everything about this is so right

you: Lance is a heavy sleeper.He uses eye patches ,headphones and face masks to help his self sleep .He seems to not be able to sleep easily or wake up at time.

me: you ,a fellow voltron fanatic, disrespected my loyal son who has been suffering from anxiety and homesickness and can’t enjoy sleeping ,even if he had a big loud family or not ,who got used to noise and now that everything is so quiet he tries to be, simply, comfortable ,he,the prettiest boy in the whole universe who has devoted his life treating his self to look good because he’s insecure about every random thing ,tries to feel safe just by keep having a daily routine that reminds him of earth whiLE HES ON FUCKIN SPACE

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Twenty Five

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

A big thanks are owed to @winchesters-favorite-girl and @assbutt-still-in-hell!

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“The destination is ahead on your right,” Jared tapped his finger against the steering wheel of the rental car as he followed the navigation system’s directions. Y/n had no idea he was coming and he wasn’t expecting a warm welcome from her. He slowed the car to a stop in front of the house, taking a deep breath before he climbed out of the car.

The walk to the door seemed to stretch on for hours and Jared paused outside the door, before sucking it up and ringing the bell. He shifted in spot, waiting impatiently for someone to answer the door. He heard voices inside the house until finally the door swung open.

Jared couldn’t help, but smile as the door opened to reveal Y/n standing on the other side. He’d missed seeing and talking to her. Y/n on the other hand, froze as soon as she saw him, a frown pulling across her face. “Go away!”

She went to close the door again, but Jared stuck his foot out, stopping it before it shut again. Y/n shoved the door again, trying to get rid of him, but Jared held strong. He wasn’t letting her get rid of him that fast.

“Listen, I know you’re mad at me, but we need to talk. I need you to hear me out!”

Y/n gave a final shove, but Jared still refused to budge.

“DAD!” Y/n shouted. Jared paused for a second, startled that she was calling him dad again. As soon as he saw Dan coming down the hall behind her, he realized that she wasn’t referring to him, but rather her step father.

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The Best Man Won

Steve Harrington x Reader

I couldn’t help myself, after watching Stranger Things 2, Steve Harrington has hit me right in the feels!

“You know” Y/N started out. “In order to graduate, you need to study” She smirked.

“You know” Steve replied. “In order to graduate, you need to help me” He smugly grinned.

He had been bothering her for months about helping him get everything in line so he’ll actually be able to graduate. And this is the process they have made, sitting in the library at 6pm and Steve, hadn’t written down a single thing.

“Look, Harrington I’m willing to help you but we’ve been here for an hour and you haven’t taken notes on anything” She shrugged, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, slightly frustrated.

It was something Steve adored watching. She was none the wiser to his feelings Steve, had acquired, over the last month.

It was just before Tina’s party that Steve, had asked for her help but then came the break up with Nancy, that shattered him, even though he tried to cover it, Y/N knew Steve had taken it pretty bad and then there was the whole thing with Hawkins Lab, yet again, that had him preoccupied. Y/N didn’t know all the ins and outs that had happened with Hawkins Lab but with the effect it took on Steve, she knew there was a reason why only certain people knew.

Sighing, Steve, closed his books looking over at the brunette sitting across from him. “I’m honestly just really struggling to focus right now” He admitted. His brain felt like it was in overdrive 24/7.

“Fine.” Y/N sighed packing up her stuff also. “How about, for one night” She sternly spoke. “One, Harrington we go out and have some fun” Smiling as she put her things back into her bag.

“How do you feel about D&D” He grinned, packing up his stuff. Watching as the girl he’s been crushing on groan knowing they’re about to be stuck in a basement for hours, possibly days.

“Can I take my offer back?” She cried, grudgingly making their way out of the library.

“Sorry princess, no backsies” He smirked, flinging an arm around her shoulder.

“What are we 5?” She laughed, slapping his chest lightly as they made their way to Steve’s, BMW.

Staring at the kids that seemed to fill the Wheeler household, there was one face that Y/N didn’t recognise.

Elbowing Steve in the ribs, earning a glare in return. “Who’s that?” She whispered, not wanting to bring too much attention to the girl.

