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In this past year so many people have given their rude, disgusting, ignorant and violent opinion about everything and anything concerning Johnny Depp, and they all felt they had every right to do it, hiding behind their avatars getting involved in things that our none of their business and they know nothing about, just stupid rumors and lies. But when he makes a JOKE, people loose their minds #hypocrits

  • me, about any show™: honestly this is so lame and pointless lmao inconsistent characters much
Hey guys...i know this is a little embarrassing...but i need help

hello there, It’s me Miguel or as many of you know me Micah. i know this is a very embarrassing thing to do but i’m so desperate. Me and my family are living a very tough time right now. As many of you know i’m from Venezuela, in Venezuela we are having a lot of problems due to our government and we are in a very dark place right now…one of the main problems is food, we can’t find food nor buy it and a lot of people are dealing with this every day and sadly i’m one of those people…i haven’t eaten a proper meal in about two weeks because i can’t buy food because everything it’s so expensive due the inflation caused by all the problems induced by our government and that’s very sad, i have lost more than 20 kilograms in the last 5 months and yes loosing weight is nice but is not nice when it is because you are starving. the situation at my home is terrible; my mom is not eating because she wants us to eat instead of her and we are eating tiny portions of food barely twice a day everyday. and things have gone worse this last week…today i had a little extra money from work and i spent it on some snacks (because i can’t afford a real meal) and i ate them while i was hiding and crying because it felt so wrong, the only thing i could think of was “i’m eating this by myself while my parents and siblings are starving at home´´…i know this is really embarrassing but i need help…i need help to buy food i can’t let my family starve. Please if you can donate to my PayPal Account that’d be the world to me, i want to secure my family’s health i don’t want them to be depressed i want to cheer them even for a little while.

thanks. i love you all  ❤

Things I’ve heard in my Latin class

- “Why am I crying over a dog that died 2000 years ago?!”

- *reading* ”Barbillus was annoyed by the slave so he decided to kill him. Yeah sounds about right.”

- “We know like 5 words for ‘dead’ but how do you say yes?!?!”

- “Come on, Quintus. Take the dog, not the freedman!”

- “Quintus is totally gay with him.” “Dude, he’s like 60.”

- “Are we sure that these people are straight?”

- *whispering* “You’re a very naughty slave-girl.”

- “Are Metella and Melissa together?”

- “Why am I here?”

- “I’m regretting everything.”

- “frustra” *nearly starts crying*

- “You can only die once.” “Unless you’re immortal.” *teacher stops lesson to talk about Hercules*

- “I’m still bitter over Cerberus.”

- “It’s king Cogidubro!” “Dude, Cogidubnus is really old and disabled.” “Oh yeah.”

- *reading* “When he heard this, he set his cheek on fire. Wait, what?”

- “Wait are they still in the rose garden.”

- “Oh someone died. Surprise.”

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 this fucked me up thanks a lot jk i love you thank you for the request and here is my first official DEH fanfic. 

Title: Wasting a Letter.
Pairing: No Pairing.
Fandom/Musical: Dear Evan Hansen.
Words: 623.
Rating: T. (Angst).

Evan could almost hear his mother’s voice inside of his head, droning on and on. ‘These letters are supposed to help you!’. The fingers of his right hand hit the keys much faster than the ones on his left hand. 

Sliding across the surface of his mind was his own voice, loud and shaky. ‘If there’s nothing good about a day, a year, a lifetime then what are you supposed to write? Do you just lie your life through? Pretend that everything is okay, yeah, everything is alright, and go on? That’s not how it works but that’s how so many people live life. You do something, you move on. But, what if you can’t move on?’ His fingers stopped moving and hovered about the keys, barely grazing the letters with his fingertips now in some sort of effort to find something to type.

What if you’re stuck?

Dear Evan Hansen,

was all that was typed on the otherwise blank document. The empty space seemed to mock him, calling out from a streak of white cyberspace, ‘Nothing good here, nothing good here at all. What’s the point?’

