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ok i know the jace cockblocking malec jokes are all in good fun but um the poor boy got mistreated to the point of basically being forced to leave the only home he knows and he’s clearly messed up about it so can we……not…….insult him at least……..


Hate me. Rejoice that I’m dead. After all I have done, the last thing I would wish to bring to you was more grief.

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ohmygod i love your blog so much! can you do headcanons regarding how the rfa + v and saeran would react to an mc who's never even kissed anyone before? lol i'm the only one out of my friends who's never been kissed and sometimes i feel so inexperienced 😔

(≧∇≦)/ You guys are so sweet to meeeee, aaaaaa!

And anon, don’t worry too much about it! The time will come, okay? I managed to uh…Do the deed more often than kissing. In fact, I’ve only been kissed once… orz I feel inexperienced too, but trust me, all those feelings go away when it finally happens, okay? 

It’s just another life experience we haven’t really gotten to have, yet! But we’ve experienced a lot of others to make up for it! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و


- Is there a way for him to actually have heart eyes?

- But no, he doesn’t mind. He thinks it’s super cute. How in the world did you manage to keep getting so adorable?

- “You’ve just been saving it for your Prince Charming, right~?”

- (Zen not everything is about you i s2g)

- After the two of you have your first official date, (Going to his secret spot and having a nice picnic he set up for the two of you), he’d want to end the date with a sweet kiss.

- He’d pull you into a light hug, brushing the hair away from your face, looking at you with such love in his eyes.

- “Princess, can I kiss you?”

- (What a dork)

- You shyly nod, and he gently presses his lips onto yours, only continuing the kiss when you try to kiss back.

- “Let’s hope we can share a lot more new experiences together, babe.”


- He….He’s only kissed his pillow at times

-(Seven said it was a good trick on learning how to kiss better!)

- But, when he finds out you haven’t kissed anyone either, his nerves quickly go away.

- He holds your hand and sheepishly rubs the back of his neck.

- “I haven’t either, but…I’m glad it’ll be with you.”

- The both of you are blushing like crazy.

- But when it comes to the two of you kissing for the first time, it’s sudden. The two of you were just spending time together- walking, window shopping, holding hands

- You were gushing over the view since it was such a nice day, and how happy you were warmed his heart

- He ended up just kissing you without thinking about it- Too infatuated with you

- When he pulled back, he’s instantly blushing and apologizing

- But he shuts up when you pull him in for another kiss


- You were shyly explaining how you weren’t used to dating whatsoever. That you were just inexperienced completely.

- “I mean… I haven’t even kissed a guy before.”

- Seven just looked at you sweetly, “Hey, me either.”

- (Seven i will personally kick your ass)

- He’d just say a few jokes to help ease your nerves. I mean, he hasn’t dated either, or really touched anywhere in that area. It’s cool, he’s okay with you not having much experience either!

- He even makes a puppet with his hand. “This has been my kissing partner for a while. You can try it too!” (Cue him kissing you with his hand like a puppet.)

- Your first kiss is one lazy morning- The two of you cuddling together. He’s whining because he doesn’t want to get out of bed. “You’re so comfyyyy~!”

- He’s so cute. Without thinking twice, your heart swelling with love, you end up kissing him.

- He’s surprised, but instantly kisses back.

- The two of you giggle a bit when you pull away, but continue to cuddle and share a few more smooches


- When he kissed you in the apartment, he had no idea he was your first. It explained why you were so red-faced over it. He just thought it was because he was being, ah, ‘smooth’?

- He doesn’t mind it. He actually thinks it’s a bit cute every time you get red-faced over it.

- He can’t say much either. He’s only had a few, erm, unwelcomed kisses from a few women.

- Yours was very nice, very welcoming.

- So, when you admit that you don’t really know how to kiss people, and you’re embarrassed about him kissing you so suddenly, he just kisses your forehead.

- “I think this is one of those ‘practice makes perfect’ situations, mc.”

