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I just need to comment how much I love the fact that they seem to now have separate spaces for filming and living!! I can't understand how weird it must've been to not have a place in their old house that was just theirs, and I'm happy to think they may get this privacy now (and if they do decide to share little bits of the upstairs part, then great. But I hope they do what makes them more comfortable!!)

They’ve made their upstairs a sanctuary and away from work while their downstairs is where they’ll record everything and I’m so happy about that because I can imagine how flustered dan and phil could’ve gotten in the london apartment having no space to themselves that didn’t remind them of making videos and to hide away IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM AND THE LONDON DUPLEX WILL BE GREAT

it’s funny how just a few lines from dnp’s own mouths about a certain issue can completely change the way you see something that you thought you’d fully thought through and had a grasp of before. i was quite certain that in this new place they would likely not film in their bedroom(s) because i thought i understood, on an intellectual level at least, how awful it must be to know that millions of people can constantly look into the places where you live/sleep and generally have all of the intimate, personal, human moments of your life. it just made no sense to me for two people who are so, so private and value that privacy so much. i’ve frequently thought about how they might have felt trapped in this house that they chose and the filming habits they developed when they were five years younger and more naive about the degree to which their audience would continue to grow and grow. but somehow it hit me in a more visceral way today, and in a sharper way, to hear dan talk about how they were going crazy in that house, not just for the somewhat silly/comedic reasons they listed in their announcement video but because their whole house was also their filming set. he talked about how the gaming office was also their actual office and their whole house is always full of cameras and lights. it made me think so much more deeply about what it must be like to live that way, in which the physical space that you occupy and that you treat as a haven and a sanctuary–the only place you’re ever away from prying eyes–is still constantly exposed to those same prying eyes all the time bc you have nowhere else to go. and shelling out money for another filming space (”an office” like many popular youtubers have started renting separately from their homes over the past few years) never seemed like a move dnp could make. they are apathetic and probably legitimately anxious in certain ways to leave their home,  and they seem to genuinely enjoy working from home and staying inside as much as they can. and shooting their vids in the place they live gives them a ton of flexibility– like the ability to film at 3am, which seems to have become habitual for them. 

basically. without rambling about this for too long. i’m emotional in the best way that they’ve found a place that presents a perfect solution to these issues that they’ve had to live with for so long. i’m just so so happy for them. they’ve created a way to continue working from home but to also have an actual home where they can be fully and authentically themselves and never have to worry about the fact that millions of people know everything about how they live. they can still show us that truer part if they want, but only on their own terms–through photos and very brief or occasional filming,,, whatever they want to do basically. but they are setting the expectation and standard from the get go that that portion of the house is theirs. and this speaks volumes to me. it’s such an immense show of commitment to their relationship and to their future–it shows that their life together (their personal life, not their professional one) is something that they think needs to be protected and nurtured and cherished and everything about that is so lovely <3  at the same time they have gone to great lengths to also ensure that we feel comfortable with this change–they’re making sure that their filming locations are set up in ways that we are familiar with, utilizing a lot of the decor and tidbits that we’ve grown to love and that also mean a lot to them. they’re not filming in some sterile location that is stripped of everything personalized and human. things like the sofa crease and the muse poster and phil’s bedspread and whatnot–items that were originally bought bc they meant something to dan and phil but that eventually also took on great meaning to the audience–those things will still form the backdrops to the content they make. but upstairs they’re giving themselves the chance to fill a new space with presumably new things and new memories that are all for them. i don’t know how anyone could think about that and not just feel a little bit faint about how much dnp clearly value each other and this life that they share. it’s enough to make my head spin haha :) i’m so happy for them, and so content when i think about the peace and promise that this move might be bringing to their lives.




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This is really different but I really like it. I’m proud of this one. Hope you enjoy it.

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Would you believe me, if I said I went To the same church as Justin Bieber? I doubt it. People never did. But then again, who would?

But I do. And I have for a while now.

It’s not like we’ve talked or anything. In fact, I don’t think Justin even knows my name, but I still see him every week. So much that seeing him around isn’t even a shock anymore.

To me, he’s now just a normal person, attending church on a Sunday - who goes upon there normal day just like any one else would.

The church I attended was a private one. Very closed off and self kept. It was no wonder Justin came along.

At first, he would come along with his family. Sometimes alone. Basically just came to say grace, attend mass then leave. And it was like that for around a year, before I noticed someone else.

A girl who’s name I learnt to be Y/N. She was sweet from what I had seen. A religious girl who had good intentions. It surprised me to see her considering we usually don’t get a lot of new faces here.

She was friendly to everyone - including Justin. They looked like a couple of old friends who had grown up together and I actually think that’s what they were.

From what I had heard from my mother they have been best friends since as long as they could remember. And apparently Y/N’s normal Church closed down, so Justin invited her to join him at ours until she found a new parish.

But What was supposed to be a one time thing turned into a series of repetitive events, and after a month, she was considered a member of the church.

I honestly didn’t mind. It wasn’t like she was bothering me or anything and she was rather friendly. I liked her.

Months had passed and everyone in the church had begun to see a change in attitude around the two. It was as if they both a had a secret they were too afraid to tell each other but otherwise tried to act as if it wasn’t there.

But everyone else in the church had noticed. I remember my mother talking to Mrs smith one weekend after church about the two - they were saying how they ‘had seen this coming since the day Justin brought her to the church.’ Whatever that meant.

What did they see coming?

It wasn’t until weeks later I realised what they were talking about. One week at mass I watched them intensely, there was something about them that was just so interesting.

I may have been sitting a few seats behind them, but it was impossible to miss the way they were looking at each other when the other wasn’t. The love in there eyes.

That’s when I knew that they both had feelings for each other, they were just too afraid to admit it.

Time went by and nothing had changed. The problem about our church though is the church mothers love to gossip, and the kids love there media.

Apparently, some of the teen girls had seen on tmz some rumours that the two were dating, and they must have passed that message to there parents because it wasn’t long before the whole church was talking about it.

I didn’t believe it. I never believed anything the church mothers talked about. They’re always full of crap. But it came as a surprise the next Sunday when justin and Y/N walked in, smiling at each other with so much love, hand in hand.

Honestly, I was glad. It was about time. If I’m being honest, I think they looked cute together.

They were touchy throughout mass. Rubbing each other backs, winding their fingers through each other’s and even giving each other short, small pecks throughout.

It was honestly adorable.

And of course the church talked. No one in this place can keep there mouths shut but I didn’t mind talking about them. They were fascinating to me. And no one was saying anything bad.

A couple months had gone by and nothing had changed. They still had the same amount of love and passion in there eyes for each other. Sometimes they would show up looking a little pissed and avoided each other, but the next week they’d come back as if nothing had happened.

Just like a normal couple.

Justin continued making music and I even heard that Y/N got into modelling. Good for her, she had the body for it.

