your face. You tried to keep it hidden, but as soon as the cold hit you your smile was replaced with a shiver.

You forgotten your cloak, but you kept going. The crunch your shoes made in the snow were satisfying, but the cold air kept biting your skin. You crossed your arms across your chest to keep some of the warmth with your body. Snow was falling to the ground at a quicker pace. It was nights like these, you felt badly for the guards. Some of the guards looked at you and felt bad instead.

You started to hear thuds and banging. As you rounded the corner, you saw Jon beating on a poor sack. Straw and filling leaked to the ground. You stepped on a twig which snapped and Jon turned to see you in your dress shivering. Both of you just stood there for a moment looking at the other.

“What are you doing out here?” Jon called out, walking towards you. “You’ve got no cloak on.”

“Oops,” you smiled. “I forgot mine at home.” Jon stared and blinked at you for a couple of seconds. You shrugged in response, still keeping your arms crossed. Jon then took his cloak off and wrapped it around you. As he tied it around you, your faces were inches away from each other. You decided it was a good time to say something.

“Can we talk?” you asked.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Jon snapped back with.


“The snow’s falling faster, I suggest you go back inside,” Jon said turning around.

“Arya told me that you have feelings for me, is that true?” you shouted. Jon stopped and turned right back around.


“Arya told me that you have feelings for me. Is that why you’ve been acting weird?”

“Acting weird?” Jon said. “You’re the one acting weird. You’re off flirting with my brother.” You put your hands up.

“It was nothing like that. I mean, I know what it looked like, but believe me I don’t care for Robb that way. You know that, right?”

“Then what did you mean when you said I won’t be at Winterfell forever? That I’ll marry some low-ranking lady? That our friendship is doomed to die?”

“I was angry,” you looked down, clutching Jon’s cloak. “I’m just scared. We’re growing up, and I’m scared one day we won’t be this close anymore. It was night and day. One moment, you and I are the same we’ve always been. The next you’re angry with me, and now we barely talk. It hurts me, Jon.”

“It hurts you?”

“I care about you, Jon,” you said. “I’ve always cared about you. It scares me to think about not having you here with me. I want you here with me. I’m sorry.”

“That scares me too,” Jon continued. “I’m sorry too. I went overboard. Theon bothered me about you two together and it made it worse than it was. He said you two would be good together.”

“Robb’s in the hall with Jeyne, I think he’s fine without me,” you replied with. Things went silence for a moment, and you could feel the cold snow on your face.

“Arya’s right,” Jon said. “I do have feelings for you. I don’t know when or how it happened, but I know you make me so happy.” Jon grabbed your hand and held it in his. His hand felt so warm in yours. His thumb brushed over your knuckles.

“You make me happy too,” you smiled. “You’re my favorite person here.” Jon smiled and looked at you. His dark, but kind eyes looked into yours. You weren’t sure if it was your heart beating fast, or Jon’s hands around yours, but you felt nervous. Jon freed one of his hands and entwined it in your hair. He brought your face to his, and your lips met. The snow fell on your faces, making you colder, but it didn’t matter. You had never felt so warm in your life. Your hands went to the sides of his faces, hoping to hold the kiss longer. After what seemed like a blissful forever, you separated and looked at one another.

Jon kept holding one of your hands, and both of you kept smiling stupidly at the other. Your heart felt like flying, and you felt brave. So, you went in for another quick kiss, and you felt his warm lips again. Then your hid your face in his chest, laughing. You felt so happy.

“Well, at least there’s one good thing coming from this,” Jon said. You looked u and hummed at him.

“What’s that?” you said.

“I’m not scared of losing you anymore,” Jon smiled. Jon escorted you back inside the great hall where it was much warmer, not as friends, but as something more.

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Did you see the Sherlock Twitter pinned "Not 🐝🐝🌊" / "Not bee bee sea"? RIP

Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlockedSo Twitter accounts confirmed that they’re not bbc. As I don’t think they’re lying (why break the 4th wall then?) my last hope just died a very painful death. I guess mofftiss and the whole Sherlock crew don’t comment on the 4th series much because they genuinely thought TFP to be their best episode. In this case just imagine how shocked they are by everyone’s reaction. So shocked and alarmed, they didn’t even send “the perfect” TFP for Emmy and avoid Sherlock talk like plague😭

Hey Nonnies

Yeah, I saw that, though there are mixed stories about the context to it. I don’t know for certain since I don’t really follow them except whatever is posted here on Tumblr. 

Personally, I have always believed that the twitters were probably 50-50, so I’m not really all that surprised. But then there’s always the issue that TPTB lie all the time. BUT then why would the BBC put out for all of this? A million different questions and things that may or may not add up. 