“That’s, El, or Jane. I’m not sure what she prefers to go by” He shrugged, making his way towards Dustin, who had the biggest grin on his face.

“Y/N” He almost screamed, completely dodging Steve, running and wrapping his arms around Y/N instead, everyone watching and laughing at Steve’s shocked expression.

“Looks like I’m better Harrington” She winked, sticking her tongue out at him as she enveloped the younger boy in her arms.

El, or Jane, walked up to Steve, a smirk on her face, along with everyone else’s, and closed Steve’s jaw that could have practically been on the floor. “The best man won” She snickered, tapping his chest, twice, and going to sit beside Mike.


Cosplays for sale~~

Everything is made for about a women’s medium, 36-29-38/40, signal boosts appreciated because I’m pretty strapped for cash right now!

Ballet Russes historical costume, $75 (feather not included)
Kid Flash, $115, wig included 
1799 French neoclassical (directoire) historical costume, $200
Hiei, $75, $130 if you want the mostly finished trench coat and $200 if you want me to finish it for you
Scanty, $65 (missing some studs here and there)
Hanayo Koizumi, March UR, $130 (Small stain on the side, but this thing has boning and is hand dyed/painted so usually I’d try to sell it for more)
Karamatsu tank, $30 (you can have the shoes too if you want them but I’m a 6.5 women’s and I wouldn’t want them if I were you)
Stone Free, $60

PM me for details!

You know what kills me? Even if we go into the Last Jedi and literally everything is as we predicted it, I mean ships and plot lines and character motivations and so on and so forth, I mean the whole thing.

People are STILL going to doubt our analyses for the next 2 years. People are still going to act like we don’t know what we’re talking about. Never mind that we’re basically batting 1000 right now, we can’t possibly analyze perfectly AGAIN like there’s fucking odds to reading film language.

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I think the fact that the boys are so grateful for their fans is a big reason for their popularity. They respect Army and give us so much credit. Things like the Vlive after the AMAs shows how humble they are and how much they want to connect with us 💗 I’ve never felt that from other celebs or fandoms

Anonymous said: Bts are really well rounded, great vocalists, outstanding like next level rappers and unreal dancers Plus tbh they’ve got such a personal touch to everything they do and they’re so genuine, you can really tell that they’re good people who give a shit about what they’re putting out into the world. They write their own shit too which is huge for me, and they talk about shit other idols could never talk about (depression, gay rights etc). They’re basically just amazingly kind and amazingly talented

Anonymous said: For the popularity question, FOR SURE how interactive with and considerate they are of us (their fans). All the bangtan bombs, fan meetings, run bts, bts gayo, they put so much effort and time in and they’re all for our entertainment, and their constant tweets and fancafe posts and more than anything THEIR VLIVES!!! They literally performed at the AMAs and got invited to afterparties but instead they went back to their hotel and IMMEDIATELY did one to celebrate w us… I love my bangtan :’)❤️

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Yes - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 19)

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Part 18

When Harry reached the door leading into the hotel room, where you were on the other side, he took a deep breath as he leaned his head against the coolness of the door. There were so many things going through this mind and Mitch was right, he either needed to believe you 100% or ask you straight up about everything. However, he had already asked you and you already said nothing happened with the guy and he was a stalker, so by asking you again, it could cause a rift between you two because you’d think he doesn’t believe you. 

And none of this is something you needed right now. You already had to watch your stress levels when it came to the baby and he knew that this could skyrocket and put you and baby Mac in danger. But you knew Harry too well to know when he was hiding something from you, which could also cause a rift. 

It was a fucked up situation. It was always a fucked up situation. Just like all the past times you and Harry had been together, you were happy and then something came up and everything was fucked up. You two would then argue over something and throw away the relationship in the end. 

But he couldn’t let that happen this time and it wasn’t just because there was a baby involved, but because you were the one for him and he promised himself, promised you, that this time would be different. You two would make it work… your love would make it work. 

He took out the hotel key and swiped it before walking into the bedroom. He took off his trainers and quietly walked into the room, where he saw you fast asleep on the bed, cuddled up with that damn pillow. He smiled a bit as he looked at you when he saw your phone on the table. 