But that got the church talking once again. I think the girls were jealous honestly since from then on out people began throwing crap Y/N’s way. But after a while it passed.

Years had gone by and i think they were around 23 now. I know because Justin was exactly 6 years older then me. And I had just turned 17.

They still attended church, still sat in the same seats and shared the same love but one thing was different. Not only did they seem a lot more happy, but something in particular seemed to stand out.

Of course, this had the Parrish gossiping like crazy. Especially once they caught the size of the 27 carat diamond engagement ring wrapped around Y/N’s slender finger.

From that day on, the church began looking at her differently which was really uncalled for and rude. She had done nothing wrong and minded her own business - not disturbing anyone. But the Parrish saw her as spoiled and a gold digger.

Which didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like she askedfor the ring. It was Justin’s idea to propose. And they were a beautiful couple. Not just by looks but by personality as well.

Yet the couple went unphased. And a couple months later they both sported another ring each. Both just a simple wedding band.

Of course I didn’t attend the wedding personally but I heard they got married in the Parrish church. And the photos that flooded the internet only proved that theory.

Everything about the two was perfect. And they continued to attend mass together like a normal couple would.

All until a few weeks later. When Y/N walked in looking tired and saddened. Alone.

No Justin. And it was like that for a little while. She was alone.

I couldn’t believe it and apparently neither could the Parrish. They talked like crazy, some saying that they saw it coming and knew they wouldn’t last but others in as much shock as I was.

I couldn’t believe that they had broke up. They were so happy. I just couldnt figure out what went wrong.

But if you think that was a surprise, then you had to see how much more surprised we were to realise a couple months later, that Y/N’s stomach had grown.

No not fat. But Baby weight.

She was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sympathetic for Justin. And the church couldn’t either. The news and rumours spread so fast after that and I even remember the day I heard it.

It was from Mrs Banks, the young housewife with the twin girls. Her daughters where bitches.but I remember my mother talking to her, and the way the news slipped Mrs banks lips, as if she was talking about a convict in prison. So much disgust.

‘She cheated on him.’

She said.

'she got pregnant with the other mans baby and poor Justin couldn’t take the heartbreak - left the sorry women just like she deserved.’

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe such a sweet women could do such a terrible thing. Or maybe she wasn’t as sweet as i thought.

I avoided her for a long while after that. She tried being friendly, tried to say hello or throw a smile at me but I kept my distance. I was surprised father Gabriel hadn’t kicked her out.

A few more weeks went by, her stomach grew and so did the gossip and rumours. But suddenly, a month or two later, something happened. Something so small, yet it caused the whole church to shut there mouths.

Justin showed up one day. Not alone. Not with family. But with Y/N. Smiling.

He was walking behind her, with one hand on her swelling stomach and the other clutching her hand which also rest on her stomach. He guided her down the isle and into there usual seats, cuddling next to her.

Like nothing had happened.

Every pair of eyes where on them. Even father Gabriel’s.

Everyone was confused. Why had Justin gotten back with her? After what she did. I would never have forgiven her.

But it wasn’t long for word to get around. The truth. A girl who was a fan of Justin had actually asked him.

I don’t know how. I would have been so embarrassed. Thats such an invasion of privacy, yet she did it and I’m honestly glad she did.

Y/N never cheated. And the baby was Justin’s! The reason she showed up alone was because Justin had been on tour and everyone had overreacted.

I told you the woman were full of crap.

Anyways, months passed and Y/N’s stomach continued to grow. Swelling with life and beauty. Justin and herself looked so happy. And every time they walked in, I couldn’t help but notice how Justin clutched her stomach. It was so beautiful.

Everything was normal until one day, they both just stopped showing up.

It disappointed me. I really enjoyed watching the two from a distance, examining there lives. I wondered where they went. And hoped they would come back to the Parrish.

But they didn’t. Not the next week, or the week after that. Not even the week after that. They were both MIA.

I was convinced they had found a new Parrish. One with less crap and gossip. I wouldn’t blame them.

But that wasn’t the case, and we all found that out when they finally one Sunday, showed up again. This time, Y/N was not pregnant.

And Justin seemed a lot happier. So did Y/N but she also seemed tired. Not sad though. It was like a happy tired.

It was pretty obvious what had happened but I was still shocked when Justin’s body came into full view.

In his hands, he held a beautiful baby girl, dressed in a pink dress with a white flower band on her hair.

The girl was stunning. She had a full head of hair which was obviously inherited from her mothers thick dark brown hair, but was a dirty blonde like her father. Long thick eyelashes supported her eyes and a cute button nose sat on her face.

She was really small. But I think she was actually premature by a couple of weeks. So it made sense that the two weren’t at church for the last few weeks. They were busy looking after there new born baby girl.

And although Y/N brought a pram along with her, Justin didn’t put his little girl down. It was obvious he was proud of his little beauty. I would be too. She was really cute.

And well behaved. I hadn’t heard her cry all mass. There was a few times when the baby girl would stir, become a little restless but all Justin would need to do was say “shh it’s alright” and she would settle.

It truly was adorable.

And it wasn’t until Justin wrapped his arm around his wife, as Y/N placed a hand on her daughters leg and another around Justin’s torso that I truly realised.

This family was unbreakable.


2794 Francis Dr

A small little house located in Oasis Spring perfect for a single sim or a couple. Its cute and has little decoration but just enough to give it personality. You will need all the Expansions and Game and Stuff packs up to the restaurant one, since this is an older house I built. However if you dont have the packs dont worry about it! The game will replace everything YOU dont have with base game items. There is a CC list included in the download along with the photos just in case you go on a big download spree and forget what you downloaded. I hope you enjoy it! hope you tag me if you use it so I can see how you live in the house, how you make it over and everything. Love ya guys! <3

Download [Tray Files]

You're my home/Part 4

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Warnings: Reader is a young single mom and a lot of Fluff!!!

Notes: So finally here i am with Part 4, first i want to say Im sorry!!!! My life is a mess in the moment… and i have zero inspiration right now, so so sorry. Second, thank you for all the people who are supporting this story, it means a lot <3 And guys, i just can’t write smut, so SORRY! Anyway, i hope you like it!

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

It has been a week since you last saw Jensen. He and all the cast had to travel to another convention in another city and for your surprise… Woah he didn’t text you. Can you notice the sarcasm? You really weren’t expecting anything, for god’s sake, he was an actor. But a small part of you was a little disappointed.

Of course, it didn’t stop you from when you finally processed the events, started screaming and fangirling. You hooked up with Jensen Ackles after all.

But someone that did text you was Amy, the redhead girl that you met in the convention. You started to text each other, and she told you that she was a photographer and invited you and Lottie to do a photo session. Of course you accepted.

“Smile Lottie!” Amy said with a smile and with the camera in her hands. You tickled your daughter making her laugh and you heard the click. “That’s it! Another smile for me!”

“Ice cream!” Lottie screamed poiting at the ice cream car that passed and you and Amy laughed.

