everything about this scene was just brilliant

“You had to play bloody cat and mouse, didn’t you?”

Just like everyone else (and Chell, ha) I was blown away by the unexpected reprise of “Suddenly Wheatley” during the boss fight. Everything about this scene was perfectly done and pretty chilling. Brilliant execution by the folks at @geekenders!

Drawing this was a lot of fun - I haven’t drawn anything unhappy in years so it was a little weird, but a fun challenge. Nice way to ruminate on my broken heart, ha.

Girls final season: Hannah & Adam

With the final season of Girls here (a show that there isn’t typically a disk sitting in my Blue Ray player ready to go) I am very sad. As I listen to the music used in the show, certain songs remind me of favorite scenes. Seriously, I feel like openly crying. (I probably will a few times before I get over it.) I am going to REALLY miss seeing new episodes, but at the same time, thankful that I was able to discover this show and the brilliant mind that is Lena Dunham. To have a woman listed as Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Actress…we need to see a lot more of this.

In a recent interview, Adam Driver assured us that season 6 is “ending on a note that they can control, that it seemed to make sense. It’s not just an arbitrary ending.” Lena recently said her and Jenni made “hard” decisions this season. I used to think that I wouldn’t be satisfied unless Hannah and Adam got back together. I mean, after all, the show did spend a hell of a lot of time with the ins and outs of these two, but now I am thinking a show like this will probably not end easy in many ways and not in a “happily ever after” way either. I think we will see the girls grow, but at the same time, I am not so sure that includes Hannah, or even Jessa, ending up with anyone. The show is ultimately about these girls and their friendships after all, and in the long run, they really don’t like anything getting in the way of that friendship…..including a man.

For some reason, in season 5, the egomaniacal Hannah is the biggest mess ever. As an aspiring writer, we know about her endless desire to pursue interests and different experiences for a good story. This has led her at times to be self-centered and self-destructive, however, it seems like lately, she has been trying extra hard to just test everything. Showing her crotch to her boss, trying to blow Ray, the ridiculous fights with Fran (“Oh, Hannah wants to do something rude, disruptive, and inappropriate. What a twist.”) and her talent to bring unprofessionalism in the work place to (an albeit hilarious) new high, are a few examples of the more, irrational ways Hannah has been acting out. It was all heading towards her growing and taking a big step forward in her life. Besides where she wants to go, what she wants to do as she gets older, one truth she has to face, I believe, is her lingering feelings for Adam.

Adam. In the first season, he starts out as sort of a creepy, “emotionally tone-deaf” sex addict that Hannah was in pursuit of. We wondered why she was bothering with him as he was not exactly “boyfriend material”. He was working on homemade “wood working” in his work shop which was his mess of an apartment. (Not so sure the genius even had a plan on how to get that boat out of the front door if he ever completed it!) He was just this non-committal guy that Hannah would have sex with when he felt like returning her text messages or answering his phone. (For the first 6 episodes, we weren’t even sure if he owned a shirt!) None of Hannah’s friends had ever met him, and the first proof of his exsistance to Marnie (besides the occasional bruise on Hannah’s ass) was a dick pic he accidentally sent to Hannah that wasn’t even meant for her!

As a couple, we get to see Adam grow more as a character we care about. He is still quirky and intense, but having Hannah to give advice to, share his interests with and love, helped make him a better person. A person we cared about and found intriguing as well. When he does do something as normal as eventually say “I love you” or suggest that they move in together, Hannah (after being conditioned to expect anything from him from bad treatment to extreme sweetness) reacts like it’s way too soon for either one of them. It was all moving too quickly for her and I don’t think she trusted him yet, or wanted the newness of the chase to be over. Adam had his mind made up with his tunnel vision and he was in it “for the long haul” so of course, he has a hard time with their first break up: “My desire for you cannot be repressed. And to quit my pursuit would be to shirk self-respect and abandon my own manhood, and that’s not going to happen.” He wrote and performed horrible (hilarious) songs which he sent her to watch and was kind of stalkerish for a bit. It proved to be very hard for him to let go. Not too sure if he ever really does. So we have Adam trying to feverishly move forward without totally letting Hannah heal from his past not-so-nice treatment, and we have Hannah kind of playing with his emotions and not really being too empathetic to his state of mind.

Regardless of Hannah’s self-absorption (all the Girls seem to have this issue from time to time) and Adam’s sometimes callousness, there still seems to be some kind of connection that thrives between them. (“Hannah is accepting of my brand of difficult.”) Adam cleaned up his act some and we get to see him at AA and learn more about what made him tick. While he was dating Natalia, and ran into Hannah in front of the bar, it really did something to him. (I love the way Driver’s voice got all raspy as he asked her to put on some pants.) He, the ex-alcoholic, went back in and after seeing her, had to order an alcoholic beverage, which led to one of the eventual reasons of that relationship coming to an end. The song playing was Fiona Apple’s “Valentine” and it surely wasn’t about Natalia. (Adam messing with his ear like a nervous habit, odd coincidence to what Hannah was going through?) We know now that if Hannah can affect him in this way, then he obviously must have feelings for her. He never stopped loving her in his own way, and he is there for her hard core. As he ran to her across the city during her most desperate time, when she felt the most lost, never fails to bring tears to my eyes. (the heavy mood is lightened a bit when while running, he has to suggest that a driver “go suck a fucking spikey one”) With the dramatic music playing while he runs to Hannah is just so emotional and it is beautiful and very romantic, the most romantic scene ever in Girls. He is there for her. He cares for her. He loves her. “I was always here”.