- Ah geez

- He doesn’t mind you practicing on him, as long as he gets to do the same to you

- With maybe things more than just kissing…


- As soon as you even say the word ‘kiss’, she’s blushing

- Sure, she’s had a few bits of experience, but…Not with a woman.

- How?? Do you kiss?? Women??

-(Like you do with everyone else, jaehee)

- She doesn’t mind that you haven’t kissed anyone. It’s makes it a little less unnerving for her. I mean, you don’t have anyone you can compare her to, then…?

- She’s Panicking.

- But, when it does come time for the two of you to kiss, it’s a bit sudden.

- The two of you were closing the cafe for the night. Your first full work week! As Jaehee is checking the papers, she nearly starts crying from how happy she is.

- Profits are good, the shop isn’t going to go in debt within it’s first week, everything is just. Working.

- And she has you to thank for it.

- The two of you are hugging, and she’s just laughing and wiping away her happy tears.

- “I couldn’t have done this without you, mc. Thank you so much.”

- And there it is. Such a sweet kiss from Jaehee- She even tastes a bit like honey from a tea she was drinking.

- She pulls back, blushing a bit, but she smiles as soon as she sees you beaming

- She’s just! So happy!


- When you admit it to him, he blushes a bit, just smiling.

- “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, Jumin hasn’t kissed anyone either, and he’s older than you.”

- V….

- But he just pulls you into a hug.

- “I think it’s sweet that you trust me enough to tell me, and for me to possibly be your first.”

- When it become long enough that the two of you are going to be a thing, especially for a while, he decides to try and have a romantic evening with you

- He’s a bit well off, thanks to his family and photography skills, so the first kiss you two share is on the way back from a photo trip, on a boat he’s rented for the occasion.

- The sun is setting, your hair is blowing slightly in the wind, and he just can’t help himself from hugging you.

- When the two of you pull back, and you share a sweet gaze, he ducks his head and presses his lips against you. Giving one, two, and three kisses in a row.

- “I hope that was sufficient enough. You taste so sweet…”


- Baby is completely red.

- He… Doesn’t know how to kiss either. I mean, his busy life barely allowed for those random hook-ups, and he definitely never kissed those women.

- “It’s…. It’s not a big deal, mc. I, uh…Haven’t either.”

- Oh my god he’s so embarrassed telling you, but… You look a bit relieved, so he relaxes a bit.

- Yeah, it’s not a big deal. If he doesn’t think it’s bad you haven’t, you think the same for him…Right?

- The first time for the both of you is when you were cuddling with him on the couch. You were running your fingers through his hair, him humming a bit of appreciation from laying in your lap.

- He really liked relaxing like this- Watching a movie or just relaxing in silence. It helped him feel less anxious.

- He turned to lay on his back, looking up at you for a bit- His own fingers tracing lines on your free hand

- Slowly, he leans up and pulls you into a kiss. It’s a bit awkward due to the position, but the intention of showing his love is very clear

- He pulls back, his cheeks slightly pink. 

- “I…Love you.”


“That last pitch was good. They can’t hit your pitch past the fence if it’s that low. The important thing isn’t to prevent every hit. It’s what you do after they hit. You’re starting to pitch like an ace.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but you can like an artist/band and not support their actions.. This applies to Calum’s situation as well.. He likes Chris Browns music, but that doesn’t mean he supports his actions


I’ll absolutely support Australians so long as they’re not competing against a Dane. But it would be great to get gold [for the Danes] and silver [for the Australians].

Michael Clifford Smut → Talk Dirty To Me

Pairing: Michael x Reader

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A.N: I have a shit load of Michael feels lately so I had to write this one about him sorry to the ones who wanted a Luke one I swear the next one is gonna be about him. I s2g I’d give everything to have Mikey talk to me like that. 