“Okay, I think thats enough for today.” Amy said turning off the camera and you put Lottie on the ground holding her hand.

“Momma I want ice cream.” She said with a pout and you started to walk towards your car.

“I will buy some on the way home babygirl.” You said putting her in the baby seat, and helping Amy to put all the equipament in the car.

“I think the photos were great, I’m so excited to see them.” She said when you started driving.

“Me too!” You said excited as well. “You liked today honey?” You asked looking at your daughter throught the rearview mirror.

“YES!” She screamed. “Carry on son”

“You up to listen to Carry on my wayward son?” You asked to your friend.

“Are you kidding me?” She said excited and put the song on the radio, singing out loud with you and Lottie. For some reason, Lottie loved that song. She loved old rock.

You stopped to get ice cream and of course Lottie got her face dirty with chocolate and you just had to take a picture. Not so long after that, you were all in your house for a… kind of slumber party. Lottie was watching The Little Mermaid and singing along while you and Amy were in the kitchen table seeing in the computer the photos of today.

“I loved this one.” You said poiting at the picture taking a sip of your beer.

“Me too, but this one…” She said passing to the next. “Was definitely my favorite.”

“You’re amazing, I love all the photos.” You said still in ‘awe’ and Amy smiled thanking you. After watching the Little Mermaid, Monster’s Inc and playing with you and Amy, Lottie finally slept. You and Amy started to talk about everything including the convention after you saw the photos she took in the event, and you told her about what happened and she simply freaked out.

“I still can’t believe this.” She said with the beer in her hands. “You’re freakin lucky.”

“Well yeah but…” You started but were interrupted by your phone ‘BIP’, you frowned and got up of the sofa to get your phone. You were more confused when you didn’t recognize the number.

“Who is it?” Amy asked drinking her beer and you struggled.

“No idea.” You said opening your phone reading the text from the unknown number.

‘Hey, apparently you missed a number when you wrote your phone to me and I’ve been talking to a Bob for a week…. Anyway just now I discovered your real number. How are you?’

“What the fuck….” You mumbled confused with the message but your phone lit up again.

‘Oh, by the way, it’s Jensen :)’ 

“Holy crap.” You said widening your eyes and Amy looked at you confused.

“What?” She asked but you didn’t say anything. “(Y/N)?” She said getting up and looking at your phone. Her chin fell and she put her hand in her mouth to hold the scream. You looked at each other but nothing came out of neither one of your mouths.

“Answer it!” Amy cried when she finally could say something and you looked at her with wide eyes.

“I don’t know what to say!” You said and closed your eyes when the words got out of your mouth. You were sounding like a teenage girl. He was a normal guy, like any other guy around.

But… maybe you were so shocked and paralyzed because the other guys around never texted you back. He was not the type you were used to. Unfortunaly, you were used to jerks.

“(Y/N) I don’t think he is lying. Yeah I was not here, but…” Amy said reffering to the situation you told her. The moment when he left and you got a little disappointed because you though he was making up excuses to go away.

“I didn’t consider he was lying.” You said with a small smile “Okay….” You said taking a deep breath looking at your phone.

‘I’m sure that Bob was a really nice guy for you to talk to him for a week… Haha, I’m okay, just saw some photos of the convention. How about you?’ 

“This is perfect, send it.” She said making you two laugh a little. You sent it, and forgot your phone in the kitchen while you and Amy finished the beers, talking and watching Sex in the City. She was an amazing girl, you two were already good friends and you were sure that this friendship would last.

“Okay now I have to go, I have to photograph a couple tomorrow.” Amy said getting up from the sofa. “Tell me everything about Jensen later!” She said when you opened the door for her and you laughed.

“Of course Amy, thank you for the photos today, I had a lot of fun…. You sure I don’t need to pay for anything?” You asked feeling guilty for not paying her for the photos that she took of you and Lottie.

“Yes, I’m sure. It was my pleasure.” She said smiling making you smile too. You said a last goodbye and closed the door, picking up your phone and going to your room.

He was kind of weird… I’m good though. Tomorrow is my last convention, for now. I kind of missed you…’ 

You smiled at Jensen’s text, and after a shower, you laid on your bed already seeing that was going to be a long night talking to him. 


“Jensen, C'mon man, wake up!” Jensen slowly opened his eyes hearing knocks in his hotel door, and he knew it was Jared. He got up and opened the door, seeing his friend already dressed up. “Hey what happened? You’re always up before me.”  Jensen stepped back to let Jared in.

“I was up all night talking to (Y/N)…” Jensen said with a yawn going to the bathroom to wash his face, and when Jared didn’t answer he turned to look at him and found him with a big smirk making Jensen roll his eyes.

“I guess I deserve a ‘thank you’ for finding her real number for you.” Jared said seeing his friend getting some clothes and going back to the bathroom to change it. It was Jared the one who started to dig in your informations in the site you bought the ticket for the convention, okay… This was technically illegal but it was for a good cause…. “You know, I think you can thank me at the weeding, it’s okay, I can wait.”

“She’s a really nice girl and I like her a lot… But why are you guys are putting so much faith in it?” Jensen asked getting out of the bathroom, referring to Jared, Gen, Misha, Felicia, Mark and even Cliff, all of them who were pretty excited about the couple. “I don’t know if it will work… She is so much younger than me”

“This is a problem for you?” Jared asked when they got out of Jensen’s room to have breakfast.

“Hm, for me of course not.” Jensen said entering the elevator. “But for her… I don’t know.” He continued and Jared laughed.

“Stop trying to find excuses to not give into this relationship.” Jared said already knowing the resistance his friend had when he started developing feelings for someone since his last girlfriend. But it was time, actually past the time to forget what happened. “You like her, she likes you, what is the worst than can happen?” Jensen just shook his head considering Jared’s words. “After this convention, go see her.”

“Yeah, maybe I will….” Jensen said hiding from his friend the little smile that he couldn’t contain, thinking about you. But well…. Of course Jared saw it.

Jensen had already thought about it, going to your house. But he truly was a bit insecure about it. Okay, who he was trying to fool? He was really insecure. So many things that could go wrong, maybe you didn’t even wanted to see him. But one thing that he was sure of was that he wanted to see you again. He wanted it a lot. And even thought he was tired because of the conventions, you were worth it.

When they finally finished the last panel, Jensen, Misha and Felicia went to Jared and Gen’s room to play cards and drink beer. Something they loved to do when they had free time.

“Noooo, I can’t believe this!” Felicia cried looking at Misha’s cards, and he started laughing. “Stop winning.”

“Don’t think I can do this darling.” Misha said with a smirk and everybody laughed at Felicia’s face.

“I will get another beer.” Jared said getting up.

“Get one for me.” Jensen said when Gen was distributing the cards for a new round. “Thanks.” He said when Jared handed him the bottle. He was about to see his cards when something popped up in his phone screen. Jensen frowned looking at your name facetiming him. Wow… He hadn’t seen this coming. Nice, though.

