everything about this short film is life

a non-exhaustive list of moments i liked from the revival, in no particular order:

-The pleasant sales lady voice with which Paris says: “check Yelp”

-Zach asking the kids to help their Aunt Rory

-Lorelai blowing Jess a kiss as he leaves

-Luke and Emily’s faces when the real estate lady suggested he call her mom

-Pretty much everything happening w/ Emily, particularly her tirade against bullshit

-Lorelai’s delivery of “Some of whom are dead” in the binge-watching debate

-Kirk and Dirk, the family disappointment

-Matthew McConaughey’s likeable paper-purchasing habits

-Taylor fist-bumping Luke

-Lorelai saying “love you” to Gypsy

-“He loved saying it was pre-war. Pre-Civil War. Like that wouldn’t make Dorothy Parker barf.”

-the Life & Death Brigade watching Kirk’s short film

-Donald and Clif’s platonic yet adorable kayaking plans

-The fear on Luke’s face when Paris traps him in the diner

-Rory knowing about Colin’s knee surgery; also, Lorelai knowing the downstairs bathroom is tougher on Kirk’s knees (?)

-“Can we talk about this at home?” “This is home.”

-Everything single thing happening in Luke and Jess’ diner convo

-The Movie Wild-er’s reaction to the poor boot-throwing visibility news

-The Secret Bar

-Lane “No, I’m protecting you for some reason” Kim

-The Wizard of Oz allusions w/ the Life & Death Brigade goodbye

-The flashback scenes at Emily and Richard’s

-Paris kicking that bathroom door closed

-Lorelai’s hilltop call to Emily on her favorite memory of Richard

-both Taylor and Jess protecting Luke from the wi-fiers

-Luke’s emotional defense of Sandra Lee

-Lorelai smiling as Michel and Sookie bicker in the backroom

-Paris admitting that she cries when the nanny leaves too

-Emily’s bombass “see you later, Jack” Nantucket outfit & his line about her trying to find people she understands, and she says she’s working on it (but only we know that she’s working on learning to understand people, not just choosing people to be around that she already gets)

no one reads this anymore

can’t wait for Horatio to come home from Cuba, and for the snow to melt, and to go on some trips. why am i dragging my ass on this Ralphie and Jeanie book, i said i’d have it done by this week. Lucky Peach is folding??? this is the second time I felt good about doing an editorial illo that paid well and then the publication immediately folded. Maybe it’s me. i’ve got a few new good R+J stories knockin around in my head maybe I should just go back to doing those for a life-sustaining $200 a pop. maybe Horatio will come back suddenly inspired to drop everything and whisk me away Wild-Thornberrys-style to film short docs in far-flung reaches of the earth. What’s a two bedroom go for in Malmö? i made brownies last night an accidentally halved the sugar and they tasted terrible so i poked a bunch of holes in the top and poured Karo over them and now they’re actually not so bad

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.” 

Someone asked in the questions about how to deal with depression, everything in life when it comes to emotion is about two things;

1. Finding out the problem

2. Fix it. 

Anything else is self inflicted. Don’t dwell on things, deal with your emotions then move on. It’s extremely hard but if you want inner peace and happiness you got to do it. 

Watch the new short films

1. IC short film

2. Earl Swavey and IC short film 

wolfsbane highlights - tyler hoechlin!

OKAY. Last but obviously not least. This is gonna be a looooong read, y’all, so make some tea or whatever. Obviously Hoechlin was like, 85% of the reason I went. And I made it to the M+G!!, and both panels!!, but only the Sunday lounge. They forbade filming really strictly so I didn’t try, but I ummmm did record some audio, just so I could do the transcripts. I do not have the energy to type it out as exactly as last time, but basically this is everything that he said during that weekend!

Highlights include - talking about his butt, him speaking foreign languages!!, and making fun of Derek’s life…

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A lot of people are upset with this film because it isn’t the book. All I have to say is that books and films are entirely different art forms. If you cut and paste the hobbit onto a movie, you get a very bad film. Anyone can be a critic, not anyone can bring one of the most beloved stories of all-time to life on the big-screen. What Peter Jackson has done, along with all of the very talented people who spent years and years of their lives making these film, is nothing short of brilliant. We should be thanking this man for what he has done, not criticizing every little thing we didn’t like about the films. You can’t please everyone. Also worth nothing… Peter Jackson is the best director and no one could have done better work than he did .. Stop blaming him for everything.
Also maybe you can’t see but Richard Armitage dominate every scene of the film in his perfectly acted Oscar worthy performance wich deserves a bit of respect, it’s time to stop judging him because he’s a “handsome” dwarf.
So haters… if you don’t like The Hobbit movie, do your own to show the difference. It’s so easy to hate but hard to create.

I am not prepared in the slightest for what is to come for Harry.  I am in no way, shape, or form able to completely handle myself for when Dunkirk promo starts happening.  I mean.  WHAT?  All we’ve seen are pictures and my life is in shambles.  My heart starts beating so fast every single time I see new photos.  He looks so amazing.  So gorgeous.  I can barely keep it together and they’re just photos.  How am I supposed to deal with actual promo?  Harry doing interviews with……everything.  Magazines (GQ??)  Late night (James Cordon??)  Radio (GRYLES???!).  EVERYTHING.  His hair is going to be short and styled.  He’s going to be wearing Gucci, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs.  We’re going to hear him speak and talk about the film and I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE HOW CRAZY IT’S ALL GOING TO BE.  Making jokes, and telling stories from set and laughing with his co stars.  HE’S GOING TO BE WALKING ON RED CARPETS.  HE’S WORKING WITH OSCAR NOMINATED DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER NOLAN AND ACTING ALONG SIDE OSCAR WINNING ACTORS.  THIS IS SO WILD.  I’M SO PROUD. FUCK.

She’s started to see the beauty in humanity in this film. In the beginning she had a short view of the way things are because of her upbringing. She did not have much hope then, and she felt alone for a lot of her life. During everything that has happened – in the Games, in District 13, in the Capitol at the end of this story – she found herself more and more connected to people.
—  Jennifer Lawrence about Katniss Everdeen

Tales of a Polish Space Bear

It’s finally done!!!! My first original short, and I couldn’t be happier on how it turned out. It’s about how in life sometimes things seem so promising, but there’s no guarantee things will happen the way you want. In the end though, everything works out! This film means so much to me, and I would be honored if you would take a look at it.

Also a huge huge huge thank you to @deamoryi for the music!!! It turned out do amazing, it is like, insane how great it is!! THANK YOU!!

And a shout out to @hayoubi for helping me with the process of this film. She’s been such a good friend and mentor, so thank you!!