He thought about his mother once again, and how he had promised to at least get one letter done before the day was out. That was this morning, almost seven hours ago. 

Deep down, there was a sense of admiration for his mother and her slight, meager attempts at finding some sort of ground with Evan that felt stable and not like walking on glass barefoot. Few people had the patience to even try and Evan was thankful that his mother at least did that, even if her suggestions would only spur things down a dark, deep catalyst that Evan would have to crawl his way back up from.

But, that’s where he’d get stuck, unable to get out, unable to reach into the light and therefore, he’d stare at the dark walls around him, completely giving up on any hope that perhaps, just perhaps, there was an obtainable way out of the darkness.

‘If you’re stuck, you lie. People lie all the time. Like, those people who say that they’re okay but they’re obviously not, b-but you don’t pester them into telling you more because you don’t actually want to know. You don’t care and you never did. Why ask if someone is okay then? If you have no… no intentions of going farther than ‘are you okay’ why pretend and fake your way through a heartfelt conversation with someone?’ Evan tugged at the right side of his striped blue t-shirt before cupping slightly at the waistband of his tan pants, right foot tapping on the ground.

‘But then, it’d s-still be nice to have someone who pretends to care, who pretends to be there for you because a lot of the time, people don’t actually like the friends they have but they’re still friends because it’s a convenience. You know? Because having and calling someone a friend and seeing them and talking to them is something that people consider everyday life, but it’s actually a convenience to them. You pretend to care because you know that deep down maybe the other person is pretending just as well as you are.’

“I pretend that maybe they care even if I know they don’t…” Evan whispered to himself. Evan took a deep breath in and began typing once more. This time, the rhythm was sporadic and rather off-beat. The thoughts were coming to him in clusters, not in wholes anymore. His focus was in ten different places and Evan began finding it difficult to listen to at least one part of him when the other was yelling something completely different.

Today’s going to be a good day.

He lied.

oh boy that sucked im sorry lmao. You don’t have to reblog or anything, i’ll get better when i get more familiar with the characters you feel. anyway, thank u for reading. love you guys. 

au where misako never abandoned lloyd when he was a kid and he went with her on her travels

he becomes an archeologist just like his mom and grows up with a super loving family with misako and all of her archeologist pals and becomes super well educated and knowledgeable about e v e r y t h i n g
• lloyd- hey did y'all know it would’ve taken about 347 years for even two feet of ouruboros to be uncovered through natural causes
•everyone else- what the fuck

misako tells him everything she knows so like a bunch of good and bad stories abt garmadon so he doesn’t grow up idolizing such a bad dude but then he also knows from a super young age that he’s the green ninja and isn’t forced into this huge role right before he’s supposed to kill his dad

anyway misako would’ve been a great teacher and a great mom and lloyd wouldn’t have abandonment issues and actually grown up a happy kid and basically I’m just super emotional abt lloyd’s up bringing

We Have News! :D

Where to begin. So…

  • The stickers and badges are in production right now and will be with us very soon.
  • We are waiting for the postcards and bookmarks to be confirmed and then they will enter production too.
  • Mar has a few more changes to make and then the book will also enter production, which we are so friggin’ excited about!!
  • The book should start being produced as early as next week if everything goes to plan and will take three weeks so we are looking at production being complete at the end of July.
  • Our current estimation is that shipping will begin at the start of August, because once we have received the books from the printers we have to start assembling them and getting them packed ready to be shipped out.
  • If we do however complete this stage quicker than expected then shipping will begin early.
  • For those who purchased commission perks, these will be happening after all the books have shipped.
  • The digital copies will be sent out via email after the first few copies have begun arriving with those who purchased physical copies, just so nothing is spoilt.