By season 3 end, Sackler’s acting career turned into his new addiction. Hannah panics at some people warning her of how Adam is going to change with his new career instead of just trusting him and seeing how it all works out. She always has had a knack for taking bad opinions and advice to heart instead of trusting a bit more in herself. She develops a codependency on Adam just when he wants some space to learn his lines and do this right. He just wants his first show on Broadway to be perfect. Of this he assured her. She has a hard time sharing Adam with his new endeavor, because not all of his attention can be on her. When she finally gets accepted into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Adam does berate her for telling him at the wrong time, by which he means the wrong time for him. (Although, letting him know minutes before he hits the stage of his opening night show was probably not the best.) Once again, he takes it hard, as did Jessa, which I felt was selfish of her, as she always had a knack of simply disappearing from time to time on her friends. I never really understood the whole guilt trip on Hannah for accepting school and attempting to better her career. It was at this point that I wondered why the girls even kept trying so hard to stay friends. They are not even very nice to each other. Adam and Hannah never officially break up, but seeing the sadness and loss in his eyes as she left was rough. The morning she was leaving, he couldn’t even face saying goodbye. He pretended to still be sleeping. We realized that part of him would always love her.

After trying Iowa, Hannah found she didn’t like the distance away from Adam, (not real sure why they seemed to have stopped communicating) among other factors at the school, and decided to come home, just a month later. Upon returning to her apartment, she shockingly found out that Adam had gotten a new girlfriend and Hannah didn’t even know they’d broken up! Yes, at the same time it was left sort of open ended, but it didn’t seem to have taken him anytime at all to move on. This was heart breaking, her surprise and desperation, truly a very rough episode to watch. We find that Jessa knew about it the whole time while Adam was putting Hannah’s belongings in storage. To make matters worse, she had selfishly worked at hooking Adam up with Mimi Rose simply because she wanted to get with Mimi’s ex, Ace. Some friend, eh? It was so hard watching him basically tell Hannah that he was not in love with her anymore (but we knew better) and he was “trying something out". What a nice surprise to come home to! Mimi Rose was the opposite of Hannah to the extreme, and really didn’t ‘need’ him, she liked having him around. It was a one-sided relationship for the most part, Adam’s side. It was a bad choice for him as he discovered that he does want a partner that loves and needs him a bit more than that. (But maybe not as needy as Hannah) A while after that relationship ended, Adam turns around and begs desperately with Hannah to come back to him. “I just think I was confused, and I think I made a mistake. I miss you so badly.” He tries to reach for her. With how he hurt her so deeply, the wound was still fresh. With her self-respect in full force for once, Hannah says, “I can’t do that” and stands her ground despite Adam’s pleas. He insists “yes, you can” like it should be an easy choice. Did he think she would just come running back to him? With tears in both their eyes, (and ours) it was still nice to see her hold her own and turn him down. Truly a moving scene.

I really enjoy everything about the show, it’s all brilliant, but Hannah and Adam’s relationship, is to me, quite a lot of what makes Girls the show that it is. I cried with Hannah like a baby as her bottom lip quivered in heartache and betrayal when she realized at the play that Adam and Jessa were together. When he made eye contact with her, his look said so much. There was some pain there and just so much not said. Hannah tells Tally she was probably just using Fran to get over Adam and that Adam is the only man she’s ever truly loved. (a bit of foreshadowing)  She was feeling left out and confused, “The worst part is, I miss them both. I love them both so much I don’t know who to warn about the other one.”

The end of season 5, Adam (who sure has come along way since we first met him) has like the biggest, most outrageous reaction anytime Hannah is mentioned, it’s like he is trying so, so hard to break that connection to her. He tries to turn it into hatred and blame. Then there is Jessa, who at the same time, got a guilty conscience, dredging everything back up to the surface when he is trying to forget Hannah. Jessa, who constantly over the seasons has a knack for telling other people to “grow up” but seems to not be capable of taking her own advice. She and Adam butt heads over everyday things and can’t even get through babysitting his niece. When Jessa cannot illicit his total attention away from the baby after it barfs on her and she wants Adam’s help to clean up, (in mid-season four he did call her out on being manipulative) asks her to stop, “You’re an adult. She’s a baby. Why do you need more help than a baby?“ With the tension thick, Jessa takes it out on Adam which leads to an unnecessary (but entertaining) blow-out between the two. She blames him for getting between her and Hannah (were they ever truly friends?) and basically spells out their doomed relationship: “I’m a hateable kind of person. I don’t know why, I can’t help it, but I know, I know that I have principles and one thing I don’t do is steal people’s boyfriends. But you ruin that. Don’t you see that?! I’ll never forgive you. I will NEVER forgive you for that. We could die in the same bed and I will never forgive you!” I really don’t think there is any coming back from that, at least nothing long term anyway.

Hannah did show some growth with her story at The Moth Story Slam. She admitted, “I’m Hannah forever. No matter what I do. No matter whether I start a nuclear crisis with my emotions or if just sit back and chill and give someone a fruit basket. I can only control the mayhem that I create around me.” she told the room, explaining the note she left outside of Jessa and Adam’s door that read, “Good luck. I mean that sincerely. In perpetuity, Hannah.” However, she heard them fighting and was relieved to not be inside there. “I heard screaming and I heard my name and I heard madness. And I knew that I was free. At least for tonight.” she says. Hard to keep a dry eye. This was a huge step for her. When it comes to Hannah and Adam, I don’t think I have cried or felt more emotionally attached to fictional characters in all my life. (and I don’t think Frankie Valli has ever made me cry before).

