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Guys. Guys. The Holmes siblings.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the sibling interaction we got? Could the fandom stop being toxic for two seconds and enjoy the good things we got? Forget Johnlock and Sherlolly and let’s focus on these adorable babies.

First of all, can you believe how good of a brother Mycroft is? Can you believe he did so much for his younger siblings? He took everything upon himself to protect Sherlock and Eurus. He might not have always taken the right course of action, but he tried. He lied to be kind. Did you see the fondness in his eyes when the home videos came up during his movie at the beginning? He sent those presents to Eurus. He obviously still cared. And how he tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him… That was the sweetest thing. It shows how he would do anything for his little brother. Most people would try to give reasons why they should be the one to live, but Mycroft straight up offered himself. Owned that if someone had to die it had to be him. He is a wonderful big brother.

Sherlock, there at the end? How he cared for Eurus? Did you hear the empathy in his voice? Did you see him desperately try to reach out to his little sister? Even after all she put him through, after all she did, she’s still his sister, and he still cares for her. He couldn’t shoot Mycroft. He was more willing to kill himself than his brother or best friend. You can see through the whole episode how he cared about them so much. “Look after him. He’s not nearly as strong as he thinks he is.” Sherlock Holmes is not a machine.

And Eurus. There isn’t a lot you can say for her. She did some pretty messed up things. But…She wanted love. That was her goal. She definitely had a psychopathic way of trying to get it, but that’s what she wanted. She wanted attention. Everything she did was a hurt child crying for someone to notice her. She might not be sibling of the year, but there definitely is more to her than meets the eye, and I can’t wait to know more about her.

In the end, this episode was great, as far as character interaction and the way the actors portrayed it. You can say what you want about the plot or nitpick at little details, but I think that this episode was wonderful, because it showed so much of who these people actually are.


I hate how every black person acts like Obama was supposed to save us in the 8 years he was president. Republicans basically promised to themselves that they were going to block everything he did and it wasn’t like he could exactly speak about race issues he’s president they would’ve tore him apart and he probably wouldn’t have gotten elected for his second term. I know he fucked up so does every other president but damn. My mom was right are race will tear down anybody even are first black pres

Having just finished that masterpiece of a first season, I think the thing I love most about A Series of Unfortunate Events (besides the stunning, brutal honesty) is the fact that it so perfectly nails the concept of doing good anyway, even when everything sucks, even when the people who should be in charge and may have good intentions totally fail you, even when your enemies are all around you and you’re terrified, even when you have no one to tell you that what you’re doing is the right thing and the world is tragic and confusing and it doesn’t feel like you’ll ever win.

that’s what always hits me about everything about VFD as a thing – you have an organization that’s falling to pieces, that’s breaking into factions, that’s crumbled in some places and warped into something wicked, but is still full of people who are so outmatched and keep doing good anyway, keep trying, keep being noble and sacrificial even when it doesn’t look like they’ll make it. Where some people might just see a series of unfortunate events with no happy ending, I want to cry forever because I’m seeing the neverending courage and optimism and goodness of human beings; our incredible ability to keep going and keep fighting. Because isn’t that the entire history of the entire human race? There are useless people, people who do nothing, cowardly people, dead people, downright evil people. But there are also Uncle Montys and the Baudelaire parents and Kit Snickets of the world, the people who keep going. (and they don’t always make it. but that’s okay. it’s not about them, in the end, it’s about something more.) 

This is a story about human courage and goodness at its very core and it’s so, so important. 

Okay, so, I have an ask in my inbox wanting to know if I might ever write about people who practice a certain alternative lifestyle/subset of BDSM.

Dear anon, I have two responses to this:

1) While I fully respect the rights of consenting adults to do whatever legal things they want within a relationship, the key word here is adults. I’m trying very hard to keep Always Human as family friendly as possible and while I haven’t done a perfect job of sticking to that goal, everything in the comic is at least appropriate for teenagers (including the discussion of sex/consent - teens have sex with each other before they’re adults - we talk to them about sex before they’re adults - talking about sex is important!)

