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Mine-Daniel Seavey

Summary: You’re a model and your first bikini shoot is right around the corner. You did everything to prepare yourself for this day both mentally and physically and you can’t contain your excitement. Your boyfriend Daniel, however, isn’t too excited to see you posing half naked with male models. 

Requested: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥

“I’m telling you, I’m coming with you tomorrow.” Daniel warned, waving a finger in your face. “Babe that’s unprofessional.” you groaned for the third time from your spot on the couch. 

You and Daniel had been playfully arguing about your photo shoot for about an hour now, and it was getting old. Since the photo shoot was in L.A., you figured you’d just stay the night with Daniel but he was making you regret that decision.

“Daniel.” you said firmly, getting his attention as he looked away from the television and his eyes met yours. You scooted closer to him on the couch and he put on arm around your shoulders. 

“Yes, (Y/N)?” “This is my job.” you reminded him, putting as much emphasis on the word job as you could. “Yeah but you’re my girlfriend and it sucks when guys are constantly drooling over you.” he whined.

“Mhmm. Sound familiar?” you raised your eyebrows and he sighed before admitting his defeat. “Okay, okay. Just come here.” he said and pulled you closer to him.”

“You can come if you really want to but you have to act completely professional.” you said. “Can you do that for like two hours max?” you asked and he nodded excitedly. “Anything to see you in a bikini.” he said with a smirk.


“Y/N) wake up!” Daniel said, rocking you by the shoulders and pulling you from your slumber. “Good morning Daniel.” you said as you forced your eyes to open. 

“Did we sleep on the couch last night?” you asked as you felt around for your phone. “Yeah you fell asleep during the second movie. I didn’t want to take a chance on waking you up because you seemed so nervous about today.”

“Aww, thanks babe. And yeah, I am really nervous. It’s my first bikini shoot, you know.” You explained as you sat up on the couch. Daniel joined you before saying, “I get it but you’re beautiful and I know you can do this.” 

“So what’s the plan for today?” he asked after kissing you on the cheek. “Okay, so it’s nine now and I need to be there at eleven since the official shoot starts at noon.” you began and Daniel listened intently.

“So I need to go shower, get dressed and then leave.” you finished and Daniel chimed in shortly after. “I’m driving you remember?” he said and you smiled at the thought of him wanting to be with you for this.

“Right, sorry. So we both need to be ready by like ten fifteen okay?” After receiving a nod and some kisses from Daniel, you headed upstairs to the bathroom to begin getting ready.

You figured the other boys would still be asleep for a while but you were quiet anyway as you grabbed your robe and your toiletry bag and slipped into the bathroom. 

You took a quick shower and Daniel showered after you. While Daniel was showering, you put your hair up and applied light makeup. Now, it was time to decide what to wear.

As a model, you didn’t need to show up to set looking gorgeous-in fact, anything more than a little makeup and natural hair was usually frowned upon-but you were still to look somewhat put together.

About ten minutes was done going through your suit case before settling on a pair of ripped light wash skinny jeans and a white off the shoulder top; your outfit made complete with a small Tiffany&Co. necklace given to you by Daniel.

When you were fully ready, you went downstairs to find Daniel completely ready and waiting for you. “You look great, (Y/N).” he complimented. “All set?” he asked, dangling his keys in the air and you nodded with a grin.


The drive was nice and fairly quick, you and Daniel talking and singing a long with the radio the whole way. Before you knew it, you had arrived at your destination and the butterflies began.

“Wait, you’re doing a photoshoot at a hotel?” Daniel asked with amusement as he pulled into the parking lot of the Bel Air hotel. “Yeah, I must have forgot to mention it.” you shrugged and waved at your manager, Sarah.

“Yeah, apparently you forgot to mention a lot of things…” Daniel muttered and you looked to see what he was on about. Sarah pulled into the spot next to you and you and Daniel hopped out to greet her but she wasn’t alone.

“Hi, (Y/N)!!” she exclaimed, getting out of her vehicle along with a handful of male models. “Hi, Sarah. This is my boyfriend Daniel. You haven’t met.” you said quietly and the two of them shook hands and exchanged greetings.

You pointed to the muscular boys that stood behind her and tried not sound rude with your next question. “I, uh, I thought it was going to be an all girls shoot?” you asked and Daniel cleared his throat softly.

“Change of plans!” was all she had to say before she grabbed your hand and led you inside, Daniel following closely behind. “I’m sorry.” you mouthed in his direction before Sarah dragged you to hair and makeup.

You couldn’t tell whether the expression on his face was hurt or jealously and you didn’t ask either. Your prep team had been making small talk as you sat in the chair and Daniel stayed silent across from you.

“Okay, meet us outside in five minutes!” Sarah said before rushing outside herself, your hair dresser and makeup artist leaving as well so it was just you and Daniel.

“Are you mad?” you asked softly, standing up to meet him half way. “No.” he said, pulling you into a hug, careful not to ruin the work your prep team had just done on you.

“Okay, let’s go then.” you said and gave him a quick peck on the lips but as you went to leave he pulled you closer to him. “Just remember, (Y/N), you’re mine.” he growled in your ear, leaving you excited to get home the rest of the day.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: I changed the request a bit just to make it a little more realistic. Originally, the reader was supposed to be a VS angel about to walk her first runway show but I made her going to her first bikini shoot!

Glow Up tips

this summer is a great opportunity to glow up on the asses of those who have slept on you. Hope everyone has an amazing come back and that you all get that “ they got hot this summer”

1. drink plenty of water: i know that this is any every “tips post” but it’ll help you maintain a beautiful complexion, fresh breath, help with weight loss, and so so so much more 

2. coconut oil: this is the shit! use it for your hair, your face, your legs ….everything. 

3.exercise: do your squats, eat healthy food. best form of revenge is a super hot body.

4. post so many selfies on social media …. make sure the photos are super dope and look very luxurious and mysterious and fancy and work on getting more followers. i suggest you look through Russian Instagram to find poses and study selfie angles.

