everything about this is a dream

infp issue #75

“I am extremely empathetic and am very effected by other people, but at the same time I feel extremely disconnected and by myself. When I am with friends I feel like I’m very present at the time but the second I’m alone it feels like it was a dream even though I remember everything about it, like it didn’t really happen or I wasn’t really there. But I do have these moments that last for a split second where I am hyper aware of where I am and how I’m feeling and they are extremely intense and I feel alive and I try to hold on to those”
thanks @waynesworldwitch for sending me this infp issue!!

Thank you

I just want to say thank you. Thank you BTS for everything you’ve shown me.

Thank you Kim Namjoon/ Rap monster for teaching me that behind every success story there is someone there who guides and supports them and giving me the motivation to learn new things.

Thank you Kim Seokjin/Jin for teaching me to love myself and be confident in myself no matter what changes about me and to stay humble. Please never change

Thank you Min Yoongi/ Suga for showing me that even through the worst times there is always a reason and way to get through them and to never stop pursuing my dreams. Please never change.

Thank you Jung Hoseok/ J-hope for teaching me how to laugh and smile through difficult times and for reviving my love of dancing and bringing back my smile. Please never change.

Thank you Kim Taehyung/ V for showing me that weird isn’t always bad and that I just need to find people who accept me for the weirdo that I am. Please never change.

Thank you to Park Jimin/ Jimin for teaching me that everyone has insecurities and to care for my friends in every single way because they need you just as much as you need them. Please never change

Thank you to Jeon Jungkook/ Jungkook for showing me it’s okay to be the youngest and lean on others for support and how to appreciate everything others give me. Please never change.

Thank you to the 7 friends from a small company who struggled through life to being with but instead of giving up and going their separate ways, stuck together to become what the group they are today. Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons that I use every single day. You have changed me for the better and for that I cannot thank you enough. PLEASE NEVER CHANGE.

Mat Sella Romance Walkthrough

Hey, guys! I know some people mentioned they were having a hard time getting a good ending for Mat. Someone said there wasn’t a walkthrough for him, so I went down and jotted everything I did to get his good end. Hope this helps!

This is all just hastily scribbled shorthand and I’m rocking a fever, so excuse the format <3

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as a cat hybrid | minseok

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  • okay so i have no idea how this works
  • but
  • he’d have short but wide ears
  • and they’re cream coloured
  • are they supposed to meow???????
  • he doesnt meow a lot only a few times when he wants something
  • its such a soft, high pitched meow ur like my little kitty i love u so much here is everything i have to offer
  • lies his head on u a lot
  • if ur sat down longer for 5 seconds hes gonna put his head on u
  • even if ur just sat next to him 
  • bich idk what im doing
  • um do they have tails? he has a tail okay but i have nothing to say about that
  • i feel like im in a dream i cant believe im writing this
  • curls his tail around u when he sleeps? 
  • the end?????????? idk???

I keep seeing people complaining about the game grumps being apart of dream daddy. they literally voiced a couple characters in it. everything else was created by an awesome team, half of which are apart of the lgbt+ community, and Vernon Shaw the main creator worked really hard on this (this being his very first project)

please understand that playing this game and enjoying it doesn’t mean you have to support the game grumps in any other way if you don’t want to. I get it if you don’t like them.

Don’t take it out on the small team that worked ridiculously hard to the point of exhaustion to get this wonderful, lovely, diverse, inclusive game out.

I have enjoyed it immensely so far. and i think a lot of other people still conflicted about getting it will too.

Honestly it irrates me how Dream Daddy has one (1) bad plottwist and suddenly everything good about this game doesn’t matter! I get that it can be disappointing for some people but please don’t act like this game is The Worst Thing because this game has a lot of good things! Every game has its issues! So don’t act like one mistake outweighs all the amazing things about this game.

