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Pevensies + Social Media


  • high king of instagram
  • seriously the best feed you will ever see
  • all his pics are aesthetically pleasing
  • especially his candids and workout photos (wink)
  • pictures of his siblings EVERYWHERE
  • aspiring photographer or model wink wink


  • snapchat snapchat snapchat
  • snaps everything from the places they are traveling to to Ed’s latest prank on Peter to just snapping her homework and complaining how bored she is
  • you basically get to know everything about Susan through her story
  • she can give Peter a run for his money when it comes to modeling
  • she’s most famous on snapchat though for playing amazing covers of famous songs on the harp


  • tumblr (obviously)
  • but before tumblr it was vine where he uploaded his pranks on Peter #ripVine
  • uses tumblr for fanboying and posting longer and more detailed pranks
  • amazing at dissing and shading and for writing deep insights on anything and everything
  • he never revealed his face though and whenever people hear his voice on video they assumed that he’s hot
  • the one time his faced showed up on camera though…let’s say that people started seeing him as a gift from God let’s be honest he is ;)


  • youtube (vlogger!Lucy anyone???)
  • basically a day in the life of Lucy Pevensie
  • records some of Ed’s most hardcore pranks, hair and makeup tutorials with Su, baking/cooking with Pete, book/movie reviews, talks about her opinions on certain topics, etc.
  • increase in subscribers when her fans and Ed’s fangirls realized that they were siblings
  • let’s be honest…they wanna see Ed’s face more and her vlog is basically the reason she and her siblings have such a following on their respective social media accounts
  • videos where all the Pevensies do those brothers do my makeup videos, mega pranks on their cousin Eustace, reacting to whatever weird trash there is on youtube,etc.

🎊 Dating Caleb Mitchell would include 🎊

▫ okay, but like at first he’s actually nervous when he’s around you???

▪ especially when he discovers that he has feelings for you

▫ but everything went well once he asked you out

▪ and it’s so hard to talk to either of you without the other being around???


▪ going to e v e r y game

▫ + cheering him on!

▪ he’s so so supportive



▫ (he’s totally the kinda boyfriend that plans weeks in advance)


▫ so much

▪ he has really soft lips

▫ hanging out at the beach + stargazing

▪ practicing with him???

▫ (he totally takles you sometimes)

▪ “Caleb! What was that for?” - “You looked so distracted and it was kinda cute.” - “Are you serious?”

▫ and he just won’t stand up!!!

▪ “Caleb, can you please move?” - “Nope.”


▪ going to the diner late at night

▫ “Do you think I can catch fries with my mouth?” - “Nah, i don’t think so.” - “It’s a challenge then! What do I get when I win?”


▫ and he wants kisses for his victory, obviously

▪ studying together


▪ (that boy has so many amazing stories about Caleb)

▫ taking silly pics and sending them to all your friends

▪ “Let’s do a duck face this time!” - “Oh, god, please no.” - “Come on, Caleb! It’s fun.”

▫ he’ll eventually give in


▫ hand holding

▪ (Caleb is definitely the kind of boyfriend that softly carresses your hand with his thumb, or plants small kisses on your palms)

▫ he gets sad v fast when he’s angry and you’re always, always there to calm him down or distract him


▫ you’re not just a couple but also best friends

▪ your dates are always so chill

▫ like a picnic at the beach, watching a game together or sharing a milkskake in the diner

▪ & you both couldn’t be happier

▫ lame jokes when you both should be asleep via texts

▪ your dad adores Caleb, because he’s the perfect boy

▫ so so polite, sweet and funny

▪ (what’s there not to like?)

▫ H U G G I N G

▪ I mean, so many hugs???? In the halls, in the morning when you’re picking him up or when you’re alone


▪ because they are so so soft

▫ and he loves how they smell afterwards


▫ you’re a really active couple

▪ playing football, going for a run


▪ “Should I- should I look like this, while doing it??” - “I..think so, yes.” - “You have no idea what we’re doing, right?” - “Absolutely not, Caleb. I have no idea.”

