everything about this game was beautiful ok

You know…. I hate when people say things like “why everything has to be about ships, their friendship is just as beautiful”

I mean, yeah. The friendship between Nadine and chloe is just as beautiful as a potential relationship. My problem is that if the game had been between Sam and chloe with the exact same type of interaction…. Everyone would be shipping the hell out of it and no one would be talking about friendship at all.

Finals - Andre Burakovsky (#25)

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What a human being!! That’s all I really have to say! I love Andre with every fibre of my being! I really hope you guys like this one, I had a ton of fun writing it! So please let me know what you think and much love pals! <3

Word count: 934

Warnings: none! all fluff!

Request: “Hi can you do a Andre Burakovsky imagine where you attend college in another state rather than D.C. and with finals going on you miss game 7, he shows up that next day to surprise you during class even after losing? Thanksss🖤” - @chastidylovesyoumiller


“Babe I’m so sorry I can’t be there tonight, I feel absolutely awful” you sighed as you sat on the couch, textbooks and notes sprawled over your lap.

“Y/N, I understand. School’s important and you’ve been working so hard to ace all your classes.” Andre said over the phone.  The Washington Capitals had made it to the second round of the playoffs and they had game seven tonight against Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately, you conveniently had a college final that ended about thirty minutes before the game started and you were at school in Georgia so you couldn’t really fly out there after.  “At least you’ll get to watch it on tv after your exam, and then you’ll be one step closer to being free!”

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ok ok i dont know what happen to the game but even when it’s not working correctly is’s freaking beautiful. i threw my controller because i totally forgot about the war machines and tried to jump on one X’D  but i do hope i can get it to retune to normal as it was a bit hard to navigate when everything looked black….

“On the Edge.”

Hey everyone! So yesterday was #WorldSuicidePreventionDay! Thousands of people die by suicide each year and even more attempt to take their own life. Suicide is not attention seeking! If you know someone is struggling, offer support and listen to them; “take a minute, change a life.” Remember, you don’t know what others are going through, so ALWAYS be kind!

In honour of the day, I have written a One Shot for you guys to both enjoy, and to raise awareness of suicide and that with kindness, support and love, it can be prevented. Whilst there are so many awful things happening in the world, it is also such a beautiful place and everyone should be there to see it.


Your heart pounds in your chest as you stop at your chosen destination. This is it. This is it. It’s the end. Life was one massive blur, as it had been for years. Years of therapy, years of talking about everything, and years of medication. You knew what the doctors thought. They thought you were crazy, not that they would tell you that but you knew it just by the way they would look at you. Therapists would observe you in your counselling sessions, eyes filled with their deepest sympathies whilst they tried to get into your head, but nobody could ever truly know how you were feeling and what you were going through.

“Things will get better.” So many people had told you that, in fact, too many, and you knew it was all lies. Things weren’t getting better. Things won’t ever get better. This is your only option.

You let your mind carry you away as you close your eyes, listening to the rive beneath the bridge flowing. The current is strong in the autumn wind, and darkness engulfs the city around you. Minuscule people and minuscule cars go about their regular business on a regular autumn evening. It’s busy, city lights projecting on the London landmarks, and chitter chatter here and there, and the occasional beeping of a car horn, but it’s also sort of peaceful, and you feel somewhat at peace. You let life continue around you for a few moments, appreciating the last minutes you have left to enjoy the simple things in life. If only life was that simple through and through.

With an empty bridge, you take advantage, sitting on the railings and swinging your legs over. You proceed to stand on the ledge, one step away from your fate, your chest heaving as you sob into the darkness. As you close your eyes, your mind wanders to the people you would be leaving behind in this cruel world.

Your mother. Who would be the one to tell her that her baby girl is dead? She loves you so much and she may not always show it in the ways you desire because she’s always too busy moaning about how messy your bedroom is, and that you spend too much time in bed and in front of the television. But she still loves you. More than anything in this world.