Dream daddy: *has one (1) with shitty ending and a dummied out joke cult ending, and everything else is literally the best mlm dating sim made*

Y'all homophobic fucking demons: “UMMMM I am not an mlm but this game is so Problematique™ so here is my masturbatory, self-righteous and homophobic rant no one fucking asked me, about a game that I havent played, just after stalking tag for info to demonize this game”.

Dream Daddy Spoilers

So. Spoilers for Dream Daddy.




But if you pursue Joseph’s story, you’ll find out that he was once rebellious and had everything he wanted in his lover. And you’ll later see a clue about who that rebellious lover that got him into trouble was.

Yes. It’s Robert.

(Also, Joseph’s yacht was his father’s. Who he calls a ‘fire and brimstone’ kind of guy. So I’m guessing that the whole gay boyfriend thing didn’t go down well.

SasuSaku Month 2017
Day 21: Not Everything’s in Black and White

After the war it took longer than Sakura thought it would for everything to go to how it once was, if she was truthful things were never the same. Team 7 was never able to reclaim lost time and thinking they would was only a child’s dream she never had the courage to let go.

Kakashi was forced to take on the role as Hokage and Naruto spend so much time learning about his upcoming responsibilities as Hokage in and out of the village that she barely ever saw him. After being incarcerated for months, Sasuke was finally released, but the man they let out of the cell was a stranger.

Team 7 seemed to be broken into tiny little pieces that didn’t seem to fit back together anymore.

The only one of them she ever saw anymore was Sasuke.

Sometimes she saw him in the training ground when the sun hadn’t even risen and she was on her way to work, other times she saw him in the market attempting to hold the bag of vegetables with his remaining arm, but most times she saw him when she took rounds at the rebuilding sites across the village to heal minor injuries caused by construction.

She had finished treating the injuries, minor cuts and at least two cases of dislocated arms, after warning them to be more careful she turned to the rebuild site. They were building and apartment complex and in the distance she could see as Sasuke helped carry building materials.

“You’re Sasuke-san’s teammate, right?” She turned to see a middle aged man ask her, she didn’t have the heart to correct him, she hadn’t been his teammate for a long time, so she nodded instead. “Then maybe you can get him to take a break, he’s been working all day.”

Her gaze turned to Sasuke then, she walked over not knowing what she would say when she approached him, they hadn’t spoken since the war ended.

He caught sight of her as she walked toward him, setting aside what he was doing he turned to her. “Sakura.”

“Sasuke.” She replied, up close he looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks, out of breath, and probably pushing himself a little too far. His eyes were tired, everything in him screamed exhaustion and she wanted to reach out to him.

She had studied his medical record, even the parts that weren’t for her to see. It was unethical, but she had read Sasuke’s psychological report, patient expresses being tired of living it had said, he had admitted it in a moment of weakness and afterwards closed off.

To everyone else he would look like an exemplary citizen, or at least someone making good use of a granted second chance. To her, he seemed to be dragging through life, dragged down by a past he couldn’t escape and Sakura didn’t know what to do.

“Stop looking at me like that.” He snapped, and she remembered the file again. He’s prone to anger. He fears compassion.

“Like what?” She asked. “I’m just worried about you, Sasuke.” That was the wrong thing to say, he tensed up and when she reached out to him he took a step back, out of her reach in more ways than one.

“I’m tired of everyone looking at me like I’m a time bomb, I don’t know why I thought you’d be different. I’m not your patient so you can stop doing whatever this is.” He gestured all around her, his words hurt. When had she forgotten how to connect with him? Had she ever known how?

She opened her mouth to speak, but there were no right words. We could go back to how we used to be. It was a child’s dream. Pieces were scattered, pieces were missing, and no amount of trying was ever going to fit the puzzle back together.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have things to do.” She was left standing there watching his back.