I don’t know, with the current direction that the twitters are going (the Victor Trevor jealousy crap) kind of gave it away for me as a fan-made twitter; it’s a trope that’s highly prevalent in the fandom, so I’m not really surprised. BUT they’re still lovely, and I don’t think that we should stop enjoying them (well… maybe we can enjoy them again after this stupid dead-horse Victor bullshit). This was literally the one and only time I recall them “breaking the fourth wall”, and really it’s not a shock to be honest – as a tinhatter I like to maintain a level of skepticism about EVERYTHING. Don’t let it get you down; the fan(s) behind the account clearly just want to make people happy after the fallout of S4. That’s really not a bad thing, in my opinion.

That all said, re: the second ask: Well, really we shouldn’t be surprised… Mofftiss thought it was a fantastic episode, then the general public HATED it, and decided on their actual best episode of the season since it was the one more praised and had a better shot at a nomination… that would be my guess. It still bothers me that they’re STILL so radio silent on the whole thing, and I think it’s one of the reasons I’ve still got a shoe stuck in the tin-hat camp.

Anyway, TL;DR – we knew the RP accounts were suspect from the beginning, so it really isn’t a surprise that this all came out. But I understand why there’s upset about it; some saw it as a final hope. I am sad that y’all are sad, truly I am, but I hope you can still enjoy what they are trying to do – provide a canon-feeling Johnlock ending to a series that didn’t deliver.

EDIT: Johnlock just became canon in twitterverse, and the world is a better place for it.

reasons the malec kiss slays me, a non-watcher who maybe seen 3 shadowhunters gifs ever
  • dramatic music build that got that Flutter going in my stomach
    • OOOOOO, OOOOO-OOOO-OO i love dying and being dea d
  • that fANTASTIC EXPRESSION magnus makes when he walks in, like “i’m not hopeful, but i’m offering everything– i had to try because it’s you
  • a straight solid 15 seconds of pre-kiss eye contact
    • alec’s “literally god himself could not stop me from reaching you” focus, aka visual blowjob
    • magnus’s “i don’t know what you’re about to do but literally god himself could not get me out of your way” expression
  • the reaction shots!!! how long were these assholes dancing around each other to produce these 100K Fanfic Slow Burn Kiss Ending ™ looks @ the guy’s wedding to another person?? fuck me
  • or the bride’s “trying to be happy for you but my heart is in pieces” eyelid flicker– slay my entire ass
    • magnus following but immediately respecting the pause :’)
  • like idk what this storyline has been but to me that’s an “i need you to know that i’m aware of how much this changes, and that i mean everything that this implies” pause
    • “i need to have eyesex w/ u for a quick second so u know i want to make eye-tender-love to u many times in the future”
  • where do u think magnus’s hands are?? alec’s waist (under the suit coat or over it??? is he gripping almost too hard)?? alec’s forearms, so that even if alec lets go of the lapels he won’t go too far?? bELT LOOPS???
    • FUCK
  • the music getting JUST LOW ENOUGH for me to hear the breathing
  • the Wow Sure Am Out Of Breath After That Pining Marathon breathing
  • footage of this show i have seen: this specific 3-minute scene
  • number of times i have watched it: at least 28

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It's my birthday/graduation and it looks like I'll be spending the better part of it alone. Tell me things about FTNS or Robbie or Mike/Liam to make me happy?

I’m sorry buddy, I know exactly how that feels, and it sucks. So here’s a little bit of everything:

- Here is a list of things Harry is scared of: insects (all kinds), arachnids (once he learned they don’t count as insects), snakes (the idea of them, mostly, since he’s never actually seen one outside of a zoo), that blocking a shot might end up shattering a bone or something, needles, cats (in his defense he’s slightly allergic) 

- Robbie refuses to let me make a fear list because he fears nothing! (and resents my laughter at that statement). Robbie was Spiderman for four straight Halloweens, with the silly string web and everything. 

-Whenever Liam’s injured, Mike builds a pillow wall so Liam can’t accidentally injure himself worse on Mike’s body in the night with his constant movement, since he can’t take the couch anymore, and he’s not making Liam sleep on the couch for getting injured because what is he, a monster? Somehow every time he wakes up Liam has somehow dismantled those walls to cuddle up to him while simultaneously not hurting himself. Mike’s honestly pretty impressed. 

Last of all, happy birthday, and congratulations on graduating! It’s a huge achievement and I’m proud of you.

But seriously though, can we talk about how fucking tragic Brney Barton is? He grew up in a house with an abusive father who looks exactly like him. Both his abusive father and his uncaring mother die in a car crash and he’s sent off to an orphanage where nobody wants him. He runs away and joins the fucking circus, the whole time still trying to be a good big brother to Clint (who is angry and rebellious and self centered, at this point in his life.) and trying to actually finish school. He manages to graduate, and gets into a huge fight with his brother before going off to join the army. He tries to convince Clint to come with him, but as far as Barney knows, he didn’t want to. He didn’t know Clint was just late for the bus. He thought his little brother chose a couple of criminals over him.

