everything about this is a dream

No matter how many times I watch it, I can’t get over Kylo’s emotional progression during the second ForceTime scene. He goes from sad puppy dog to hopeful to determined to scheming. Let’s dive in lovelies, shall we?

First, let’s look at his gorgeous face after Rey calls him a murderous snake. He looks heartbroken. He doesn’t want her to think about him that way.

Luckily for him, Rey gives him an easy way to challenge what the girl of his dreams she thinks about him. As soon as she says that she found Skywalker, you can see the wheels turning in his head. Then the light bulb goes off.

“Did he tell you what happened?”

Now he’s a man on a mission. He wants her to know the truth about Luke– the truth about him.

“The night I destroyed his temple. Did he tell you why?” “I know everything I need to know about you.”

She’s still being stubborn (understandably), so now…time for a challenge. He knows she won’t be able to resist a challenge, and that she’ll find out the truth. And if she finds out the truth, she’ll think of him differently.

“You do? Ah, you do.”

Aka, “Please find out the truth so you will understand why I am the way I am, fall in love with me, come join me, and be my gorgeous Empress and rule the galaxy by my side. “

Dear GOD I could watch these two all day long.

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why they cancelled inhumans it could have grown into something better like aos did

I respectfully disagree. The show was embarrassingly bad on all levels and I’m not sad to see it get cancelled. It should have been cancelled before it ever even aired. Hated everything about it from the casting, to the visuals, to the storyline. My only wish now is that they announce that it’s no longer considered part of the MCU so they can one day reboot it properly as a big-budget movie. One can dream. 

Video Store (Teen! Richie Tozier x Reader)

i do not own It or any of the characters or anything, just my writing 

word count: 1,255

warnings: some sad stuff i guess? swearing 

a/n: REQUESTS ARE OPEN please i need some material 

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       The junior year of high school was your bitch. You were going to do everything in your power to make it yours. After the traumatic summer that plagued you and your friends, It was going to be the year everything started to get better. Of course the countless sleepless nights brought upon by the pennywise incidents had not faded away, you and the others began to block the memories out as if it was all a bad dream.They didn’t discuss it much; brushing it off their shoulders. However, you knew everyone was thinking. They didn’t think about it as a singular thought at once, no, but that idea, the thought was always there. You knew it was their during long periods of silence between the losers club, whether it was all of them or just you and another. Present in the mind at all times. The trauma of the horror the group went through together was to great to forget, but enough to scar everyone to the point where they at least try to, but in the end, fail miserably. But like i said, this was the year everything was starting to get better. 

        You began working at your mom’s friend Jim’s video store after school three times a week. It became one of your favorite past times. It was never really busy and half the time your cousin, beverly, stopped in the hang out with you. Those hours you spent there were your favorite, not wanting to return to the isolation of your small house. Your mother was always away on business or with her boyfriend, leaving you by yourself for days, weeks, even a month sometimes. It had been like this for years. Originally living in Chicago, you moved here after your father passed away in the fifth grade, leaving you with just your mom. Your mother, however figured she’d move back to her childhood home where there was at least some family left, even though she wasn’t on greatest terms with her brother. She was at least grateful you had beverly, someone else of blood relation that you could rely on besides her. And it worked, to the point you barely had a relationship with your mom. She came home for three days at the most and she’d leave.

          On the brightside, your house became a popular hangout spot for the losers for tiny gatherings and parties where’d you all get drunk with cheap beer and pink floyd’s lyrics seeping through the house out of the speaker of the record player. Polaroids would scatter the table, soon to be neatly placed in a scrapbook kept up in your bedroom. It was always a good time. Beverly would stay over for days on end sometimes, keeping you company while simultaneously trying to escape her dad. That was until he croaked and my mom gained custody of her. Then she officially became roommates  She was your best friend, and you were hers. She had become your only true family and the losers club your makeshift one.

        It was an October thursday. Overcast and  miserable outside, you sat with your feet propped up on the counter of the video store dreading the long walk home you’d have to endure in an hour after shop closes. Distracting yourself from the boredom, you focused in on a small tv that rested on the counter. A highlight to the movie store was the unlimited amount of hours of free movies all the time 24/7. Movies were amazing. A highlight to the boredom of the world. The emptiness of the video store broke once the familiar bell of the door being opened rang. 

“Whats up, Molly Ringwald”

“I swear to god, you sound more and like Richie everyday,” Beverly Laughed, taking a seat next to you behind the counter, “Whatcha watchin’?”

 “‘Sixteen Candles’ ironically. It’s really pretty good though. Definitely has entertained me.” you replied and she nodded as her ginger hair bounced with her head as she looked at the screen

“The video store so dead for such a sucky day. Id expect a lot more people to come and get a vhs”

“Right. I dont care, less people to deal with. Where’s the boys at anyways?”“Up to no good I bet,” a snicker erupted from both of you in agreeance, “they’re probably teasing Eddie or running around town doing something.”

