everything about this scene i just

Best Things about Thor Ragnarok

Immigrant Song

“Your savior is here!”

Thor with lightning coming out of his eyes

Skurge redemption

“Behold…my stuff!”

Hela, just in general

Every scene with Korg

Drunk Valkirye

Adorably confused smol Bruce

Bruce’s little “no” when Thor is telling the snake story

The Snake Story

“Get Help”

Basically everything involving the Brodinsons

Fenris Wolf! Puppy!

Heimdall being hot and amazing

Loki and magic

Thor thinking Loki turned into a piece of paper

Simply stunning cinematography

The Norway Scene

“I can’t tell the future, I’m not a witch. ” “No? Then why do you dress like one?” “Hey!”

Thor and Loki. With guns.

Val and Hulk Brotp

Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster

Thor’s short hair

Thor finally being interesting and likable

Thor constantly throwing things at Loki

“I’m here”

“You’re late.” “You’re missing an eye”

Loki using his helmet as WEAPON

“My sons, I love you”

“Agh! Loki!”

“Where’s your chair?” “I didn’t get a chair!” “Well get me out of this one!”

Team Revengers

The sequence that marked me(and I’m pretty sure that it marked many other people too) the most from Bojack Horseman was those last scenes with Sarah lynn.

I don’t know if it is Schaal’s voice or how the writers worded her speech in the hotel room. It has something special. She doesn’t like anything about her. Everything she owns is what other people have told her to own. She is an image, a brand, not a person. And she is aware of that and she feels like it is too late to change. And there is Bojack. Having just declared his love for her and not really knowing how to help but by telling her that everything is going to be ok.

Months after I finished seson 3, I keep thinking on one thing. The dignity Sarah Lynn was killed with.

In spite of the seriousness this show takes itself with, it has the habit of making jokes out of situations like death. It had done it in two ocassions prior to season 3, one of them with a character that was important to the story.

But Sarah Lynn’s death was different. Even though the odds would be her dying in bad circumstances, for example a car crush caused by her or Bojack driving high, or that she commited suicide, she died in a peaceful way.

She died in the place she wanted to be(more than her own house), in the arms of the person that loved and knew her better, who also was the first man she ever liked, dreaming about her becoming the person she wanted to be. She died in her sleep, without pain.

No jokes were made about it. Not only that, but her funeral made Bojack realise that he needed a close, sincere friend like Diane.

And for a character that started being something between a joke and a comment on a rather superficial issue, that is amazing. This show is amazing.

(These are two posts from my personal blog of november 30 2016, back when I was completely obsessed with Sarah Lynn and BH and I decided to start this blog. I could not write anything similar now, so enjoy what past me had to say!).


Star Trek Discovery 1x09: Into the Forest I Go

Okay, here’s the thing that gets me about these two (amazing) scenes. Everything that Lorca says to Stamets is right in line with what a longtime Trek audience expects to hear from a Starfleet captain. Exploration, hope, courage, sacrifice, the magic and the promise of science - imagine these words coming from Picard, Janeway, Sisko. We’d believe them. We’re used to believing them. And so we’re pulled right in, just like poor Stamets, even though we’ve seen compelling evidence of Lorca-the-master-manipulator elsewhere. Because this is what Starfleet captains preach, and they’re supposed to mean it.

Georgiou would have meant it.

Jackass! is one of my most fav mangas and now it’s also one of my most fav BLCDs!!! (makes sense)

I was smiling so much, and laughing, and crying a little too. I love everything about it! The art, (the eyes!!!), the plot, the characters, the seiyuus <33333 

Uchida Yuma & Nakamija Yoshiki were SOOO GOOD. They sounded so good together!! As much as I love uke! Yuma, there’s something special about his seme… sounding all flirty and sexy *-* And I just LOVE Yoshiki’s moans, I could listen to him forever~ All the pantyhose scenes were so fucking hot!! Hotter than the actual sex scene in the end. ASDFGHJKL

This part KILLED me when I first read the manga, and it killed me AGAIN in the BLCD JFC HNG

Also 3 things that made me lol:

1. These two - 

Being voiced by Egu & Kengo, who also voiced these two - 


2. Shingaki-san voicing the teacher, who suspiciously looked familiar…

(Jackass!Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki – Joou to Shitateya

And guess what?


I mean yeah, that’s the art style of Scarlet Beriko, her characters often resemble her other characters (not complaining here!), I just found it hilarious that he voiced all of them who looked like they’re related XD  

3. Nishiyama Koutaro’s character wanting Egu’s character and saying “he’s so cute, I wanna have sex with him” in that tone, I LAUGHED COS IT’S THE TWO OF THEM I COULDN’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. 

i’m choosing to believe robert/ryan is looking and feeling especially soulless in scenes atm as part of robert’s emotional downfall

he’s just lost the will to feel or look alive

it helps feeling better about everything tbh :)

robertdoc  asked:

Last devastating detail of the Rebecca/Paula hospital scene you just gifed - the score at the very end of it is a piano playing a few slow bars of "I Have Friends" In an episode that ends with Rebecca perhaps finally realizing that, for everything her anxiety/younger self told her in 303, she really has them. And ends with Valencia confessing her fears over the first real friend she's ever had. So basically "I Have Friends" is really/should be S3's unofficial non theme song anthem at this point.

Okay but how when that song was first on in S1 the joke was about how Rebecca wasn’t popular and barely had any friends and now she has this group of incredible people who have seen her at her absolute worst and still LOVE HER no matter what and just want her to be happy and healthy and safe. 

Somehow this group of complex, flawed individuals who on surface level appear to not have much in common have all found each other and came together to make a beautiful supportive family and I am SOBBING and am just SO PROUD OF THEM ALL. 