“What is it J?” Jared asked not giving it much attention.

“Hm… (Y/N) is facetiming me.” He answered and all of them opened their mouths with smirks. He accepted the call and his face lighted when he saw Lottie’s face close to the camera.

“Hi Jens!” She said excited with her cute voice and his friends awned.

“Hey sweetheart.” Jensen said with a big smile. “How are you?” He asked happy to see her again, but still a little bit confused.

“I’m fine and you?” Lottie said and all the people in the room were paying attention to the conversation.

“I’m great… Where’s is your mommy Lottie?” Jensen asked curious.

“Hm… She’s in kitchen. Is gonna be my birthday!” She said excited, still with her face close to the camera, and he could see she was probably in her room.

“Really? You already getting old?” He asked messing with her, noticing that his friends went back to the cards. He got up, sitting in one of the couches of the hotel room, a little far from the table.

“No” Lottie said giggling holding a little stuffed unicorn in her hands. “You want to come to my party?” She asked seeming a little embarrassed to ask that and Jensen literally felt his heart melting.

“Well, yeah, of course.” He said feeling honored by the invitation, and obviously he couldn’t deny it, “When it will be?” He asked but realized that although she was smart for her age and had apparently facetimed him without (Y/N)’s help, she obviously wouldn’t know when her party would be happening.

“I will pass to….” Lottie started but was interrupted when you entered her room looking confused at her with your phone. “Mommy!”

“Lottie what are you doing with my phone?” He heard you ask and saw your surprised face when you got closer.

“I’m talking to Jensen momma.” Lottie replied innocently. “I’m inviting him to my party.”

“Oh my god Lottie.” You said with your eyes wide. Lottie handed you the phone and went back to her toys. You got out of her room and gave Jensen a yellow smile. “Hey, sorry for that, you must be busy.”

“No problem, we’re in Jared and Gen’s room playing carts.” Jensen answered with a small smile looking at you.

“Oh, tell them I said Hi.” You said. “But… I’m really sorry, I have no idea how she managed to FaceTime you” You continued and you both started laughing. This still was a little surreal for you, talking to Jensen Ackles in a video call. Who would have thought.

“She’s a prodigy.” Jensen said smiling. “But about her birthday…”

“Look, I can talk to her. You’re very busy with the series, she will understand.” You said a little embarrassed because of what Lottie did, but well… Kids.

“Actually we just finished our last convention for now, so yeah…. I have some time until I need to go back to the set.” Jensen said. “I would love to go.”

“Hm…really?” You said not expecting this, he surely had more important things to do. Okay, you two talked a lot last night, but you didn’t expect that he wanted so much to get in your pants that he would go to your daughters birthday. Or maybe he just wanted a friend.

Maybe he was gay.

Okay, after that kiss this option was definitely out of question.

“Yeah, I wanted to go back to your city to see you anyway.” He said and you felt your cheeks turning red. “Now I have an excuse…” He continued making you look down and laugh embarrassed. He found it adorable.

“I will message you the details after then.” You said with a smile. “I have to go now.” You said and he nodded.

“Okay, bye (Y/N), talk to you later…” Jensen said with a small smile matching yours, and you turned it off.

“Jensen and (Y/N) under a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” His friends starting singing the childish song messing with Jensen when he put his phone in his pocket, and he rolled his eyes.

“Ohhh Shut up!”


“Hey sis, Rach finished the cake.” Scott told you passing his arms around your shoulders. Scott was your big brother, and even though he had been a little scared of the situation (and pretty mad with Lottie’s father) in the time you got pregnant, he was the one who supported you the most. He was married to Rachel, an adorable girl that was his best friend since always, and they had a little boy named Theodore, that was only one year older than Lottie. They still lived in your family’s city, but whenever they could, they would visit you.

 "Thanks Scotty.“ You said with a sigh and he looked at you raising an eyebrow. 

 "Are you excited?” He asked because you told him about this man that you were talking to, and that was coming to the party. 

 "I’m anxious.“ It had been two weeks that you were talking to Jensen every single day. He was in hiatus break in his house in Austin, and because he had nothing to do, you ended talking all day, and constantly facetiming. It was an incredible connection, you would talk for hours and even so still wouldn’t get enough of it. You’d talk about everything and nothing at the same time. 

 So yeah, you were pretty excited/nervous/anxious to see him. 

 He texted you an hour ago telling you that he Was already in the city, but he would leave his things In the hotel before going to your house. It was a very small party in your apartment, with just a few people, only what you could afford right now, just a little something to make Lottie happy. You called your brother, Amy, Dan (your colleague from work and also your best friend), Michelle, your good friend, and also the mother of Lottie’s best friends, the twins, Jasmine and Ava. Plus one more friend from her pre school, Leo, and Mrs. Alba and her niece, Clary. 

 "Hmm, (Y/N) there’s someone at the door.” Michelle told you pointing at your front door, and you signed. 

 "Can you call Lottie?“ You asked her and she nodded. Lottie and the kids where in her room playing, while the adults were in the living room, kitchen and the balcony.

 You opened the door and couldn’t help but to smile when you saw Jensen standing In front of you with a green sweater matching his eyes and a white bag in his hands, and you could smell the same cologne that he used in the convention. Oh god… 

 "Hey” You said, both of you with small smiles, it was a little strange seeing him in flesh after so many video calls and messages. He immediately put his arms around your waist, hugging you tight. 

 "Hey, beautiful" He said still hugging you. “It’s nice to finally see you in person again." 

 "I can say the same.” You said looking straight into his eyes making him think that this was the perfect moment to kiss you. But even if it was, he didn’t have the chance, because Lottie came running and jumped into his arms. When you facetimed Jensen, your daughter loved to see and talk to him, she really, really liked him. 

 And although this was really nice, it scared you a little… You were scared of hurting Lottie’s feelings if something between you and Jensen didn’t go well. 

“Heey, a little bird told me that a little girl is getting old today.” Jensen said holding her in his arms and tickling her. 

 "I’m not old!“ She said giggling and you smiled, Jensen was incredible with kids.

 "You’re not? How many years then?” He asked and she showed four fingers. He put her in the ground and kneeled down to be in the same height as her.

 "Look, I brought you something.“ He started and you felt your chin drop.

 "Jensen you didn’t have to…” You said and he looked up shaking his head with a smile. “It’s okay, I wanted to.” He said and went back to Lottie. She opened the white package with a mischievous smile and slowly got a blue thing from there that looked like a sweater. 

 "Let’s me see baby.“ You said to your daughter and she handed you. When you extended it you finally understood what it was and it was the most lovely thing you had ever seen. "Oh my god! Look Lottie it’s a unicorn costume!” It was a unicorn jump suit and it was extremely cute. It was in her size, blue, with a purple mane and tail, and a white shiny horn. 

 "I want to put it!“ She cried and Jensen laughed, visibly glad that she liked the gift. You helped her to put it on, and Lottie looked happy because of her new clothing.