In the season 6 opener, we do see a more thoughtful Hannah. We learn that the New York Times had her write her story to be published in their Modern Love column. She appears to still not be holding a grudge, but the same cannot be said about Jessa, (for some reason) as she refuses to read Hannah’s column. Adam on the other hand, read it with deep interest with a bit of a hurt expression on his face. Seeing their story in print did mean something as I think he realized some truths. (It’s the only time we see him looking serious, about anything, in the episode.)

Hannah still doesn’t seem entirely satisfied with her life, but she is on a new assignment away from NYC, where she becomes open and more relaxed. She is still silly, entertaining, awkward Hannah getting drunk on the dance floor, spilling drinks all over herself, pointing at the surf instructor/rapper and proclaiming “I know him! He’s my surf teacher! I’m gonna fuck him!” (a favorite moment and why we love her) She was able to forgo some of her usual rage impulses even after Paul-Louis admitted to having an open-relationship girlfriend. This was really a change in attitude, she was not happy about it but I think she did learn from Paul-Louis maybe something to think about:  “It’s so much easier to love something than to hate it, don’t you think? Love is the easiest thing in the world. Hate takes energy, loves makes vibes.”

We find Adam in an opposite situation. It seems he and Jessa decided to stay together, even as that means that they have been seemingly estranged from the rest of the group of friends. They are holed up in the apartment not even having the decency to get dressed when Ray comes over, or to answer a text, and they are just being obnoxious. Ray said why he didn’t want to go in there: “its repulsive” and “smells like they are always reheating fish”. (Are they doing drugs?) Not quite sure what is wrong with them. Kind of seems like Adam took a few steps backward. So, I am guessing he still has some emotional growing to do, which I am sure, will work it’s way out over the season.

Lena recently said “The show’s never been about that traditional connection, where it’s four best friends who just can’t get enough of each other. So to do a traditional everybody-gets-their-happy-ending finale didn’t feel right. At the same time, we wanted people to have the satisfaction of closure. I think we found kind of a creative way to do that. We’ll see if other people feel the same way.”  If she did feel that Adam and Jessa could make it, then they will. (However, eventually they would kill each other and we all know it’s only a matter of time before the next battle) Maybe no one “ends up” with anyone. Maybe Hannah does find the right man for her and it is not Adam. Perhaps Hannah doesn’t need or want a boyfriend for right now. Hannah and Jessa could rekindle their friendship and it doesn’t include any man between them or maybe this time their friendship is beyond repair. Adam could land a killer theater gig or movie role out of the state or country. All I know is how I feel, and for myself, after all the emotions and all the tears I have shared with Hannah and Adam, and with all that build up, shared history, and connection they seem to have, it’s just a lot of time spent on their story if they don’t figure it out.

My husband recently pointed out that Hannah shouldn’t get back with Adam, she deserves better, “Adam has been a dick.” Yes, he has and yes, he can be. “They have been abusing the shit out of each other for years,” Lena has said of unexpected support of Hannah and Adam as an OTP. Its been messy, sure, but people grow. Maybe they give it a try and are forced to come to terms that they would be heading down the same path and eventually keep hurting each other, making the difficult, yet, adult decision that they can’t be together. I am really leaning towards the no one ends up with anyone route. If not as a couple, I like to think that they will at least remain something to each other.

Anyway, I am pretty confident the love is still there in some form or another. To me that is partly what this show has been about. After everything they have been through, deep down inside, I will always feel they should finally be together…and happily ever after.

Prison Break 5.2

An hour of tension, excitement and great storytelling. As good as last week was, this was much, much better.

  • Michael returns to the show properly with this episode. And dominates everything. Not just with a clever, exciting, and revealing plotline of his own but also with some very interesting discussions about him in the various Sara scenes. Conversations which make him seem more enigmatic, brilliant and dangerous than ever.
  • The Sara scenes were all terrific. The best being the wonderful, hilarious encounter with Kellerman. The business with the water was such a great touch. But, in general, the tone and execution of this scene was a joy to behold.
  • In the Michael scenes we were introduced to a new cast of characters. And learned everything we need to know about what he is doing right now (ie. planning an escape!). Really enjoyed the new people. Great casting and writing make it easy to embrace the new faces quickly.
  • The Lincoln scenes were where the real action and tension were. And how! This was knot-in-the-stomach stuff. Utterly gripping. The writers have set the bar high with this daring story idea, but they are making it work. Flawlessly. The excitement of being inside a doomed city makes for a perfect thriller.
  • Really liked Sheba in this episode.
  • I hope we return to T-Bag in the next episode.
  • The ending was mind-blowing. What is Michael up to?


Part 2, 07-01-17

I saw Part 2 tonight. It was unplanned and unexpected. And it was my first time in the stalls. And all the original cast was on. 

It was the best night. 

All the Scorbus scenes in Godric’s Hollow were insanely cute, I just can’t get over Anthony’s grin, it’s just beautiful. Happy!Scorpius is beautiful. The way he looks when they are reunited with their parents is heart-warming.
And I had never noticed as I was always seated at the balcony until now, but right before he says the brilliant line “Still if I had to choose…”, he’s just standing there in the light, with the snow falling on his face, looking up at the sky, thinking about how everything is not that bad as long as he’s with Albus, and it is just beautiful. And then Albus stands up and delivers his line and Scorpius just smiles and looks at him and they grin at each others like desperate idiots and they’re just absolute perfection, I think I melted a little.  

And the infamous Act 4 Scene 14 destroyed me.
They were shamelessly flirting. I got to see my first nose boop! The chemistry was real. Scorpius can say what he wants about Rose but the way he looks at Albus is everything.
I will mention that when Scorpius did his ridiculous movement when Rose shows up, he ended up at the bottom of the stairs and so Rose came on full flirty-mode and came super close to him and actually put her hand on his knee while saying “Scorpion King” and I actually felt a little bad for Scorpius who looked like he was melting inside.
But after that, because he had ended up at the bottom of the stairs, in order to prepare for the hug he had to slowly walk back up to Albus, step by step as they were talking and he looked at him like he was everything and it felt like a scene from Titanic. And the hug was so freaking cute.
Damn I wasn’t expecting that scene to be my favourite of the evening!  