He’s successful in the army, and eventually joins the FBI where he has to infiltrate a criminal organization. During which time had is SHOT by his little brother who is TRYING TO STEAL FROM SAID CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. And because he’s in the FBI he has to LIE TO HIS BROTHER AND CONVINCE HIM THAT HE’S ACTUALLY A CRIMINAL WHEN HE’S NOT.

Then he goes for another undercover mission as a racketeer, during which, long story short, he is basically killed. He’s then resurrected and BRAINWASHED by a asshole in a purple body suit into hating his little brother and wanting to kill him.

Even after being brainwashed into hating him, BARNEY STILL DONATES BONE MARROW TO SAVE CLINTS EYESIGHT.

He becomes a fake avenger, which goes about as well as you can imagine, and this whole time he’s dealing with not only his childhood abuse, but the psychological torture it must be to look in the mirror every day and /see/ his abuser. Not to mention his brother issues, and all the trauma that must go along with basically being brainwashed and then eventually breaking out of it.

The worst part of it is that BARNEY WAS A GOOD FUCKING PERSON. He was a troubled kid, but looking through his and Clints backstory, if you didn’t know anything about how they turned out, you would probably assume BARNEY would be the hero, and CLINT would bed the villain.


In The Name Of Love [Wrench/Reader] Part 2

Originally posted by funnysupernaturalmoments

Well… You guys wanted it… so here… Enjoy the various emotions this will illicit! This gif is relevant to the end of the chapter. And gotta warn ya, there’s a bit of some NSFW imagery in the chapter… and I… I feel disgusted with myself typing it… but it’s essential to narrative because you all need to feel the hate that I’ve decided to instill into the narrative. Yes. 

edit 1: Disgusted with Lydia/Wrench. that is what I meant.

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Space mom it's official, we had the talk and we decided we are going to give it a shot. I'm honestly so happy since this is kind of my first relationship to date. I've never been so excited and nervous. She told me not to worry about it and everything and we can take it slow. if I end up not liking her in that way she said there would be no hard feelings but like how can I not like her when she says junk like that. I swear she's pining harder then Keith. 😡👽

omg hahahah this is ADORABLE AND I SHIP IT SO HARD!! 

best of luck in your new relationship and i hope you both make each other super happy!!!!! 💜💜💜💜

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I still get aggressively happy when I get asks like this. First, I’m so glad I inspired you! Please please tag me when you get all started and the such. Second, I want to disclaim this by saying that I’ve been doing this for 4 weeks and am, by no means, an expert. I’ll give it my best shot though.

Gifs: everything I’ve learned about making gifs came from this post (thank you tt @asktheboywholived ) However, tumblr has updated, so any place where tt says 2MB, it is now 3MB. Anything over 3MB will freeze on tumblr!

Tips: Be active! I’ve posted content on this account every single night that it’s been alive. 80% of that being actual online characters. Be patient! When I first came on as Cedric, it took about two hours before I got any asks. I just watched some Dr.Who with my sister and waited. If you are producing good content, followers will come. Know your time zone! For me, the most optimal time to post/start a q+a is between 7:30-9:00. This is when the most people will see it, for me at least. Go out of your comfort zone! Join gh that appear on your dash, message people that you want to work with, I promise you’ll make friends.  Have fun! If you aren’t having fun then whats the point?

I’m sorry for this overload of information. If you have any questions, just message me! And don’t forget to tag me in your stuff.)

I Would Miss You

Author: carry-on-my-pretty-weeper

Character: Josh Dun and Reader

Relationships: Josh x Reader kinda

Word Count: 1107

Warnings: I write a warning when the triggering thing begins.

Author’s Note: I was given the prompts

3. “No, no, please stop bleeding.”

26. “Nobody misses me anymore. They used to call and text, say how we should meet up. But eventually I just faded into the background. It happens to everyone. Don’t let it get to you.”

88. “Is it cold outside or are you just blushing?”

This fic is for @taylorsbread, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if you don’t.

Sorry I have to cancel our plans maybe next week? The text read. This is the fourth week this has happen. You are always the last priority. Sometimes you even wondered if you died anyone would care. Would they blow off your funeral because they were too busy? They had a previous commitment? Another text interrupted your thinking but this time it was from Josh asking if you want to hang out. He is probably the only person in the world who actually cares about you. You quickly responded yes and you two decided to meet at Taco Bell because you were both pretty hungry. When you arrived you didn’t have to wait for him, he was already there. He smiled at you and you gave him the best smile you could. You were still pretty bummed that yet another person flaked out on you. But you couldn’t let that ruin your time with Josh. It was pretty cold so you zipped up your jacket as you walked over to Josh. “Hey!”

“Hey yourself,” you said with a slight smile. He looked at you and frowned a bit.

“Are you okay?” he said with concerned laced in his voice. Shit of course Josh could tell if you were upset just with a glance. Deciding not to lie to him you say “Um not really but I don’t want to talk about it.” He understands and nods his head. You two go inside and order your food. Then he proceeds to tell you about the song Tyler made up about Taco Bell and you start laughing really hard. When he sings a couple of versus your sides hurt from laughing. Your laughter is infectious and makes Josh laugh.