▫ he regrets n o t h i n g because it made you happy


▫ Caleb Mitchell is the softest™ boyfriend ever with the cutest smile, protect him pls

Best con weekend I’ve ever had. Just everything was amazing. Quick story about this photo. Last year for our Cockles op I asked Jensen if I could touch his face and he said yes. I was thrilled. When we got the picture about an hour later I realized what an a-hole move it was to ask him to do this. I hate that pic. Jensen is gorgeous of course and Misha and Michelle looked super cute holding each other’s faces but just looking at my hand made me sick. A year later it was still bothering me so as we walked up to J2 on Sunday I got the lip shits and rambled on to Jensen how I asked to touch his face and he said yes and I was so sorry because, eww, I’m so inappropriate and omg I’m so sorry….so he grabs my shoulders, throws his head back in the coveted unicorn laugh, pulls me close into our posed hug as Chris takes the picture. Then he squeezed me and held me in place for a few seconds while resting his cheek on my head. He then says into my hair “It’s all good”. I pull away (reluctantly) looked him in the eyes and said thank you so much, you’re so sweet. He says “thanks to you” and smiles as we walk away. This was my third year going to this con and I have multiple pics with Jensen. This one means more to me than all the rest put together. He is genuinely just the sweetest man and holy fuck so beautiful.

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Okie, firstly. I dunno about Alessandro.. I'm just like hmm. Im a biased Bi lol, I get weirded out thinking of dudes creepin on Mila, but shes grown. Secondly that camren pic he liked, like dayyymn. Thats such a good manip.. I've never seen it before. 🤔 thirdly, I can't tell if im creeped out that he liked that camren manip or intrigued. Very confusing.

Camila felt lost and sad during the shoot and Alessandro saw it and tried to comfort her, so she told him everything about her relationship with Lauren and he was so touched by that amazing love story that he started shipping them

😊Age is Just A Number (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Could you maybe do an imagine where y/n and Grayson like each other a lot and fans obviously see them flirting all the time and all over each other’s social media. But Y/N is about 3 years older then Grayson and some fans give her hate about it saying it’s “gross and weird” so they don’t date. And Y/N decides it would be best to leave Gray alone. But she’s still good friends with E. and he convinces them to be together so they go public in a video? And the fans end up shipping it? Thanks love ❤️

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this and remember requests are OPEN

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@Graysondolan: You’re so electric⚡️

@Graysondolan: Girl you’ve got my heart racing💕❤️😊

@Graysondolan: You’ve got my head spinning just wow you’re so 😍

I knew full well that these tweets were directed at me. Grayson and I had met at Coachella and we just hit it off. We both actually live in LA and we all, Ethan Gray and I, have hung out on numerous occasions. Grayson and I always flirted and I knew fans knew something was going on. Grayson has definitely direct messaged me plenty of times wanting to go on a date, but I always turn him down. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him, but he was 17. I’m 20. I’m a college student while he’s a youtuber with millions of fans. I couldn’t be that person. I didn’t want people to call me a cougar. I was currently sitting in my living room when my phone buzzed with a notification.

@Graysondolan: Let’s d8💐 @your_username I’ll pick you up tonight at 8 :)

@your_username: Alright as long as you’re buying ;)

@Graysondolan: Of course! My mother always told me to pay for a beautiful woman’s meal and that’s what I plan to do 😝

I just simply started laughing before realizing I needed to change. I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and threw on a maroon crop top with blue high waisted jeans. I grabbed my white vans and laced them on. I looked myself over once more in the mirror before walking downstairs to feeling my phone blowing up.


@Dolanfan2: Isn’t she like 25? What a cougar lol Gray stick with women in your age range please.

@Dolanfan3: @your_username stealing the cradle are we?

Don’t get me wrong. Some fans were supportive and have been shipping this since day 1, but most of them were not. They were calling me a cradle robber, a cougar, child predator, basically anything to hurt me they said. I was worried this would happen. I sit on my couch as I read more tweets.

@Dolanfan1: Haha @your_username thinks she really has a chance? The only chance she has is getting thrown in jail…

@Dolanfan2: What trash. Stay away from him he’s too young for you! Predator!

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I knew this was a bad idea. I needed to cancel this now. I couldn’t do this. I then heard a knock at my door knowing full well it was Grayson ready for our date.

“Go away!” I choked out through tears.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asks through the door.

“Grayson please leave.” I begged still scrolling through twitter. I started to feel sick.

“Y/N if this is about what’s happening on twitter–” I cut him off.

