everything about this shoot

  • John: Forgives his ninja-assassin wife for shooting his best friend, lying about everything and manipulating people like its nothing
  • Sherlock: Forgives his psychotic sister for killing a bunch of people (his childhood friend included), wanting to kill John/Mycroft, abusing him and his friends emotionally like it's nothing
  • Also John: Beats Sherlock to a pulp because he can't forgive him that John's murderous wife decided to slow down time and randomly jump in front of Sherlock catching a bullet

In order to fight deadly diseases, we first must understand them. That’s where BSL3 labs come in. Their job is to learn everything they can about the hollow-point bullets Mother Nature likes to shoot at us. For example, remember the Black Death? The disease that once reduced the world population by at least 20 percent? BSL3 scientists are actually working with those very bacteria because, unpleasant surprise, the disease is still around and kicking (people to death.) Last year, 11 Americans were infected with the plague, three of whom actually died. Rose notes that “the plague is actually easily treatable with antibiotics,” which is why she and her colleagues had to “go on antibiotics whenever [we’re] working with live plague bacteria.” Her current lab even keeps “an unofficial stash of the drug Truvada [an HIV-prevention medication] in case of accidents with HIV. ”

his kind of lab is a curious blend of modern technology and medieval times. In addition to the plague, Rose and her colleagues have to worry about drug-resistant tuberculosis – good ol’ Doc Holliday-style consumption, only now wearing a medicine-proof Kevlar vest – which has a mortality rate of over 31 percent.

“Some of my colleagues who work on HIV think we’ll roll back the tide in the next 10 years while TB is going to continue to be a huge problem,” she says. “Totally drug-resistant TB is such a scary idea they don’t even want you to say its name, like it’s Voldemort or something.”

4 Things I Learned Working With Deadly Diseases


Thank you so much to everyone who shared my original Kiki post. I Really appreciate your support 💖 you guys are so awesome! ^// ^

These photos of my Kiki Cosplay turned out so perfectly I just want to cry! ;u ; Thank you Vagabond Photography for coming out here to shoot with me! I love everything about these! Your work is always so fantastic!! ⭐️

Also! During this shoot, we found a black cat wandering around! I’ll never forget you Jiji!

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If caits in LA in feb, when the hell do they go to South Africa?

Lolol.  Beats the hell out of me.

I had thought they were going once they returned to w*rk.  They still could, I suppose.  It really depends if they are filming a whole block in South Africa, or just the one episode.  If timed right, she could be on the break from one block to another during that weekend and have a day before or after (or both) for travel time.

I will say this though…..if we take everything they tell us about shooting, schedule, and air date at face value, then they must be some sort of timey whimey manipulators.  Personally, I think they were shooting stuff much earlier than they ever let on.  Stinkers

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Hiya! Okay My request is Kise reacting to their S/O panicking and calling them up after a Paparazzi snaped a photo of their date (perhaps them kissing? :o) and a bunch of photographers have trapped her in her home?? /thank you so much for all the scenarios! they are so much fun to read :D/

At first it was just one and that was okay.

Sure, the photo ended up in some sort of a magazine that was apparently really popular and people who by all rights shouldn’t even bother looking your way were either asking some really private questions or generally bugging you with questions in regards to anything and everything about Kise. From comments about the latest shootings to questions about his dick size, you thought you’ve heard just about everything.

Well, you were kind of right about that.

Except, two weeks later, there were several paparazzi camping around your house. Two were of the usual ‘hiding in the bush’ crew, then there was the guy in a suspiciously nondescript car, as if you didn’t know that nobody in your inane neighborhood would drive a rundown Toyota. They were more the colorful Smart or extravagant Jeeps that absolutely had to catch the commoner’s eye. Or those red Minis. They were cute though, they got a pass.

Heck, even the old lady down the street was a bigger gossiper than anything those amateur paparazzis could pull out of their ass.

And then you caught a guy who’d somehow managed to sneak into the neighborhood’s backyard, climb their tree and from there somehow sneak into your room.

Yeah, no.

You tapped your foot impatiently while waiting for the ringing signal to stop. When Kise picked up, he sounded very much out of breath.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. How busy are you?”

“Pfft, I always have time for you, ___-cchi.”

You shrugged. Mentally kicked yourself when you realized no, of course he couldn’t see it.

“Well, I tried to warn you,” you mumbled. “Look, I don’t know what kind of a big shoot you have coming up, but those annoying flies have been loitering around my house for the entire week now.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know you said that’s probably going to keep happening, but I just caught one of them snooping around my room–”


“–and I kicked him out. Kicked him in the balls for his efforts, too, so I don’t think he’ll be coming back. Thank god he can’t sue me, cause I swear, that was self defense and he was the one trespassing and… well, yeah, that’s about all I wanted to say. I’m still a little worried he might try something.”

You could hear him gulp. Okay, that meant you weren’t the only one totally stumped by what happened. That was good.