I am so happy right now, you have no idea. This play is everything, this place is everything, this cast is wonderful.  

Literally the only thing I’m disappointed about in Netflix’s ASOUE so far is that we didn’t get to see Sunny use her teeth to sword fight Dr. Orwell.

Everything thing else is beautiful, perfect, and what we’ve all been waiting for.

If You’re a Fan of Mad Max: Fury Road,

I cannot recommend Snowpiercer enough. It’s a Korean-American coproduction directed by Bong Joon Ho based on a French graphic novel series.

Put simply, Snowpiercer is about class warfare, which it sets up quite vividly by having castes of the surviving elements of society divided up into train cars. The further up you are, the better you have it. The further back you are, the worse off you are. The whole plot is confined to the train, which runs across the planet after it was frozen in a failed attempt to reverse the effects of climate change.

Admittedly, it has more in common with Bioshock than Mad Max in the way of tone and subject matter, but handles it with no less thought and talent. It’s opening is a perfect example of an en-medias-res setup that lets you know everything you need to about the characters and the world just by how they interact with each other and their environment and waits for a good amount of time before giving you the complete picture to give it that much more of a punch when it comes. Another brilliant device it uses is screen direction to demonstrate moral choices, which would feel right at home in a video game.

With its very different setting, Snowpiercer’s action scenes are savagely claustrophobic. While Fury Road can have high-octane thrills, Snowpiercer’s fights can get one-sided and downright scary. Story-wise, I think it’s best only having a bare-minimum understanding coming into it so you can let it surprise you again and again. If you’re interested, you can find it on Netflix or just about anywhere else.


Furious 7 was just brilliant. Anyone who has been a fan of the series will not be disappointed. The action is honestly unbelievable, and the new film truly elevated everything. The true message of each of these films has always been about family and that does not change in the new installment. I can not express how bittersweet this one is. Seeing Paul Walker play Brian O’Connor one last time will gut you, and the last scene is breathtaking. “I live my life a quarter mile at a time, and you do too. That’s why we’re brothers. No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter mile away or halfway across the world, you’ll always be with me, and you’ll always be my brother.” - Dominic Toretto

anonymous asked:

Hey, just wanted to know why you love River Song so much. I don't mean it in an aggressive way or anything - I love her too for many reasons - I'm just curious as to the reasons behind your love for her character, because she obviously means lots to you 😄

The moment you asked this question my face lit up and the scene from Mean Girls, the “Regina George is flawless”, played through my head but with alterations to fit River Song. And it happens EVERY TIME anyone asks me this question. Every time, without fail. This is what happens. “She’s the Queen Bee, the STAR, the Doctors are just her little workers. River Song… how can I begin to explain River Song? River Song is flawless… etc” 

There is not enough time on this planet for me to say everything I would like to say about River Song. But if I had to give one reason, it’s because she’s completely and utterly brilliant. So brilliant in fact, she’s surprising. 

And it was surprising to see her brilliance outshine the Doctors, the main protagonist, the one that always knows everything. It made me go: YOWZAH

I use to say that I know exactly what the Doctor felt after meeting her because I felt it too. He was like, ‘DA FUDGE IS SHE ?¿¿¿?¿? WHO IS THIS INFURIATING BUT BRILLIANT WOMAN?!” 

No other character. And I mean, NO ONE, has ever made me feel that way before and since. She’s improbable and yet, she’s real.

From the very first moment she came onscreen she owned the room and she owned the Doctor. She was all, “Oh I’ve got my own agenda but I love you so I guess I’ll help.” And that is the kind of woman I want to be. 

The more I got to know her, the more I loved her. She was programmed to be one thing and said “SCREW THAT I’VE GOT SPACESHIPS TO STEAL AND PARTIES TO CRASH.” She was meant to kill the Doctor and instead she saves him. She NEVER COMPLAINS, she just dusts off her gun and KEEPS GOING. They threw her in jail and she used it as free housing, breaking out whenever she liked. She’s so smart, she rivals the Doctor and any timelord, human, or power out there. She even went back to school to become a professor because she wanted to! She’s got ice in her heart and wont hesitate to make the hard decisions. And she’s ready to sacrifice herself for the people she loves. I can seriously go on FOREVER.

Also, because of River Song, I met my best friend Hansberry. And I will always love River Song for it.

anonymous asked:

ok, i know this is from a long time ago (so if you answered it already pls link me!) but can i ask why the finale added to your positivity/hope for destiel?? bc like... dean was supposed to die and they just hugged for like 5 seconds, which put me off a little on the romantic side of things. and he called cas a brother. do you think that the "follow your heart" storyline is going to continue? i was hoping so, otherwise it would be a flop

Hey Nonny! Thanks for this ask and sorry it’s been sitting in my ask box a while now. I have been musing on the best way to go about answering this because even I blow hot and cold with canon destiel from time to time. Though honestly, I think we are in a great place for it right now.

The season 11 finale was definitely meta’d to death back when it first aired and there were A LOT of mixed reviews about whether or not destiel had died a death with the car scene/ brother talk. However, after watching I remained positive.