“Grayson please! I don’t want to date you. Just please leave! It’s best if we don’t see each other either. Just please,” I started to choke again. “Forget about me.” I didn’t hear him say anything but I heard the faint sound of footsteps leaving my porch. I sat there and I was still scrolling through twitter. It was nothing more than what I read earlier. I was feeling sick to my stomach. I liked Grayson so much and I know he liked me a lot too. I knew this was for better though. I could focus on my education and he could focus on his YouTube.

I decided I needed to shower the day away. I threw my phone on the couch and I walked into the bathroom stripping my clothes off. I stepped in the shower to feel the hot water tingling my back. I rinsed my hair and scrubbed my body as I relaxed against the wall just thinking. I thought about Grayson. As much as it pained me I thought of us holding hands at the park and giggling. I thought of Ethan and Gray filming a YouTube videos while I did my best to mess them up or make them laugh. I thought of Grayson’s tweets and comments on my Instagram photos telling me how stunning I was. I could feel the cool tears roll down my cheeks as the now warm water patted against me.

“Y/N?” My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. “Y/N where are you?” I recognized the deep voice as Ethan. What was he doing here?

“I’m in the shower! I’ll be out in a second.” I hollered as I washed the remaining soap off my body and dried myself off quickly. I threw on some sweats and a tank top while I wrapped my hair up in a towel. I hurried downstairs to see Ethan sitting on my couch. I had a feeling I knew why he was here. “Ethan go. It’s over.” I said softly wanting to cry again. Ethan then started laughing.

“Haha no it’s not. Grayson told me what happened and I saw the tweets. Look what you and Gray have is real. You may not see it but I do, and obviously the fans do too.” Ethan put his phone in his pocket and stood to his feet. “If they didn’t see it then they wouldn’t feel the need to hate. You need to understand that this happens to everyone. Yes you’re 20, but so what? Age is just a number. You and Grayson have something that I wish I could find. Some people never find what you two have. Don’t throw it all away over some haters.” Ethan says sounding sincere. Since Gray and I have had our thing Ethan and I have grown really close. I could actually say he was my best friend. “Give him another chance.” Ethan pleas.

“I think I can do that.” I said smiling to Ethan which he then tackled me into a hug.

“I’ll be back.” Eth then runs outside and is gone for a minute before coming back inside with a Gray behind him. I felt this huge sinking feeling when I saw him and I instantly felt awful for earlier.

“Gray I’m sorry. I’m so sorry about what I said.” I apologized but Gray just wrapped his arms around me and his lips landed on mine. I could feel a blush creeping on my face. He pulls away smiling.

“I don’t blame you but I promise with me no one will hurt you.” Grayson says and this time I hug him. I then see Ethan pull out his camera and angle it towards us.

“Let’s film a video! The fans always support it if we do it in a video.” Ethan says and I hide my face in Gray’s chest and I feel him chuckling. We sat down on my couch while E filmed.

“Hey you guys you’ve probably already noticed that this isn’t E sitting next to me. He’s behind the camera.” Grayson introduces and Ethan puts his hand infront if the camera and waves. “This is Y/N and she happens to be extremely special to me.” His hand grabs mine and I start blushing. He starts talking about who I am, how we met, why I was special, and so on. Ethan and I would crack up at how cheesy Gray was being and he would kiss my cheek throughout the video. “Peace!” We all screamed at the end of the video and I looked to Grayson.

“So about that date?” I asked which just made Grayson laugh.

“Well it’s almost 9 now so the reservations I made are cancelled.” He says and I frown.

“Let’s just order a pizza and watch something on Netflix?” I offered and he smiled.

“While you guys do that I’m going to edit this video and get it ready for Tuesday.” Ethan then leaves the room after we all share our goodbyes and thank yous. I snuggle into Grayson’s arm and wrap a blanket around us.

“Smile babe.” He says as he flashes his phone on us while he’s kissing my forehead and posts a pic of us on snap captioning ‘New Vid Tuesday :)’.


@Dolanfan1: @Graysondolan and @your_username are so freaking cute! #shipname

Dolanfan2: #dolantwinsnewvideo was so freaking cute with @your_username I just can’t get over how amazing they are ☺️❤️

Fans were overly supportive of Grayson and I’s relationship and I couldn’t thank them enough for being so supportive. It had been about a few days since Grayson and I put everything out in the open. Even though I still got some hate, many more fans were supportive that the haters were drowned out. I was currently lying with Grayson while we were attempting to nap but we just couldn’t get over that we were actually here right now. He gives my nose a kiss and runs his thumb across my cheek.