Originally posted by 21p

When you both get your food you go to the park right next to your house it was a little sketchy but still fun. On the way there and elderly woman with her husband commented about how you two were such a cute couple. You blushed a lot and Josh instead of correcting her went along with it and said “Well that’s just my sweetie pie,” and planted a big kiss on the side of your cheek. They ‘aww’ed and went on their way. You were very surprised, confused, and honestly a bit hopeful. You kinda sorta might have a gigantic life ruining crush on him. “Is it cold outside or are you just blushing?” he said with a little smirk then continued to walk. You stood there a second then ran after him. When you two arrived you went and sat on the swings. He went behind you and started to push you this earned a little chuckle from you. “Do you still want to talk about it?” he asked out of the blue.

“What?” you said surprised.

“Do you still want to talk about why you were upset?” he asked carefully. You thought about it for a second. “It’s just…I have been stood up a couple of times by some friends, it sounds really stupid but it just made me a bit upset,” you chuckled nervously.

“I get it nobody misses me anymore,” he started, “They used to call and text, say how we should meet up. But eventually I just faded into the background. It happens to everyone. Don’t let it get to you.” You looked at him completely shocked. Who would ever ignore Josh? Josh was such a great person, he was sweet, loving, and is the best friend a person could ask for. “I would miss you,” you said looking back at him from the swing, “and don’t think for a second that I wouldn’t.”

“Thanks,” he said. He couldn’t believe it someone had the nerve to blow you off? You, of all people? Who wouldn’t drop everything just to hang out with you? He certainly would and the fact that someone made you upset had his blood boiling. You deserved the world not some flakey friends. You were such a great person sometimes he wonders why you hang around with him. “Hey y/n?” he stopped pushing you and sat on the swing next to you.


“Why, um why do you hang out with me?” he asked. This question had stunned you on the spot.

“Josh, you’re literally one of my best friends. Reality is I don’t know why you hang out with me. You are the kindest, most loving, happiest, and most caring person I’ve ever met. I don’t deserve you,” you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it was. At this he started laughing. “Why are you laughing?” you questioned.

“I always think that I don’t deserve you and here you are telling me everything I feel about you,” he said continuing to laugh. Whenever Josh starts laughing it always makes you laugh. Right now was a moment of utter happiness. There was no other way of describing it. You and Josh were being so carefree and happy that you thought for a second about telling him how you felt. He just seemed so happy and you were making him that way. You opened your mouth to talk when all of a sudden you heard /*trigger warning*/ gun shots. You whipped your head around to see somebody shooting at a car right next to you. It looked like another gang fight. It happened sometimes in your neighborhood. Before you could react one of the bullets missed the car and landed right in your torso Josh’s happiness was quickly turned to panic and worry as you fell off the swing and hit the ground clutching your side. You couldn’t really feel anything as everything got blurry and all you heard was ringing. You looked up and saw the sky was extremely blue today. Your vision was blocked by something or someone you went to tell them to please move but you started coughing up blood. You focused on the person above you. They were really pretty then you noticed it was Josh. Boy, he looked worried you wonder what he was worried about. Now he was crying you tried to reach out and touch him but it hurt a lot. You could hear now and feel all the pain you were going through. Josh kept saying “No, no, please stop bleeding.” He started sounding like his voice was fading you were really tired. Everytime you would blink it got harder to open your eyes. So decided to keep them closed. It felt like you were falling asleep the last thing you hear Josh say was open your eyes! Please open them! I’m so sorry! I love you…

How I Beat PMS And Lived Happily Ever After

My PMS is the worst. Once a month, I hate on everyone. I break up with my boyfriend. I entertain homicidal fantasies about my fellow commuters. I bitch out the people I love for no reason and I drive the people who love me away. I cry. I yell. I alienate.

So I wanted a birth control method that would stop all that. Progesterone is a hormone we make in our bodies. When you’re pregnant, you make more of it. So using a birth control method with progesterone sort of makes your body think you’re pregnant, which often results in lighter periods or no periods at all. But since you’re not really pregnant, you don’t put on a bunch of weight and give birth to a baby after nine months. That’s what I’m talking about.

There are several birth control methods with progesterone, like the Mirena, Skyla, and Liletta IUDs, as well as the shot. These are all great methods, but I went with the implant, which is a tiny, plastic rod that’s the size of a matchstick and goes in your arm. That’s right, a doctor inserts it into your body like you’re in a science fiction movie. Except instead of getting tracked by the government, you don’t get pregnant (or PMS!) for four years.

The whole thing took about five minutes. First the doctor gave me a couple of shots to make me numb. Then she stuck a little device into my arm, lifted the skin up, and shot the little sucker in. And that was it, I was out the door. (And FYI, thanks to Obamacare everything was free.)