You and Harry weren’t the type of couple who didn’t want the other on their phone, but you also weren’t the type who went through the other’s phone either. He knew it was a long shot, but he took it from the table, typed in the code and went looking through old text messages, emails, and photos. 

Even if you had a thing with the other guy, chances of any trace of that being on your phone, was slim to none, but he still found himself searching. After about ten minutes of searched, he, of course, found nothing. He sighed feeling horrible about his actions because he knew he had broken your trust in that moment. 

He got up from his seat and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the showerhead and stepped in once it was warm enough. Harry put his arms against the shower wall as he let the warm water rush over him. He wished the water could wash away his doubts and ill thoughts like it did the sweat and dirt from his body. 

He was brought out of his thoughts when he felt arms around his waist. He tensed up at first, but his muscles turned into putty as he felt your lips against the skin of his back. He turned around in your arms and pressed his lips against yours. 

You were taken aback by the force and need behind the kiss. You giggled pulling away. 

“Did your run get you that worked up?” You asked looking up at him. 

It was then when you realized there was something more going on with him, the just lusting after you. 

“What’s wrong?” You whispered touching his cheek. 

“Nothing,” he said turning away from your touch. 

“You can’t lie to me, Harry,” you whispered. “What’s wrong?”

He sighed turning around and shutting the water off before grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist as he got out of the shower. You quickly followed him wrapping a robe around you. He didn’t care he was dripping water all over the place as he paced around. 

“Okay, something obviously happened while you were gone,” you said. “Now, will you just tell me what it is?” 

He turned around looking at you. “That fucker confronted me out on the streets during my run. He’s still fucking insisting that you two fucked and that my baby is his…, oh and he claims to have some sort of proof.” 

You shook your head. “And let me guess, you’re starting to believe him over me?” 

“I didn’t say that,” Harry said. 

“You didn’t fucking have to say it!” You said. “It’s written all over your face.”

Harry ran his hand through his wet hair. 

“I can’t believe you’d believe some random ass guy, who I’ve already told you is a fucking stalker, over me, your girlfriend and the mother of your child,” you snapped. 

“Don’t you think I know that!” He said. “God, I do believe you, Y/N, but what am I supposed to think when this dick keeps showing up and ruining everything. I want to believe and a part of me does, but I can’t help that a small part is wondering if some of what he’s saying is the truth.” 

“After everything we’ve been through in our past and all of the hurtful things we’ve said…. this… this takes the fucking cake,” you said, tears causing your voice to crack. “The fact that you even think for a moment I fucked that guy and then fucked you… is so fucked up. And I can tell you right fucking now Harry Styles, you’re the father of this baby and if you don’t believe me… then I can’t be with you. I refuse to be with someone who thinks I’d lie about something as serious as this.” 

Harry was speechless as he stared at you. Tears filling both of your eyes. It was like deja vu of your past breakups. 

“Maybe we were just kidding ourselves, Harry. We’re not meant to be together and the fact that we can’t remain happy for more than a few months without hurting one another, just goes to show that maybe loving someone isn’t enough,” you sniffled. 

“Don’t say that,” Harry snapped. “Don’t ever fucking say that.” 

“Why? It’s fucking true and every time we go through this and we say it’s going to be different than the last time and then it happens all over again,” you said. 

Harry walked over to you. “This is not going to end like all the other times,” he whispered. “I’m not letting you go that easily… not again. Not like this.” 

“You think I’m lying about our child, Harry,” you sniffled. “That’s a huge fucking issue especially when it’s not true. I never slept with him… I never slept with anyone in the year we were broken up. Mac is your baby… he’s our baby.” 

“I know, I know,” he whispered pulling you as close as he could with your baby bump in the way. “I’m so fucking sorry… I just let him get under my skin. He said awful, horrible, fucked up things about you and I was livid. I wanted to knock him the fuck out…”

“Even though he deserved it, I’m glad you didn’t,” you whispered. “That’s what he wants. He wants to ruin you and your image.” 

“This isn’t fair to you,” he whispered. 

“No, it’s not,” you sniffled. “I shouldn’t feel like I’ve done something wrong, but I do. I feel like if I never attracted this stalker, then we wouldn’t have this issue.” 

