everything about this is so right

[Tony turns around to see Bucky down on one knee]

Tony: Oh my God. What are you doing?

Bucky: Thinking about my future. I am deeply ridiculously in love with you. And above everything else, I just want to be with you forever. So Tony Stark, will you–

Tony: Wait, wait, okay? Just–I need to remember this. Give me a second.

Bucky: Tony–

Tony: No, no, no, no, hold on. Just–I need another second, please. I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is, right now, at this exact moment.

Bucky: [laughing] Are you good?

Tony: Yeah, I’m good.

Bucky: Tony Stark, will you—

Tony: YES!

[Tony kisses Bucky who then pulls back]

Bucky: Marry me?

Tony: Oh yeah, yeah!

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Hey so I know that you probably get a lot of questions about how do your art, but I was wondering how you do your lips and lower face? I have a lot of problems with that on people and was wondering if you had any tips. Your art is wonderful, and has gotten me to get back into drawing myself! Thanks so much for everything!

I’m always tempted to make a tutorial for the best mouth I know how to do, but you’re probably more interested in the mouths I usually make, right? I’ll try to cover the two usual ones I do here: the heart-shaped mouth I use for Jim and the sharky smile for Seb. (I hope that’s what you meant, because I don’t draw actual lips very often!)

You’ve probably seen them before, but I’ll also link one of the previous face tutorials I’ve done because it’s helpful to see the structures beneath to give you an idea of where things go. And also there was a really good polararts tutorial that probably explains better than me, but at least I’ve got gifs… 

Details under the cut:

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hello tkog, how's it going! recently when im rewatching the "everything in its right place" live of their 2006 gig, i noticed that even when thom left the stage, the band is still play. and i know that thom's vocal is controlled by jonny, but how about the keyboard part, ed maybe? meanwhile even after EVERYONE left the stage it's still making some changing beat and reverse sound, and thom's vocal is still looping. so how do u think they did that?

Hello there, it is going well!

For live performances of Everything In Its Right Place from 2000 to 2009, the band’s roles were as follows:

  • Thom sings, plays Rhodes piano.
  • Jonny samples and processes Thom’s vocals with his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1 and pedalboard. Starting in 2003, he also samples and processes Phil’s percussion after Thom stops singing.
  • Ed processes and samples Thom’s Rhodes piano with his pedalboard.
  • Colin plays bass.
  • Phil plays drums.

Ed’s Role

Jonny’s processing of Thom’s vocals is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the Everything In Its Right Place live outro, but it is Ed’s looping of Thom’s keyboard playing that gives Jonny the room to mess around. When the whole band is playing, Ed runs loops of the Rhodes piano through his delays and other effects to build up interesting textures. He usually records a longer sample of Thom’s playing, and uses the DL4′s “play once” function to play back a shorter section of the loop. He’ll often layer a processed version of the same chord progression that Thom is playing, creating a much thicker texture than the Rhodes piano could provide on its own. However, once Thom leaves the stage, Ed at some point switches to “playing” the loopers (his Line 6 DL4 and Akai Headrush) themselves without using too many other effects.

Ed manipulating the volume knobs of his Akai Headrush E1 and Boss DD5 at the end of the 2001 Canal+ performance of Everything In Its Right Place (youtube).

The band’s 2001 Canal+ performance of EIIRP provides a good demonstration of how Radiohead often end the song. Near the five minute mark, we see Thom leaving the stage for the last time, while Phil and Colin following close behind. At this point, Ed, panned left, is turning a loop of the Rhodes into a spiraling pad by adjusting his Boss DD-5, while Jonny, panned right, is manipulating a loop of Thom vocals with his Kaoss Pad. By about 5:45, Ed has switched to an unmodified loop of the song’s primary chord progression. When Jonny leaves, the loop of the main chord progression is all that remains (plus one of Ed’s delays which is slowly beginning to self-oscillate).

Ed’s Line 6 DL4 during the 2001 Canal+ performance (youtube). The unit is set for looper mode, with all of the delay knobs set to zero to disable it. Ed is adjusting the mix knob, which controls the volume of the loop.