 "What do you say to Jensen?” You said to her and she turned to him giving him a hug. 

 "Thank you Jensen" She said and Jensen smiled squeezing her little body.

 "You’re welcome, princess.“ He said giving her a kiss in the forehead. Lottie went running back to her friends and he got up again smiling at you. 

 "C'mon in, I will introduce you to everyone.” You said. “If you don’t mind…. Some of my friends kind of watch the series and…" 

 "It will be a pleasure to meet your friends.” He said interrupting you and you smiled entering the apartment with him behind you. Amy was the first to come say Hi. You’d met her in the supernatural convention, so she obviously was a huge fan of Jensen. He greeted the parents of Lottie’s friends, Mrs. Alba, Dan and Rachel, who watched the series too. And at last, Scott, who although was always overprotective of you, surprisedly liked Jensen a lot. They were talking like they were best friends for years. 

 "Hey momma!“ Lottie said excited when she saw you looking at the kids playing in her room. 

 "Hey honey.” You replied seeing the other kids waving at you too. “Everything okay around here?” You asked and she nodded smiling making you smile too. Wearing this unicorn jump suit just made her look cuter than ever.

 "Enjoying it while you can?“ Someone said behind you, putting a hand in your shoulder and you smiled when you saw Jensen. 

 "She is getting old too fast!” You said looking at Lottie and her friends. “I don’t want her to grow up." 

 "I get it.” He said slowly running his thumb along your shoulder, making you shiver. “Soon she will be a teenager. She will start to do wall paintings and to break public properties…. Just normal teenage stuff.” He said shrugging and you laughed. 

 "I know right?“ You started. "My friend’s daughter doesn’t even help her grandpa to cross the street anymore!” You said and you two laughed. 

 "Such a rebel.“ He said and you both started laughing for no reason. 

 ”(Y/N), shouldn’t we sing 'Happy Birthday’?“ You were interrupted when your brother appeared in the corridor.

 "Oh, yes.” You said shaking your head trying to concentrate, you were incredibly close to Jensen. “Lottie, kids, C'mom!” You called and immediately all of them went running to the kitchen. Rachel already had set up the cake in the kitchen table and all of the guests were standing in front of it. Your daughter jumped in your arms and with Scott by your side, everybody sang Happy Birthday as Amy took pictures of it. “Blow the candles Lottie.” You said and with your help, she managed to blow out all the four candles.

 "Thank you mommy.“ She said looking at you with her big green eyes and you melted. You really didn’t want her to grow up.

 As the time passed, the guests started to leave until only Scott, Rachel and Jensen were left. They helped you clean up a little and organize the apartment while you put Lottie and Theo to sleep. When you were done, you all sat in the living room and talked for hours, Jensen and Scott really got along well. 

 "Okay, I think it’s time to go.” Scott said getting up since they were in a hotel near your house. “I will get Theo.” He continued going to Lottie’s room. 

 "Thank you for everything Rach, I will take you guys to the airport tomorrow.“ You said opening the front door. She hugged you thanking you too, and soon Scott appeared with Theo in his arms and kissed your cheek. You closed the door and sighed, finally alone with Jensen. You smiled making him smile too and sat by his side on the touch. 

 "So….” He started holding your hand. “All this time we spent talking and facetiming just… just made me want to see you even more” He said looking straight into your eyes and even though he seemed confident, you could tell that he was kind of nervous. You were too.

 "Is that so?“ You replied biting your lower lip and he nodded. "I was excited to see you too, I’m glad that you came." 

 "I told you I was.” He said. 

 "I know but I kind of doubted it.“ You said with a yellow smile.

 "What?” He said pretending to be mad.

 "Well yeah.“ You said laughing a little, embarrassed. "I thought you were busy, had more things to do…”

 "Even if I was… I would still prefer to be here.“ He said and you felt your heart accelerating. ”(Y/N), I like you.“ He said taking a deep breath. "And… It has been some time since I liked someone the way I like you.”

 "I like you too Jensen.“ You said looking at his eyes and suddenly his lips were so much closer. "A lot.” You said and he kissed you. Man, you missed his lips. No matter how many times you imagined yourself kissing him again, nothing compared to this moment. One of his hands were in your neck, slowly caressing it with his thumb and the other was in your tight. He got up with you in his arms and stopped kissing you just to ask with swollen and red lips. 

 "Which way?“ 

 "At the end of the corridor.” You said with a little smile of anxiety for what was about to happen. He walked to your room still with you in his arms while you were kissing his neck and slowly lowered you into the bed, climbing on top of you. 

 "You okay with this?“ He said serious stopping what he was doing, studying your face. 

 "Yes.” You answered without hesitation just admiring more this man. 

 "You sure?“ He asked and you nodded. You started kissing again but soon you both were shirtless. 

 This was going to be a long night.

Part 5???

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OK @darthluminescent , it’s not  Anakin “oh my god I have a cold and I’m probably dying now” Skywalker, but it is more Texts From Anakin. ;) 

Anakin: [text] SNIPS
Ahsoka: omggggg WHAT IS IT NOW MASTER it is 1 am 
Anakin: im just worried what if he doesnt like the chocolate cake 
Ahsoka: you SAID he likes chocolate cake. i have seen him eat chocolate cake. it’s FINE. i’m going to bed now, Master. Please do the same. I’m putting my phone on silent. Goodnight!!

Anakin: pls say u r awake 
Padme: I have an early Senate meeting tomorrow. I care about you, but if this is about that birthday cake again, I am going to have to block your number. 
Padme: Was it about the birthday cake?
Anakin: no but now im not gonna tell u 
Padme: goodnight Ani. I am sure he will like everything you’ve planned. 💕

Anakin: look I am just really really worried about all of this bc it has to be perfect and is that one photo of me i put in his card too much? like i know i look hot but this is a man who gets embarrassed when people kiss on the holonet 
Mace Windu: wrong number skywalker
Mace Windu: and if you ever text me at 2 am again with this ridiculous bullshit i will bust you back down to initiate again 
Anakin: shit sorry 

Anakin: OK no one else is awake so i need ur help: i bought 17 kinds of tea for obiwans birthday do u think that is enough???
Quinlan Vos: Skywalker, the man got a rock for his birthday once, OK? u need to RELAX. He owns like 2 pairs of pants and he’s eaten the exact same breakfast every day for 35+ years. 17 kinds of tea is going to be like Space Mardi Gras for him. Plus he’s gonna be getting it from your pretty self. 
Quinlan Vos: Getting the tea from you, I mean. Of course.
Quinlan Vos: 😏
Anakin: omg why did i seek ur counsel 
Quinlan Vos: hey I’m just a fan 

This one is dedicated to two photographers i recently discovered; Alexandre Parrot @alexandreparrot and PTRCMR @ptrcmr. Both are incredibly precise, obviously perfectionists, and both deserve a lot more attention.

