everything about this makes me happy dont be silly

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so you've done: fave kiho pics, quotes and moments?? how about top five fave kiho moments that KIHYUN's the dominant one? looking at wonho and stuff?? does that make sense

lmfao yall are really finding ways to make me continue this top five thing with kiho skjjskjd and yeah it makes sense, let’s get it.

#1 - listen i love this one bc like why does he find everything wonho does so hilarious like ksjksjd look how smiley and happy he is with wonho being silly next to him i’m really :( // full gifset here

#2 - this one really ksdjfjj i love it, first i love that personal space?? they dont know ha. and then ki watching wonho do the pose and doing the same thing all cutely i’m just wow // full gifset here

#3 - so to put into context since this isnt a gif but like wonho teased him first and then ki just HAD to retaliate and he just had to aim for that spot and they just had to be giggly and smiley and i just had to collapse :) // full video here

#4 - once again, an example of ki finding wonho absolutely hilarious without wonho having to do anything?? get you a man that finds you funny without ya having to try??? also his smile aimed at wonho really warmed my frozen heart once again // full gifset here

#5 - this one right here okay listen you might think it’s not ki centric but i just love how wonho’s being annoying and ki just gives him the look like pipe tf down hoseok and lordt wonho’s smile after i love high cut for blessing me with this // full gifset here & full video here