I generally prefer to take the season as a whole once finished to assess the overall themes and lessons of the season. With regards to Destiel and Dean’s ‘follow your heart’ story line, comparing season 10 to season 11 is like comparing a warm beer on a rainy day in Britain to a Pina Colada on the beach in Miami. Basically season 11 is very good and satisfying for me, whereas season 10 was just a bit shit. At the end of season 10 I was very close to quitting the show. I had lost all faith in Destiel and was quite content to write stories about Cas ditching the Winchesters and the universe they broke and finding his way to another universe where he could shack up with some hot young toyboy in Miami and open up a gay nightclub…. They were dark times. (and yet my love for Miami will never falter…)

Then season 11 came along like a Knight in Shining Armour. I haven’t been this happy with a spn season since season 8. The thing is, they could have killed it. They could have abandoned all Destiel related stories after season 10 and they certainly could have got rid of Dean’s ‘follow your heart’ arc. The best thing to come out of season 10 was Dean’s confession. Which is where it all started after all. Instead, they persisted with it to a ridiculous level. I’m sitting there watching with my jaw touching the ground because I cannot actually believe that this show is going there. Why would they abandon the ‘follow your heart’ story now? When it has been given so much air time for Dean’s development? I don’t think they would because as you rightly say, it would be a flop. The audience has now been given something to look out for, and by audience I don’t just mean savvy eagle eyed tumblr viewers. I mean the general audience who usually wear air tight no homo goggles. (Personally I think there is just no going back after the Hunter Husbands Ep).

The season 11 finale in itself, as a standalone episode without all the prior build-up of an overly excellent season, is still a solid episode. Could it have resolved a few more plotholes? Yes. Definitely. The cast and crew actually all agreed that there was so much to cover that they felt frustrated with themselves for not being able to fit everything in. However THEY DID manage to get Dean and Cas alone together in that car scene, and bearing in mind there was plenty of alcohol in bunker already which the show creators made pretty damn sure to point out before Dean left with Cas, proves that the intentional subtext of the scene was that Dean was making an excuse. He wanted alone time with Cas. (This post here from @charlie-minion​ is a really brilliant 11x23 summary and talks about the subtext in the need for the beer run and how it was an excuse for Dean to get Cas alone. That is just one small part of a fantastic meta post though which in general is really positive about the season finale so I highly recommend you check it out!)

The last time I voiced my opinion on canon Destiel was here. 

This was a while ago and honestly my opinion hasn’t changed. All that stuff about the power of love still holds true. Okay so it wasn’t the power of love in the Destiel sense that saved the day but honestly? That happy ending with Amara and Chuck being reunited, that was a loving resolution and I think it is once again evidence that the show is growing and breaking away from some of the earlier themes that they have continued to recycle over and over again that frankly we are all growing pretty tired of. I want to hope that 11x17 Red Meat was in itself a comment on just how toxic and unhealthy the Winchester’s relationship has become and moving from that to the finale was huge development in itself. (I am always side eyeing that episode because Dabb worked on it with Beren’s together so it must have been important and I think that was what it was all about. Showing just how toxic the brothers relationship is to the point of making it obviously shocking to a general audience so even they will raise their eyebrows and say “oh dear those boys are very fucked up.” So that once that was established the journey to recovery from that and true character development can actually begin) Onwards and upwards I say. Though of course Season 12 is as yet a complete mystery. 

Season 11 was also a much more progressive season as a whole and the reaction it has received has been blinding. It has had more canon LGBT characters than all other spn seasons combined, which in itself is a huge deal and very positive for us Destiel shippers if we consider that maybe the show is trying to push its boundaries a bit more and encourage a general audience to look past their heteronormative lenses.

Anyway, going back to your actual ask about 11x23 and Destiel. I wrote what I thought about the ‘brother’ line in the car scene here and regarding the hugs there is an awesome post about it here from @frecklesandfeathers about just how epic it is that Cas initiated the hug and pulled Dean down to him which says a hell of a lot about how Cas was feeling at that point.

The other point I’ll make about that hug, is that it was terribly sad for both of them, because they were saying goodbye. What breaks me is Dean’s face when Cas hugs him. Dean’s face in that moment screams to me of regret.

(gif source here)

Plus look at the moment before the hug when he just looks at Cas like he is contemplating whether or not to say something else??

(gif source here)

Compare it to his hug with Sam and my god what a difference.

(I regrettably do not have a source for this because I found it on google image search and couldn’t find the source… it just linked me to the tumblr episode tag? If this is your gif please let me know.)

 With Sam he has accepted his fate and his parting. He is sad, but he is keeping his emotions in check. But with Cas? It is all sorrow and regret and it ate me up. They have NEVER been great at showing their feelings especially when other people are watching them and this was no exception, but that hug was glorious for all the right reasons.

So to sum up, I think we are on excellent ground for Destiel and I am going into season 12 feeling super positive about the whole thing. Remember that we still have the following to look forward to:

  • Cas realising Dean is still alive
  • Cas and Dean reunion
  • Dean introducing Cas to his mother
  • Dean and Cas and Mary looking for Sam
  • The continuation of Dean’s ‘follow your heart’ arch (because believe me, they wouldn’t have put that much leg work into it for nothing. Its going somewhere.)
  • The continuation of Castiel’s emotional journey into finding his true place in the world (which I talked about here).

These are all really exciting things. I know sometimes this show makes mistakes or we build things up to impossible levels and always end up let down by what we get, but sometimes the show comes through for us. Remember 11x19? And how from promo pics alone we all dreamed of the what ifs? They could be? Maybe? They share a last name? Dare we even dream it? People laughed. Mainstream media called them brothers… but WE WERE RIGHT. See this glorious post which sums up the difference between us meta writers and the mainstream heteronormative media. YOU ARE NOT READING INTO THINGS!! (I will never ever get over the Hunter Husbands. I will cry about it when I am 90 for the sheer joy that episode brought me.)