5. have a stunning wardrobe: you don’t need lots of money to dress like you’re rich. it’s all about how you combine your clothes together. chose neat, fshionable clothes. velvet is really in this year and so are lace up dresses and t-shirts. Asos has a very wide range of trendy clothes and it’s not too expensive. You also get 10% off if you’re a student. /p>

6.read and watch lots of movies: get educated and informed over the summer. feed your soul with sophistication. read philosophical books or whatever kind you like . watch old movies. 

7. step OUT of your comfort zone: don’t go to bed unless you’ve done something each day that you have never done before. it’ll be a great t boost for your self confidence. i promise!

8.go out, have fun, takes lots of pictures and post them. it doesn’t have to cost much, a simple trip to the beach will do .. just flash that hot hot summer body.

9. be humble, but still, let those bitches know. 

10. meet new people and post selfies with them.

11. get a haircut or change your haircut or whatever as long as you change something, have a makeover.

12. do weekly DIY spa days: you can make your own pedi, amni, body scrub, facial masks with ingredients from your kitchen. 

13.take good good care of yourself and make sure you’re stress free and happy.

14.stay away from people who make you feel like shit.

15. avoid seeing your fake friends and stick to the passive agressive braging snapchat/IG routine.

16.gloooooow from the inside out. 

 17. if you have super dry hair and split ends like me, for the love of whatever you believe in just ditch the hair Iron and hair curler and blow dryer…these are the enemy..I know it’s super hard to do especially if you always style your hair with heat but try to find an alternative and only use heat once a week if you must.

 18. You should probably consult with your doctor(don’t do this if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding/allergic) …I take biotin once a day and honestly my fingernails grow like crazy and they are super strong and long so I don’t put on acrylics…it’s also good for your hair and metabolism.

 19. dry hair ? almond oil and jojoba oil itchy scalp/dandruff ? add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo dull hair ? Mayo . and anything can be solved with coco oil.

 20. tea tree oil is a must for clearing ur acne.

 21. soak your feet in baking soda and water and then use a pumic stone to remove dead skin cells. 

 22. for a deep cleansing mask I mix 1 tablespoon of clay with a few drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of cold water. If you have dry skin don’t use tea tree oil and add jojoba oil instead of water.

 23.moisturize your face twice a day after cleaning with grapeseed oil.

 24. for #teamnosleep.. if you have dark circles apply a mask from coffee grinds and almond oil twice a day then rinse witb cold water and moisturize with a good (preferably natural) eye cream.

 25. strech marks ? I’ve got the holy grail. if you have a coffee machine you can reuse the capsules/grinded coffee by emptying it to a container, adding brown sugar and a bit of sesame oil/coconut oil and mix …voila …you have your DIY coffee scrub. leave on for 10 minutes in the shower and use everyday and you will notice your skin begining to repair itself.

26. Your fake friends are treating you like crap and are forgetting your worth?

you are a goddess, you do not deserve to be slept on or even minorly disrespected. Don’t you ever forget that. You should not feel like shit when you are champagne in a crystal glass and they are lukewarm piss in a plastic cup.

do not send them messages wondering why they have changed or start a fight or even send them an angry text, they’ll think they have a worth and actually mean something to you. instead, you ignore them so hard they will even begin doubting their own existence and yet keep posting pics of yourself having fun ( or pretending to have fun) abd be all bougie and uninterested.

 send me your glow up pics dolls and send me more tips🖤🖤

anonymous asked:

can you do a what kind of gf each sign is

Aries: the adventurer, she will be your human alarm clock and morning coffee all into one, she will tease you a lot and say ‘just kidding!’ at the end of it, she is very touchy-feely, warm and has a heart of gold. her love is priceless and strong. you’ll wake up with her in a tent in a foreign country as she sleeps nosily next to you and you’ll pull her in closer with a smile on your face.

Taurus: the poet, the one that relates every song she hears, movie she watches, and poem she reads, to you. she cares for you like no other with every empathetic bone in her body. she will love you through the very roughest of times. you can never win an argument against her though. when she is sad, when she is happy, when she is angry: everything she says will sound like a poem and you’ll wonder how you got so lucky.

Gemini: the kitten, 
she will make every day different, her kisses will slow time, her laugh will echo through your bones and sometimes you will get annoyed that she is so loud but when she is gone, the silence will feel like torture. she is playful and erratic, she studies you every day and leans you slowly. she guards her heart like a game but gives you whispers of walkthroughs in her smile.

Cancer: the daydream, the one that isn’t afraid to tell you how much she loves you every single day. will avoid confrontation like the plague. she will want to do every romantic thing in the book with you like slow dance in the kitchen at 2am while you make dinner together. she could write you a novel about the little things she loves about you that no one else even notices. she feels like home.

Leo: the pleaser, she will want to share her life with you, will be very open, loving and generous. her friends become your friends. will not stop taking selfies of you two together though. she will indulge in your happiness. she will make time for you through her busy day as if you two are the only sole survivors of an apocalypse. she will protect you from the things she had to endure.

Virgo: the submissive, likes to pretend she is tough and in control but she is willing to do anything you ask of her tbh. she likes to make you happy and see you smile. she wants to be your best friend and the love of your life at the same time. she can get snappy when she’s having a bad day but most of the time is very chill and humorous. she’s the type to drop all her work and show up for you when you most need it.

Libra: the mediator, the intellectual, the flirt. she will wake you up with rose petals but make you chase her all day. she loves to just talk to you 24/7 and keep the peace. she’s the type to plan a busy day for the both of you tomorrow but she won’t wake you up because she thinks you look too perfect and you’ll both spend the whole day cuddling instead.

Scorpio: the warrior- will never want to leave you no matter how badly you treat her but can make your life a passive aggressive hell instead. she will respect you, always listen to you and court you- she’ll want to tell you her deepest pains at 3 in the morning while you sleep as if you are her own personal diary. she’s the type to show up in the rain at 2am after a fight and angrily kiss you without saying a word, it’ll feel like heaven and hell collided.