But BDSM (even a subset of BDSM that does not necessarily have to be sexual) isn’t something that’s appropriate to discuss with minors. It’s very definitely an adult-only thing and so nothing like that will appear in Always Human. Sorry!

(That said, if you are interested in a comic about other types of BDSM you may enjoy Sunstone which is all about intimacy and romance and the honesty and realness that can be found in a relationship between two people who happen to enjoy very kinky sex. This is definitely an adult-only comic though, which is why I’ve linked to the wikipedia page, rather than the comic itself :P)

2) The other thing I have to say is that the BDSM subset you mentioned, well, it personally makes me deeply uncomfortable (this is why I’m responding with a text post rather than directly replying to your ask.) I said before that I respect the right of consenting adults to do any and all legal relationship things and I do mean that. But different things make different people happy and different things can be upsetting to different people, and this thing upsets me deeply and I hope you can respect that tumblr is my happy place and I’d rather not talk about a thing that upsets me deeply in my happy place.

I’m sorry anon, I really do hope you won’t take this personally. You keep on doing the things that make you happy! I hope you will be safe, and healthy and loved :)

The ask you sent me was very polite and kind, and I appreciate that <3

How about we talk about the way you’re misinterpreting the last quote of TFP

For someone who loves to read so much into everything and analyze this show to death,the meaning of the last quote sure went over your heads or you’re choosing to ignore what it really says because you want it to feed into your collective hysteria. So let’s have the quote, right?

 “I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and a doctor who never came home from the war. Will you listen to me? Who you really are doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend, the stories, the adventures. There is a last refuge for the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted. There is a final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails, there are two men, sitting and arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there, and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known, my Baker Street Boys, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.”

What Mary’s saying, simply put, is exactly what we know about the characters. At their core Sherlock is a junkie who solves cases to get high, and John is a doctor who never left the battle field, each one an addict in their own right, which isn’t exactly a stellar review or personality trait. 

What Mary is saying is that it doesn’t matter that they’re a couple of adrenaline junkies, because their adventures, their stories, the persons they’ve helped, the lives they’ve saved and will save, is their legacy, and are the the basis of their legend, and that’s what they’ll be remembered by, not their demons.

They are the last refuge for the desperate, unloved and persecuted. The last hope for everyone when life gets too strange, impossible and frightening.

Who you really are doesn’t matter” is not an insult, it’s absolution. It’s releasing them from their status of flawed and imperfect and damaged, allowing them to fulfill their potential.

  • Robert: You look ridiculous.
  • Aaron: Talkin' to me?
  • Robert: Yeah, unfortunately, I am talking to you.
  • Aaron: Here you are. To get us in the mood for Vegas.
  • Robert: I've got this business plan to finish. There's so much to it.
  • Aaron: That's all you seem to be doing lately.
  • Robert: Yeah, Rebecca's wasting all her time with Ross so I have to do everything.
  • Aaron: Tell her to start pulling her weight or she can do it on her own. Come on, let me show you the other stuff I bought.
  • Robert: I really don't have the time. Can we talk about it tonight?
  • Aaron: I won't hold my breath.
  • (Robert leaves, Chas comes in)
  • Chas: Where's he off to? Couldn't get out of here fast enough.
  • Aaron: I know. She's got him wrapped round her little finger.
  • Chas: Everything all right? Rebecca?

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Kylux: Are they picky about sleeping positions, sides?

I had to think about this one cuz there’s so many potential scenarios.  I tend to picture Kylo on the left, Hux on the right, in Hux’s quarters. Kylo is used to a narrower bed, or no bed at all, and so he isn’t particular about sides. He sleeps on his back, because it’s more comfortable for him but also on his side makes his arm fall asleep and he hates that, not to mention it’d be inconvenient if he had to rise and fight. Hux’s bed is larger and he prefers the right side. He lays curled on his side facing the doorway, blaster under his pillow for quick access even though maybe there’s no need for it anymore but old habits die hard.