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I feel like Alex is so connected to both her moms, but in a way she is very attuned to everything that Clarke does. She'd be playing with Lexa, completely engrossed, and then she can feel Clarke is doing something, so she finds her about to leave the house and is all "Clork, where you go?", Clarke is like "I'm gonna get something baby, be right back." Alex goes "no go mommy, Leksa and me miss you", Clarke giving Lexa a look like "help me" but then both are just pouting not wanting her to leave

Awww I really love this. Alex just pouting and then “come play mommy” and Clarke is amazed bc her baby pays such attention to her and she’s in love with this little nugget

So…we really come to the end.. actually it’s funny how everything about Norway has a great effect in my life right now. 9 months ago, Norway was a country that’s somewhere I’ve never interested in. I never thought about it. I didn’t even know what their language was. Sure, I’d dream about northern lights but it was a dream. But now, I feel like I am leaving a part of me in a country that I’ve never been to, a country that I’ll never see, most probably​. Thanks to SKAM I’ll exist less, but complete at the same time.. So at the end, I want to thank some people..
First of all,
Thank you to the person who reblogged a gifset about SKAM and dragged me into this amazing journey (I am wishing you an amazing life you saved my life)
Thank you to the ISAKXEVEN account on YouTube, I’ll be so lost without you ( I also wish you an amazing life! Thanks for translating clips when noone knows about it)
Thank you Julie Andem for making the most beautiful, educative, amazing show that I ever watched
Thank you to the every single cast member of SKAM (I especially want to thank Tarjei and Henrik because their actings worth for gazillions of Oscars)
Thank you Skamily
Thank you for screaming with me
Thank you for crying with me
Thank you for sharing your joy with me
Thank you for making me laugh with your incredibly funny skam cracks
Thank you for making me cry with your amazing fictions
Thank you for your breathtaking arts
Thank you for your wonderful gifsets
Thank you for your heartbreaking but also healing clips
Thank you for taking desperate to a whole new level
Thank you for educating me
Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone
I know that it wasn’t always sunny but I am glad I am a part of this fandom. We made each other angry and we “cancelled” each other so many times ajsgsjs but I am glad. I am glad that I found this show. And I am glad someone decided to translate it. I am glad so many people loved it. It was a wild ride and I never want it to end. In another universe we have 2121212121seasons and we are actually being annoying about 2121212122 season’s main. Just think about it :’)


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Do you actually enjoy comics? Was the Damian character ever written right according to you ? Cause I feel like maybe you like the concept of Damian but if you're salty about everything he's inserted so far like, never good in Morrison, not good with tomasi, percy sucks etc then maybe you should do yourself a favor and stop caring

Let me guess, you saw a couple of my posts complaining about the Rebirth comics, and now you think you know enough about me to analyze me?

Anyhow, yes Rebirth hasn’t been good to the Batfam, especially to Damian and since Rebirth is still going and nothing have really changed when it comes to the writers then it’s obvious I’m gonna keep complaining about it until something happen. Also, if you actually bothered to look hard enough then you would find that I actually do give credit when it’s due, for instance I have said in the past how Gleason & Tomasi are my absolute favorite Damian’s writers, and their comic B&R and R:SoB were one of my favorite comics of all time, which have only ended right before Rebirth happened (So really if they just kept R:SoB going through Rebirth then I may have been less dissatisfied with Rebirth ) And I know that I criticized the Super Sons comic the other day, but I didn’t necessary do it because the comic itself was bad, I just did it because I excepted more from a great writer like Tomasi. Also while I do have a HUGE problem with how Morrison handled (Butchered) Talia’s and other characters, I don’t really think he messed up Damian specifically, considering how his character was back then, he also was the one who have us Batman!Dick & Sidekick!Damian after all so I guess he did good on that one (But that still doesn’t excuse what he did to Talia). Another thing, I loved Damian in both the Superman & Nightwing comics? And I’m pretty sure I mentioned that before?

So really, from all of the current writers that have worked on Damian I only dislike Percy really, and if you scroll through my blog you will know why, TT Rebirth is unbelievably bad, and I do have the right to criticize it, that doesn’t make me salty at all, since I know and have seen the potential of Damian’s character in canon before and all I want is to see it again and to have writers who know and understand about Damian to writer him in at least ONE good comic instead of the unprofessional and whitewashing writers/artists that are working on him right now. And I don’t think I’m asking for much?? If anything I’m asking for the bare minimum.