A few months in, I’ve experienced some light spotting, which is a common side effect and no big deal. And for most people, the spotting goes away eventually. I’m happy to report that my PMS is gone, gone, gone. Oh, and I’m not getting pregnant anytime soon either. Thanks, implant!

Want more info? Get the full lowdown on the implant

-Amy at Planned Parenthood

Tender love

a/n: Just some Chanyeol fluff bc I’m obsessed with Chanyeol these days help me *-*

Chanyeol one-shot

Genre: Fluffy fluff!!

Word count: 1271

“Y/n, come here, it’s dangerous to stand there.” Chanyeol pulled you towards the inside of the sidewalk. He was always like that, your guardian angel who only wanted the best for you, who watched out for you everywhere you went.

“Oh, thanks, oppa.” You smiled at him, making his heart flutter.

“I-it’s nothing.” He stuttered.

Why am I acting like this?

“Oppa? Were you listening?” You asked him, cocking your head to the side.

“I’m sorry what?” He shook his head pulled himself out of his thoughts.

“I was asking if you wanted to try out that new restaurant next to our school. I heard it’s really good!” You looked at him and smiled brightly, causing the ends of his lips curl upwards.

“Alright, we can give it a try.”

You skipped on the way to the restaurant. Chanyeol stood behind you, grinning to himself, thinking about how adorable you looked.

When you got the restaurant, you both sat down at a small table for two.

He straightened your spoon and chopsticks on a napkin.

“How’s school for you these days? Are any guys bothering you? Tell oppa everything, I’ll beat them all up.” He said, showing his punches. You laughed gleefully.

“This one boy asked me out yesterday, but I had to refuse. I felt so bad, he was such a nice friend of mine too.” He noticed your face was a bit wistful for a moment.

“Do you like someone? Is that why you refused him?” Chanyeol found himself asking you.

“Yah, I do…..I just don’t have any chance of him asking me out…..” Blushing slightly, you answered him.

“Here are your orders! Spicy rice cakes for the lady and ramen for the gentleman!” A bubbly, round man handed out your foods. He had also given a blue drink with two straws.

“Um sir, I don’t think we ordered this,” You told the man.

“Ah, that is the free drink every couple gets when they eat here!”

“Ah no we’re not-” You tried to explain that you weren’t what he thought you guys were when Chanyeol grabbed your arm. “Thank you, sir, we’ll enjoy it.” He winked. “Free drinks y/n, cmon, hasn’t your brother taught you anything?”

The rest of the lunch ended smoothly and you guys walked to your house. You lived right next to each other for 12 years, you guys were always together for that reason. Even though he was a year older than you, you guys got along pretty well.

“Well then, oppa, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You waved to him as you entered the front door. He waved back, yelling a goodbye, feeling a slight pang on his chest.

“What’s wrong with me?” He said to himself, shaking his head.

Next day

The loud ringtone of your phone woke you up. You reached for your phone, only to find it on top of the pile of clothes Chanyeol kept leaving.

“Y/n, wake up.” Chanyeol groggily said to you though a call.

“Hm?” You squinted at your phone.


“Crap, oppa thanks, I gotta go I’m late!!!”

Chanyeol threw himself back on his bed and smiled to himself.

Y/n is such a cutie……wait, do I like her? No Chanyeol, you can’t do this, you heard her yesterday, she said she likes someone else! Besides, she doesn’t like ruining a friendship for a relationship! She’s your best friends sister! Are you trying to film a drama or something? Stop this right now!

He groaned and hit his head on the pillow and got ready for school.

When he left his house, you and your brother, Luhan, was bickering in front of your house.

“I’m manlier than Taylor Lautner! Cmon say it, y/n!” He seemed to be holding a book on top of his head, totally out of your reach.

“But Luhan, I can’t lie!!!” You said, giggling.

“Y/N, HOW DARE YOU BETRAY YOUR MANLY BROTHER LIKE THIS??” Luhan asked, shocked. You turned around when Chanyeol laughed.

“Oh hi Channie! I didn’t see you there!” You said, beaming widely. He grinned back, heart beating like crazy.

“Oppa, can you get that book away from Luhan? He’s being a mean brother!” You linked your arms with Chanyeol and pouted. As soon as your arm made contact with his, his heart went wild and went out of control. The tall lanky boy needed a moment to calm his heart that felt very much like a dedicated fan would when they met their favorite celebrity. He slowed down his crazy heart and focused on getting on the book back from a very stubborn Luhan.

“Hey, Luhan, give back her book, you’re manlier than Taylor Lautner, don’t worry,” Chanyeol said to a very happy Luhan, who was handing back your book to Chanyeol. He slipped it in your bag when Luhan wasn’t looking and winked at you.

“See y/n? Even a guy can see I’m manlier than him, why can’t you?” Luhan said with a superior look. You rolled your eyes at him and walked towards your friends who were waiting for you.

