everything about this photo is just perfect



This one is dedicated to two photographers i recently discovered; Alexandre Parrot @alexandreparrot and PTRCMR @ptrcmr. Both are incredibly precise, obviously perfectionists, and both deserve a lot more attention.

Alexandre’s recent series with a cat named Démétra is among the very best i’ve ever seen. Great moments, perfect compositions, gorgeous bokeh, fantastic tonality. Everything is just right. Work to be very jealous of…

PTRCMR is all about composition, color and seeing the unseen. This person has a very unique way of seeing things, and is able to translate that to extremely strong composed images. And everything is so clean and empty! I love it.

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PWS - Photos Worth Seeing


I’m very particular about what kind of art I want to be representing with which kind of music. When I’m writing music too it’s very visual. In my head, I see it as painting a picture rather than writing a song. It’s like, “Do I see a music video to this song? Can I take a photo or a concept that can best represent this song? I like when things go hand in hand, rather than just one part of it. Everything has to be perfect.

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Top 10 photos of alex?

Ok this was even more difficult than I thought it would be because I’m incredibly indecisive and there are just SO many photos to choose from. This is why it took me this long to put this together, I apologize.

I’m gonna start with an honourable mention for this amazing photo of him and Miles because it’s one of my all-time favourite photos. Look how happy they are their smiles are just everything!

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general art tips pt. 1: skin and facial features! ft. jimin

so recently i’ve been drawing this portrait of bts’ jimin and i just wanted to give out some art tips that i learned that i think might help. and just a disclaimer, by no means am i professional artist! im self taught and what im about to share are just the way i do things haha. but i hope it helps! so let’s start!

ok so first off, i obviously just pick a reference picture. youre going to need one if youre drawing a portrait of someone 

damn jimin lookin fine. still not over the perfect man performance ahhh. now you can use this picture but if you want to test out new waters and really work with bright, enhanced colors rather than exact reference, try referencing a filtered photo! it really helps in encouraging you to use more colors which overall, makes everything look more interesting. but you don’t have to do this.

next step is laying down the outline. now if youre new to all of this, i highly suggest printing out your reference, putting a grid on it, and then transferring it onto your paper. or if youre too lazy like me, you can just trace it. it’s not cheating trust me! it just saves time especially if youre doing realism. all the magic is in the coloring anyway haha. and when you get better at it, you can try freehanding.

for your outline, make sure to keep things light and soft. you don’t want dark, heavy marks, because they are just there to guide you. you’re going to end up erasing most of them later on when you get to coloring. try not to have solid connected lines either. remember these lines are just a guide so it can look accurate.

time to color! i usually color in little sections. doing this makes things a lot less overwhelming and easier to handle. as you can see, i usually like to start with the eyes. i think it’s just a nice starting point and also because i really wanted to draw jimin’s eye makeup hehe. 

the key to coloring, is starting off with a light base color. for jimins eye makeup, i started off with a basic red. (sorta shows up pinkish on camera):

(also note that you don’t need to have expensive, high quality colored pencils. i typically just use Crayola colored pencils LOL. i sometimes use Prang and i have some Artist Loft ones that were given to me as a gift. crayola ones are actually very nice because the colors show up more bright and intense. artist loft ones are generally lighter which is good for shading and blending) SO LAY DOWN THAT BASE BRUH. details come later. 

bam. jimins eye makeup is truly goals. i don’t have pictures of his eyes with just the base color (sorry, bad on my part) but basically, what i did to obtain this is that i worked with A LOT of colors.  

take a good, hard look at your reference, try to pick out all the basic colors first and lay them down. and then study it harder and pick out as many colors as you can see and slowly build up.

it helps if you can look at it on a computer because you can zoom in! as you can see, there are purples, pinks, yellows, different oranges and reds, browns, and even a little green. try to keep a soft touch because it makes blending these colors a lot easier. don’t think that you can’t add in colors like green and blue because they’re not “natural”. these colors are actually a lot more evident in skin tones and facial features than we think! even the whites of an eye are never completely white. try to add in purples and blues to make them more natural. 

make sure to layer colors. here, the top is just the basic red. but on the bottom, i have layered on a purple and a brown. it helps make the color look a lot deeper and it helps for shading. don’t shade with black! try shading with other colors (in this case, darker reds, browns, purples, oranges, pinks, etc.)