Alexandre’s recent series with a cat named Démétra is among the very best i’ve ever seen. Great moments, perfect compositions, gorgeous bokeh, fantastic tonality. Everything is just right. Work to be very jealous of…

PTRCMR is all about composition, color and seeing the unseen. This person has a very unique way of seeing things, and is able to translate that to extremely strong composed images. And everything is so clean and empty! I love it.

with respect and greetings,


Thank you for your Valentine’s submission!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

There’s always a good reason why someone acts like besties with someone else they apparently should have NOTHING in common with. What would Jesse Williams have in common with the Nnobody?

Well… both Mediatakeout and Enty today are saying that dear Jesse Williams is on the down low. On top of the fact he doesn’t want to pay alimony to his ex wife. NOW THESE two things make him a PERFECT MATCH with the Nnobody whom he has known for years, since LONG before Kerry was EVER associated with the Nnobody (there are multiple photos of Jesse Williams at “foundation” events, and he’s posted more than once on social media calling the Nnobody his “homie”, they go to basketball games together).

Everything all of a sudden makes PERFECT sense.



fav outfit/look: IK the whole thing of this is to choose one but I CAN’T. I love him with the plaid shirt. When he wears black (cause men wearing black is my weakness). And of course when he use his regular/casual clothes *grey shoes, grey shoes*

-everything he wears makes it perfect, like when he use colorful socks-

Btw I give everyone credit of their own work.


Ok, this photo. I got it from @kyleeann1996 ‘s wall, in one of the collages. Original Post is @wolveria So, can I just speak my mind about this pic? IT IS SO CUTE. Just…Just everything about it!

-Rex watching over her protectively

-Ahsoka’s robe that is too big for her


-The fact she’s absolutely clueless

-Rex is being protective cause Bonturi is in the room


I will forever love them.

😊Now or Never [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Read Part 1

Summary:  Part 1: Meeting the boys at like a meet and greet or something and whispering “hi daddy” or something like that to ethan and him being shook and yeah, ethan’s daddy kink will be the death of me. Part 2: He reaches out to you and takes you out on an official date

Warnings: Mentions daddy

A/N: Requests are still Open :)

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

It had been about a month since I met the boys and today I was getting ready to go hangout with Ethan. I tweeted the picture of us and he liked, followed, and dmed me and well we just started talking. He messaged me earlier asking if I wanted to meet at Starbucks with him and Gray. I agreed of course. I was wearing a maroon sweater with some black skinny jeans. It was still pretty chilly out so I threw on a black beanie. My sister and mom were cooking breakfast when I walked down.

“Where are you going Y/N?” My mom asked as she sliced some potatoes.

    “Ethan, Grayson and I are getting some Starbucks. Is that okay?” I asked knowing full well it should be okay.

“Yeah just bring us back something chocolatey.” My mom says not looking back at me.

“Just don’t be gone too long. I need you to babysit the boys tonight.” My sister says talking about her two baby boys. I rolled my eyes but I agreed and walked out of the door. I walked down the street listening to some Selena Gomez while humming the tune. The wind would breeze through my hair while the scent of fresh cut grass filled my nose. After walking for a bit I saw the boys truck outside. I picked up my pace towards the boy’s truck. Neither were inside so I went into Starbucks and I saw Ethan on his phone at a table all by himself.

“E!” I hollered which caught his attention. He stands to his feet and walks over to me wrapping me in his arms.

“Y/N I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you.” He says smiling at me. I looked around the shop and I couldn’t see Gray.

“Hey E? Where’s Grayson at?” Just then he looked down to his feet.

“Ethan!” The barista calls and he grabs two drinks. He walks back to the table and gestures me to sit down.

“Here’s our drinks. Grayson couldn’t make it he was feeling sick.” He says as he places his dark pink lips on the straw tasting his drink. “You like caramel with extra whip right?” He asks chewing on his straw.

“Yeah it’s my favorite! Hey I can’t stay too long. I have to get back and babysit my sister’s children.”  I saw he was chewing on his straw. “You’re lying to me about something aren’t you? Or at least hiding something.” I said and he cocked his head at me.

“What?” He asks as he continues chewing.

“Oral fixation. You’re chewing cause you’re hiding something from me. Psychology 101.” I said and he just leaned his back against the back of his chair. He sighs deeply.

“Okay so I may or may not have made up the part about Gray and I wanting to get coffee. It may or may not have been me trying to ask you on a date. I don’t know it’s a thing.” Ethan says fiddling with his thumbs. I start to blush at how dorky he was being. Gray was right he is awkward around girls, but it’s really cute. I gently slide my hand over on his and he looks up smiling.

“Ethan is this a date?” I asked and his eyes widen. I could feel him tense up but I squeeze his hand which causes him to relax. “Ethan.” I said soothingly.

“If it’s okay I would like this to be a date very much. There’s something about you Y/N. Like when we met I thought man this girl is cute but over this month I’ve learned we have a lot of things in common. You called me daddy when we first met so you stuck out like a sore thumb. Posted the photos on twitter tagging Gray and I which got us to follow you. Like I just love being around you. You’re positive, playful, independent, and just all around gorgeous.” I started to blush hard. He hasn’t said anything like this to me before. No guy has. He’s incredibly charming and overall an amazing person himself. And I was lucky enough to have him sitting across from me. I could see he was blushing and I most definitely was. I decided to be a little bit playful.

“This is the best date I’ve ever been on” I paused as a smile spreads across my face “daddy.” I could feel Ethan tense up under my hand. I pulled my hand away, but he grabs my wrist and holds my wrist gently. I look up at him as a smile peers across my face.

“I’m glad.” He says blushing. “You’re really cool Y/N.” He says and I flip my hair.

“You think I don’t know this?” I scoffed which made him roll his eyes with a smile. I even smiled myself. His hand was still holding my wrist. He must have noticed too because he looks down and he moves his grip back towards him and he gently rests his hand on my palm. He gives my hand a soft squeeze while looking up to my eyes. He was resting his hand on mine. I nod letting him know that it was okay for him to hold my hand. He then interlocks our fingers together and his thumb softly caresses the side of my hand. Ethan’s hand was so big that it looked like his hand has swallowed mine.

“What?” He chuckles.

“Your hand is just so big compared to mine is all. Nothing to worry about.” I said as his smile turns to a laugh.

“Well we all can’t be 5 foot Y/N.” He says and I do a playful frown. “Can I walk you back to your house?” I blushed at his request.

“But you drove.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“Yeah but you have to get home and if we walk we’ll spend more time talking then if I drove you.” He stands up and holds his hand out to me. “Shall we?” I gladly take his hand while jumping out of my chair. He doesn’t let go and neither do I. We leave Starbucks hand in hand. He locks his truck as we walk past. We don’t say anything for a little while in the walk. I think we were both still in shock that this was a thing. I don’t think Ethan ever saw himself with a fan. Especially one that called him daddy.