From the Radiohead’s 2003 Glastonbury performance of Everything In Its Right Place: Ed triggers the “play once” function of his Line 6 DL4 with his right hand while adjusting the delay time of his Boss DD5 with his left. He takes a potato chip, and eats it.

Jonny’s Percussion Sampling

On the Glastonbury 2003 performance. Jonny captures a clip of Phil’s drums four minutes into the song, then manipulates this new loop for the subsequent two minutes. This loop is the only percussion present for the thirty seconds after Phil stops playing. Jonny similarly records and manipulates a loop of Phil’s percussion at the 2003 MTV $2 Bill concert. It’s worth noting that like on Canal+, Ed’s looped Rhodes is all that remains at the end of Glastonbury performance.

Jonny with his Korg Kaoss Pad KP1 during the Glastonbury performance of Everything In Its Right Place, 2003.06.28.

Bonnaroo 2006

Clocking in at over eight minutes, Radiohead’s Bonnaroo 2006 performance of Everything In Its Right Place is a both a spectacular performance and a good demonstration of Ed and Jonny’s looping techniques at the time.

At the start of the Bonnaroo performance, Ed captures a loop of Thom’s short introduction. We hear a long clip of this introduction played back at the end of the song, which nicely bookends the performance. For most of the performance, however, Ed builds glitchy textures with other loops of Thom’s playing. He likely used his Akai Headrush to capture the initial loop, and his Line 6 DL4 to capture the loops which he manipulated more intensely. Additionally, during the section when Thom for the second time begins singing “in its right place”, Ed applies his Phase 90 and other effects to the directly output of the Rhodes piano, rather than to a loop (youtube). As with his loops, this modified version of the keyboard part is layered with the dry version of the Rhodes piano at the mixing desk.

Ed adjusting the volume of his Akai Headrush E1 while trigger the “play once” feature on his Line 6 DL4, MTV $2 Bill concert, 2003.06.05 (youtube).

For the first six minutes of the song, Jonny manipulates Thom’s vocals in his usual eclectic way. After Thom heads to the front of the stage, Jonny records a new loop from Thom’s mic. Since Thom is no longer singing, what he gets a mix of Phil’s percussion and noises from the crowd. The loop is initially run through Jonny’s Boss SD1, which had been used to distort Thom’s vocals, but Jonny soon turns off the overdrive and turns on his Boss RV3. You can hear a clearer example of Jonny sampling the crowd and Phil’s percussion simultaneously in this soundboard recording (panned to the right) from Radiohead’s 2006 performance at Rock Oz'Arènes.

One of Jonny’s pedalboards in 2006, showing his Akai Headrush E1, and settings for his BOSS SD1 and BOSS RV3. His RV3 is set for a plate reverb, with an equal mix, dark sound, and medium decay. His SD1 is set with full volume and gain, to really push his Vox AC30 into its natural overdrive. Settings are irrelevant for his Akai Headrush because he uses it exclusively as a looper.

What’s surprising about the Bonnaroo performance, distinguishing it from 2003 performances, is that we hear a modified loop of Thom’s voice superimposed with Jonny’s percussion/crowd sampling. This occurs around six minutes into the performance. Jonny’s Kaoss Pad KP1 cannot store loops, and the KP1 is playing back percussion sounds, so Jonny must have recording some of his earlier manipulations of Thom’s voice with his Akai Headrush E1, but chose not to play them back until this point.

Jonny seems to have used this technique elsewhere in 2006, and we can simultaneously hear both his live manipulations of drums sounds and his looped manipulations of Thoms vocals in the previously mentioned Rock Oz'Arènes performance. The band’s performance at Golden Gate Park in August, 2008, also features simultaneous drum and vocal loops. Even after Jonny leaves the stage during that performance, we can hear a clear loop of his vocal manipulations, playing from his Akai Headrush, as well as a reversed loop of Phil’s percussion playing from his Korg Kaoss Pad and running through his DOD440 and Roland Space Echo. Jonny must have the Kaoss Pad’s “hold” function turned on in order to keep it looping after he stopped touching it (the “hold” is what lets him get some particularly crazy effects in this performance by freeing up his hands to mess with his DOD440 and Whammy simultaneously).