as for black, a lot of the time people will tell you to NEVER USE BLACK. however, i’m against this LOL. it’s totally ok to use black! just be careful with it. leave it for the end, after you have laid down all the colors. it’s hard to layer over black.

so for the skin, you’re going to do the same thing. lay down a light, base color. for jimin, i’ve chosen a peachy color. but depending on who you’re doing, you might have to use a brown, yellow, or maybe even pink. regardless, just start off light and work your way into the darker colors slowly. 

remember to color softly and lightly. as i said, work slowly. and you can also erase colored pencil if you work lightly! so if you make a mistake, you can clean that right up. it doesn’t give a completely white space, but the erasing is mostly if you lay on the color more intensely than you planned.

these are just some colors to make your drawing look more natural and realistic. but dont’t limit yourself to just these (the left side is if you press hard with the pencil, and the right side is if you shade lightly):

the bottom two are my favorite two colors to incorporate because it really helps the drawing pop! the blue is a light ultramarine blue and the purple is more of a lavender. the light green also helps in lighter areas too.

see? it really gives the drawing more life! i would recommend staying away from gray because using too much gray can end up making the person look a little sickly LOL and it ends up looking dull. try to find substitutes for grey like blue. 

i also love to use gold to help shade skin tones. weird, right? but gold is a nice transition between those intense colors and our base color. it gives a nice, natural shading.

as for areas that are “black and white” like nostrils, the inside of a mouth, or teeth, make sure to incorporate other colors into those too. its hardly ever just plain black and white. on the teeth, i mixed in pinks, that ultramarine blue, oranges, pinks, and lavender.

for dark areas, mix in dark purples and a navy blue along with black:

all in all, for realism and portraits, incorporate lots of colors to give your drawing more life! human skin tones have tons of colors. it’s never just one basic color like peach or brown. you’d be surprised what colors would help. 

so closely study your reference for the different use of colors. LOL sorry chimchim for doing this to your face:

but also note: don’t follow a reference to the grave. if you want to up the contrast between colors or the shading, go for it! do what feels right. but if you want to do it as it looks, that’s totally ok too. take risks in your art and be proud of it. 

another tip is TAKE BREAKS. it can be from a five minute break to a day. if you stare at your drawing too long, it might start to look bad to you and you’ll get frustrated. but it’s not bad, you’ve just been looking at it too long so it’ll look weird to you. take a break, and come back to it later.

so here’s what i have so far:

the face isn’t even done yet but i just really wanted to make this post to share what i’m doing. i hope it helps and i’ll be back with part two: hair (aka the most difficult part for me lololol) 

sorry for the long post but i hope you enjoyed! check out my blog for other fanart :)

okay but hear me out here-

•Magnus and Alec as regular college age students au

•Magnus doesn’t bother going to college because his dad is rich as fuck

•you know, one of those soul sucking corporate types

•totally evil, but hey, Magnus doesn’t care because he’s never gonna have to work a day in his life

•but sometimes he still hangs out with his friends on campus

•because he likes the whole vibe of the place

•it’s an old school, the kind that specializes in classical and history degrees

•he would never study there, but the place is beautiful

•he likes to take pictures of it

•actually he loves everything about photography and architecture

•so this is really a perfect place for him

•he just loves how permanent they are

•everything else around him changes, but those photos will last forever

•and one day he’s waiting for one of his friends, a pretty girl with blue hair, to finish class

•it’s a beautiful day

•one of those no clouds, shining sun, sunglasses on, birds chirping kinds of days

•and he’s thinking about the party they’re going to throw that night

•and wondering what the weather is like in Hong Kong (where he thinks his dad is on business)

•(but he’s honestly not sure, he lost track of all the different trips)

•(and to be even more honest, as long as the rent money for his flat keeps showing up each month, he doesn’t really give a damn)

•and he notices that a certain beam of light is hitting the school’s centerpiece (a gorgeous marble fountain that they never turn off, not even in the winter) just right

•it’s like a perfect scene

•but when he takes the picture

•with his big bulky camera that he carries around with him everywhere

•he notices that something just isn’t quite right

•he isn’t sure what it is

•but then someone walks past

•and Magnus thinks he knows what it might be

•so he runs over and grabs this stranger, begging him for a second to please just sit down on the edge of the fountain

•but don’t look at the camera

•and he isn’t really paying attention

•so thankfully he doesn’t notice that the poor stranger is stammering and trying to act cool at the same time

•because, holy fuck, Magnus is really hot, okay?