So don’t try to blame it on me and making it seem like I’m some sort of unimpressed old geezer that doesn’t like anything, that isn’t the case, DC has some amazing writers that I’m sure can handle Damian right if given the chance, and some of them have already written him just great before and I wouldn’t mind if they write him again (Example: Gleason & Tomasi). The whole thing is simply DC being idiotic and not listening to their fans, so I’m gonna keep criticizing their bad comics and bad writers while giving their good comics and good writers (When I do see them) the thump ups. And if you don’t like that then simply just unfollow me.


there is a man in the night sky
with a huge baseball bat he swings around
when we need it

stars are the balls he shoots soaring through the night sky
he’s always been a great shooter
we’ve seen them soaring exactly in the right places  
at the right time

and they always worked so perfectly
just one look, one wish, job done
everything is alright again
the dream has been delivered
the box reading ‘fragile: handle with care!’
came the right way up

but he slips sometimes too
the night sky man
because our stars don’t come soaring
not in the right parts of the sky at least
or the right time

the deliveries get lost in the mail
the post offices don’t know what’ve happended to them
we wait patiently
then not patient at all, screaming at the night sky man to do something
maybe he should hire FedEx

sometimes the stars we wish for fall, but get delievered to the wrong people
the bad guys get the cream
the lambs get slaughtered
shelter is not given to

here I am waiting
I’ve wanted it all to turn out fine
but the stars never seem to be falling for me
maybe it’s because
everything else seems to be falling around me

here I am,
screaming, kicking, throwing stones upwards
with my own baseball bat
because the night sky man seems to be on a sick leave

but while i’ve waited for my star to come
i’ve been watching the other waiting people
and I think I know why the stars are getting scarce

the night sky man
gave us all the stars we needed
our hands and our minds came delivered
and he wants us to unpack them
from their carton boxes

maybe the only shooting stars we need
are the ones that shine in our eyes
when we dream

maybe they’re the ones
that are born in our hands
when we stop waiting
and take the baseball bats in our own hands

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So I'm new to this blog(i love everything especially morgan!) and I don't know if this has already been asked but why dr. Worms has an actual worm sticking out of her eye?

Hey! First of all, thank you! And thanks as well to the other anon who liked Morgan so much! It’s super heartening that she’s getting such positive reception.

Dr. Worms was originally created for a horror-themed piece for a class, which you can see right here. I liked the design and the concepts I did for her so much that I eventually dug up the design again when thinking about other characters Morgan would associate with. So that’s the answer for why I designed her like that initially.

Under a cut for in-universe explanation. I wrote a bunch.

Keep reading

i’m going through the suspicious partner tag and i see people are sympathizing with jung hyun soo and that’s totally fine because ya’ll are entitled to your opinion. but yeah, i feel no sympathy towards him. just because someone you cared about died doesn’t give you the right to go murder other people (even if they were that person’s assailants.) 

(and yeah, i get the fact that the politics are typically dirty and people get away with everything if they have money and power so he was just taking it into his own hands but still…)


Requested by anonymous

“[Y/N] wait!” Isabelle said frantically, grabbing your arm not allowing you to walk away from her any further.

You breathing was so heavy you could barely hear anything else that was happening around you. It was hard to say what you were feelings right now because it was a mix of so many different things. You squeezed your eyes shut and attempted to calm yourself down but it wasn’t happening.

“Let me go Izzy” you ordered. Surprisingly enough disputed everything you were feeling right now your voice sounded emotionless.
“I don’t care about your excuses, just leave me alone”.

“It wasn’t what it looked like” Izzy said gripping your arm so hard her long nails were digging into your skin but you didn’t care much about that. Your focus was on the eyes of the girl who use to be your whole world.

“It isn’t just that Izzy. You’ve been different lately and you won’t even talk to me about it. You’re my girlfriend and you barely speak to me anymore. How do you expect me to feel?” You didn’t even bother letting her answer that question “we’re done okay. Just leave me alone”.