Jonny manipulating his Korg Kaoss Pad and DOD440 at Glastonbury, 2003. Alongside his Digitech Whammy, the DOD envelope filter is a favorite of Jonny’s for processing his Kaoss Pad loops.


From the first performances in 2000, Ed has looped Thom’s keyboards and Jonny has looped Thom’s vocals. Starting in 2003, Jonny also began sampling Phil’s percussion after Thom had left the stage. By 2006, Jonny started using his Akai Headrush to record some of his Kaoss Pad manipulations, and would play them back later in the performance while he manipulated new loops of Phil’s percussion and the sounds of the crowd. Ed and Jonny always left their loopers going when the left the stage, resulting in keyboard, vocal, and percussion loops repeating after the stage had been abandoned by the band. Two of the band’s techs would run out after the band had finished, and turned off Ed and Jonny’s loops simultaneously to give the song a precise ending. This overall setup remained the case through 2009 (although in 2009 Jonny would often manipulate loops of Thom’s vocals for full performances).

Before Jack’s graduation and Jack’s on a phone call with Bob:

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just…you know Bittle, right?”

“That cute boy from Georgia who bakes pies who you can never stop talking about it?”

“Yes and don’t blame me, he’s adorable.”


Anyway…lately, I’ve been feeling sort of fuzzy when I’m around him.”

“Fuzzy? Care to add any other helpful and more descriptive words?”

“What I mean is, my heart beat begins racing and he makes me feel so warm on the inside. Whenever I see him, I can’t help but smile because he just…makes everything so much better.”

“Oh Jack.”



“Dad, are you crying?”

“Oh my son, my dear boy, my confused little Canadian chicken nugget, you’re in love!”

“Yeah, I sort of figured…wait, Canadian chicken nugget?”

“Alicia, OUR SON’S IN LOVE.”

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I'm looking to start watching gundam, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the chronological releases of the series and stuff, could you help me out with what series's I should watch first? 0079 is the 'first' one, right?

Alrighty, the thing with Gundam is that most of it can be divided into “Universal Century” or “everything else.” The non-UC shows are usually self-contained universes - you can watch any one of them without knowing anything else about the franchise and you won’t be lost (Turn A and G-Reco are technically in the same timeline as UC, but they’re so far in the future that they’re effectively self-contained). They’re probably the best starting point if you want to get a taste for the franchise - Wing, 00, and Iron-Blooded Orphans are all solid first picks.

The Universal Century timeline is the stuff in the same universe as the original series. There’s a lot of material here, but I think a good way to look at it is like Star Wars - you’ve got several consecutive shows that tell an overarching story (the original series, Zeta, ZZ, and Victory) in the same way that the numbered Star Wars movies do. Then you’ve got side material within the Universal Century which explores the impact of these events on other characters and locations - these are kinda like Rogue One, in that they’re technically self-contained stories that flesh out the world. If you want to get into UC stuff, you can either start with the original show and work through it that way, or dive in through the side stories and build up the context little by little. If you’re doing the latter, I’d personally recommend War in the Pocket or the Gundam Thunderbolt OVAs

Last but not least, there’s Build Fighters and its sequel Build Fighters Try. These are more like Yu-Gi-Oh or similar game-based shonen series, only using Gundam models instead of cards or tops or whatever. Plot-wise, there’s nothing stopping you from jumping in here, but half the appeal lies in its shoutouts and references to other Gundam series, so your enjoyment of it will increase the longer you wait.

But yeah, with 30+ years of material, there are a ton of ways to get into the franchise. I think the easiest way to get a feel for what it’s all about is to pick one of the self-contained series and just dive right in, and then wade deeper in if you like what you see. And even then, with so much material, there’s a lot of variety in tone and content (you’ve got everything from wartime drama to batshit-crazy super-robot martial arts to… whatever the fuck was going on in G-Reco), so look around and see if something sounds interesting, or if a particular show’s mobile suit designs catch your eye, and start from there.

y’all I have been wanting a new pair of white jeans for so long but I haven’t found the right ones– I want heavier denim, hit at the ankle, skinny but NOT legging– and it’s just about impossible to find. Everything is really really tight or super stretchy and thin or DISTRESSED (or all three.)