“Thanks for giving me a second chance babe. I couldn’t be happier.” He says smiling.

“Back at you. Sorry for overreacting before.” I said as he kisses my forehead.

“Don’t apologize. Just ignore the haters and remember even if you are older than me know that age is just a number. And you’re my number one.” He says being cheesy which makes me giggle and kiss him gently as I fall asleep in his arms.

Xx Thanks for the request :)

No I’m not dead, just recently released from the bondage of academic overachievement. Anyway, this happened:

And I know I’ve screamed at length before about what an amazing teacher Kuroko would make and how much all his little charges love him so. Let’s shelve these observations even though the pic is adorable AF and scream instead about the fact that

Holy shit musician!Kasamatsu is jobs!AU canon!!!

You know he’d be one of those indie singers who does everything himself, and he’s perfectly happy having a small but devoted audience and regular gigs in smaller venues.

Maybe he even has an obscure youtube channel where he nerds out over music equipment and sometimes posts snips of compositions he’s working on, maybe answers fan requests, that kind of thing. (Just don’t let him know you’re a girl, or else he’ll suddenly take off for a week because he’s too nervous to respond. Don’t ask me how he survives his gigs. His fans probably have some kind of code of honor not to throw any panties on stage or something. XD)

And all is well until the day he suddenly goes viral.

As one does.

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Sami Zayn/OC: You’re out for the night with the girls, and get dared to send a dirty picture to Sami because the girls know how you feel about him. You thought he would just ignore it, but were pleasantly surprised when he started texting you back. Smut requested by anon, literally loved by everybody. Tagging @wwe–imagines, @gelinas22, @helluvawriter, @emmarablack, and @oraclegazes because they all asked for it.

You may be saying to yourselves, ‘Laura, don’t you have a billion other requests before this?’ The answer is yes, yes I do. But I hit a block on a few and have been thinking about this one since I got the request, so I did it. Here it is. I promise if you sent in requests before this, they’re coming soon. In the meantime, here’s an awkward little maple leaf to keep you going.

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tell me a minseok headcanon

OK, OMG LEMME TELL U HOW I THINK HE IS WITH TAN (im just gonna refer to tan as she/her b/c i’d love it if she were a baby girl like soo’s pups soooo…consider that part of my headcanon, that he just wanted a pretty lil baby girl to take care of 😫)

  • i think when minseok first got tan he was probably really superrrr gentle with her, like i’m talking overly so. for instance, she’s a long-haired kitty who probably requires a lot of brushing and omgggggggg, in the beginning i’m sure he was sooooooo cautious and he baaarely touched her with the brush. to the point that she probably got ANNOYED with him, like 😾“for the love of GOD man, BRUSH ME!!” and tried to express her needs the way cats do, all arching into the brush and meowing at him and giving him a “wtf?” look. and minseok would’ve gotten the message loud and clear right away but he woulda still been more gentle than necessary for quite a long time as he slowwwwly became accustomed to her wants, needs, and expectations omg i die 😭
  • minseok probably cleans her litter box like 3x a day
  • he buys her all the top-of-the-line toys and treats and foods and just spoils her rotten my god :(((( when he was in japan for cbx’s japanese debut he even said he wasn’t focused on buying himself any souvenirs, he just wanted to bring back japanese treats for tan to try 😖
  • he plays SOOOOOOO well with her!! and LOVES it too, like he definitely just LAUGHS AND LAUGHS and has the best time watching her do dumb wonderful cat things :(((
  • he DEFINITELY talks to her. about all manner of things. in her language as well as his. 😂😂 he tells her his joys, his sorrows, his secrets, just absolutely EVERYTHING, and he’s full of compliments for her all the time too
  • exo have all been really amazed with how much she’s taken over his life, like that’s actual canon, and i bet he has so many videos and pics of her on his phone and that he shares them with absolutely everyone he comes in contact with in his life to the point that they’re so over it but he doesn’t care, he just loves her so much, she’s the funniest cutest prettiest cat in the world as far as he’s concerned, and he says so like every single day to anyone who’ll listen and to the backs of ppl’s heads if they won’t
  • exo knows that these days when minseok’s talking about his “little sister” he’s rlly talking about tan. his actual (read: human) little sister knows this too and has learned to accept it 😆
  • he’ll defend his status as a cat person all day long to the rest of exo, and every example of feline greatness he’ll supply will be anecdotal evidence from the time he’s spent with tan 😊😊

let’s take a break from this headcanon for a NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT FUN FACT!! the cat fanciers’ association describes the norwegian forest cat’s expressions as “striking and distinctive” and makes note of their “large, almond shaped eyes”. additionally, norwegian forest cats are known for having soft voices and gentle, friendly personalities and HELLO all of that also describes min!! now where were we….