I am FUCKING crying ok FIRST of all I bought Dream Daddy on Steam and am about to play it.
also I might actually be able to stomach this next season of Doctor Who??? because no Moffat??? and a lady Doctor?????????? this is amazing. and I saw Waitress the other night in New York. and the night before that was Phantom.
and I’m off the meds that were giving me dissociation. so everything actually feels REAL.
this week is magical


the urge to turn
repeats endlessly
it burns and the heat
travels upward
unravels inward.

in a dream playing
chess against myself
both of us laughing
at each other thinking
that we know something
our mirror image doesnt.

anyone can tell the future
if you look into the teas leavings
listen to the wind underneath the
boughs of the oldest trees and
hope to forget about everything.


This is The Sun. This is a huge scoop which will most likely spread a lot. It looks awful on Louis, it looks awful on Harry (it is awful towards Harry).

This is a tabloid that gets fed information directly from Louis’ team, so this is - and frankly I was an idiot not to trust my gut instinct with the Observer article and Harry being mentioned so many times this morning - what they are going to say and sell. Any way you look at it (and kudos to you if you’re fine with this and labeling it as the usual lies), it’s Louis shitting on Harry who deserves to be shat at, too hard. It’s not truly even about Larry anymore, they went further and just confirmed a Houis (yes, both Harrie and Louie Houies’) wet dream.

I know I often react too early and hastily but with everything that’s been happening lately, I can’t say this isn’t honestly pretty fucking bad.

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Oh I miss skam ... everything is so calm. And do not like it. I want you to give us a spin-off of the series starring the balloon squad where they show us really what it's like to be a Muslim in a secular country, coupled with being a second generation immigrant... ah, dreaming is still possible. They would this with hei briskeby + even to bring interest...


i just beat pokemon yellow for the first time and i spent the majority of the champion battle sobbinG ohmygodd

it was so incredibleee, all my pokemon are 20 lvls less than blue/green’s at least and i went in with seriously low supplies ;; w ;; lasted about 35 mins… i had just used my last revive and max potion when my snorlax bby landed the final hit on his jolteon T v T

honestly the best battle I’ve experienced because it was so challenging, and ofc it was against the bby, and his champion theme is just. everything * __ * I play it p much on repeat on my phone, but actually experiencing it in the game was the best feeling! i feel so proud of red but at the same time so sorry for blue bc I tore up his dreams soB

im going to focus on heart gold now. make my way through the rest of them to catch up on everything i missed out when I was younger!! T u T

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The amount of things getting leaked that are part of beyoncé's private life and things she didn't sign off on being released is heartbreaking. She already fights so hard to be so private as a celebrity whose so well known, it's like everything she said from "Life is but a Dream" about privacy is coming into light. I feel so bad for her and disappointed in the hive for spreading these videos etc everywhere.

I know if I see it on my dash I’ll be blocking who ever reblogs them, they were stolen from her phone 😢

I had a dream about you. The first one I had in months. It felt surreal. I saw you there, still the same person I knew. With the look of love in your eyes staring back at me. You took my hand and leaded me through a crowd full of people. And usually crowds would scare me, but it was something about you holding my hand or being in contact with you that made me feel safe. You then hugged me, and told me that everything would work out. And I started crying, you wiped away my tears. But then I woke up, still, to a face full of tears but feeling empty. Because in the dream I felt so whole. But in reality, I feel so bear without you here.
—  Only in my dreams (young-wildandfresh)

tbh kinda wanted to vent a bit because I’ve been having dreams about my ex lately and I’m so fucking confused about them
back in September of 2016 he said awful fucking things to me about my weight and ever since then I know I’ve been completely messed up .. even though we broke up in February, what he said still stays with me every god damn time I eat something, go to the gym, look at myself in the mirror
When we broke up I was so relieved, honest to god so HAPPY. then like two months ago (maybe?) he texts me wanting to get back together, but I wasn’t having any of it. And now this past week I’ve been dreaming about him and I have no idea why because I know I’m better than him, deserve more than that and don’t need anymore of his bs in my life but I’m just so confused and everything is coming back up in my mind and playing over and over and it’s driving me insane