Sagittarius: the traveller, she’ll travel your mind in ways you never thought someone could- she’ll ask just the right questions to known you better than you know yourself. she always knows what’s wrong and she always knows what to say. she’s the girl to tell you how it is, she doesn’t live in a fairytale but she makes reality seem like a dream. when you lay in bed with her at night you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure.

Capricorn: the teacher, she’ll teach you how it’s like to live as her, she’ll teach you how to be a better person. she’ll teach you so many things about yourself that you feel lost without her. she puts her walls high, but she expects you to make the effort if you care about her. she is deeply romantic and compassionate: her love with soothe any pain you face throughout your days and she’ll teach you that you’re never alone in anything you do if you have her.

Aquarius: the stranger, she’s so wonderfully unique and insane you’ll never find a love like hers again. she’s like flirting with a stranger on the train. she’s the most interesting conversation you’ve ever had. she’s like a once-in-a-lifetime photo captured, right in front of you. she will detach much like a stranger, then go all in like you’ve known her your whole life. she’ll make you question everything about love and it’s purpose, you will decide it is painful and strange, and yet you will still fall madly for her.

Pisces: the princess, once you slay the dragon and make her yours, she will sacrifice a lot for you and work to keep you happy. she will introduce you to her perfect dreamland and provide a place at the throne. to her, you are royalty and she treats you like you are irreplaceable. she is a princess: graceful, friendly, strong. she loves to be loved, by you, and everyone. she dreams of a prince who can make her feel as loved as the heroines she constantly reads about.

BTS REACTION: Them being insecure and you comforting them

@thewitchofthewillowtree Thanks for everything, you’re such a doll 😭.


He was on top of you, kissing you slowly, breaking the kiss only to remove his shirt. You were staring at him, taking in his beautiful face and body. “Everything about you is so sexy,”. Seokjin laughed, “Not my fingers”. Despite the fact that he meant it as a joke, you didn’t appreciate the joke because you knew he was insecure about them. You demanded his hand and after he gave it to you, you stared into his eyes and sucked them one by one. He watched you with lust and surprise on his face. “Like I said, every part is incredibly sexy. Because they’re apart of you, and I love YOU,”. Smiling his kissed your lips softly. “Thank you Jagi, I love you too,”.


You were watching Namjoon during his photo shoot, unable to tear your eyes from the gorgeous man in front if you. The sexy looks and smiles he sent your way made you eager to have him alone. So as soon as you entered your home, you threw him on the couch, straddling him. “You don’t know how sexy you are,”. He chuckled, “I really don’t,”. You could tell by his expression he meant it. “Why don’t you believe you’re good looking?”. Shrugging, he looked away from you. “I was always told by fans that I wasn’t,”. You slowly slid peppered kisses on his jawline “I happen to think you’re perfect,” you said looking into his eyes. He blushed and pulled you close for a deep kiss. “I love you,”.


The two of you were walking a fairly busy street at night, drinking coffee and talking. You were excited about pictures from his most recent concert and raved about how handsome and sexy he was. Chuckling, he made an off hand comment: “I’m not good looking,”. You paused and glared at him. “I am SO sick of you saying things like that! Matter of fact…”. You walked over to the nearest bench, stood on it, and screamed, “MIN YOONGI IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!! HIS EYES, HIS SMILE, HIS LIPS, EVEN HIS NOSE IS CU-”. Wrapping his arms around you waist, he snatched you down for the bench and covered your mouth. “OKAY I GET IT Y/N”. Pulling you along after him, he muttered a thank you as you noticed the blush on his face.


“The maknaes deserve to go on Hit the Stage more than I do,”. As soon as Hoseok said those words, you got upset. He had filmed for a variety show the other day and the episode finally aired while he was at practice. The words upset you because he always underestimated his abilities. When he came home and greeted you, you told him you needed to speak with him. He became nervous and asked why and you showed him the clip. “Why do you do this?? We all know you work harder than ANYBODY on the choreography! Dance is YOUR thing!! Jimin and Jungkook have plenty of other things. Let yourself have a chance to shine, okay?? STOP UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF, YOU’RE AMAZING!!”. By time you finished you were yelling and he was silent. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell I just…wish you’d believe in yourself a bit more sometimes,”. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he shook his head. “No, you’re right Jagi. I’ll be more confident, okay?”


He was distant all day and wouldn’t tell you what was wrong. It was late afternoon and you had finally had enough. You strolled into the bedroom and jumped on him where he lay. When he made no attempt to move you, you straddled him. “Ya! Park Jimin! You’re gonna tell me what’s going on RIGHT NOW. I’m your girlfriend, let me support you,” you demanded angrily. He sighed and pulled you into his arms, hiding his face in your neck. “I gained 20 lbs…are you disgusted with me?”. You didn’t respond, only pulled away from him and began to tug at the hem of his shirt. He started to object, wanting to be serious but you simply said, “Take it off,” in a tone he’d never heard you use. After he complied, you kissed him slowly and softly, tasting him throughly. Then you trailed wet kisses along his jawline, neck, and chest. You made sure you take sure to go excruciatingly slow on his stomach, placing kisses so gentle he found it endearing. “Jimin, no matter what you look like, I’ll always love you.But if you must know, you’re perfect to me,”. He began to get teary and he pulled you into his arms, not trusting himself not to cry if he spoke.


“Y/N, am I…wierd?”. You cocked your head at Taehyung when he asked you that question. “Did something happen?” you asked. “Well, the fans still tease me about being super wierd so I was just wondering if I should stop..”. You got irritated by that, “Stop what? Being yourself?”. Before he could respond you grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “You just think differently than others. Even if you do act a little crazy sometimes, it’s not a bad thing, Tae. In fact, your crazy, overactive personality is what I love about you. So don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself,”. Smiling, he drew you into his arms, cooing about how cute you were, smoothering you in kisses.