  • A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER THRU AND THRU, ARE U KIDDING ME?!?!?! i bet he read up on different breeds ahead of time to decide which one was right for him and really weighed his options carefully and took the whole process so seriously, probably got her from a rlly reputable breeder and just went about everything the responsible way. he most likely pondered getting a cat for a really long time and researched how to raise one properly and makes such a huge effort to give her the best life possible 😭😭😭
  • minseok is definitely super respectful whenever she needs some chill time away from him seeing as he fully gets that, and rlly when she’s in that “leave me be” mode it makes him smile cause he’s like “hell yeh binch, i get it! lol, SAME!”
  • ok, not rlly a headcanon but just the fact that min was rlly afraid of cats and decided all by himself to confront his fear by GETTING ONE OF HIS OWN, that’s WILD man who does that?? a constantly-challenging-himself-to-grow-and-evolve man!! an “i refuse to live in fear!” man!!!
  • sometimes he just loses himself in silently observing her? like he’ll just watch her watching the world outside his window and start thinking about what she could possibly be thinking about and the next thing he knows 3 hrs have passed, his whole day is shot, and he still has no idea what’s inside her mind, but he has zeroooo regrets ://
  • if she ever gets sick he’ll just cancel everything to stay home and monitor her around the clock, 25/8, b/c the thought of trusting anybody else with her care just…..doesn’t sit well with him at all, no one can take care of her the way he needs her to be cared for, and “her well-being IS my responsibility after all!” if he really DOES need someone to catsit for any amount of time, he has a 3-pg word doc saved on his computer that he prints out for the sitter to refer to, full of very specific instructions. and the whole time he’s away from her he’s just fretting.
  • he most likely wasn’t so into her getting up on his bed at first but now he can’t sleep unless she’s purring right by his head :((( and he loves being woken up by her rlly light meows and her stomping on his (naked) chest HA
  • maybe the reason he doesn’t show us a lot of pics of her is b/c he wants to like….respect her kitty privacy or something?? LMFAO what an adorable loser :((((

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romantic and fluffy Hugo hc's please?? (no teacher kink, but touchy is good!!) also, turn ons??

What a marvelous ask anon!

The obvious turn on is he loves muscles which leads me to believe he has a body worship kink. Nothing crazy or over compulsive but to feel a nice fit man between his fingers really gets him going. I don’t think he would be into a teacher kink. He is too professional for that. And though his job can be tiresome he takes it very seriously. Another thing that turns him on a believe is honesty and not afraid to show emotion. He likes to talk about things, learn more about what Dadsona is feeling. He wants your opinion but if your closed off and refusing to put your work into the relationship it seems one sided to him. He likes jokes, having fun with everything. Though he seems embarrassed and shy at times he likes the adventure. He would be bold but not bold enough to have sex in his classroom. (though it can be a nice thought) Dadsona sending pics of themselves, waiting for Hugo to come home, he would be down for. He would fall for it though, he wouldn’t kneel, but the excitement and anticipation of what he will get once the clock hits 3 he loves.

Fluffy things I would say have to include, walks at sunset. On the beach? They Bayside? Down the street? It doesn’t matter. He would love to just walk side by side with Dadsona, holding his hand and talk about anything and everything that comes to mind. Another thing I see happening is breakfast in bed. I see Hugo as a good cook. Not amazing but he boy can he make a mean frittata! Maybe after a long night of fun or work, Hugo wants to spoil Dadsona. He loves showing Dadsona just how much he cares for him and not just through sex. Orange juice, eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, you name it.