But today after a meeting I popped into a local consignment store and they had a whole rack of white jeans and I found the PERFECT PAIR from banana republic for $8 and I’M SO EXCITED FOR WHITE JEANS SEASON. 

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I just realized, mulderswaterbed act like 55-year-old spinster who cannot stand it that others can have fun on Tumblr. She STILL cannot stand it that we are speculating about Gillian being in LA at David's concert and calls us snoggers. I wish somebody would explain to this person what she is doing and what fun really means because what she is doing right now is so wrong (calling others idiots) and so pathetic too! What is her f*cking problem?

I think she takes herself too seriously, and she thinks she is above us all, just because Gillian tweeted about her videos or something like that. You can’t explain her anything because she won’t listen, she goes with her statements against everything that Gillian has been saying all this past months about feminism and kindness, and this makes me really sad. 

I agree with everything you said, but really, do yourself a favor and unfollow her, and never read her posts, because it’s not worth it. My dash is soooo peaceful since I don’t follow any of these blogs from the other side. Tumblr is for fun, and we can speculate about whatever we want to, nobody gets to say who is an idiot and who is not, because at this point they are speculating too about a lot of things. I’d rather be an idiot and a snogger (although I’m not), than a hater and a bully sending anonymous hate to gillovny blogs. Because that’s what she and her friends are doing lately. I think that’s the fun part for her. And one thing I don’t understand either, why the fuck do they read gillovny blogs if they hate us so much????

Right Side of Rock Bottom: SnowBaz Fanfic

This is prewritten and probably shitty. I feel shitty about myself and everything right now, so I’m sorry

“Why the hell are you even here?” Baz screams at me. We’re fighting. I hate it when we fight.

“I don’t even fucking know sometimes!” I scream back. I’m so close to breaking down. I want to cry right now, right in front of him. We get too explosive sometimes, and this happens. “I don’t even know what the fuck we’re doing right now!”

Baz shakes his head and looks away. I turn around and clutch at my stomach. I have to keep this in right now. I can feel noise building in my throat, threatening to bubble over at any minute. A hot tear escapes my eyes, and I rub it away harshly.

“I need to go,” Baz says, and I feel him push past me. I look up and see the door to our apartment close, and I hear him running down the stairs. For a moment, I don’t do anything. I look at the door, feel my throat close, and then decide.

I thrust the door open with all my might, throw it closed, and run down the stairs. I can hear Baz not far below me, and I run faster to catch up with him. At the bottom of the stairs, I catch a glimpse of him turning around the corner. I run to catch him, and he’s still walking further away when I call out to him.

He turns around quickly, and I can see him pushing whatever was coming to the surface back inside. “What?” he asks harshly.

It takes me a moment because I only remember him talking like that to me once before, but I say, “Don’t go.” He huffs indignantly, and I continue. “I want to fight. I don’t want you to just push it back inside. I want you to yell at me.”

“What the hell, Simon?” he yells. “What the hell do you expect me to say? I’m mad. I feel like you don’t listen to me sometimes. I feel like I’m screaming out into an abyss, and sometimes I don’t even know if you want this.” His voice breaks on the last word, and the next thing he says sounds like a whimper. “If you want me.”

I squeeze my eyes shut because it’s hard to look at him right now. “I do,” I say. “I do want you.” I open my eyes and see him looking down at his shoes. “Don’t make me regret coming out here.” He looks up at me, and I say, “Don’t make me regret running after you. If you don’t come back with me, and if we can’t fix this, I’ll regret it. I’ll regret it as long as I remember it.”

He doesn’t do anything for a minute. We just stare at each other in the alley, and I don’t know if I said the right thing because he isn’t moving. He isn’t moving, so I do. I walk up at him and drag him down into a big kiss, holding him and putting everything I’m feeling into it. He’s not resisting, and he’s pulling me closer to him. I finally break apart when I need air, and I press my forehead against his.

“Don’t go,” I say again. “Just come back, and we’ll talk, and we’ll figure this out. It’s what we always do.” He’s nodding his head, and I just press my lips against his, lighter this time and shorter. “Let’s go home.”