The boys were always up to something. Whether it was pushing each other from the quarry edge or running around the drive in.  They all become so close through the years, as well as Beverly and I partaking  in it the rambunctious endeavors. 

“Speaking of the boys..” She began, “I-”

“..am getting married to Bill and you want me to be the maid of honor? Aw what can i say Bev, that’s so sweet- Ow!” You cut her off until she rammed her fist into your arm.

“So i heard from a little bird that maybe Richie has a thing for you” The words escaped her lips as a smile formed across her features. You easy going aurora faded into a more serious-shocked persona as your cheeks became redder than the roses growing in the garden next door. “As if..” you stammered, your wide eyes going to your hands in your lap. 

“All of us can tell you like each other, you’ve liked each other for like ever, (y/n)” She almost coed, trying to convince you of what you described as an absurd idea. You had developed a crush on him that grew over time. From his brain, to his heart and his stupid yet charming sense of humor, you began to fall for the silly teen. Puberty didn’t help with your girly crush, for Richie had in a sense, glowed up. He had gotten a lot taller, and his fashion sense seemed to resemble Duckie Dale from ‘Pretty in Pink.’ Richie was the closest to (y/n) of all the rest of the guys in the group. Every since the chance encounter at the drug store when Ben was attacked by Henry Bowers, they began to talk more and even eventually hang out together. Leading to constant trips to the arcade where he teaches you to play street fighter and walking to the corner to get cokes and candy. Besides Beverly, Richie played an important part in her life. Not only did she like the raven haired boy, he was her best friend along with Bev. 

 “It seems like you two are the only ones who don’t know you like each other” she continued “I dont know bev..-” that was until you were cut off by the front door bell ring and a familiar face showed.

 “Speak of the devil!” Beverly whisper yelled to you as the tables turned and you were the one smacking you hand into her arm. Richie showed through the door and a wide grin appeared across his face.

 “Hey ladies” he attempted a smooth entrance, sliding into the counter leaning in. Beverly shot up from the seat next to you and confusion drew all over your face as you stared up at her. “I gotta go, i’m not feeling so good,” She lied miserably, “I’ll see you at home (y/n)! Nice to see you Richie!” She exited quickly almost throwing herself out of the door, leaving just the two of you. “Whats up, Richie” you attempted to cooly but to you dismay your face heated up to the noticeable red 

“What are you doing tonight? I want to take you out.”

part 2????

“Vos Anima Mea” (Chapter 3)

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Part: 1 / 2 /

Title: Vos Anima Mea

Genre: Vampire AU

Rating: PG-13

You walked back to the club the next week confident and excited.  You’d mulled over what you’d learned about Kihyun and the more you thought about it, the more enticing it became. You had searched for so long for something truly fascinating and dark in this world and you had found it, and you got to spend time learning about it and in turn, capturing it for your art. It was a dream scenario.

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“As the captain that i am right now, imma take my team across the Grand line, we ain’t going down”

- bang chan

As a stray kids stan, this is truly a heart warming line. Chan, after seven long years of training found his own family in Korea and He’s willing to put everything on the line for these 8 kids and that’s so warming and uplifting to think about. If you listen to his lyrics in most 3racha songs, they mention him taking this team to victory “i wish to be the captain of the ship sailing over the ocean”. This is truly his dream and i don’t think stray kids could have a better Leader and i really hope i can tell him that one day and i hope he knows now. Stray kids are gonna do big things.

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kinda wish the cast would shut up about s8 until closer to the release. "either everything you dreamed or disappointing." I cannot handle the anxiety this is causing for over a year. I just want my babies to be ok.

okay so we know maisie said that you’re either going to love it or you’re going to hate it, emilia said she took her keys and left her house for four hours and when she came back she still hadn’t processed everything, kit fucking got drunk and cried, peter dinklage is saying it’s bittersweet as fuck, and I’m just over here like if yALL DO THEM DIRTY YOU’RE GONNA HAVE ME ON YA DOORSTEP

That Tetris effect is real it happened to me when I was 15 and spent way too much time playing tetris. I’d start thinking about how tetris blocks would fit on everything, dream about tetris. It dominated my life mercilessly.

I had a dream that Midoriya invited Kirishima over to bake cookies for the rest of the class, like Midoriya had notes on everyone with favorite types and roughly how many each person could eat over a study session, with charts and everything. And poor Kirishima was clueless about baking, but Midoriya was cute and he really wanted to spend more time with him

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ok so my question: what do you think will be rob's reaction to aaron still wanting him? and what would you like it to be?

aw man he’s going to internally breakdown about it honestly

like on screen i want him to be shocked and upset. and like, i don’t mean that in a bad way - i want robert to be standing there like……… you still want me? after everything? like all confused and chin wobbly. and aaron is just like the happiest™ because he knows what he wants and he’s all of course i do u idiot

that’s the dream

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The musician in me needs the answer to 99: list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them 💜

Awh, I love this question!  I know these intimately b/c they are on near-constant rotation as part of my playlist.  