Sometimes we are wrong, but other times we are right. With Destiel I still think we are right. The show will come through for us. The future is bright my friend. The future is multi-coloured. ;-)


Iain and I are very good friends, he’s a brilliant actor. I mean we all get on really well, and we obviously have a lot of scenes together. I don’t know what my…I guess something we do is he will be singing. Everything. He’ll sing like about brushing his teeth in the morning or going to work and he pointed - I didn’t notice but - he pointed [out] maybe two weeks into set, he’d go “well every time I see you dance” and I didn’t realise I’m doing it. So he’ll just be singing and I’ll just be dancing. Maybe we should start a pop group?

You’ve Got Revision All Wrong

When I was in high school and college, teachers would talk to us about revising papers and focus us on fixing sentences, rearranging paragraphs, and choosing better words. Which is definitely revising on one level. The problem was that when I became a professional writer, I realized that this was the very last stage of revision, basically the copy-editing level. This was the easiest kind of revision. And no one had ever taught me about the real revision that went on before that stage. I don’t know if that was because no one in high school knew how to do that kind of revision, or if it was so frightening that they didn’t dare talk about it. I’m going to dare to talk about it.

The revisions that I do before I get to copy-editing are massive. MASSIVE. Like, every single word of the manuscript changes. Sometimes all the scenes are in the right order (Ha–this is never true, but we’ll pretend it is for a little while). It’s just that I have the voice wrong. Or the point of view. Or I change the rules of magic. Or I have to tweak a character’s motivations. Or the setting is now historical–or isn’t historical anymore. Or I’m now writing a series instead of a standalone. Or a thousand different changes that probably sound like they’re small in terms of scope, but in fact change every single word of the book. Because my descriptions are going to change based on how my character changes. And how I introduce the magic or offer setting details changes if the point of view is different.

And then there are even bigger changes. Like when your main character gets written out of the entire manuscript because it turns out the best part of your first draft wasn’t her. Or when the whole reason that you wrote the novel in the first place turns out to be untenable, but there are parts that you’re still interested in and you’ve decided to try to salvage them by writing a completely different first draft. Or your magic system doesn’t work at all and you can only fix it by telling the novel that you were thinking maybe would one day be the prequel, about a shadowy character who no one knows about in the future but turned out to be vital to the formation of the magic system in the first place.

I know that some writers manage to figure out these kinds of problems before they start writing a first draft, but I’ll tell you honestly, not many do. Even writers who outline extensively find a ton of problems that require massive, massive revisions. And the writers who aren’t finding their problems by writing drafts are spending just as much time (IMHO) figuring out the problems in their heads.

Almost always, when I see a writer who isn’t making progress from draft to draft it’s because they aren’t either willing or able to make these kinds of revisions. They hold tight to their original vision of a project because they think that’s what people mean when they say to “write the book of your heart.” Or they honestly don’t know how to reimagine everything from the bottom up and let everything go in order to rebuild something that’s even better. And do it again and again and again in order to get a manuscript that’s ready for publication.

I really wish that culturally, we grappled more with what being a creative type is like because I feel like we show in movies and on television that being a writer is about getting this “inspiration” and then sitting in a room and just hammering things out and then playing with words. In my experience, writing is about playing with ideas, scenes, characters. It’s about reconsidering everything. In a way, it’s a science in which you are experimenting and your drafts are the way to figuring out all that’s wrong with your hypothesis, and sometimes are about reformulating the hypothesis and redesigning the experiment a thousand times. (And well, being ready to give up on it a lot, too, because you feel like you’ve reached the end of progress and you’re just going in circles or making things worse–that’s part of the process, too.)

When I read a book that is brilliant, I feel like I get a bit of a glimpse of all the other drafts that went into it because it is so layered and it hints at all the other possibilities and shows why they weren’t the right one, if that makes any sense. Books that tend not to hold my interest are books that end up feeling like one draft that was polished but doesn’t have the depth of a book that went through a lot of revision. These books aren’t failures, but they just don’t see the tiny mistakes within them and don’t address them as they go along.

Sure, there are brilliant books that are written in a hot fever of a few weeks. It happens, but often it happens because the writer has been doing those other drafts elsewhere. And yes, there are books that are piercingly simple and that show no hint of other drafts but still work in their single, great layer of purpose. Writers work in many different ways and my way is not “the one true way,” but if you’re getting people interested in the idea of your book but not the manuscript itself or if you aren’t getting offers on the book even though a lot of editors are reading it, you might consider that it needs a really big revision, a complete new draft that enables you to re-conceptualize everything in a new and better whole.

Things I love about Jessica Jones:

  • How Trish, with her blue shirt and red coat and blonde hair and her stubborn hope to save as many people as she can is SO CAPTAIN AMERICA
  • That Jess only owns one pair of crusty light-wash jeans
  • Hogarth was such a bastard, and remained a bastard, and will continue to be a bastard and I Am About That Kind of Consistency
  • (can you even IMAGINE her meeting the Avocados tho – this is endless fun and I really hope it happens)
  • How when Jess fights she doesn’t immediately go for the punch because she knows (since Reeva probably) what her strength can do, instead her first instinct is to just throw people the fuck out of the way until they stay down I LOVE THIS and I really hope that was an intentional choice on the part of the writers and fight choreographers because it’s brilliant and I’m crying about it
  • Malcolm is such a hipster with his red skinnies and galaxy-print collared shirts, I love him, I want to know everything about him, PLEASE SPEAK FRENCH AGAIN SOON
  • LUKE
  • Luke Cage wearing a helmet
  • Luke Cage being kind to dogs
  • Luke Cage keeping his dive bar neat and clean
  • Luke Cage being unfairly hot in every single scene he’s in, shoulders big as a doorway, skin as smooth and blemishless as silk
  • Luke Cage disappearing mysteriously at the end there TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED, go chill out on Long Island or some shit, just please come back
  • How quickly Jess dispatched Kilgrave – here I was braced for some ridiculous close-quaters, out-at-sea tense fight to the death on a boat with him pitting Trish and Jess against each other but they don’t even make it onto the fucking boat, she just one-liners him and snaps him like a twig, like THANK – after everything, that was just so perfect
  • Also I think Malcolm and Claire have already gone on several dates and become the chillest power couple complaining about their collection of injury-prone weirdos

anonymous asked:

What is wrong with Age of Ultron? I'm not trolling, I'm actually asking because I've seen everyone on tumblr trying to ignore the very existence of this film so I'm wondering what's so wrong about it? I kind of liked the film. It's not great but I didn't think it was THAT bad (I have terrible taste in movies but still). So what am I missing?

Number 1, for me, was how fucked-up Natasha’s characterisation was. It was like the Nat of the Winter Soldier (who was fuckin’ AWESOME) had never existed. This Nat was there to be a damsel in distress. To have Bruce faceplant into her boobs.To need to be let out of a locked cell??? Gimme a break!!!

Secondly, there was the completely unnecessary, shock-value death of Pietro. This was annoying because it was a) a waste of an awesome character, who Aaron Taylor-Johnson played to snarky PERFECTION, and b) Whedon spent the entire movie building up the audience into fearing that it was CLINT who would die, right down to the obligatory looking-at-the-photo-of-the-wife-and-kids before battle. In effect, he tried to mislead the audience.

The problem with that was, all the ‘dedicated’ Marvel fans - like those of us here on Tumblr who spend a lot of time reading and writing in the MCU - already knew very well that Jeremy Renner was signed on for not only Captain America; Civil War, but also Infinity Wars 1 and 2. So we KNEW it wouldn’t be Clint who died. All that stuff, to us, looked like a cheap time-wasting trick and it made me at least roll my eyes.

Third on my list of Shit That Was Wrong With AoU (and it’s a really long list) was Clint himself. Matt Fraction’s dysfunctional, depressed ‘tire-fire of a human being’ Hawkeye had a spectacularly successful comics run, and THAT was the Clint we wanted, complete with one-eyed dog named Lucky and hopefully snarky teenage protegee Kate Bishop.

Instead we got Ultimate Comics Clint, with wife and children. Now I’m not a comics reader, but this Clint is frankly pretty boring and in the comics Laura and the kids get killed off - basically to fuel his manpain, of which frankly there’s plenty in the MCU as it is.

Even Scarlett Johannson had been led to believe that Clintasha was a thing - hence her choice to wear the ‘arrow necklace’ seen in The Winter Soldier. Nat/Bruce came out of left field for her just as much as it did for us. It felt weird, forced and unreal - and it was also unnecessary. Natasha Romanoff doesn’t NEED a romance to define her or give her a place in the Avengers. She has earned the right to stand alone.

And just incidentally, the MCU has apparently completely forgotten about Betty Ross. Which, what the fuck? She was extremely important in Bruce’s life, and she hasn’t been mentioned despite HER FATHER playing an important role in Civil War.

The one line I wished had happened in Civil War was someone (Nat or Steve probably) saying to Ross after he asked if they knew where Thor and Banner were:

“I don’t know, Mr Secretary, have you asked your daughter if she has any idea where Dr Banner is? If she’s speaking to you these days, that is.”

One 10-second line and it would have been PERFECTION, and would have felt a hell of a lot more real and emotional than any of that crap in AoU.

Look, I’m not going to say AoU was the worst movie ever made. It’s not even the worst in the MCU to date. It had its great moments - Tony’s entire characterisation, basically - some brilliant one-liners. Vision was perfection from start to finish and James Spader as Ultron was terrifying and glorious. It was a fun watch and yes, I’ve re-watched it since and been entertained.

But, there was more wrong with it than not. And everything I hear about behind the scenes stuff - like the way Elizabeth Olson was told to keep her face ‘serene’ while fighting because strain on her face looked ugly - just makes me feel even more vaguely queasy about the whole thing.

A lot of AoU doesn’t feel like MCU ‘canon’ to me. And it was only shown up further in its deficiencies by how awesome Ant-Man was just two months later, on a fraction of the budget. I’m glad Joss Whedon won’t be directing any more MCU movies.

Time for another set of FEELS AND PORN recs because, as always, I like to hope for at least something for everyone. Plus, you know, I have the attention span of a magpie, I’m constantly flitting around to different things that look shiny, so, here, have some of the shiny things I’ve seen! :D

Back for Seconds by guardianinthesky, thor/loki, NSFW, 3.7k
    Loki and Thor finally meet up for coffee, and more sex happens.
Shower Sex by Velvedere, thor/loki, NSFW, agent!loki, 1.7k
    Teen!Loki has a nice walk-in shower in his apartment…
untitled by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, ~1k
    Anonymous asked: I wish you would write a fic where Thor has a really nice day and then Loki sucks his dick
untitled by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 1k
    So. This is a direct prequel to the first Thor movie, only with more porn. Warnings: Loki.
Alienation of Affection by rayemars, thor/loki + background balder/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, arranged marriage (balder/loki), 23.8k
    The marriage was arranged as a way to end the skirmishes arising between Asheim and Jotunheim’s borders. Neither Asgard nor Utgard wished for another war; memories of the last one were too fresh.