“Okay,” he mumbles, and I take his hand to lead him back home.

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I can't take this anymore. If you think that someone wouldn't willingly closet themselves in that industry and in this world, then open your eyes. People are still murdered today for being LGBTQ+ It's not just about being "proud" or "strong". It's about being safe and knowing whether it's the right time or not. It's about deciding what you are comfortable sharing and what you are not. This probably isn't written well because I'm so annoyed. But. Be compassionate. Open. Your. Eyes.

the deadliest mass shooting in american history was a hate crime against gay people and it happened only just last year which tells you everything you need to know

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Bit late to the party but just to contribute to the virginity conversation, I'm 22 and also a virgin! Not specifically by choice, I just never met the right guy & I don't think there's anything wrong with it! The right friends know that, as will the right guy (or girl), having/not having sex doesn't define you. And, though you may not think it, there are so many other people just the same ✨ I've felt down about it before but I always remind myself that anyone who judges me isn't worth my time xx

a big yes to everything!! 🌷🌻

Am I the only one who cries everyday because of everything bad that’s happening in the world right now 🙂 I can’t go by a second anymore without having hunting thoughts about all the shit that’s going on, from climate change and animal slaughter houses to sex slavery in india and all the police violence to the missing and killing of black people to ….>>>> go on. It’s so depressing but I can’t take my mind off it anymore, at the moment whenever it’s silence in class and I can daydream I also have a lot of thoughts about why the fuck I deserved it to be a white person born in a wealthy country with minimum problems in my life and good education etc while millions or let say billions of people weren’t born that way. (I don’t mean born white but I mean born with the same privileges as I for example have) It makes me sad and guilty and I want answers but of course I’ll never get them. Pls don’t reblog I just wanted to get this off my chest

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what is some advice that you would give baby witches? or your past self when you were just starting out? how should baby witches start when ist their first day and they dont knew anything yet?

Baby Witches!

I always tell Baby Witches to do their best and not to worry too much about getting all caught up in what everyone else is doing.

When I started, I just kinda did what felt right, I didn’t have a book to read or materials, I made do. I scoured Youtube for rituals and lectures from other witches, learned everything from them. Finally I found a local coven after about a year, and the rest grew from those experiences.

Patience is so important in Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism. You can’t learn everything in your first year, or even your first 10 years. Lord knows I am still learning. It’s truly a lifelong journey.

On your first day, I suggest doing what feels best for you, if that is sitting and reading a book about your path, do that. If it means doing a full fledged ritual like I did, do that. If you want to scour the internet looking for things to write down in the journal you have laying around, do that too.

Even if you are practicing a Tradition, there aren’t any strict rules for day 1 or 2, just do what suits you so that you can progress from there. Set goals for yourself, just as always, but don’t force yourself to stick to time frames, that puts too much pressure on something that should take its own sweet time to develop.

It’s Done!

(After hours of work between me and my datemate we finally FINALLY got everything running perfectly for the blog! Go check it out and please  enjoy the brand new theme and 3 hours worth of music for Charisa! There’s also some pretty neato information in the header~

Music is NOT Autoplay, you can find the play button up in the top left corner!

Also if you’re ever curious about any of the music in Charisa’s playlist, you can find a link to  the youtube playlist in the Credits and Music page!)

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One word; blatherskite

Originally posted by yaelstiel

“The spirit’s imperative is not retribution. It’s finalizing the liaison with….with….” Sam began shuffling through papers on the motel table, the name lost on the tip of his tongue.

You’d been working this case a few days now, and the boys disagreed about the spirit’s reason for staying behind. Dean thought one thing, Sam thought another, so they were at each other’s throats constantly and about everything. 

“You always use these big words,” Dean said, “You try to sound smart to make yourself sound right. Thing is, I know I’m right without the big words.”

“You’re wrong. And I do not.”

“Do to!” Dean insisted before mocking Sam like a twelve year old boy. “You drip with hubris and egoism, and you like to throw in extra smart words like blatherskite and… and imperative!

Sam stood up straight and dropped the papers from his hands. “I have never once used blatherskite in my life. You know, you just proved how pretentious you are by using that word yourself!”