“Take it from the top,” the man said with obvious frustration. Jungkook sighed, leaned into the mic and began singing the song beautifully. That is, until he suddenly cut off for the 6th time in a row. “You know what? I think we need a break. Take 10 everybody,” the man announced, drawing a hand over his face. He turned to you. “Please talk to him. Find out what’s going on,”.

You had come to Jungkook’s recording session for a new solo song to support him. But so far, he seemed highly upset and unsatisfied with everything— specifically himself. You watched as he threw his papers on the floor before sliding down the wall, sitting beside them. You came over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Kook, what’s going on? You sounded amazing, why do you keep getting upset?”. He was visibly upset, a distant look in his eyes. “It’s not good enough. I can’t hit the notes I used to. My voice sounds a lot harsher too..”. Your eyes widen in surprise; you never knew he was insecure about the way his voice sounded, but then again, his voice WAS finally changing. You shook your head and held his head in your hands, forcing him to look at you. “Jungkook, your voice is changing so of course it doesn’t sound the same. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. It sounds richer and actually those high notes were even better than Jimin’s,”. He chuckled softly at that. You took the opportunity to make him laugh again, because the sentimental stuff wasn’t really either of your things. You stood up and attempt to sing and dance “Cheer Up” by Twice. He laughed so hard tears formed, begging you to stop. You laughed along with him, sitting down again, going back to being talking. “Besides, if you really sucked, Yoongi definitely would’ve told you by now. But seriously…I believe in you Kook. You’re amazing and this song will be too. So you know, give it your best,”. He blushed, pulled you in his arms and shyly kissed you. “I love you,” he whispered.

“Carnations” (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: A carnation fundraiser, an iota of possibility, and a longtime secret crush on your hot best friend - what could go wrong?

many thanks to the phenomenal @buckyywiththegoodhair for beta-reading! you witty, pliable, sun goddess with beautiful curls - i adore you!

a/n: i loved reading all of your theories and comments! that said, i’m waaaaay too predictable ;) -j. x

“Carnations” (Masterlist)

Maybe your head is unable to function after the many hours of crying into your pillow or maybe your heart is burnt out from the tsunami of emotions. For some reason, all words and social etiquette have escaped you, and you’re left dumbly staring at the blonde standing in front of you.

“Hey, (Y/N). Uh, we’ve never met in person, but my name is Sharon Carter.”

Ah – this is blonde girl who asked if you were okay right before you sprinted out of the Student Gov office. Your manners snap back into place and you hold out a hand. “Sorry I’m a little out of right now. You’re on Student Gov, right?”

“Yes. I’m the VP of External Affairs. I work closely with Steve.”

Steve’s betrayal is still very raw, your lungs feel like they’re going to collapse at the sound of his name. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m not really in the mood to socialize,” you say, your voice low and strangled.

“Wait!” Sharon draws in a breath before letting it rush out. “Dot was lying about the carnations. Steve wasn’t playing a cruel joke, because he never sent the flowers to you.”

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hello!! so i think i’m speaking for a lot of us when i say that louis’ interview with the observer left us all very sad and very upset and so so full of love for our precious boy. “and then there’s me,” might just be four words but they’re four words that show us how vulnerable louis has felt because of the way he’s been treated by some people, and how he’s be relegated to the sidelines so often. he doesn’t realize just how truly  fundamental he is to the success of one direction and how much he means to all of us.

so that brings me to a little fan collaborative i’m calling “and then there’s louis.”

if you feel comfortable, i’d like you to send me a photo of yourself holding a sign that says something you love about louis, or something he’s helped you with. if you’d like, you can send a clip of yourself saying it, or if you don’t want your face to be shown, just a photo of the sign is cool. i’d like to compile it all into a short video for louis as a small token to show him how much we appreciate him.

photos/clips can be submitted or emailed to me at andthenthereslouis@gmail.com! (you can send as many entries as you’d like!)

please reblog and retweet to spread the word, i’ll be accepting everything until a week after the release of back to you. if you have questions, feel free to message me!

- much love, syeda @audreil ♥️

banner by the lovely sarah @iamlouis !

Proximity (01)-My Place at Six

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

Warnings: fluffy, some language

Proximity (00)-Prologue, Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor, Proximity (03)-Forty Percent, Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes, Proximity (05)-If You Want, Proximity (06)-Oblivion, Proximity (07)-IDFCProximity (08)-Last Night, Proximity (09)-Boo at the Zoo pt.1,

“Really, (Y/N),” Sebastian grumbled as his neighbor turned friend approached the table they normally sat at together. “It’s seven in the morning and you’re already calling me a diva on Instagram?”

“You’re the one who ordered two drinks,” she teased in reply and sat down across from him, dropping her canvas satchel in the seat beside her.

“One’s for caffeine and the other is for taste,” he huffed as if she should have predicted that. “Besides, it’s going to be a long morning for me,” he sighed again as he tapped his pen against the table. “And I’m not a fucking weirdo who gets five shots of espresso like some people,” he said before locking eyes with her.

“That was one time and it was by accident,” (Y/N) protested as she sipped her latte.

“You fell asleep in the cab!” he laughed. “I had to carry you to your apartment!”

“And I’ve learned from my mistake,” she sighed. “Only two shots…for now.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at (Y/N) as she flipped her watch to face her.

“You better not get another coffee when you get to campus,” he chastised her.

“Says the guy who already had a cup in his apartment and then buys two more,” she laughed, an arrogant smirk falling onto her lips.

“How do you know I had one this morning?” he quickly asked her and looked up from his work.

“Your coffee maker is like Shocky from How I Met Your Mother; my lights flicker every time you use it.” Slowly, her eyes crept over the table and landed on the papers tucked beneath his arms. “What are you working on?” she asked, trying to pluck the sheets from his grasp.

“Top secret! Sorry, civilians aren’t allowed to see,” he teased while shoving he papers away from (Y/N).

“Marvel is really buckling down on you guys, huh?” she asked while continuing to sip on her drink.

“After Tom Holland forgot to turn his script in,” Sebastian muttered under his breath.

“Come on, cut him some slack,” (Y/N) pestered Sebastian in return by shoving his arm. “He burnt the script as soon as he got home.”

