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omg the fandom is so smart, b.a.p would be so proud. Babyz, more like sherlock. The only thing I came up with is 11-5=6 members LMAO

Aww anon well you’re smarter than me, I didn’t think about the 11-5=6 thing lol! I honestly haven’t been able to think properly since the teaser pics came out LMAO. I really am so amazed by BABYz, BAP has so many awesome fans who are so knowledgeable and are able to figure out the concepts so quickly! I even saw these pics on instagram and I’m just so shook by everything >< I need to go watch V for Vendetta now haha


We met a lot of you today and so many people came to say hi, some even cried and I’m so so sorry but I’m so thankful to every single one of you who came and greeted us. A friend of ours vlogged most of the meet-up so I’ll probably time-lapse it in the vlog hehehe. 😁

Here’s a PREVIEW of one of the shoots we did with our amazing friend (just a phone pic) so I hope to show you more soon but ahh today really cheered me up even more. Thank you endlessly to the people who asked how I was doing. My quote for today is therefore “even in the hardest of days, there is always something to be thankful for.” I LOVE YOU ALLLL I’ll reply to everything soon I promise! It’s been really emotional so I’m just taking this time to be with Kevin and friends and be away from social media for the most part. 💕🌹

I discovered tinder back in 2014 and met my first actual boyfriend on there. I was really excited that there were guys out there who really were interested in me because I hadn’t seen that a lot in person. I rushed into everything. I ended up in a year long mentally abusive relationship where I was miserable.

I finally got the balls to break up with that guy and move on. After about 4 months of being single and getting hurt by boys I decided to try tinder again bc lets just be honest, I was lonely and horny. Lol

I matched with this guy. His pics were semi blurry but I could tell he had amazing muscles. I messaged him saying he was sexy af and was hoping for a hookup. The moment he started talking to me I changed my mind. I asked him to go out with me without sex. He intrigued me in every way and I wanted so badly to know his mind.

Probably unsafe but I invited him to my house, my brother was there so it was fine. We spent the entire night talking and listening to music while I laid on his chest.

6 months later and I’m sitting in our little apartment waiting on him to get off work and come home so I can lay on his chest. He’s the love of my life.

An ENFP’s take on ENTPs

Okay so my best-friend (the poster girl for ENFP) wrote a sixteen page essay on me because she thinks I need to love myself more (five pages of it were just random ramblings) and I think she raised some really good points:

  • She thinks I am very careless with my appearances and if I was just a little more into it, or just let her do it, I’ll be more “presentable”
  • She thinks everything about me is in  dormant state right now. (I kind of agree because I’m either all in or all out and right now I just don’t care). So to put it in her words, I’m a ‘caterpillar’.
  • (If I was a butterfly I’ll be a moth, and yes she believes it to be a kind of butterfly.)
  • I have a kind of dreamy look when I walk, like I’m forever lost in some other world.
  • (Look at the pic for her illustration. She’s an amazing artist. Reblog for more of her illustrations of me–btw my name is Kanika she just loves to pronounce it like ‘Nanika’ like she has a lisp)
  • She thinks I’m very understanding (tert Fe). We both believe in ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ (what she tried to say in her mangled writing) but I have an ‘intuitive’ understanding of people’s needs.
  • My points of arguments are always valid.
  • We need more people like me
  • I never talk about crying(i.e. act depressed).
  • I’m super clumsy with low hand-eye coordination.
  • I DON’T FIT IN. (Apparently this is a common opinion of the people who know me)
  • Being an ENFP (or a person) she’s kind of bitchy and has high expectations but she knows she fits right in. (She’s very self-assured)
  • People can’t keep up with us, except an ENTJ friend (more like an acquaintance) Apparently he’s thought of as many things as we do.
  • I present a different personna to people who don’t know than the one that is really me. (Again, damn you, tert Fe!)
  • Which means I’m kinder, sweeter to the people who only outwardly know me and sarcastic and sassy with the people who really know me
  • Introduce people to new interests that I know they’ll like because I can ‘sense’ it.
  • Firm personal code of morals. Which don’t exactly match society’s idea of morality. 

I don’t know if it applies to just me or all (or most or some) ENTPs but she’s one of the only people that have truly known me. 

(It got very long but the essay was longer and I‘m tired)


I am the happiest marathon runner ever!!

I couldn’t not order these pics. They got some really good ones! I’m so happy to have these pics, especially the first one, because I really feel that they capture all of my emotions on the run.

Pic 1: right before mile 22. My spirits were so high right then!
Pic 2: right in the beginning with Scott by my side! :)
Pic 3: running through Canada trying to stay calm about everything
Pics 4 & 5: just getting out of the tunnel back into the USA. The cool breeze after the tunnel is the best feeling
Pic 6: I think this is around mile 24 as we were running along the detroit river. I know it’s later because I didn’t ditch my gloves until I was on Belle Isle around mile 21. Still feeling great :)
Pics 7-10: right after I crossed the finish line. So many emotions going through me. I felt so amazing and proud of myself. All my hard work really paid off :)

These are definitely my best race pictures to date! :)

I have been looking at this photo about 15 minutes without moving.

Admire him.

Harry is so handsome but he is not just that, he is an amazing person and he really cares about everyone and everything that happens in the world. And you can realize that with the way he looks at the person he is talking to ( right into the eyes) and when sth happens he always tweets to show he cares.

I wish I could know him personally and I wish I could have a normal conversation with him to talk about what he thinks about the world or idk, his fav album, what song he likes to listen when he feels homesick, i think it would be the best thing ever you know, to get to know him.

Hello my Darlings!

I have had a few asks about which Hartwin blogs I like and who I recommend and I thought I would just make one list for you all:

  • allaboutthathartwin (she’s one of my Kingsman wives, has everything you want, fic recs, pics, videos etc)
  • hartwinmakethman (this one has just started but I know that you can request prompts and will also find and rec fics for you, also a huge sweetheart and has lots of pics, text post anything your hartwin heart desires)
  • galahard (has written amazing Hartwin fics, also has an A03 account)
  • kingsmanhartwin (just started following, has cute Hartwin head canons and also does prompts) 
Attention Taron lovers

As you may know, Natasha is planning something for Taron’s birthday and we all need to participate. Even if there is still plenty of time, the sooner it’s done, the better it will be!

HERE you will find everything you need to know about the project but long story short, all you need to do is send her a picture of yourself, tell her your name and the country you’re from so she can make what she planned (do not hesitate to go on her blog and contact her, she will gladly answer if you have any question).

That would be awesome if everyone took part of it, I think it’s a very good idea and it’s all about making Taron happy and showing him how much we love him. So PLEASE REBLOG THIS POST AND GO ON TASH’S BLOG :D

*if you do so I’ll love you forever ;)*

this is a little different from my usual shitty anime blog posts buuut recently i finally came to terms with something pretty major about myself, and it’s time i share it with all of you. 

sooo yeah, i’ll just cut to the chase or whatever haha. i’m genderfluid, and finally realizing that feels pretty damn good. the above pic is something my amazing, supportive, total fkn rockstar of a girlfriend julie did for me, and honestly? i don’t think i would be able to have the strength to come out like this without her. thank you for everything babe <3

so ye, i’ll be using he/his/him pronouns for now and i’ll update my sidebar accordingly B) cheers

promise just makes me :( because i imagine that pic of suho crying during it at the exolux concerts u know which one and then i start thinking about how hard he’s had it with everything and how he takes the blame and then i get all emo and think about how much i love him and just wanna tell him how amazing he is because I feel like the members don’t do it enough so i have to sit here and repeat it somewhere he won’t ever see so maybe you guys will realize it too!!!!!