everything about this scene tbh


this is important to me

op 17th anniversary - tears

this is probably one of the most memorable scenes in one piece for me, and also one of the ones that i cried the most at. as someone who personally struggles with the concept of other people loving me, despite things i’ve done or how terrible i used to be, the utter acceptance and love that whitebeard offers to his misguided son broke me down. we didn’t get to know whitebeard long, but it was very clear to us what a great man he was and why so many people were loyal to him. 


endless list of favorite episodes | 1.07 possession [penny dreadful]
“Vanessa, I know you’re still there. I’m not gonna leave you. Vanessa. VANESSA, PLEASE!”  


#petition for a storyline ft. the sugdens finally getting closure and finding out about what went down in the years robert was away.


Bellarke scenes • 1.02


Favourite Flint Moments - Ep I

“He’s not expecting me.”

that cannot be science: a barry & iris mix
songs for falling in love with your best friend, and wanting what’s best for them even when it kills you

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i. best friend - emeli sandé // ii. from afar - vance joy // iii. scarecrow - alex & sierra // iv. peaks and troughs - we were promised jetpacks // v. bated breath - tinashe // vi. one - ed sheeran // vii. signal - cynthia erivo // viii. home by now - bombay bicycle club // ix. say that (feat. anthony hamilton) - leela james // x. that girl - david choi // xi. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin // xii. good morning heartache (feat. laura mvula) - jamie cullum


30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie: day twelve ~ a romantic crack(friend)ship

“Who’s your favorite?” I ask her as the show switches to a series of commercials. “Of all the Calloway sisters and their men?” I expet her to say Ryke Meadows or Loren Hale– the two most popular guys of the bunch. One is overly protective, the other in complete I-would-die-for-you love with his childhood friend.

“Easy.” She eats a scoop of ice cream before saying, “Rose Calloway.

I flinch in surprise. “Rose?” I think I prefer Lily Calloway, the one who’s a bit shy, but in the face of so much publicity, so many warring voices, she’s stood strong in the end. It’s bravery that I think I need.