“Or that’s what he wants you to think!” (Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh at Sebastian as he sipped his iced coffee.

“Okay, Seb, calm down,” she chuckled, “your Mackie is showing.”

“It’s seven thirty, don’t you have Psychology and the Legal System in half an hour?” Sebastian asked as he checked the time on his phone.

“Damn, do you have my whole schedule in there?” she asked while propping herself up on her elbows and leaning over the narrow table to look at his phone screen, leading him to laugh at her sarcastically. “My professor canceled this morning, but I do have to run into the library before my next class and print off my report.”

“The one for Maladaptive Behaviors and Psychopathology?”

“Seriously, Sebastian, do you have my schedule memorized or something?” she laughed as she shifted her book bag onto her shoulder, preparing to make the short hike to John Jay College for Criminal Justice.

“I like to know when I’ll be seeing you again,” he said wit ha smile in his voice. “Plus you slam your door when you leave, let your books and papers lay scattered around your apartment, and meticulously date things.”

“Well, I’m sorry my organization had lead to your inconvenience,” she huffed and took a long last sip of her latte.

“It’s not an inconvenience to me,” he laughed while drinking his iced coffee. She hurriedly grabbed his green tea frappachino and took a sip before placing it back in front of Sebastian and smirking at him.

“Stalker.” (Y/N) gave him a short wink before walking about of the Starbucks and making her way toward her college campus to prepare for a short day of intense classes.

Sebastian slumped forward over his newest script, Logan Lucky, where he would be playing a NASCAR driver, and took a long sip of his drink. He finished his first ordered drink and then dropped it into the trashcan beside his table.

Seb Stan: You’re from the south, right?

(Y/N) had tried desperately to lose her southern accent but one night, when tipsy and watching a movie at Sebastian’s place, she let slip one too many ‘yalls’ and said ‘ain’t’ a few too many times as well. He picked up on it quickly and, thinking about it now, he smiled at how free she was when not focusing on managing her accent.

       Cute Neighbor: who told you? 😒

Seb Stan: Your drunk-ass!!

Seb Stan: Tell me about NASCAR 😫

       Cute Neighbor: Seb, I’m in class!

       Cute Neighbor: Since when do you care about NASCAR?

Sebastian smirked and twirled his phone between his fingers, knowing she’d eventually call him when she was free. Slowly, he flipped through the photos on his phone, allowing smiles to creep onto his lips as his eyes landed on her gentle face and soft hair.

Ever since they met three months ago, Sebastian had been completely entranced by everything she had to offer. She was constantly upbeat and playful in her mannerisms. More than anything he enjoyed the realism in their relationship. She wasn’t just apart of his life because of his fame, she didn’t know him because of convenience of status or through mutual friends of celebrity; he met her through proximity and has gotten to know her through the same thing.

“Hey neighbor,” (Y/N) called over the phone.

“Are you outside?” Sebastian asked.

“Yeah,” she huffed as though out of breath. “Don’t tell my advisor, but I’m skipping our meeting.”

“Don’t do that, (Y/N),” he huffed lightly.

“I’ll reschedule,” she said. He could almost hear the shrug in her voice. “I’m going to go home and work on a couple of worksheets.”

“Okay,”Sebastian replied. “Are you free for dinner?”

“Oooh, Seb are you asking me out on a date?”

“NASCAR, remember?” Sebastian huffed, unable to hold back the smile forming on his face as (Y/N) alluded to going out on a date.

“Oh right,” she huffed. “Your place or mine?” 

“Mine,” Sebastian called back to her. “Do you want to order food or cook?”

“I can cook tonight,” she said softly. “After all, you have bought me coffee twice this week; it’s the least I can do.”

“Alright, so my place at six?” he asked.

“Sounds good to me.” He couldn’t help the smile rising onto his face.

“Okay then, it’s a date,” he teased with a smirk, a sense of hope lingering in his chest.

Cat Nap

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Cat Nap
[Gray comes home to see you asleep in his bed.]

After a long work shift, you found yourself dragging your feet, dreading the commute home. You had to take two buses and climb up six flights of stairs just to get to make it to your creaky bed. Maybe it was time to just flip the mattress? But who actually had time for that?

Instead of heading home you found yourself stopping off in Hongdae. Just a few blocks from the station was your boyfriends apartment. You were completely on autopilot as you made your way to his unit. Typing in his key code and dropping your bag by the door. Slipping your shoes and your jacket off you padded into his room and sank down on his bed. Sunghwa was always a little over the top when it came to decorative blankets and pillows and as much as you teased him for it, you adored how comfortable it made his bed. 

It was like sleeping on a cloud. It never creaked, the springs didn’t hurt your back. And on top of it all, it smelled like him. His cologne mixed with his natural scent and it was just so welcoming. You weren’t in bed two minutes before you were whisked off to a deep sleep. 

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One of my favorite things about the k-pop fandom is that their could be a picture of an idol where their face is completely covered by a hat and face mask, and their will still be tags of exactly who it is, what day it was taken, and about how your dying because of how amazing they look

Finding Closure (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,366

Warnings: angst, language, introspection, fluff. I’m a chump.

A/N: Happy 4th, America and Happy Birthday Steven G. Rogers! I hope everyone likes this ending. I’m a chump. The gif only sorta fits. He’s so cute.  This is the final part for my submission for @sgtbxckybxrnes’s AU Challenge. My prompt was innocent enough: 28 .“____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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so, last week i was thinking somebody should write a comic about a shy teen superhero whose powers are fueled directly by her own sense of embarrassment

then i, uh, wrote a ten-page script for it? and wound up kind of liking it a lot?

so consider yourself cordially invited to read issue #1 of my extremely indie superhero comic, and if you wish, you can illustrate it inside your mind, using the power of imagination!

(A teen girl sits on a swivel chair in her bedroom, facing the viewer. She’s got braces and glasses. Her hair is in a messy braid.)