“None of this is your fault,” he said firmly. “None of this shit is caused by you, okay. You never asked for this guy to be obsessed with you and it’s not your fault that I let him get in my head.” 

You sighed looking down. “If we’re going to make this work, I need to know that you believe me and you’re not going to doubt it ever again.” 

“I promise you,” he whispered. “I believe you and I’m never going to question you again. I love you and I love our little baby Mac and I’m not going to let that dick get in my head again. We’re gonna do whatever we fucking can to get him locked up and away from us. If he was able to get that close to me, then who’s to say he can’t get that close to you.” 

“I swear if he comes into the same room as you…” he said. 

“He won’t,” you said putting your hand on his cheek. 

“You don’t know that,” he whispered. “He could be dangerous… he could hurt you.. our baby.”

“I know and trust that you or anyone around us would ever let that happen,” you said. 

“I’d protect you and Baby Mac with my life,” he whispered putting his hand on your belly.

You smiled looking down and placing your hand on top of his. “I love you,” you whispered. 

“And I love you,” he whispered putting his forehead on yours. 

You pressed your lips against his lips and he put his hands on your cheeks.

“Shall we finish what we started in the shower?” You whispered against his lips. 

“I don’t mind if we do,” he smirked taking you over to the bed, where you most certainly finish what you started. 

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sometimes i think about everything that happened in the last 3 years and how everything awful happened kinda perfectly? if taylor hadnt decided to take a break everything that happened with katy/kimye wouldve happened while she was trying to make an album & that would be awful for her and the album would be so different and then if she hadnt found joe right then, where she was trying not to have a bf but was also at her lowest, they wouldnt have dated and im just so happy it worked out for her

it makes me think of the last two verses of why she disappeared:

“When she stood, she stood with a desolate knowingness
Waded out into the dark, wild ocean up to her neck
Bathed in her brokenness
Said a prayer of gratitude for each chink in the armor
she never knew she needed
Standing broad-shouldered next to her
was a love that was really something,
not just the idea of something.

When she turned to go home,
She heard the echoes of new words
“May your heart remain breakable
But never by the same hand twice”
And even louder:
“without your past,
you could never have arrived-
so wondrously and brutally,
By design or some violent, exquisite happenstance

Dating Ponyboy Curtis Would Include…

Originally posted by you-are-my-pride-and-joy

•Pony’s brothers teasing him after they find out that you and him are dating but in all honestly they love you

•Your boyfriend overthinking everything at first just because you’re sort of his first girlfriend/boyfriend and he doesn’t want to screw anything up

•Pony reading to you as you rest your head on his lap

•Constantly complaining about how much Pony smokes and refusing to kiss him after he’s just finished a cigarette in an attempt to get him to quit

•Going to Pony’s house right after school so you can do homework together. If Soda is around he makes an effort to embarrass Ponyboy in front of you

-“Hey [Y/N] did I tell you that story when Pony was ten and he-“
-“Please don’t finish that sentence Soda”
-“Aw man Ponyboy you’re no fun”

•Pony constantly having to ask Soda and Darry for money so he can take you out on dates. Sometimes they’d like to refuse but they see how happy Pony is when he’s with you so they cave, and give Ponyboy all the money he needs

•Getting milkshakes together

•You and Pony going out to the movies on dates and Two-bit and Dally just showing up like they were invited

-“Two? What are you doing here?”
-“Don’t act like you weren’t expecting me kiddo”

•Going jogging together

•Watching Pony run at all his track and field practices and competitions

•Pony writing you cute little love letters that you keep in a box under your bed. You always read a couple before you go to bed. Needless to say you fall asleep smiling

•Teasing Pony about his blonde hair when he comes back home but also reassuring him that you still think he’s adorable, even with the new hair colour

•Pony confiding in you After he has fights with Darry and you assuring him that Darry’s only looking out for him

•Comforting him after Johnny and Dally’s deaths and you being a bit upset about the whole situation as well since they were sort of your friends too

•Pony taking you to see the sunset

Karen: Frank kissed me.

Foggy: Ohmygodohmygod

Trish: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Foggy, get the wine. Karen, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?

Karen: Oh, it ended very well.