“Okay, uh, I’m in practice right now… but I’ll give my manager a call as soon as I’m done, okay? I’m sure he’s gonna think of something to get rid of them, permanently.”

You let out a sigh in relief. “Oh, good.”

“And ___-cchi?”


“I really hope you made that kick hurt.”

You blinked, then burst out laughing. A nervous laugh. The kind of laugh that came when you had no idea what else to do but all you really wanted was to crash on the sofa and quit life in earnest until things went back to normal.

“Yeah,” you said. “I did. Hey, Kise?”


“Can I come over?”

“Sure! You know where the keys are. I’m sure there’s some food in the fridge, but I’ll get some pizza on the way back. Well, I might be a bit late tonight, senpai’s really on a roll… hey, are you okay?”

A smile tugged at the corner of your lip. “Yeah. All good. I’ll see you later then.” And after a brief pause, “I love you.”

“Mm, I love you too. But you can’t steal my nachos.”

You snorted, a little thankful that he couldn’t see your grin. “Meanie.”

SO, I’m totally down for ‘Danse was a former Institute courser’ headcanons, because it’s awesome and would give him a reason to know A3-21 and go down to Rivet City with him. (also he’d look so badass in that courser jacket, seriously) But honestly my favorite headcanons would be the ones where Danse was synthesized for strictly non-combat purposes.

Like, he was never meant to see the surface. He was designated for cleaning or repair work, or hell, maybe he was one of those ‘personal’ synths and that’s why his ass is so amazing. Doesn’t really matter. SRB might have considered him as a candidate for the courser program, maybe not. Either way. He escaped and got his memory wipe, didn’t know the first thing about fighting or weapons. He learned everything he could about shooting and maintaining a gun by tinkering with them and practicing. After he joined the Brotherhood, he went to the scribes’ archives and read every book he could get his hands on, eagerly learning everything he could. He earned his position as Paladin through hard work and dedication, not because he was exceptional at everything coming in.

And then after everyone finds out he was a synth, X6-88 gets really curious and looks M7-97 up in the SRB’s database. He’s shocked to learn that M7-97 was never meant to see the wasteland, much less survive and seemingly thrive in such inhospitable conditions. He’s so surprised it doesn’t even occur to him to tell Ayo about the missing synth he found. (honestly, it doesn’t make sense for X6 to not turn Danse in in-game)

X6 finally just confronts Danse with this information, demanding to know how he became that exceptional of a soldier when he was specifically not built for any of it. Danse doesn’t really have an answer, he worked his ass off to get where he was, that’s all he knows.

And that raises all sorts of questions in X6′s head. The Institute built M7-97, but they didn’t build Danse. Danse built himself. How much of a synth was just their programming and how much was actually them? He had never asked these questions before, never wanted to think about it. But now it bothers him, because no one has an answer for him. 

Early one morning words were missing. Before that, words were not. Facts were, faces were. In a good story, Aristotle tells us, everything that happens is pushed by something else. Three old women were bending in the fields. What use is it to question us? they said. Well it shortly became clear that they knew everything there is to know about the snowy fields and the blue-green shoots and the plant called “audacity,” which poets mistake for violets. I began to copy out everything that was said. The marks construct an instant of nature gradually, without the boredom of a story. I emphasize this. I will do anything to avoid boredom. It is the task of a lifetime. You can never know enough, never work enough, never use the infinitives and participles oddly enough, never impede the movement harshly enough, never leave the mind quickly enough.

Anne Carson 

Gemini Quote

Because Aria Awards Zayn has absolutely ruined me and not let me think of anything but that since it happened. Since it was thrust upon me.


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P Anon

This isn’ t a spoiler anna and you might be able to answer now…did you laugh once or more than once during that ep  ?? will explain after you are fully posting asks


I actually laughed throughout the episode P Anon.  

I loved the opening Mycroft sequence.  EVERYTHING about that scene made me giddy!  When Mycroft tried to shoot the clown, I knew this episode was not going to be in the same vain the rest of this (frankly too gloomy for my taste) season has been.

So yeah, I laughed with the Mycroft opening scene.  I laughed finding out Mrs Hudson is an Iron Maiden fan.  I laughed with the Lady Bracknell reference.  I laughed with Sherlock realising his lifelong dream of becoming a pirate.  I laughed when Mycroft removed his disguise.  I laughed when Moriarty did his best impression of Freddie Mercury.  I laughed when he explained he’s a bit down with the kids.  I laughed my head off when the alarms went off and it was Moriarty sounding a “red alert, red alert, big fat bouncy red alert”.  

I could go on for pages, but you get the picture  ;o)



Secondly, Kirstie is serving bad ass queen realness and I loves it

Thirdly, Scott’s smile in the third photo is making me weak

Fourthly, Avi jumped so high omg. Has he got springs on his shoes or something? Damn. And his pinky in the fourth photo, help me


Everything about this photo shoot is perfect, I love how carefree and happy they look on the first photo but then when they sipping the tea, they looking like they gon kill a bitch. Serving face for the GODS