“Hey Luhan, you’ve been in love before, right?” Chanyeol asked the other boy who was looking at his watch.

“Yah, of course!” He said.

“Then can you tell me if what I’m feeling is love? Every time I see her, my heart flutters and I feel really happy, and when she says goodbye and leaves, I feel empty like some part of me is gone. I always worry about her and everything about her makes me grateful for everything.”

Luhans eyebrows shot up. “Does this involve my little sister?”

“W-what? Um……” Chanyeol stuttered.

“Chanyeol, I knew you liked her a long time ago, don’t deny it. Confess to her before it’s too late. Guys ask her out all the time, she might meet someone nicer and you’ll miss your chance. You better treat her well if she says yes, or else I’ll beat you up.” He patted Chanyeols shoulder and entered their school.

6 hours of complete torture passed and you were now standing next to Chanyeol, talking animatedly about the fiasco that had happened during science.

“Y/n, I’ve got to tell you something.” Chanyeol cut you off, avoiding your gaze.

“Yeah?” You asked him.

“Listen, y/n. I’ve been meaning to tell you this a long time ago. I’m scared what might happen if you say, but I’m going to do it. Y/n, I’m in love with you. I don’t go a day without thinking about you. I constantly worry about you and you make me laugh all the time. Every day I spend with you is a blessing, I love every second of it. Whenever you’re near me I get happy and I feel butterflies in me. Do you feel the same?” He asked you with eager eyes, face red with embarrassment.

You looked up at him and smiled. “Oppa, you idiot. Of course I feel the same! Do you know how long I waited for you to ask me? You’re so late!” You playfully punched his arm, and after a second of thought, you tiptoed to kiss his cheek. He laughed and intertwined your hands with his.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do this y/n. I promise I’ll give your tender love, the love you always wanted.”

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I’m watching the Loud House and the little boy, Clyde, was heading over to the main character’s house, Lincoln, and he said, “My parents are walking me over.”

Next thing I know, this is the next shot.

He has. Biracial. Gay. Parents.

And they weren’t subtle or in your face about it. The dads were just like, “This is everything he needs, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, here’s a hug since we can’t tuck you in tonight.”

And I was just omg. Yes. Nick. Yes.

Flawed (Dean x Reader)

Character: Dean x Reader (Female)

Word Count: 2,278

Warnings: Swearing.

FYI: [H/N] - [His Name]

Request: omg i love your writing 😍. could you write an imagine where the reader is fuck buddy with a boy, (no smut, this is just the background story) and she have feelings for him but once Dean gets so mad at her (she’s coming back to the bunker at 4am like) because he actually loves her and he tells her while they arguing and screaming at each other ? the reader think she doesn’t deserve someone as good as Dean ? she have a low self esteem and everything. something fluff please?

AN: What’s up, guys? How are we all doing? I’m totally in love with the requests that you guys have been sending in. I hope everyone has been enjoying the imagines so far! Anyways, keep sending in those requests… or even just drop by and say hello. I’d love to get to know you guys. Enjoy! :)




“So… am I gonna see you again?” a man slurred from beside you, his eyes hungrily scanning your body as you retrieved your favorite pair of jeans from the floor. His breath reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke. His hair was oily and unkempt. You could feel a disgusting burning sensation bubbling within your chest; though, to be honest, you weren’t exactly certain whether it was from the copious amounts of vodka you had earlier consumed, or from the predatory look on [H/N]’s face.

“Oh… ummm, sure.” you sputtered, attempting to yank your jeans up your legs and over your hips. “I should be back in town, sometime next week.” Dizzily, you held out your hands and snapped your eyes shut, hoping to steady your wobbly body. “Give me a call or something." 

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anonymous asked:

I feel like crying, that was so beautiful. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was 16, and it's been such a rocky road these past two years. I don't usually send messages to people, but I just felt like I had to say something. Sometimes your writing gets me through the night, and I'm so greatful for that. That one shot was honestly so amazing. I remember when sgfg just came out and I was rereading your preferences, and I took in the moment and I cried so hard. Thank you, for everything

What a message ❤ Thank you so much for sharing me this and I’m sending you all of my bests supports ❤ Writing about cancer wasn’t something I had done before besides Beneath Your Beautiful and when I write about topics that are sensitive and what I’m not familiar with I’m always very careful to make it as accepting as possible. So I’m insanely happy that you liked it!  ❤ Light up beautiful x 

the-weekly-styles  asked:

Hi! I'm sorta new around your page but I'm loving all these asks and I've been trying to figure out what it's all about!!! I looked on your page for the Dad Harry fic and clicked the link 'The complete list' it took me to a page filled with numbers and I'm assuming one shot title names, however I cant click on anything? :( Is this story still posted? How can I access it? It looks exciting! Hope you're well xxx

Hello, hello, lovely! And welcome! I’m so glad you’re enjoying everything! That makes me so happy. Unfortunately, my complete list is having some major glitch issues at the moment, but I’m working on converting it over to a text post. In the meantime if you use the different category pages, everything is still linked: http://geenalovesthelittlethings.tumblr.com/categories (not in order, I’m afraid). I know that it’s a little hard to navigate that way, but it’s the best I have in the meantime, and  I will have the complete list soon, I promise! Thank you so much for all of the love. :) xx.