Foggy: [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.

Trish: So let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

Karen: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.

Trish: Ok, so, were you holding him? Or were his hands like on you?

Karen: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my shoulders.

Trish and Foggy: Ohhhhh.

In the next room [Micro eating a sandwich while Frank drinks a beer]

Frank: And, uh, and then I kissed her.

Micro: Tongue?

Frank: Yeah.

Micro: Cool.

Love Triangle (Part 3/??)

Summary: You are feeling lost right now, it seems everything you have done in the past has come back to haunt you and you are starting to regret everything.  Steve offers you advice and some time to clear your thoughts.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter

Warnings: Maybe swearing, but otherwise none

Word Count: 1,198

A/N: This part is kind of boring and I’m sorry about that, hopefully things will heat up a little next time! Hope you guys are enjoying this series so far, I’m really enjoying writing it! 

Part 1 // Part 2

You don’t think things could have gotten any more awkward than they did after finally looking Bucky in the eyes.  Part of you wishes that you hadn’t done it, but it was too late to do that now.  It was done and now you weren’t sure what to think.  You had never seen him take off so fast.  After putting Emma to bed you decided to call Steve, big brother always knew what to do.

“I did it, I looked at him.”

“Um, what?” Steve says, not understanding your statement.

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If everything about Lady Bird was gender flipped and it was a movie about a teenage boy with a male director - yeah, just like boyhood got so much noms and several wins.

(To anyone confused about this, this comment is in response to a post I made about the state of the Oscar race and Lady Bird).

I still think Lady Bird will get quite a few nominations at the end of the day. There is a lot of critical love for the movie right now and Saoirse Ronan is one of the strongest contenders for a Best Actress nomination and Greta Gerwig seems like a lock for Best Original Screenplay.

It’s really only in director where I still have my doubts about a nomination. But we’ll see.  


[WeAreSoProudOfYou] [ThankYouBobby] [Love&Fall] [WeLoveYouSoMuch]

Teans: ©️KIMJ1WON

BOBBY’s Interview Photos for ‘LOVE AND FALL’ Japanese Version Album Release

Bobby talks about sleep a lot! He really loves his sleep and spending good quality time on his bed. And I love how he answers the second to the last question, “…But the thing I think is most important is iKON. So if I was asked what my job is, I’ll answer that I’m iKON’s rapper.”


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So it's my birthday today and I'm opening my presents right now and one of my presents from my mother was a pillow of my face before I started to transition and now I'm scared to open the rest of my presents because I feel like this whole birthday is centred around how much my mother hates my transition. Everything is pink, the wrapping paper, the cards, my birth name is everywhere. I'm just glad I'm home alone so I don't have to pretend to be happy about this. I wish birthdays were fun again.

Ugh im so sorry. Thats really hard. But know that one day youll be able to have an amazing birthday with your real name and its gonna be great. Hang in there until then. Also, happy birthday


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I saw the post thread you have about what's happening at Laurier, and as a Laurier student myself, this whole thing is wild. I know people who know the TA. I know people who work at the Rainbow Centre. My friend who is trans didn't feel safe coming to campus today. I am so disappointed in my school and the environment it is fostering. I find it hard to articulate into words everything going on right now. It really hit home for me how big of an issue it is seeing info about it on your blog.


How about that starry flower am I right guys Hah ahh. I k e e p drawing @frizz-art “s Cagney I just adore everything about the design, and their art in general is just AMAZING. okay 

(Ok combining these two as well since they can be worked into one)

You needed someone. Logically, you knew Rick was probably not the best option. The man’s insistence on being emotionally unavailable the vast majority of the time meant that he would likely rebuke any attempts on your behalf to vie for his attentions in your current state of urgency. But, regardless of what your head told you, your heart demanded his presence. 

And so it was you found yourself in his bed at 2AM on a Wednesday, your cheek pressed to his bony chest, his heartbeat strong in your ear.

He had been far more accommodating than you’d expected, as if he understood your raw necessity for comfort, for affection, for safety. He’d allowed you into his arms, shushed you as you tried to offer excuses as to why you just had to be there right now. And then he’d held you as he spoke about everything, anything, while you listened. 