You can find part 2 here (x)

“Lets get out of here” I heard my boyfriend Michael whisper in my ear. We had a few drinks in the hotel bar with his bandmates. “But we’re having so much fun right now.” I whined “Babe, I swear if we’re leaving now you’re gonna have so much more fun, believe me. ” he wispered and grabbed my hand. “Guys I’m pretty tired. We’re leaving. Dont drink too much.” he said smirking and pushed me towards the exit. We reached the elevator and got insde. To my surprise we were the only people in it. Michael pressed the button to our level. The elevator door closed and we started moving upwards. After only a few seconds the ground started shaking and the lights switched off, the elevator stopped moving. “Shit what the hell is going on?” I cursed “I dunno baby, seems like a blackout.” Michael tired to push  the emergency button a few times but nothing happened. “Well seems like we’re stuck.” he grinned. “Oh you dont say.” I replied, rolling my eyes at his obvious statement. “Why the fuck are you grinning? This is not funny!" 

Michael came closer to me and pressed me against the wall. "I always wanted to have sex in an elevator you know.” he smirked and bit his lip. Damn I hated it when he bit his lips, it always turned me on really bad. But I’m sure as hell not gonna have sex with him in a freaking elevator.

“Michael, I’m not gonna have sex with you in this elevator.” I stated. “Why not baby? It’s gonna be fun.” He started kissing my neck, finding my sweet spot real soon. It took me all my stength to push him away. “I mean it Michael, I’m not gonna fuck you in this damn elevator.”

“Fine.” he said, backing away a little bit. “But then..” he came closer again, leaning to my ear “..I’m gonna talk dirty to you..” he wispered, nibbling at my earlobe. “..and it is gonna turn you on so bad.” I knew he was right, this boy dirty talking to me will be my death. I could cum by only hearing hiw deep, raspy voice.

“You’d lie in bed and I’d touch you all over whil slowly getting you out of this incredibly sexy dress, then I’d rip your panties off and I know, the dirty girl you are, that you’re not wearing a bra under this dress…” he traced his fingers from my collarbones down to my breasts, grabbing and squeezing them slightly. I closed my eyes, biting down on my lips, trying to hold back any moans.

“Now you’d be fully exposed to me and I’d slowly kiss you, starting at your neck, to you collarbones, down to you boobs and I’d play with your nipples, swirling my tongue over them, making you moan because, fuck, I know how fucking much you love it when I play with your boobs.” he giggled and traced his fingers further down to my thighs, pushing my dress up a little bit. I wanted to push him away but I couldn’t move. I was too turned on to make him stop. “Is this turning you on baby?” he breathed “Y-yeah” I whimpered, feeling Michaels fingers pressed against the fabric of my, now pretty wet, panties.

“Now, where was I?” he pretented to think for a minute before he continued “Oh right!” he smirked “I’d kiss down your stomach, to your legs and I’d make sure not to leave anything untuched and I’d sure as hell make sure I leave marks all over your body to let everyone know that you’re mine.” he growled “and I’d be such a fucking tease, I know you love that. I’d kiss your inner thighs, completely ingonring your wet pussy and I know you’d moan my name, begging me to do something. Would you baby?” he asked, I just nodded, I was unable to speak. I took a deep breath as I felt Michaels fingers moving against my panties. “Well I’d give in into you begging eventually, I’d lick over your sweet little pussy a few times before entering you with my tongue. I’d suck so fucking hard on your clit and I’d swirl my tongue around it, making you scream out. Fuck I’d make you feel so fucking good.” he wispered in my ear.

Michael pushed my panties aside, rubbing slowly over my clit. I couldn’t help it anymore. I placed my hand on his neck, grabbing a handful of his hair, moaning into his ear. “Damn I want you so bad. I’m gonna fuck you so damn hard you won’t be able to walk for hours. I want you to moan so loud while I fuck you tight little pussy. I want you to scream out my fucking name so everyone in this fucking hotel can hear who is making you feel so damn good.” he groaned pressing me harder against the wall. I was about to give in to him when the lights turned back on and the elevator started moving again. “M-Michael the elevator.” I  breathed out. “About time.” he grinned, moving away from he, I let out a whimper from the loss of contact between my legs.  A few seconds later the doors opened and Michael grapped my hand, practically running to our room “Now I’m gonna fuck you so good.”

well well…I hope you liked a little dirty talk haha xx