Dean scoffed and crossed his arms. “Whatever, I probably heard it from you first.”

“You did not!”

“Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a-”

“Guys!” You shouted. They looked at you like deer caught in headlights. “Guess what? You’re both wrong and you’re both right. The ghost is here to take revenge on her lover and force him to live with her forever by killing him. That’s why she’s targeting happy couples. She’s jealous. Now get your heads out of your asses and let’s get some actual work done!”

The room was silent as they thought about your conclusion for a minute, and when it hit them, their eyes opened as large as saucers. They conceded their pride silently, and embarrassingly, as they began gathering up their tools and cleaning off the table.

“And by the way,” you added, “you both sound like a couple of blatherskites when you bicker like that!”

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I've been feeling really stressed lately, and it feels like I don't even have time for myself or anything. I just don't know what to do. I'm afraid of failing everything. Could I get a star? (Sorry if im being a burden)

You’re never a burden, don’t worry <3

I’ve been there before, so busy and so stressed that you can’t imagine being able to relax, even for a second. It sucks, which makes you even more stressed >.<

If possible, I want you to put your fears to the side for a moment. Focus on what you need to get through right now and worry about the rest afterwards, okay? Right now, just breathe for a minute. Set a timer on your phone and focus on breathing. Don’t think about your stress or assignments or projects, just think about relaxing the muscles in your body and releasing some of the physical stress they’re holding on to. Feel the air flowing into your lungs, and out. Hear it as your body draws it in then pushes it out. Hopefully this helps you de-stress a teeny tiny bit.

I’d also like you to take some time for yourself, even if it doesn’t feel like you’re able to. Listen to music that calms you as you work, take a break and get something to eat, or even go to bed early and get back at everything when you’re refreshed and energized. It’s important to take care of yourself, even if you’re incredibly stressed.

You’re not going to fail everything, don’t worry. You’re doing the best you can, and I believe that you can make it through this. You’re strong and capable, you’ve got this <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

◤ ✕ 。hey there babes, my name is ophelia and i’m really excited to be here!! i’m 18 y/o and i live in canada (est timezone), i go by her/she and i’m currently studying law (well pre-law) in cegep:)  this right here is delphine, cutie of the neighborhood who feeds all them inmates and below the cut, you will find some more info about her! i am so sooo excited to roleplay with you all and my muse is poppin’ right now so if you’d like to plot, simply give this a like or message me and we’ll figure something out<3

triggers: death, car accident

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I am so tired. Every day there is another horrifying thing in the news (and to be honest, if it’s just one it’s a good day). The US administration seems intent on rolling back every legal right everyone who isn’t in the most rarefied segment of the mega-rich. Pretty much the only way I can cope enough to keep from going off the deep end is to dissociate to the point where everything feels like an extended documentary about a particularly​ turbulent part of history.

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I completely agree that ppl shoudnt hate on this proposal bc it was beautiful despite everything else going on but wouldnt it be amazing to get 2 cs proposals? They give us so much angst they might as well give us more fluff

You’re absolutely right, nonnie, I’d never say no to more fluff, more CS, more happiness and less (forced?) angst. What bothered me about some people’s reaction was simply that they seemed to - as you put it - hate on it, like “what was this shit about” (not with those words, but you definitely got that vibe). And literally demanded that we get another proposal, because seriously, this one sucked (yes, I saw a post like that, demanding there must be a second proposal because anything else would be an offense).

And I’m just not here for that kind of negativity.

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So I'm kinda in a friendly dating situation with this guy (we hang out and talk about life and sometimes drink while we do) and I want to kiss him but not really have a relationship with him beyond the current one. How do I mention polyamory to him without him thinking I want our current relationship to change?

Ok so I think you’re saying you’re dating someone and you don’t want him to think you want to fully commit to monogamy, and you want to keep things open, am I right?

Telling him so would probably work.

In polyamory, that’s the solution for most everything. Communication, honesty, and respecting people’s boundaries.

Either he’ll be like, “Ok, that’s cool.” or he’ll be like “I can’t do that, I want monogamy.” And then you’ll know how to proceed each time.