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Friendship eh? I love that we can AND OFTEN DO spend all day talking about nothing at all, just trying to make each other laugh. I love that I know there's nothing I can't tell you YOU ALREADY THINK THE WORST OF ME YET HERE YOU STILL ARE. Nobody frustrates me like you, but nobody inspires me like you do either. You make me a better person. You're one of my best friends in the entire world and I love you. I particularly love that you're defenseless right now & this will make you impotently rage.

i hate everything about you so very much YOU KNOW I CAN TT HANDLE THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW ugh my eye is trying to leak yiu insouciant fuck


I feel GREAT right now.

A huge, HUGE source of anxiety that has plagued me for the past two and a half years has finally been resolved. I won’t go in to a lot of detail, at least not right now, but suffice it to say…this was the ONE major obstacle that could have derailed my plans for the future (it involved a prerequisite at my university and some complications about fulfilling it. If I could not I might have had to leave my masters program and major in something else).

With that out of the way…I’m starting to feel so different. Everything I did before was under this cloud of fear…that I would eventually be tripped up by this thing, and all the effort I was putting in would amount to nothing if this problem could not be resolved.

I’m probably making this sound WAY more dramatic than it actually is. Still, living with a pervasive fear for so long, and having it suddenly lifted from you…it’s not a common experience. I don’t know how to take it right now. Other than a deep, profound feeling of relief. Combined with anticipation. When I wake up tomorrow, it will be the first day since January of 2015 that I haven’t lived with this fear.

So, I’m feeling good. Expect me to be posting music I love.

Also, meeting this requirement has been a HUGE drain on my time and energy for the past few months. I can now move more freely again. Draw again. I’ve barely drawn anything in weeks…

Yeah, this feels good.

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I am not bitter, I just have a different opinion than you, but apparently that's something you can't deal with.

I can’t deal with it? Ya ok, you’re the one complaining about something in my ask box. You should probably get over it, recognizing everything poc have done for our rights is so important. Especially the black part of the community! Our rights are literally because of a black trans woman. Know your history and get over it.. god forbid we give them credit 🙄😒

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i just love your writing /so much/ like your warm humorous realistic story-telling is just everything, and it's so cosy and just what draco and harry need, and augh it's so perfect. anyway, i was curious what you're working on currently, fic-wise?

!!! thank you that’s so nice :) okay currently I’m 11k into an eighth year Draco/Neville/Harry fic that I honestly intended to be around 8000 words? It’s really got away from me and I’m about… a third of the way through, maybe, because I’m not entirely sure where it’s going right now. It’s mainly centred around Neville and Draco, with Harry off being weird at the sidelines and only appearing to fight///have sex depending on his mood or the weather or the position of the stars. I took a break from the long long Auror fic I’ve barely started in order to write it, so that’s also another thing I’m sort-of working on, or will be working on more seriously when I come back from my trip!! So basically if all goes well I’ll be posting something on Monday or Tuesday & u should keep ur eyes peeled :))))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 

During his training to become a soldier Lefou had to learn how to horseback ride but he didn’t get along with his horse very well because he was a shitty rider so he started hating horses which further worsen his relationship with his training horse. Gaston on the other hand is an excellent rider and actually understands horses very well, he also loves to horseback ride so he teached Lefou everything you need to know about the subject and in the end succeeded. Like, Gaston is very sweet and caring in dealing with horses and Lefou was actually so impressed he really tried hard to learn riding horses so he maybe could have a nice horseback ride date into the sunset with his captain am I right

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Right so I'm just starting to get into green day and I wanted to ask how should I go about just learning everything? Idk with other bands I usually listen to like one album at a time and learn the songs while also stalking blogs to find out more about the members and everything but with green day theres? So much? Like the first lesson I learned is that yall are crazy. Everything's all over the place. How do I get into that

welcome!! 💗i would start the same way with green day although i know it must get confusing because there’s so much history and nobody blogs about anything important lmao. i have made a few posts helping other anons in the past with information that you can check out