The sound of his voice was a balm to your wounds, and as he explained to you the finer points of galaxy formations, how stars are born, the history behind the names of constellations, you closed your eyes and drifted away.

Once he was sure you were asleep, he’d laid you down, bundled as you were in the dark green of his military blanket, kissed you on your forehead, and then allowed himself to sleep as well.

Teen Bevon: vol 1, pt 5

The teenager sighed deeply before slowly making his own way into the classroom. Taking his usual seat beside Bentley, he looked over cautiously. “Can we please at least talk about everything? I can’t stand you hating me like this.”

“Did I say I fucking hated you? No, so just drop it. We’re fine,” Bentley hissed, not wanting to carry on in front of the rest of the students.

“I’m glad you don’t hate me but we both know we aren’t fine,” he sighed in return.

“Goddamn, Dev. I obviously don’t want to talk about this shit right now. Can we just…”

“Why’d you run out on me like that?” Stephen laughed, walking over & leaning against Devon’s desk. Devon’s heart dropped as he watched Bentley shake his head & look away.

He lifted his eyes & looked at the other boy. “We were having a conversation. Do you mind?”

“It’s okay,” Bentley let out a fake laugh. “Conversation’s over. Things were looking pretty hot & heavy between you guys. I think we’re all wondering why you didn’t stick around to finish the job.”

“He’s right,” Stephen smirked down at Devon, quirking a brow curiously. “Teachers never go in there. We could’ve had a lot more fun together. Maybe we can arrange something…”

“No,” Devon interrupted. He shook his head & closed his eyes. “No, we can’t. I’m sorry but we can’t do that again. I’m kinda with someone else, okay?”

“Liar,” Bentley snorted beside him.

“If you’re just not into me…”

“I’m not. I’m into someone else,” Devon snapped at him. Looking up, he motioned for the boy to get off of his desk & go away. When Stephen finally walked off, he again turned towards Bentley. “You know you’re the only one I mess around with like that.”

“That’s not what it looked like,” Bentley scoffed.

“And I didn’t think you’d be giving your number out to other guys either but you did.” Devon immediately cursed himself as soon as the words fell from his lips. He needed to put the jealousy aside. All this was doing was keeping things tense between them. “I said I fucked up, Bent. I don’t want Stephen or anyone else. I want to be with you.”

“So what?” the blond snorted. “You’re asking me to be your boyfriend now?”

Devon felt his heart start to speed as he nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, I am.”

“Alright, everyone. We have a review to do for tomorrow’s test. If you’ll take out your books…” their teacher came through the door & instructed. Devon groaned at the interruption. It couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“Bentley!” he whispered loudly.

“Stop,” the blond shot back quietly.

“Can we talk after?” Devon asked hopefully. He felt so relieved when he saw his friend nod in response. If he could get Bentley to listen, he knew he could say everything he needed to hear.

a few days ago v. corpulent white woman barricaded me behind the service desk w a shopping cart and her body. she launched into intense labored scream spittle histrionics about how i the way i bagged her groceries caused her to lose product and wouldn’t let me pass until she spoke to my manager about me. she screamed for him until he appeared and i ran up to the break room and cried bc i felt so overwhelmed by it. apparently she had complained about me before, but my manager checked the footage for that incident and didn’t even bother mentioning it to me bc he thought i did everything right, and he defended me again. anyway i saw her again today and she wished me happy thanksgiving by name in repulsive vindictive tone…why go out of your way to harass someone you know can’t walk away from you. why create scenarios in your brain where a complete stranger in a service job somehow engineered a plot to destroy you specifically by bagging your groceries in a way that infuriates you but nobody else.

so in my search for new symphonic/female fronted metal bands to listen to i’ve found:

  • Rexoria’s Run For Your Life which has the catchiest chorus and the shittiest video. the vocalist has a great set of lungs on her
  • The Dark Element as a whole which was a revelation, all the songs on their first album are bangers  (listen to the others on your own, i don’t have patience to give links to everything. work for it)
  • Ravenia’s We All Died for Honor . Initially the title made me think of Jaime Lannister but then I couldn’t stop thinking about Frank Castle. Heartbreaking stuff.