“Did you ever see this happening?” I asked him breaking the silence in our walk. He looked to me with a puzzled look. “This. Us. If us is a thing.” I said looking away blushing. I hear him laugh lightly.

“To be honest, no. I mean when we first met I thought you were attractive, but I didn’t plan this. You called me daddy and wow.” He says with a sigh. “That just made you perfect. Like when I went home all I did was talk to Gray about you. I told him that you called me daddy and that you were just amazing. I was constantly checking my social media waiting for you to post the photos of us so I could follow you. Gray was teasing me about us saying how there was an obvious connection and that we would be cute. Finally I found your twitter and here we are. Yeah I didn’t plan it at all, but I’m glad it happened.” He says while swinging our arms. To hear Ethan gush over us made me swoon. He was just so perfect and the fact he waited on me made everything better. “You’re just incredible Y/N.”

I give him a kiss on the cheek and hold myself there. I couldn’t control myself. He was just so amazing. I just wanted to hold him and kiss his neck until we fell asleep. I soon pull away and realized what I just did. “Ethan I’m–” Before he pressed his lips to mine softly. I sucked in a quick breath of shock through my nose before I gently kiss him back.

“Y/N!” I heard my mom holler before Ethan quickly pulled away from me. We both turned as we saw my mom walking our direction. Ethan hasn’t exactly met my mom yet so this should be fun.

“Hey there Mrs. Y/L/N.” Ethan introduces with his hand sticking out to shake my mom’s. She looks impressed and shakes his hand.

“I guess you must be Y/N friend Ethan? It’s nice to meet you.” She says and looks to me. “Come on Y/N the boys are waiting. Your sister and I have to go to the church or else we’ll have to plan the wedding for next year.” She says walking off. “Your friend Ethan can help you watch the boys too if you want him to.” My mom says and I look to Ethan. He looks back smiling.

“May I?” He asks and I nod.

“Of course. Be warned though, these kids are the devils.” I said and E just laughed.

“I’ve babysat before Y/N. Trust me. I’ve got this.” He says as he slides his hand through his hair and walks towards my house. I laughed at him as I ran to catch up to him. We both walk inside my house and I see my sister and my mom walking out of the door. I see Tommy was watching tv on the floor while Ben just watched him sleep. “How old are they?” Ethan asks me.

“Tommy is four and Ben just turned one. Tommy is Y/S/N fiance’s son and Ben is their kid.” I answered while I picked up Ben and sat down on the couch. I pat on the spot next to me and Ethan follows. He sits down and we watched Spongebob together with the boys.

We all decided we wanted to watch The Croods, but the boys wanted to build a fort. Of course Ethan helped Tommy grab pillows, blankets and chairs to help the fort stand up. I just sat on the couch while I held Ben in my arms. Ethan and I would laugh and when Tommy wasn’t paying attention he would give me sweet kisses.  Soon it was dinner time and Ethan helped me make macaroni and cheese for us and Tommy while he fed Ben a bottle. He looked so cute feeding Ben. Ben even fell asleep in his arms and Ethan felt so accomplished with himself. Ethan even changed Ben’s diaper and put Ben to bed in his crib while he hummed softly to help him stay asleep. Tommy then needed help in the bathroom which Ethan dealt with and even got him to brush his teeth. I helped change his clothes to pajamas while Ethan helped him into bed.

“I want a story.” Tommy says and Ethan and I look at each other.

“Tommy no it’s–”

“Y/N he wants a story.” Ethan walks over to his bookshelf and pulls off The Good Dinosaur and looks to me. “Go pick a movie for us to watch. I’ll read him to sleep.” He then pressed a kiss to my cheek before sitting on Tommy’s bed. I shake my head grinning and I walk down the stairs to the couch. I see the fort is still up and I shake my head laughing. I walk in the kitchen to clean up and about 10 minutes later I walk in the living room and start tearing the fort apart. “What do you think you’re doing?” I heard Ethan’s voice boom which makes me jump.

“I was going to clean the fort up.” I said looking at Ethan. He then walked up to me and looked me in the eyes. He pressed his hand against my cheek.”

“Don’t.” Was all he said before he pressed his lips against mine hard before everything went dark.

Part 3


I feel like Kuvira is greatly lacking in showing a softer side. A morality pet. Something that makes her human. 

In Book 3 the main villain (Zaheer) had a love(P'li) that showed a more caring and compassionate side of him. She was his earthly tether. He freed her from a life of mindless war. Their relationship was shown as well as told. (“I’m surprised you didn’t bust out that girlfriend of yours first.” As well as their kissing.)

Kuvira and Baatar are not lovers. They are not each other’s morality pets. Kuvira doesn’t even call him by his name most of the time(My fiancee, your son). They do not show weakness around each other. They do not show affection to each other. Their relationship is more professional than Varrick and Zhu Li’s. (Actually those two do make a good foil in that they have the stoic assistant being loyal to the charismatic boss’s brains and ideals more than to the person.)

No, the person Kuvira cares most about is Suyin. Everything about her campaign to the capture of Zaofu is about Su in some way or another.

Suyin shares that she loves Kuvira like a daughter and raised her as such. That was never shown in Book 3. Kuvira isn’t in any of the family photos, she’s not introduced as one of Suyin’s children. She doesn’t interact with any of Suyin’s children.

I think that’s a hugely missed opportunity. Kuvira and Opal could be a perfect foil to Lin and Suyin.

The dutiful and authoritative daughter who just wants Mommy to be proud of her and the free spirited daughter who wants to follow her own path.

Kuvira rebuilding the Earth Kingdom in her own image is still just another Beifong daughter sculpting a monument to their mother.

And I wish they’d show that more in the show. Just a little moment of vulnerability. Right after Suyin’s assassination attempt instead of just showing Kuvira to be one step ahead, they could’ve given her a moment of pain. Knowing her own beloved mother wanted to kill her.

A moment like this.

A chance to behave like a fucking human.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s how the saying goes, right? All the recent meta mayhem meant that I had severely neglected my dating life. And I needed to fix that. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, amiright? Seeing Barry and Iris playing house gave me all the feels and reminded me that that’s what I want – someone to come home to. My apartment is great and all, but Siri and Alexa can only provide so much female companionship.

No one knows what the future holds – even if you have metapowers and the ability to manipulate the Speed Force – but I’ll be damned if my future is filled with me eating Spaghettios and watching X-Files reruns alone. So, update your apps, ladies, because Cisco is back in the game! As a scientist, my life is all about the formulas; trusting an algorithm to find my soulmate made perfect sense. I snagged my laptop and set-up shop at CC Jitters (their WiFi is on point) and revamped my online profile.  I realized my pic of me cosplaying as Link from Zelda probably wasn’t the biggest babe magnet, so I updated it with a more flattering photo of me at a Diamonds game – manly, right? Just as I was about to upload everything, the power went out – apparently, the barista had blown a fuse trying to meet the demand of a dozen undercaffeinated hipsters. Great. The shop was plunged into darkness and my carefully-crafted bio was lost forever.