•but he agrees and Magnus goes to take the picture

•he looks through the lens and finally realizes the gorgeous guy he accidentally picked for this

•like he’s actually perfect

•with the most amazing blue eyes that Magnus has ever seen

•and the picture comes out all gross and blurry

•so oh no, he has to take another one

•(what a shame, more time with the stranger)

•and Magnus gets his picture

•but his friend isn’t quite out of her class yet

•so he asks if this stranger might want to, say, get some coffee or something?

•as a thank you for posing, of course

•that’s totally it

•so they go and it’s absolutely perfect

•he finds out that the boy’s name is Alec Lightwood

•what a pretentious fucking last name

•it’s perfect

•and he studies at the university and magnus is so amazed that this is the first time they’ve ever met

•because seriously how did they not meet sooner than this

•of course the cute boy in the ratty sweater with beautiful blue eyes is also a classics major

•what a dork

•and his phone is from Magnus’s father’s rival company

•which is just a bonus

•and they can barely even stop talking to each other to even order the damn coffee

•and they don’t stop talking when Magnus’s friend repeatedly texts him demanding to know where the hell he is

•he comes to know that it’s also the first and second time that rule follower Alec Lightwood has ever skipped a lecture

•because they managed to talk throughout two lectures

•and just lost track of time

Yay, my copy of Sincérité arrived today! I love everything about it – the overall design of the box, the photos (of course), the DVD, and the interview at the end – all absolutely perfect! This is just me being silly, but it did take me a really long time to find a spot in my tiny messy apartment worthy of the Kamiking’s photographic presence to store the book, haha. Finally found one after much deliberation. :)    


I’m very particular about what kind of art I want to be representing with which kind of music. When I’m writing music too it’s very visual. In my head, I see it as painting a picture rather than writing a song. It’s like, “Do I see a music video to this song? Can I take a photo or a concept that can best represent this song?” I like when things go hand in hand, rather than just one part of it. Everything has to be perfect.

We are very good friends. We are friends because in the field we are always perfect, but we’re friends off. We have fun, we go around, make jokes, we take crazy photos, we laugh a lot together. And we talk, we talk a lot: not just football, but just about everything - Paulo Dybala about Paul Pogba


Zoë Jordan created a FW15 collection that is perfect for every occasion and can suit just about anyone. She effortlessly balances masculine with feminine, minimal with bold, and showcases everything in between. See Jordan’s all-inclusive looks from this #MADEFW on Milk Made

(Photos by Mitchell McLennan)

There’s something about capturing cafes at the perfect second with shadows and yellow sweaters, or brownstones with autumn leaves, or steaming coffee that a photo unfortunately will never capture no matter how hard you try. I hate saying that I’m in love with beautiful things because…who the heck says that without sounding shallow? But there’s always a tug at my heart when things fall into place; when everything looks just right-it makes my heart warm. That is why I take photos of things like this. It truly, truly makes me happy 🤓 just some Wednesday thinking


top albums of 2015: 4/10

Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby

“I’m very particular about what kind of art I want to be representing with which kind of music. When I’m writing music too it’s very visual. In my head, I see it as painting a picture rather than writing a song. It’s like, ‘Do I see a music video to this song? Can I take a photo or a concept that can best represent this song?’ I like when things go hand in hand, rather than just one part of it. Everything has to be perfect. I’m just a weird perfectionist.”

polaroid collage project!

hey everyone, i’m finally thinking of kicking off this project i want to do and i’ll need your help!

okay so i know polaroid film is expensive, and when a photo doesn’t come out the way you wanted, it sucks, right? you don’t want to throw it out but you also don’t want to keep it?

so what i want to do is make a huge collage of “rejected” polaroid photos!

if you have any photos you have taken that you don’t want anymore and don’t mind donating them to this project, send them to me with a note telling me about the moment behind the photo! 

i’ll give you my shipping address - and if you send any photos i’ll write you a thank-you letter back!

the goal is to share that even if the photo isn’t perfect, the memory is beautiful. so even if the lighting didn’t work out, everything is blurry, or there was just a mistake while taking it, i’d love to hear the photo’s story!