1.In My Life- the Beatles

2. For the Good Times - Al Green

3. I’ve Got Dreams to Remember - Otis Redding

4. Neither One of Us - Gladys Knight

5: Hurt - Johnny Cash

6. Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton 

7. You Keep Me Hanging On -  Vanilla Fudge

8. Cry to Me - Solomon Burke

9. Purple Rain - Prince

10. The Sun is Shining Down - JJ Grey and MOFRO

I’ll stop the list there XD <3 

The Signs & Sleep

*Check moon sign & 12th house*

Aries: has so much energy that it is hard for them to get to sleep, may stay up late but somehow still wake up early in the morning, moves around a lot in their sleep, lots of tossing and turning, can experience breakouts and dark circles if they do get a healthy amount of sleep.

Taurus: Sleeps like a rock and LOVES to nap and lounge around, sleeps a lot more than usual when stressed or depressed, most likely to eat then become sleepy immediately after, can sleep literally anywhere, always well-rested and refreshed.

Gemini: insomnia like you wouldn’t believe, thinks about EVERYTHING EVER, will probably be on their electronics all night until their eyes are burning or droopy, gets an unpredictable amount of sleep and never the perfect amount no matter what, definitely talks and mumbles in their sleep

Cancer: most likely to go to bed around 10pm-11pm, falls asleep to movies, music, or a fan, is super cranky if they haven’t slept well or if they’re waken up in the middle of the night, definitely has snacks and drinks by their bed, if stressed or depressed they will never get out of their bed

Leo: loves to sleep in and accumulate lots of energy, enjoys lounging and napping bc it perks them up, somehow always wakes up feeling energized / wakes up with ease, there’s no set routine to when they’re awake or when they’re asleep it just kinda happens

Virgo: has a routine they depend upon before sleep, most likely to need night time medication, likely has trouble falling asleep anyway, wakes up early and ready to go no matter what time they went to bed, is very cranky and tense if woken up in the middle of the night, probably jerks around and talks in their sleep

Libra: the most likely to get the needed amount of sleep, has a very balanced sleep schedule and routine, if they stay up too late they likely avoid sleeping until the next night so their routine does not get ruined, falls asleep FAST, will not enjoy sleeping somewhere that isn’t comfortable or pleasing to them

Scorpio: how they sleep  depends on their mood, usually experiences brutal insomnia and will sleep in long hours of the day, naturally a night owl and if they are in a negative mood don’t expect them to wake up at all bc they’ll have been awake all night thinking about every insecurity and fear they’ve ever had, needs more sleep than others to deal with their intuition and observation skills that are draining to them

Sagittarius: dreams about irrational but exciting adventures and makes up scenes in their own head they could only hope for, tosses and turns a LOT in their sleep, their bed sheets never stay on all the way, likely to experience astral travel and lucid dreaming, usually sleeps very well but has the most insane and vivid dreams, definitely snores

Capricorn: they take their sleep very seriously and usually go to sleep at the same time each night to ensure they are well-rested, likely needs certain sleep items to help with their physical pains and discomforts, daily stresses can affect their sleep so they definitely have to take sleep medication

Aquarius: the most sleep deprived sign, lies awake thinking about their day, their worries, and their fears, will stare at their phone, watch tv, or play video games until they’re so tired that everything hurts, their sleep pattern is constantly changing, on the bright side all their great ideas come from their dreams

Pisces: enjoys sleeping because their imagination can run wild, daydreams of fantasies and wishes until they doze off, the most peaceful sleeper, has vivid and intuitive dreams, most likely to receive premonitions through their dreams, likely needs tons of blankets and pillows to sleep well, probably sleeps with socks on

“Dreamers” - amazing art by the wonderful @panda-capuccino - [Read on AO3]

During young Ben Solo’s darkest nightmares, there’s a girl that helps him cope. At first he just feels her presence, but her image becomes clearer as dreams go by. When he learns that she needs his help too, he is willing to disobey his uncle’s wishes and do whatever it takes to reach her. Only together, they can figure out what this powerful bond between them is about.

tfw u realize Rey has been having visions of Ach-To for her entire life, believing something, like her destiny, or something else important would await her there.

Maz to Rey: “Whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back. But there’s someone who still could.” // Rey: “Luke?” // Maz: “The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.”

She thought Luke was going to be her belonging, he would be the person who could “come back”, that’s why she put all her hopes and decided to go to him on Ach-To. Little did she know, she didn’t get the answers she wanted from him. He was not what she had expected he would be for her, a belonging. He’s not where she belongs. She realizes it.

Bringing it all together, we can see the picture was that:

Rey had visions her entire life of this island. The thing that made her leave, that made her grow, the thing that ended up being the most important to her on this island, WAS BEN. It has always been him from the BEGINNING. She FOUGHT Luke for him. As soon as she realized she found what her belonging is, she’s ready to leave everything else, including the island and Luke, to go and HELP bring him back. The person Maz said “but there’s someone who still could” about- and Maz called them her “belonging”