I only had a second or two to despair before something – rather, someone - crashed into my chair, knocking me onto the floor and spilling my room-temperature latte all over my shirt. A second later, a back-up generator hummed to life and the lights flipped back on and I found myself staring up at a beautiful, yet red-faced, young woman. She pulled me to my feet and apologized profusely for bumping into me, at which point I became painfully aware that I was drenched in stale coffee. But whereas that might have been a turn-off for most women, this one simply grabbed a handful of napkins and started dabbing at the stains. Maybe I had love on the mind, but I’m pretty sure her hands lingered, and when she offered to buy me a new coffee, I took her up on the offer. We sat together and sipped our lattes, talking all the way into the night until we shut the place down.

Long story short, I got her number and am now waiting the appropriate amount of time before I can call without seeming too desperate. Safe to say, I’m no longer fretting about my LoveFinder.com profile and, now that I think about it, I might even terminate my account!

HOW TO: Prep For A New Show

Things to have with you before you walk through that stage door; Mostly for us crew members.

  • Deodorant - Spray, and lots of it.
  • Gum - For all of that coffee.
  • A huge bottle of water - Let’s be real here.
  • Jeans - Comms do not stay on leggings, hear it from the leggings expert. Invest in some high quality black jeans or cargo pants for all of your theatre endeavours!
  • Torch - Trust me, you’re gonna need it. 
  • Leatherman - Or any multitool. Helpful in every single possible way.
  • Tape - In all of its varieties, spike, electric, gaff. It will save you a whole lot of time.
  • Leather, enclosed shoes - I’ve found black Doc Martens to be the perfect show shoe. Others prefer black sneakers, work shoes or school shoes. People also love their steel capped boots. It’s all about personal preference, just have some good enclosed shoes.
  • A day diary - To pencil in all of those techs and performances. So helpful on the spot if people are speculating about the schedule. 
  • A separate journal - I have a personal black moleskin notebook that I like to call my crew journal, a place to write down everything I’m learning. Tips, problems, printed out emails and schedules, photos and considerations. It’s my bible, ok.

Be prepared and hydrated, and enjoy your next show! xxx

anonymous asked:

Hey just wondering if you recommend any books for people wanting to understand more about the fundamentals of astronomy.

I love these kind of questions, because it makes me think about writing a whole article. This topic - ASTRONOMY BOOKS - could be really beneficial for many people who want to start with the basics of astronomy, even for those who already started and want to deepen their knowledge.

This list of the best 3 astronomy books is not official, it is just my opinion mixed with my experiences :) Enjoy!

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

~ by Brian Greene  

The international bestseller providing the new understanding of the universe introduces string and superstring theory, and provides a comprehensive though non-technical assessment of the theory and some of its shortcomings. The reader does not have to be an expert, it is also suitable for people who don´t know much about the physics and the universe, but still they can be a little confused. I recommend to read this book several times to make a bigger picture. But still - it is the best book I´ve ever read

Extra links

× Amazon

×More about the book

× Author Bio

NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

~ by Terence Dickinson

This book assumes that the reader has no prior experience with astronomy. It is clear and concise enough for any beginner to understand. It is a perfect introduction to astronomy and stargazing.
It contains everything you need to know about what’s up in the sky through the year 2025 and it is filled with star charts, tables with information about stargazing events and incredible photos of space. Also an entire chapter is dedicated to stargazing technology.
I recommend this book for absolute beginners.

Extra links

× Amazon

× Youtube

× Author Bio

The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection, 250 Milestones in the History of Physics

~ by  Clifford A. Pickover

I´ve got this book for last Christmass and I highly recommend this book for those who just started to be curious about astronomy and physics and even for those who are already studying these subjects. This book offers a great view to the basics of physics mainly, but it also contains a few stuff about astronomy included in the top 250 milestones. Pickover is well-known author because of his two best sellers included this book and The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics. I would love to have another books of this author!

Extra links

× Amazon

× Other books of this author

× Author Bio

These are just top 3 books about astronomy and physics by my opinion, but there are plenty more. I don´t know a bad book about this topic. It is just difficult to realize which book is for beginners and which one is for much more experienced ones and then decide to read it or not.

This is a little longer list of my favourite astronomical books (I wrote it down as a part of my answer to another question >> here << )

~The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality

~  The Book of Constellations: Discover the Secrets in the Stars

~  Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

~  Cosmos

Hope I helped you a little and thank you for your question!
With love @astrophysicsstudent <3

Sleep - pt 5

Originally posted by jminies

He was being silly and you smiled for him, enjoying his antics.

The scenery was nice and no one else was hiking this trail today. You snapped pictures per his request and grinned as he posed along every other weirdly shaped tree or bush.

Soon the thin waterfall was clearly audible and the narrow stream of water was within sight. You guys walked to the viewing platform and looked up at the tall phenomenon.

The mist gently touched your face. It felt good.

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The Isolated Islet

It was a warm soothing summer when our family went out for some break to one of the must-visit places in our town. The islet. The little one across the sea of Malajog was the place we’ve decided to visit.

My aunt – the youngest sister of my mother – just went home from Taiwan. Every time she goes back to town, we always do stuff we do not regularly do on normal days. Yes, I guess my aunt is the kind of person who always does anything new or things that are interesting to work with. She’s the dora the explorer in our tribe, probably, and that’s quite amazing to acknowledge. Anyway, the said Islet is very isolated and empty. When we went there, there was nobody else and the only thing you could observe is the sound of the waving sea – kissing the edges of beautiful rock formations which are naturally scattered all around - circling the islet.

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hey, HIIIIIIIII ok, fine, ahm, tell me, what you think or feel about kaching???????? sorry im bad at ask things sometimes but lets try, thats not wrong with that right? sjsmssj

My boys CBX out there killing everyone again with their perfection just yes!! First off I just want to remind everyone that Minseok only had purple hair for nine days so CBX (also known as Kings) did the music video, multiple photo shoots, promotional videos, interviews, everything in only nine days.

And Ka-ching. KA-CHING. Lowkey sounds like Lotto but it’s Lotto if a paint palette threw up over it and Baekhyun, Minseok and Jongdae actually got a good amount of lines. The dancing is on fucking point (Jongdae’s penguin waddle being the best bit), Minseok coming in with his English rapping skills, Xiubaek bringing it with that cute bit where they play slapsies (that’s what we call it here anyway), I mean it’s literally a song describing what their bank account sounds like rn considering their Japanese album is already sold out, they all look freaking beautiful (as always) but Baekhyun is really getting me with all his smirking, “are you rich? are you poor?” we’re all poor cause we spend our money on you boys, I really don’t think there’s one bit of this video/song that I don’t like, can we talk abt the fact that each of them spoiled the choreography for this thing on like five separate occasions and no one noticed??, vocals on point, dancing on point, rapping on point, visuals on point. I’m in love.