Romantic I would say dancing! Either at home or out at a nice party. There would be soft music, candles and champagne fresh on their lips. Dadsona would have his arms around Hugo’s neck and Hugo’s around Dadsona waist. They sway back and forth to the music and once and a while they would look at each other and plant soft kisses on one others check or forehead. If Hugo is feeling bold then he would show off his dazzling tango moves. They would light up the dance floor. The people that have gathered their would form a circle and watch as the two flood together perfectly like water. The passion in their eyes tells everyone just exactly their feels for each other. When everything is done and they are in a panting mess, cheeks red, the crowd would applaud. A standing ovation. They would boy and make their way back home with a new story to tell the rest of the Cul De Sac

+5 Dad Points if Dadsona can dance the Tango.
+10 Dad points if Ernest is there and takes a video, posting it saying his dad has wicked moves on the dance floor.

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I just realized we have Asriels counterpart with Toriel being a goth in the past, Frisks counterpart with Alphys, but no Counterpart to chara, so I ask this....WAS SANS A HIPSTER WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER, and if so can I have some pics = )

Heres a fun fact about Chara not having a counter part!

Remember that Chara died like years before Frisk fell down? Imagine like you die in like (just an example) 1980′s where phones are still bad and like people only have SNES and stuff which in your mind is hella amazing and its still fresh in your memory.

but then you wake up in a different world where you have touchscreens and totally different fashion , different everything. I feel like Chara is someone who will cling to that past a bit longer than usual owo

whichwhycharahasthatphase ))






Like his official/personal accounts.

I met him at Raleigh SuperCon in my Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay and he actually voices a character from the game and he was so excited to see me! I was literally talking to him for a good long while about everything! He then took out his personal phone and we snapped a bunch of pics together! (Yes he personally sent them to me and no I will not be giving out that information). I am just…..on cloud 9! Best con experience of my life! He is an amazing person and just as funny and sweet as you expect him to be.

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How would you feel about someone getting a bright sessions tattoo?? Like the logo or the phrase "I need you to keep me green" or anything from the show really ???? Would you be comfortable with that???

Oh boy, what a question! I am very much of the mind that people’s bodies are their own and no one has any business telling them what to do with it. So if you’re a sober adult, you tattoo whatever you want on your body. If you’re comfortable, I’m comfortable. 

On a broader, philosophical level, the thought of someone getting words that I wrote permanently put on their body is incredibly weird and surreal and also super flattering? If anyone does get a TBS tattoo, pls send pics because I literally cannot even conceptualize how I would react to that. Like: really? A thing from my brain???? On your body???? Forever???? Wild. 

Ooon as your boyfriend

A/N: You’re welcome *throws kiss*

Originally posted by thekpopfix

  • Get ready for the most playful yet affectionate relationship in the world
  • This boy is such a mess but a good mess honestly
  • Will make silly remarks about everything to gain your attention
  • Extremely needy all the time
  • “I miss you <3”
  • “Younghoon, we were together ten minutes ago.”
  • “I know <3 <3 <3”
  • Whenever he’s on schedules, he’ll spam your text messages with pics of what he’s doing and ask for little updates on what you’re doing too
  • His members will hate him for not shutting up about you
  • “You’re just jealous cause you don’t have someone as amazing as Y/N.”
  • “No, it’s really not that – you just blabber too much and my head hurts.” –Jaeyong or Heecheon probably
  • Shows up with roses on your doorstep more often than an average boyfriend
  • “They’re as pretty as you, my little flower.”
  • Oh yeah, he’s also hella cheesy
  • Will squish your face to tell you something important
  • And you’re like “what is it” but he’s just distracted by how funny you look
  • “You’re like a lil blubby fish.”
  • “What-“ he cuts you off by kissing you
  • He does that a lot btw
  • You’ll be making plans for what to do together for the weekend and he gets restless so he just decides to pull you to him and kiss you real hard
  • Not that you mind because it leads to a great makeout session
  • Literally you could probably make out for up to two hours straight in one go
  • The reason one of you pulls away is because you really have to pee or you feel like you’re dying of hunger
  • Suddenly you feel that wow your lips are actually sore
  • Let’s just say that you have lots of lipbalm lying around for these kinds of scenarios
  • Sometimes you cook together except Younghoon doesn’t cook he just chooses the music and dances around you while making weird faces
  • “Younghoon put the spatula down, you’re gonna’ hurt yourself.”
  • “How do I hurt myself with a- OUCH what the hell!”
  • He’s a mess
  • He’s your mess though
  • Okay let’s talk bedroom (nsfw)

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Okay so. I’m almost at 300 followers and I can’t do another giveaway, so imma just do some shout outs! It’s 11 PM and I feel sappy so it’s the perfect time for it. I’ll probably end up adding more people tomorrow but! Here’s this for now. And I wanna thank y’all for sticking around, even during my inactivity <3 Warning that this is probably gonna get super sappy, mostly just me praising people. But all are super quality, so check em out <3

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NCT meeting your family

Request: “How would NCT react meeting your family for the first time?” & “NCT reaction to meeting your family?”