PONNI: Hi! My name is Ponni Murthy. I’m sixteen, and um…

(We zoom out a little. She’s wearing a T-shit that says “The Moon ROCKS!” She’s holding a cane—covered in glow-in-the-dark star stickers—in one hand, and a stuffed animal cat—wearing a sloppily homemade astronaut costume—in the other. Posters cover the walls: fantasy movies, rocket ships, Ada Lovelace, Aamir Khan, Sally Ride, etc. She has multiple posters of the solar system. She gestures dramatically with her cane-hand)


(We return to her face. She looks very earnest.)

PONNI: That’s not, uh, directly relevant to the story, I just—I love it, so much.

(She has now taken on a pensive expression)

PONNI: I love a lot of stuff. But I used to feel a little weird about that.

(She is cheerful again)

PONNI: This is the story of how I got over (some of) my shyness, and rescued a gymnasium full of people, using dark powers I only kind of understand!

PONNI: We begin last year…

(Close-up on her stuffed cat, which is now holding a title card that reads): THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF PONNI MURTHY A.K.A. SHAME-FLAME THE UNCONQUERABLE)

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Bucky X Reader

Summary: he was your everything but apparently you weren’t his. Left with nothing but some memories where will life take you?

Warnings: Super angst right from the first sentence, Sam being awesome

A/N: ok I know I shouldn’t be starting something new when I’m working on something but this can to me and I needed to write it out before it left me. I’m tagging some people that have helped me write and make a better story. I hope I have put all your advice to good work. @annadier @marvelous-imagining and @metalarmproblems And the always amazing @veronicalei

“You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I do? I don’t know what I did wrong, not to make you leave me.”

“I know she’s perfect, she’s everything you deserve but I thought, maybe for once, I could be enough for someone, for you. You said I was everything you could ever need. Did you ever want me though? If you only needed me, you could have needed me and just been my friend. Why drag me through this and give me so much, only to say none of it was real?” Your cries have fallen on deaf ears. His back is now turned from you shutting you out once more.

The words were echoing in your head they were the first moments of everything crumbling down around you. You couldn’t stay here anymore. He wanted you gone.

You hastily scribbled out a note it was written on the back of one of your pictures making it hard to write on and puncturing the photo at times. Your hand was shaky and tears blurred you vision. You were determined however to get this out and send it to him.

“I’m sorry. I should have seen the signs earlier, but then again I guess I did. I was just fooling myself into thinking I could hold on to you longer when that’s probably when I already lost you. I’m sorry I kept you from her, I won’t bother you anymore. I hope one day you’ll forgive me for keeping you from her for so long.“

You write Love before scribbling it out and simply put your name.

You slide it under the door and walk away. He wouldn’t get it for a few days as he was gone on a mission. That left you with enough time to make a clean get away, not that anyone was going to come after you.

You weren’t a part of the team, didn’t work with them, didn’t technically live with them either. You were just dating one of the members. Well dated one of them. In fact if he hasn’t said anything they may not notice your absence for awhile thinking you were busy or something.

You had come to collect everything that you had left here. The clothes, the nic-nacs you had collected over time, photos, really anything that could remind him of you. He moved on and didn’t need your junk in the way. Carting it all away you drop most of it down the garbage shoot putting an end to that. You walked into the main lounge and collected a couple more things. With a final look around you said goodbye and the door shut it all from your view.

“FRIDAY, I’m leaving now you can revoke my access privileges as per his request.”

“All right, Miss (Y/L). It has been nice knowing you. Have a pleasant day.”

“I’ll try FRIDAY.”

Stepping out of the building you head out not quite knowing where you were going but knowing it was far away from here.

The team had gotten back from a grueling mission, they were all banged up and suffering from an arrangement of injuries but none needed professional medical help. A couple bandaids would do the trick and a hot shower for everything else. They filed out of the quinjet; to their surprise you weren’t waiting there for them. Usually you would be fidgeting waiting to see that each one was back and relatively unharmed.

Sam was the first to speak up “Hey man where is (Y/N)?” He asks Bucky. “She knew we were coming back today, yes? You text her?”

Bucky stiffens forgetting that you wouldn’t be here any more. He shrugs attempting to take the subject off you and more so him.

“Man, I could really use a hug from her right now. You know check over my injuries, berate me for getting injured in the first place.” He jokes with the others. They all chuckle knowing that is exactly what you would do to all of them. Well except Bucky, you would be pampering and nitpicking his every move just to reassure yourself that he was safe.

“Maybe she fell asleep waiting for us. FRIDAY, we’re back, is (Y/N) in the building?” Tony asks, you had done that a couple times before because of the lateness of a mission.

“No Sir she is not. She has not been back since two days ago. She collected some of her stuff and hasn’t been back since.”

“Oh, alright I’ll just have to text her since other people seem to have forgotten.” He says shooting Bucky a glare. Bucky can’t meet his eyes knowing the true reason to why you weren’t there.

They shuffle to their separate rooms to shower and change. They all eventually drift back to the kitchen when their stomachs announce their need for food. All but Bucky had come down, Steve the concerned friend he always was went to get him. Knocking on the door he found Bucky standing in his room showered but staring at the bed. It was nicely made the grey comforter pulled up and the pillows tucked under and plumped. The room was perfectly squared away not a thing out if place it seemed odd but Steve shrugged it off and continued in to the room.

He places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder causing him to jump at the touch. “Hey just wanted to let you know that there is dinner in the kitchen everyone is waiting for you. Have you heard anything from (Y/N) yet?” Bucky shakes his head. “Hey what’s up with you you’ve been weird for this whole mission and even now?”

“Its nothing Steve, I just been dying to sleep in my own bed now.”

He rolls his shoulder pushing Steve’s hand off of him. He heads out leaving Steve behind, Steve takes a deep breath and drops his head. He was only trying to help. A picture on the ground catches his eyes, he stoops down to pick it up. It’s the picture from one of your days on the beach together. Bucky and You had romped along the beach all day playing in the water and building numerous sand castles only to have the other knock it down. Here though you both had laid down tired from the day, your head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around you both sleeping under an umbrella. It was one of your favorites, flipping it over he reads your words.