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 12

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 | Day 11

A Very Crossover Christmas

Well, we’ve reached that time: Day 12 of a 12 day series. Thank you so, so, so much – truly, from the core of my being – for all your kind words of encouragement throughout this journey. I means everything to me, so thank you.

Tomorrow I’ll be launching, as requested, an “8 Nights of Danvers Chanukah” fic that I’m extremely excited about, so please tune into that, as well as to my already ongoing “I Didn’t Know You Were Into Girls” Sanvers one-shot series.

Happy and safe holidays, and thank you so much again for making this writing experience absolutely wonderful <3

And without further ado: Kara invites Barry and Oliver’s teams to come spend Christmas with the Superfriends!

Alex had promised to be nice.

She just hadn’t defined nice when she told Kara that she wouldn’t beat Barry Allen into a pulp for recruiting her to help him fight off an entire invasion force of aliens on his earth.

“It’s Christmas, Alex, and I’m okay, it all worked out!” Kara had told her, for the thousandth time, before Barry and Oliver’s teams jumped out of the interdimensional rift and into her ridiculously festive living room.

Well, it might be Christmas – there might be champagne glasses in everyone’s hand and there might be a rather rowdy game of “which earth has better Christmas music” going between Cisco and Winn – and Kara might be okay – okay enough to have thrown what was sure to be the most superhero-full Christmas party of all time – and it might have all worked out, given that there didn’t seem to be angry aliens clawing their own way through the portal into this earth.

But that didn’t mean that Alex Danvers didn’t have Barry Allen backed against the refrigerator – the Flash, the fastest man alive, legendary superhero – cowering.

Iris stepped forward but James touched her arm lightly. “She won’t actually hurt him,” he whispered.

Iris arched an eyebrow.

“You sure about that?”

Caitlin’s eyes were wide, Cisco’s mouth was open, Winn’s eyes were downcast in sympathy for Barry, and Sara was smirking, dragging her eyes slowly up and down Alex’s body, making Maggie frown and shift closer to Alex – but not that close, because it generally wasn’t safe to approach her when she was this angry.

“ – the height of irresponsibility,” she was saying, holding Barry up by the collar, “not to mention massive selfishness and pure tactical stupidity. Do you have any idea how stupid your plan was? One alien against an army, when we have an entire organization here that’s experienced in these things, an entire army of our own whose entire lives are dedicated to stopping the kind of deadly threats that you so willingly through my sister into, alone and without backup? And don’t – ”

She renewed her grip on his collar as Barry tried to stammer out words – “don’t even try to tell me that you were her backup. How could you possibly back her up when I hear she beat the ever living shit out of you all, at once, without even breaking a sweat? So how could you possibly protect her against an army? And I don’t care what your city thinks of you, I don’t care what kind of hero you think you are. The next time you need Kara’s help, you do not whisk her off on her own, you do not take advantage of her good, eager to help heart. You get me, you get my team, you get my people, people whose lives are dedicated to doing what your teams are way in over their head even contemplating. Because so help me, if you ever bring my sister on a mission like that without me there to watch out for her, I swear on everything you love, a brutal alien invasion force is going to look like kindergarten next to what I will do to you. Do I make myself clear?”

Barry whimpered for a moment or two, wondering if her question constituted permission to speak or to just nod meekly. He opted for the second, and she released him.

“Eggnog?” she asked, swiping a glass from the counter behind her and pressing it into his hands with a massive smile on her face. “You look like you could use some.” Barry stammered something that he hoped was recognizable as English, that he hoped Iris, Caitlin, and Cisco didn’t hear just as the squeak that it was. By the looks on their faces, he had no such luck.

“You make yourself quite clear, Agent Danvers, so let me return the favor: you don’t get to threaten anyone on my team without going through me.” Oliver’s voice was calm, his face completely neutral, as he stepped up to Alex. Diggle groaned into his hands.

Alex gazed up into his eyes as Barry tried to touch Oliver’s arm. “Ollie, really, it’s okay, you’d get the same way if it was Thea, I understand, it’s fine.”

“No, it’s all good, Barry. Oliver Queen, right? Arrow?” And before he could even blink, Alex had him, too, up against the fridge – good thing for Barry’s super speed, else he would have been crushed by Oliver’s back – and Felicity let out a small gasp.

“I like this girl. She like this in bed, too, Sawyer?” Sara wanted to know, loudly, and Kara’s ears turned an even deeper shade of red. Maggie spluttered and Alex just dug deeper into it, her forearm against Oliver’s throat.