So when Kylo first spends the night, he scoots to the left and lays on his back, Hux curls up with his back to him. They both take it as the other not wanting to cuddle or touch in their sleep in any way. But Kylo really wishes Hux would roll over and press up against him, put his head on his shoulder where he could kiss his neck, anything. And Hux wishes Kylo would roll to the side and curl around him from behind, how safe he would feel with his back guarded like that, how warm Kylo’s arms would be.

It’s a while before either of them breaks and voices their wishes. Surprisingly, it’s Hux who does so first, though not verbally. One evening while curled up he reaches back and sort of tugs at Kylo’s arm. It’s a couple of tugs before Kylo understands what he’s asking: put this around me. So, hesitantly, he does, and Hux relaxes, so he scoots closer and holds him and…it’s good. He maybe wouldn’t mind his arm falling asleep if it’s wrapped around Hux.

The next night he lays on his back again, out of habit. But he pulls at Hux’s shoulder, urging him to roll over. Hux is reluctant to turn his back to the entrance, but…if he tucks his face in Kylo’s neck just so, Kylo can see it just fine, and Hux trusts him. It still takes him a while to relax but when he does, sleeping this way is good too.

They take turns each others preferred ways, and over time their individual habits go out the window in favor of new ones, made together.



We are supposed to close on our house tomorrow. We have a time set and everything. This has been 3 months of stress, paperwork, & money worry. It’s so close to being over. We are so close to not ever having to deal with a landlord. Now my boyfriend decides at the last minute he has more questions and he’s not so sure about the terms. I AM. JUST. DONE.

God, I really love berena

You know?, I have never been this invested in a ship before.

It occupies an unhealthy amount of my brain space.

It’s weird, I feel like I really know these characters and I really, genuinely care about them.

When they hurt, I hurt. When they get all heart eyes, smiley flirty around each other, you should see the big grin on my face. It’s ridiculous.

I think it’s why I’m a bit miffed we didn’t get to see cute coupley berena before Elinor Gate. I think we’ve all have invested so much time in this fandom and yet we really haven’t had the payoff. Everything seems to be happening off screen.

IDK, is there any hope of fluff considering what’s happening in the storyline right now?

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the thing i love the most of the new chapter is that gs is steal wearing ht's jacket, i mean he is at home he could have changed, but nope he decides to wear it (♡∀♡) or am i reading too much into this?

no, you’re definitely right!!!!

i got so sidetracked by he tian sending nudes out of nowhere that i kinda pushed everything else to the side, but im so pleasantly surprised by the fact that guan shan is still wearing he tian’s jacket………..and by pleasantly surprised i mean that i screamed when i first saw it and now i end up punching my pillow and making inhuman noises every time i think about it. um.

but yeah, i was very surprised by it, because like with he tian giving guan shan his jacket, guan shan actually wearing it throughout the night is something we were all fantasizing about and wishing it would happen, but i wasn’t really expecting it to!! im so incredibly happy that it did, though, and in my opinion that detail was the most important part of the chapter!! like you said, guan shan could have taken the jacket off as soon as he stepped home, or change into something else (something of his own) if he was still cold, and yet he didn’t, he consciously decided to keep wearing it while chilling on his bed, very likely as he thought back at everything that happened in the past few days, not only with she li, but with he tian as well

i find this so interesting and important, because it’s really telling of what guan shan’s true feelings might be. he acts annoyed and irritated when he tian is around, and im not saying he doesn’t also feel like that because let’s be real, he tian can be frustrating as hell, but that’s not all there is, not anymore: he followed he tian when he went to see his brother out of curiosity, he kept the note on his bed out of confusion, he helped he tian with his hand and accepted to treat him to food out of worry and thankfulness, he is still wearing he tian’s jacket out of some feeling he still can’t name nor recognise, but that i think we can easily interpret as interest (if not attraction). there’s really no other way to explain why he would do that, and im honestly way too excited right now because this is guan shan slowly, slowly, starting to fall for he tian, and i can’t wait to see what’s going to happen from now on!!