His heart breaks, suddenly everything makes sense. Bucky’s attitude, he wouldn’t focus to save his life missing quite a few easy shots during the mission; the room, he looks up none of your personal things could be seen, there was nothing scattered about like you usually have. So thats what happened, he whips around and chases Bucky down. He starts waving the photo as he sees him sitting at the kitchen counter, not fully taking in his surroundings.

“What the heck is this?” Shoving it in his face. Bucky grabs it and looks at the photo before turning it over. He reads the words but doesn’t quite comprehend it all, so he sits and stare trying to make it say something else. He thought he wanted to move on from you that you weren’t enough but now, he wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t cared while you had screamed at him and begged him to explain.

“Answer me Bucky what happened between you and (Y/N)? Why isn’t she coming back?” You could here a pin drop it was so silent in the room all gaping at Bucky.

“That’s why she is not here?“ Tony half standing now from where he had been sitting on the couch.

“Tell me!” Steve snaps. Taking Bucky by the collar and forcing him to look him in the eye.

“I….I broke up with her.” He whispers, “Right before the mission.” His voice keeps getting smaller.

“Why? Why would you ever want to do that?” Steve pleads. “She was your everything. You couldn’t stop talking about her when she wasn’t with you and when she was you were attached at the hip. She’s your best friend, a kind of friend I can never be.”

“I thought…” He trails off not wanting to phrase the next part wrong . “I thought I wanted something else… someone else.”

“You arrogant son of a… Did you cheat on her?” Tony growls.

“No I couldn’t do that. Not to her.”

“But you could break up with her out of the blue after she gave you everything!”

“Hey whoa back up, now let’s calm down and talk it out” Sam is standing pulling Tony back by the shoulder trying to mediate before tensions could rise further. “Sit down Tony this isn’t going to help anything.”

Tony sits with a huff. Sam faces Bucky meeting his eyes. “Bucky I’m guessing you’re regreting breaking up with her now. Why?”

“I walked in the room and nothing felt right it wasn’t home, I looked for anything to hold on to buts all gone. She took everything of hers is gone even out here. The book she kept on the side table. The bankets, even the pillows every single one is gone. She disappeared and it like I’m missing a part of myself. I don’t know what to do.“

“And this person you were leaving her for, she doesn’t make you feel this way? Does she make you happy? Maybe you just need to get used to the idea that (Y/N) is gone.”

Protests were heard all around. Sam held up his hands shushing them as he went to explain himself. Bucky was looking even more confused staring now down at his hands like they held the answer.

“All I’m saying is I don’t want you trying to get her back just because you are used to her being there. She was a constant but you drifted away from her for a reason. I want you to decide whether she is everything you could ever want and need now and forever. That she is going to be the only one always. Or you can let her go and you both move on with your lives. You need to know she is not just going to let you back in after what you did to her. You are going to have to fight to get her back. It may take a long while longer than either of you may like but you have left a very broken girl in your wake. I want to you to be absolutely certain you love her with all you have.”

Now everyone is staring at Sam. They tend to forget he is a councillor for the VA so everything that he just said made so much sense and very true. Now the question was he willing to fight for you?

To be continued……

@metalarmproblems and @veronicalei
what it would be like dating tom holland part 2

a few people requested a part 2 and as i’ve already done harrison osterfield’s one i wouldn’t to make this one! btw i won’t make imagines but i can make headcanons (waking up with tom, breakfast, afternoon walks, etc) if you want me to you just have to request it!

part 1 |  request | dating harrison osterfield

  • raspy, tired, deep morning voice (like this one)
  • having the joy of him saying “princess” in a higher voice to tessa
  • him making grabby hands at you when you leave the bed to get dressed
  • little smiles and smirks when he watches you getting dressed, you always blushing 
  • tom always wanting approval of an outfit he wears, whether or not it looks good on him 
  • him giving you his clothes because he already knows you love to wear them
  • him being shoOK when you wear his clothes, blushing like crazy, giggling and just staring at you in his clothes
  • seriously he’d practically die seeing you in his clothes
  • harry, sam and paddy love you to bits, you have a soft spot for each of them in your heart
  • tom’s super clingy and needy in the mornings, nights, when he hasn’t seen and especially when he’s drunk
  • “pay attention to meee” “don’t go” he gets super pouty
  • “you left i don’t wanna talk to you” “tom i had to pee i was gone 3 minutes” “and your point is?”
  • koala hugging you in the mornings so you don’t escape his grasp
  • he loves it when you sit on lap too
  • nothing sexual just sitting there, him holding you resting his head on your shoulder, running his hands up and down your thighs
  • him loving to visit your country (if you live overseas) see the place you grew up, your favourite hot spots, listening to every story that comes with each place, room, or building
  • just listening to music, laying in bed, not even having to talk to know things are okay
  • whenever you’re sad he’ll either let you be and let you handle yourself on your own or; come up to the bedroom and wrap his arms around you and just stay with you for a bit til you’re ready to talk
  • having a group chat between you, haz and tom sharing stupid memes of them and posting them on social media and having them blast you in the chat
  • tom loving to share posts of you on ever social media because he can’t get enough of you and needs everyone to know he loves you so much
  • tom loving it when you run your hands through his hair 
  • practically moaning when you do it, pulling on the ends of his hair a little
  • him rubbing his hand up and down your arm and you leaning into him 
  • him going stiff when you wrap your arms around his waist, because he gets butterflies every time you touch him
  • clingy drunk koala tom 
  • him loving the nicknames you give him “gorgeous, honey, sweetie, baby, babe, tommy” he blushes to each and everyone
  • forehead nudging you to wake you up, or kissing you all over
  • having the different times in different places of the world for wherever you live
  • you doing the same for whatever country he’s in now
  • he really likes to hold your face when you kiss, just caressing your cheek when you two kiss
  • loves to kiss you from your chin, both cheeks, forehead, nose then your lips because you get all flustered by it
  • Eskimo kisses
  • drawing patterns on each others skin in the mornings, nights and whenever you’re alone
  • you don’t need to talk all the time to know that everything between you two is okay
  • kisses down your chest towards your stomach when you’re sleeping
  • carrying you to bed if you fall asleep on the couch
  • little stares from across the room, pulling faces at him to make him laugh
  • having a secret (or already) fan account dedicated to him posting memes, talking and befriending other fans and just posting about how much you love him
  • sharing photos of him and people wondering where you got them ;))
  • wanting to match clothes almost everyday
  • “but love, if you wear baby blue so should i” “tom one day without us wearing match clothes is fine” “but, loooovee”
  • sending him photos of you and tessa bonding and him just reply with a sad face :(( because he doesn’t get to be there with you two