Five Times the Villain’s Weapon Didn’t Work On Thor and the One Time It Did by TheOtherOdinson, thor + avengers + loki, humor, 3.9k
    Just what it says in the title.
Divergence by DictionaryWrites, loki & frigga, genderfluid!loki, pre-movies, 1.4k
    Frigga and Loki come to talk late at night, when she discovers him awake in the library. The conversation is not as comfortable as Frigga would like, but it is honest, at least.
My Younger Brother by tinkr_tailr, thor & loki + avengers, de-aged!loki, fluff, 1.5k
    Sif showed up unexpectedly with an even more unexpected package to be delivered. Thor is unbelievably happy, then confused, then jealous. And adorable throughout it all.
Frigga’s Garden by Rynfinity, frigga & loki, post-thor 2, 1.2k
    He is deep in concentration when he feels it: cool fingers brushing his cheek and settling lightly atop his shoulder.
untitled by pro-antagonist [ mobile ver. ], frigga & loki, set during thor 2, 1.9k
    It was a slow awakening, like daylight warming the horizon, coaxing it from gentle purple to soft, radiant gold.
Life In Reverse by Lise, loki & avengers + other marvel characters, post-thor au, avenger!loki, violence & torture in some chapters, 115.6k wip
    Home is where you make it. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. (Mostly because supervillains are so plebian.)
A Day in the Sun by Mikkeneko, tony & loki (minor tony/loki) + thor & loki + avengers, bodyswap, 27.8k
    Thor runs afoul of Loki’s latest diabolical plot – to lure him into a trap and steal his body, his powers, and his identity! But once he has Thor’s life, what does Loki plan to do with it? Probably not what Thor expects…
Just another day in the park by Maia2, thor + avengers + loki, humor, 2.2k
    The latest villain in New York has the means to de-age citizens and heroes alike. It doesn’t exactly work as he expected.

full details + recs under the cut!

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OK so @whitechoko asked about my reasons to ship Haruka/Rin

This turned into a really long post, because when I start to talk about these two losers, it always turns into an essay.I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY. THEY’RE SO SPECIAL TO ME. I’M SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THEM. THEY’RE AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.

This ship is the otp of all otps I’ve ever otp’d. First time in my whole shipping life my otp fits in EVERY trope I adore. They’re just perfect like that. I don’t ship these two only because of ~rival x rival, sexy glaring, sexual tension, they look hawt together~ reasons. Those things are spicing up things and that’s awesome, but this ship is more than that, at least to me. This ship has EVERYTHING. I can go from “ Aww they’re so cute.” to “ Oh my god help them, they’re idiots.”, from “ Wow what is this shojo?” to “Holy hell that’s hot.” They can make me laugh and cry, give me so many different emotions.

I officially got into this ship from the “Romantic, right?” moment. I thought “Why that cheerful kid from the whole group chose the grumpy kid and teasingly smiling to him said those lines? And why the grumpy kid got embarrassed and blushed? Hey, there is something special going on here and I’m so into that.” And so it began and here I am. I got it bad when I rewatched the series and reread the novels last year. I paid attention to every single detail and symbolism and really fell in love with this wonderful and inspiring relationship even more. Now let’s get to the real point of this post. Why do I love them? What do they have that made me love them so much? I tried to keep this as short as possible (originally this was 7k+ of word vomit). Ok so, things I love about this ship.

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Tom Hiddleston Talks His Summer in the Spotlight

It’s been a wild summer for Tom Hiddleston.

In April, the English actor captured our attention with his role as former British soldier-turned undercover government spy in AMC’s critically-acclaimed six-part series The Night Manager. The show went on to earn 12 Emmy nominations, which Hiddleston calls a genuine thrill.

“I’m so proud of The Night Manager and the work everybody did in it and to see it nominated for 12 [Emmys],” Hiddleston told PEOPLE at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday. “To see Hugh Laurie nominated and Olivia Coleman and [director] Susanne Bier, it’s really really thrilling. You never know when you make something when it is going to catch fire and people will receive it with the same passion in which it was made and it felt like that, so it’s really exciting.”

In June, Hiddleston and Taylor Swift surprised nearly everyone when news broke of a budding new romance, which has included romantic dates around the globe and meetings with both sets of parents.

And now this month, Hiddleston returned to his fan-loved role Loki for the beginning of production on Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, along with a San Diego Comic-Con appearance Saturday in support of his upcoming film, Kong: Skull Island.

“It’s amazing to be back, amazing,” he says. “I’ve only shot for about a week but it’s so much fun, because I haven’t played the character for three and a half years and the script is brilliant, [director] Taika Waititi (What We Do In The Shadows) is brilliant. I’ve shot a couple of scenes and it’s just the best fun. It is like seeing an old friend again.”

So how is Hiddleston handling all this new attention in several different areas?

“I don’t know, it comes down to being authentic,” he says. “Everything you do you have to make sure you truly believe in it and as long as you know that, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says about it because the nature of being a public figure is that everyone will have an opinion about anything you do, and as long as you know why you’ve done something and you’ve committed to it with authenticity then you’re okay.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 10, 2017. Thor: Ragnarok opens Nov. 3, 2017.

10 Reasons to love the Night at the Museum films

1) Rami Malek

2) The clearly homoerotic relationship between Jedediah and Octavius

3) And just every damn single thing , everything, about those two, every scene they’re in, just them generally, is just fantastic tbh

4) They’re funny as hell

5) Actually really sweet, heartwarming, very good films.

6) As far as I’m aware they’re pretty non problematic

7) They’re really fucking hilarious okay

8) Every bloody character in this thing is brilliant and spot on perfect

9) It’s museum exhibits coming to life, come on, how can you not like it

10) Rami Malek in what essentially looks like a, very ornate, but still very short, crop top