Noam Dar x Reader / 1,286 words / SFW 

You’re Noam’s best friend. Things get weird when Alicia lets you in on a rumor about the two of you. Can you mend the relationship between you and Noam?

A/N: This is really sloppy and could be so much better. It was rushed because it’s actually 8 am right now and i haven’t slept. Just thought the Noam tag could use a little love. Everyone please write some fics and imagines for the love of god.

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Okay but guys, seriously just think about this. 6x09 we have everyone remembering Stiles in their own way. Can we please just think about how fucking amazing it’s going to be when Lydia remembers fully who Stiles was to her? She’s going to recall everything he did for her. She’ll remember him BEFORE she sees him, so when she sees him, she won’t be hesitant at first like Malia and Scott were with Peter. She’ll know right away and she’ll run home. Home is in his arms, and she’ll kiss him, because that’s where everything comes back into place. In their connection with each other.

I’m nowadays constantly torn between wanting to keep some drawings in secrecy until later and also wanting to post everything right then, so.. perspective shots of not quite finished things?

(also special mention for @forgedobsidian’s fic about Kouda’s bunny visiting Toshinori, I reread it in the morning so it’s part the reason for this drawing!)

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thank you so much for not being anti shaladin and for not using mcclain as lance's last name. i'm so tired and exhausted of this fandom, it seems like the majority are brainwashed brats who scream "pedophilia!!! lance is white tho!!!!!" at absolutely everything and it's just refreshing and relieving to have someone here with their head actually screwed on right. tysm

it’s literally no problem at all, i’m actually just glad that there are people in this fandom who don’t inherently hate me (which there are people who do) 

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hello! im jay and im kinda questioning everything right now but I just know I'm not straight or cis. i want to go to GSA at my school but I have a brother to takes me home everyday who can't know about my identities, but i could really use LGBT support right now. any advice? thank you,

Tell your brother you are staying late for tutoring, go to the GSA group at school. Tell them what’s going on. When he comes to pick you up later, give him a location to pick you up at opposite end of where GSA was held so he won’t see anyone with you.

This video may also be helpful to you.


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Wait.. why is everyone pissed off about 'the final problem' I can't seem to figure it out.. tumblr looks so jumbled right now, can't make out what the specific problem is. Can you help?

bbc sherlock s1-3 plus tab was the most carefully written romance of the 21st century and s4 in particular was horrible and the episode they most gloated about is awful besides being with awful script and everything it barely made sense 

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I figured out a way that a GF/A Series of Unfortunate Events AU could (sorta) work! So the twins' parents die and they get sent to live with Grunkle Stan, BUT he's actually a (relatively) competent caretaker! Now, the problem is that other members of the VFD are after Stan and the kids (but is it really Grunkle Stan they're after?), so they have to work together to protect themselves and each other! It comes to solving a 30 year old mystery of what happened to Stan's twin brother! (1/2)

There are times when everything seems grim, but never entirely hopeless! Plus, it could have stuff with the three traveling and wearing disguises and going on espionage missions (which would be right up Stan’s alley)! (Also I promise those exclamation points aren’t angry/loud shouting, I just use them a lot when I’m excited about things, which is fairly often!) (2/2)

No worries about the exclamation marks; I do the same!

That sounds like it could be a fun AU! But please be aware that I haven’t actually read any of ASOUE and only watched the first episode because I was feeling sick and self-destructive. I’m sure they are very good but they are Too Bleak For Me.


I finally got the time and space to dedicate a large, permanent shrine to Cernunnos. For a year now it’s been tucked in a small shelf in my witchcraft cabinet, but now he has a proper place in the house!

I found this incredible statue in my regular witchy supply store, and even if it has a plate that says “Herne” on the front that the incense bowl is hiding, everything else about it just screamed my patron. As @sacred-elk will tell you, I teared up when I saw it. The rest of the shrine is compiled of pieces that I’ve had dedicated to him for years. The fox fur on the wall and accompanying fox and coyote heads felt like a suitable addition, too.

It feels so right. So like home. 🦌🌲💕☀️