request other types of headcanons | harrison’s version

psycho 05/taehyung

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

warning and a note: this story has some sexual harassment/slight violence (knife) in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story

note: in this chapter i mention his brother but because I don’t know his name i put h/b/n instead which stands for his brothers name 

note2: sorry for any mistakes I will try and fix them later on

summary: it’s going to be okay I promise


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Photographs (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Self-concsiousness
A/N: more josh dun? More Josh Dun. sorry if this seems all over the place, Idk were I was going with it. Alsoooo I made a reference to one of their old vines :3c

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The one where you just want to be happy.

Originally posted by simplybridal

Surprise surprise! The third addition to the Divorce Series AU. I was so happy by the reaction I received from you guys that I thought you deserved another update ASAP. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

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10 Years (The Surprise)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: alcohol, cursing, mention of sex,

A/n: I don’t know how many more parts are left for this series, maybe another two? so I won’t be tagging anyone else in it <3 Enjoy this part. thank you to @dylan-trash-tbh and @golddaggers for helping me out with this <3

Tagging:  @chelseareys @nervousmemzie  @apollogirl13 @janeerikabrady @nerdishstylist @typingtwombly @maddie110201 @ashleyswriting @ashleyjeanvanheel @dtescohmi @atlas-of-the-world  @archiekins-ronnie @itsall-inmy-head @darlingimafangirl @ivette29 @henrietteoaks

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (you are here) | Part 6

Found this gif on google images, credit to the owner. If I could make a gif this good I wouldn’t need to write!

“I could do this all day,” Stiles whispered against your lips, a sweet smile resting on his face. He hovered over you on your bed, his elbow propped him up, and he stared down at you. You giggled, biting your lip.

“Then do it all day,” He rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms around you protectively and nuzzling his face into your neck, the scruffiness of his stubble rubbing against you. “I mean it, I don’t ever want to leave this.” You whispered to him, getting comfortable on your bed. 

Stiles let out a soft sigh, nodding his head in your neck, “I know, and I won’t ever leave you.” Being with Stiles for the past year changed your life completely, he was the sweetest and most down to earth guy that you’ve ever met, and you knew from that moment, that you would never be able to leave him.

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Oncologist! Jihoon

Originally posted by lobeu-my-carrots

  • Is amazing at his job
  • He’s known as a hard ass to work with but everyone looks up to him
  • Is an amazing surgeon
  • All the interns had a love hate relationship with them
  • He was super strict but was considered on of the top oncologists in the country so it was an honour to work with him
  • If they ever brought up or made fun of his height he would make their rotation with him a living hell
  • He knew he was short, he didn’t need reminding. But if you really wanna make fun of the guy who is one the best oncologists in Korea maybe even the world you kinda deserve it
  • Workaholic to the max
  • It was once rumored that he sold his apartment and just lived in the on-call room
  • Seriously, it’s live he never left though

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Change of Plans: Part one

A/N: Okay so, this is the first part of this. It ended up getting super wordy. @themcuhasruinedme was the best and help me write this so go check her out. But I really liked writing this and I hope you guys like it. this is my first Wolverine fic so feedback is appreciated.

Requested by anon:  Hello there ! I was wondering, do you think you could write a angsty Bucky x Reader where he dumps her like trash and she ends up falling in love with Wolverine but Bucky’s also in love with her, please

Word count: 2057 words

Warnings: Cheating, a bit of angst, maybe as curse word idk

Setting down your bag on the table, you slipped of your shoes before looking around your apartment. You noticed it was a bit dirty, so you decided to clean it up before your boyfriend, Bucky got home from the compound today.

Deciding to clean the bedroom first you started by making the bed and picking up any trash that had missed the basket. Once you finished that you decided to run a quick load of clothes.

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“We Don’t Talk Anymore” || Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Word Count: 3k

Genre: Angst

Seoul was a busy place full of busy people. It seemed that no matter what road you took or corner you turned, there was always somebody with somewhere to go.

It was normal by now to you, being the odd one out. The one who didn’t exactly fit. Everybody else had become puzzle pieces that all fit perfectly together and you just happened to be a little bit bigger than the rest.

It kept you awake at night, questioning why you were still here. Wondering why the urge to leave wasn’t as strong as you wanted it to be.

Of course you knew in the end it was almost always directly related to him. There wasn’t a moment anymore where he wasn’t on your mind. There wasn’t a moment where you could think freely about anything else.

It had been a couple months since you had last talked to Jin. Maybe longer, you didn’t know. Your brain just took day after day in as a blur because you didn’t want to think about how much pain you were really in.

He had been gone for so long, and he’d been ignoring you for a while. You weren’t quite sure what had started it at first, but now you couldn’t do anything without pulling out your phone and looking for a reply. Waiting for that moment where he would finally acknowledge you again.

Three months.

Three months without him and here you were, still waiting in the cold, dark, empty abyss that was your apartment. There was nothing here that didn’t remind you of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of his stuff. It was as if one day he would just come back and things would still be the same.

You pulled out your phone and looked at the last message you had received all those months ago. It was a goodnight text from him.

After that you had texted him constantly, but it seemed that the longer you waited, the less you texted. That didn’t change the fact that you still waited up at night for the sound of the door opening and closing as he came home. But you knew it would never come.

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