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so kastle is fucking K I L L I N G me i just finished the punisher and???? i'm dead b ye

listen,,,,,,,,,,, I will literally never fucking recover everything was just too much ??? the hug??? the cheek kiss ??? the fucking elevator scene??? I literally astral project to a different sphere of human existence like wtffff how was that even a real thing that happened ?? I’m so fucking overwhelmed it’s not even funny anymore?? you know how in like every scene karen has with frank she is approximately 3 seconds away from crying ?? that’s some relatable shit right there because I too am always crying when they share a scene,,,,,,,,,, they’re so in love I’m gonna die

regaltempo  asked:

Which do you choose, Nya's death scene, or Zane's death scene?

This is just mean you know! They were both sad! …hrm..I take Nya’s death scene, as it kind of had an deeper impact on everyone. Perhaps also because I watched Zanes one in german first..and it was pretty harmless compared to the original. They literally went like “Zane is still out there somewhere, it’s cool, we’ll find him!”

With Nya..it was the whole atmosphere too…everything was destroyed or about to get destroyed and even though they won, they lost everything.

Zane’s..well he sacrified himself to make the city and Ninjago a better, safe and happy place again. It had a bitter-sweet taste to it, if you know what I mean.

So yes, Nya’s…but it is really a difficult choice..I call a tie!

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Actually if there is a midnight scene it instead reminds me of that night where Ruby comforted Weiss when she and Blake argued. But this time, it might be Weiss comforting Ruby instead! Like when Weiss asks her about it and Ruby just break down when she recalls everything. (Cause I rmb seeing a post regarding Ruby will legit break down eventually?) ;-; Thats why I feel a midnight scene next ep will fit everything I just said... but I can't get my hopes up because RT might ruins my expectation.

Oooh that would also be nice. Honestly, any moment with Weiss and Ruby right now would be incredible and be much needed by both of them. I just can’t wait to see how much they missed each other. :)

i see all these people mad about the clois reunion but i liked it. ok the you smell good was terrible but the scene at the farm was very heartfelt. the kiss was beautiful. ok they didn’t address the ring/the engagement but we can assume they did it off screen giving that lois wears the ring at the end of the movie. so i’m fine.

or maybe i’m just getting old and i’m starting to just enjoy movies without overanalyze everything.

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(Part 1, because this somehow became really long) Hello! I don't have a tumblr, but Spideypool is everything and your latest fic is absolutely fantastic... I'm a pet player myself, and you did an amazing job at explaining what the headspace can feel like! (Wade's stuttering through explaining it probably made more sense to me than anything else though, heh.)

(Part 2) Everything about this felt very genuine to my experience with pet play, which was a real treat as there aren’t many fics that display it so realistically. I’m not huge on the sexual aspects of pet play myself, but I thought that you handled it wonderfully and I really enjoyed seeing your take on that!

(Part 3) Honestly, the best thing about this fic is the scene where Peter just yells “Winston, heel!” and Wade stops. I absolutely lost it, because I may or may not have been in similar situations by complete accident. (Preening to a stranger when they say you did a good job is very awkward, let’s just say that.)

(Part 4) Overall, thank you so much for your latest fic!! I absolutely loved it and while you’ve placed it in ‘oneshots’, I can’t help but want more.

I added all of these together for coherency. lol

Ahhh! I’m really glad to get this anon, actually. I dabble in pet play myself, but more on the side of Human Pet than anything else. However, being in the kink community means I know a lot of pups and have interacted with them fairly often. So I pulled heavily from those experiences while still keeping it within the bounds of the story.

A conversation that happened recently inspired the idea for this because I thought that Wade would rather enjoy being a pup. I wanted to explore how very non-sexual that usually was, and how freeing he would find the experience. I especially wanted to view that from Peter’s side where he doesn’t fully understand it at first, and how he goes about coming to terms with the different aspects of Wade.

I didn’t want to make anyone the bad guy in the fic, thus Wade and Nate’s mutual breakup. I was more aiming for how differently Nate and Peter approached pet play as an Owner and how both of those things were something Wade needed at the time they were happening, but his needs can evolve, and that’s okay.

I also added the “heel” line because if you’ve ever been to a puppy mosh and yelled “Treat!” or squeaked a dog toy, you get the attention of every pup in the room in an instant. XD It cracks me up. I love it. hehe

There’s not a lot of realistic kink content out there, and likely because it isn’t as sexy to read/write as the fantasy is. XD But I still think there is a lot to explore in a more down to earth portrayal if you look at it from the right angle. Thus, this fic was very self-indulgent and just me kinda playing around with that concept. So I’m really happy that someone out there was able to read it and relate it like this. ^.^

I plan to add more to it later, but more in line with the fantasy aspect rather than the fluffy realism of the current oneshot. Mostly because I just want to and it’s fun for me. lol But I do eventually want to write a more realistic look into BDSM play one day as its own fic, but I have yet to think up a story I’d really like for it. So we’ll see!

Thank you so much for reading my story and sending me this awesome set of asks! ^.^ I wish you all the best in your future play time, pupper! <3 <3 <3


Noctis lets us know through dialogue in game that summoning any of the Six takes a lot of out of him. He never talks about how terrifying it is to confront a God in any capacity, even when they’re coming to his aid, but the fucking spectacular animation in these scenes gets the message across just as well.


All the things that I’d done… memories… they never hurt me. But the past… it’s more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to. He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.


You don’t have to go down there, Richie. 

Right. I didn’t have to get on a plane in LA, I didn’t have to go to the dinner, I sure as hell didn’t have to come out here. And now I don’t have to go in.