A/N: Yes, that’s right, two requests in one post baby. ;)


Taeil would be pretty nervous the whole time but he wouldn’t let his nerves stop him from answering your parents questions and having a good time. But that nervous smile of him would never leave.


This guy would be one of the most confident while being in front of your parents. Johnny would joke a lot but also show them his mature side by talking about serious things like his future plans by your side.


He’s the perfect person to introduce to your parents since Taeyong would be really polite and respectful the whole time. He would be nervous but after a few hours he would feel really comfortable, talking openly about your relationship and some stuff about him.


Other confident baby, but Yuta would probably show a more mature side of him, he would talk about his family and hometown a lot with a sincere smile in his face, winning your parents hearts.


Kun would be really smiley the whole time and just really slighly nervous. He would talk a lot about his family and about your relationship, showing them how honest he is.


Doyoung would be one of the most talkative one, but it would only be because of how nervous he is feeling. But he would be perfect as always, and your family would love him.


Tenwould probably be really talkative and would make a lot of jokes. He would take this as a chance to know you better and would ask lots of questions about you, surprising your parents by how dedicated he’s to your relationship.


Jaehyun would be really nervous at first, and won’t be able to talk properly. But because of the soft way you started to caress his hand he would relax a little. In the end he would feel confident and won’t be surprised when the day after you tell him that your parents loved him.


His shy and introverted personality would make things hard for him but Sicheng would act like a gentleman with you and your mom would be really polite with your family. In the end they would fall for his cuteness.


His heart would beat faster than never. Mark would talk about your relationship and about his past in Canada but he would prefer to listen to your parents stories about you and just smile at your cute reactions. Your parents could see how much he loves you by his loving gazes and would accept him without doubts.


Other angel who would prefer to listen over talking, but Renjun would made sure to laugh and comment a few things about you and create little conversations with them. Your family would find his shyness adorable and would invite him again just a few weeks later, this time he would feel more confident.


Jeno would be confident but would try to speak only when it’s necessary. He woudn’t make jokes or things like that because he thinks that his “terrible” sense of humour would ruin everything. Your parents would love how mature he is and, to be honest, they accepted him in the first moment he showed them that beautiful eye smile of his.


You could tell really easily that Donghyuck is really nervous for meeting them, but would try to hide it with jokes and cute smiles. He would be really polite with your parents and would listen to every word they say really carefully. Once he’s back home your parents would only talk about the amazing first impression he gave them.


Jaemin wouldn’t be too nervous about it, but he would still ask you if he’s doing everything alright everytime your parents leave both of you alone in the room. When you nod at him and kiss his hand he would blind you with one his precious smiles and would feel confident and relaxed for the rest of the day.


Chenle would be really excited and, just like Ten, he would ask a bunch of stuff about you and your childhood. And when your mom starts showing him your old pics he starts laughing out loud and forgeting about being quiet and polite. It’s okay, though, your parents LOVE him.


He’s other baby who would get REALLY nervous. Jisung doesn’t know exactly what he should do or what he shouldn’t so he would be constantly ask you for help with quick glazes when he doesn’t know how to aswer something. He’s just like an actual baby and your parents would find him adorable.

anonymous asked:

Hi again! I was the one that asked about Jensen’s tattoo. Now that he’s shared the finished design I just thought I’d mention I think it’s amazing and beautiful to honor his eldest daughter. I’m a tattoo lover as well so I am very impressed!

Hi there! And yeah, I had several anons asking/talking about his tattoo that I never answered, because I was in “we’re probably gonna see it soooooon” mode and waiting to see if he tweeted a pic of it. Apologies to any tattoo questions I didn’t reply to right away. :P

It IS gorgeous, and honestly everything a great tattoo should be. Kudos to the artist for doing such a beautiful job!