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A Little Too Much. *Shawn Mendes*

*Y/N’s pov*

His brown hair is pointed in different directions. His eyes are still getting used to the daylight and he’s only wearing boxers as he trudges inside the kitchen. “Good morning, babe.” “Morning… do you want some tea?” Shawn nods confirming as he tiredly rubs his eyes. He drags his feet over to me and wraps his arms around me from behind when I’m filling his cup. “Shawn, watch out! This tea is hot!” I yell and push him away. “Hey, calm down, I didn’t mean to scare you… Baby, are you okay?” I feel tears involuntarily rolling down my cheeks but tell him that I’m fine. “I’m doing just fine.”

He frowns deeply before turning me around. He cups my face and pulls me into his chest. He presses a soft kiss right below my earlobe and I regret everything I said. “I can tell you need a hug,” he whispers and kisses my hair. His strong arms hold me tightly and the warmth of his body comforts me in a weird way.

I sigh deeply and run a hand through my hair. “I’m sorry for yelling at you like that, Shawn, I know it’s wrong… I-I’m just a bit… I don’t know…” I quickly dry my tears and let out a deep breath when he gently sways me from the left to right. “Shh, it’s alright,” he coos. “No, it’s not, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that and-” “Look, I know that college has been stressing you, but I promise it’ll work out well.” “You think so?” “Of course! It’s new, it’s weird, it’s scary, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be peanuts.” I chuckle at how positive he’s being and rest my head on his shoulder. He tightens his grip around my body and buries his nose in my neck. “Come back to bed, princess,” he mumbles and sleepily presses his cheek against my hair. “I can’t. There’s still so many things that need to be done…” “Like?” “ I need to write an essay and I have to read a book and I also have to do-” He presses his index finger against my lips and lifts up my chin. “Slow down there, love. It’s all about taking baby steps.” “Huh?” “You can’t do all of that at once, you have to plan out everything.” “I did but it’s still way too much…” “How, though? You’ve been working like crazy for the past two days.” “Yeah, but I need more time to finish everything.” He sighs softly and takes his cup of tea and sips of it. “What time did you get up?” “What?” “When did you get up?” “Uh, around six-” “Six?!” I nod confirming and look down. “Have you been studying all this time?” “No?” Shawn raises his eyebrows and looks at me, concern written on his face. “Hey, look at me… I want you to be honest with me, baby,“ he whispers. I sigh deeply but nod anyways. “Yes?” “You need a break!” “No, not now, like I said: I still have a lot of homework-” “No matter how much work there’s left, you need a break,” he states. “But-” “No buts, come on, you.” “Uh, where are we going?” “Upstairs.” “Shawn!” “I once read that taking a break improves the memory. So that’s what you’re going to do.” I shake my head no but Shawn reacts quickly and lifts me up. “I don’t want to hear ‘no’, Y/N,” he mutters and carries me upstairs, to our bedroom.

He carefully drops me on our bed and pecks my lips. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and sit up. “Shawn-” “Shh,” he whispers and gently pushes me back down on the soft mattress. He hovers above me and captures my lips with his. “You’re tensed,” he mumbles and runs his hands up and down my sides. “I can’t help it, I wish I was relaxed but-” “Hey, it’s okay. I’ll help you.” His brown eyes are fixated on my lips. He flutters his eyes close and attaches my lips with his. He then bites my lip and pulls on it while his warm hands lift the hem of my shirt. I let out a soft sigh and wrap my arms around his neck. Shawn pulls away from the kiss and lifts the shirt over my head. He places kisses on my neck and collarbone and they’re so soft that it tickles a little. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” I close my eyes and run my hands up and down his bare back. “But you’re also so, so stressed and to be honest-” He places a sweet and passionate kiss on my lips and looks me in the eye. His nose touches mine and when he opens his mouth to speak, I can feel his hot breath fan my face. It smells like the tea I made a few minutes ago. “-I don’t like it, Y/N. I don’t like it that you’re stressed. It makes you sad and angry and tensed and that’s like, the complete opposite of you. I like it when you don’t give a damn about what others think, I like the fact that you’re always happy and relaxed. I really don’t like the sad and stressed you…” “I know…” I whisper and pull him closer to me. “Sometimes, I’m just feeling a bit down… Sometimes it gets a little too much and then all I want to do is cry.” His eyes are filled with sadness as these words leave my lips but he quickly blinks and sends me warm, reassuring smile. “I can be the shoulder you cry on. I can be the person you hold onto when it gets too much. I can be the one to whisper sweet nothing into your ear to make you laugh. I can be your fix if you want me to,” he whispers. “I’d like that,” “You’re making me really happy by saying that. And babe, if I’m not around for some reason because I’m on tour or whatever, take a break. They help you forget about everything until you’re completely relaxed and feeling happier.” I smile softly and kiss his lips. “See, there’s the smile! I knew taking a break would work!” he grins proudly and leans in again.

Ahh! The feels! I hope you like this one as much I do. X