Your father. How would he live the rest of his life without blaming himself? He loves you so much and he may not always show it in the ways you desire because he’s always too busy working to earn money for you to do nice things, instead of doing nice things with you. But he still loves you. More than anything in this world.

Your sister. Will she ever be able to come to terms with your death? She loves you so much and she may not always show it in the ways you desire because she’s always telling you off for borrowing her clothes, or touching her stuff without her permission. But she still loves you. More than anything in this world.

Scenarios dance around your head. The police showing up at your front door to deliver the news of your death. Your mother collapses to the ground, screaming “MY BABY! NOT MY BABY!” whilst your dad remains speechless, because his beautiful baby girl drowned to death through her own choice and he did nothing to help her, whilst your sister sobs silently to herself, wondering maybe, just maybe, if she’d leant you that purple plum nail polish two days previously, you’d still be here; alive.

Breathing deeply, you dismiss the thoughts of your family. This had happened on many occasions. You would be on the verge of suicide but something always pulled you back. This time, nothing could stop you. It had to stop. Life had to stop. You can hear the water splashing against the brick walls, the current strong and rough. Even the strongest of swimmers would be unable to survive these waters this evening.

Footsteps behind you suddenly distract you from everything, and when they approach closer, you turn a little to view the passer by. He holds out a hand, as if to indicate that he doesn’t want to hurt you or scare you. Whilst his expression appears panicked, he remains remarkably calm. His dark, messy hair has loose strands waving in the wind, and his green eyes pierce through you.

“No, please, stay back” you sob as you lean forward, a threat that you are prepared to jump before the strangers eyes, but instead, your grip on the railing tightens.

“Please don’t” he murmurs. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He holds his hands up again and you turn around to face him once more. He removes his phone from his coat pocket and places it on the ledge of the bridge before holding his hands up again. “No phones, I won’t contact anyone” he whispers in an attempt not to startle you. Silence engulfs you, before he pipes up again. “It’s cold in there; freezing. You’ll probably die on impact, and if you don’t, you’ll drown, but it will be slow and painful. It’s not an easy way out, babe. Maybe you should move back a little.” You retreat slightly, moving back towards the ledge and you look up at him through your wet lashes. “Can you tell me your name, beautiful?” he asks softly.

“Don’t!” you warn through gritted teeth.

He frowns in confusion. “Don’t what?” he questions.

“Don’t say things like that. I’m not beautiful, ok?” you tell him firmly. He shakes his head in disbelief.

“Who made you believe that?” he asks.

You scoff at his question. “What are you, a therapist? Because I can assure you, I don’t need another one of those.”

He nods and nervously chews his lip, knowing that the wrong remark could mean taking a step closer to the edge, and God, whoever you are and whatever this was, he wanted you to be taking steps closer to him, not further away. He thinks before whispering softly, “look, how about we play a game?”

“What sort of game?” you ask with a frown, wiping away a stray tear.

The young boy sighs, a small smile beginning to dance on his lips, relieved that he’s distracting you from your original intentions. “For every statement I get right, you take a step closer to me. For everything I get wrong, you can decide whether you come to me or go to the edge.”

You frown, contemplating the idea. “Ok” you nod slowly.

“First though, can you tell me your name?” he asks.

“(Y/N)” you murmur, informing him of your name.

He smiles. “Beautiful name. I’m Harry.” He takes a deep breath before quickly jumping into his plan. “Ok, statement number one. You’re scared” he murmurs softly.

You take a step, and there’s another sigh of relief from Harry as it’s towards him.

“You see this as being the only way out.”

Again, you take another step closer to him.

Harry observes that you could be back to him in at least two steps, if not one, and there’s a sense of relief washing over him that maybe, just maybe, he’s saved your life.

“You don’t really want to die.”

You close your eyes temporarily and take your last step back towards him. He breathes a sigh of relief, reaching his hand out to you. You quickly shake your head, refusing his help and his smile fades quickly.

“I am scared” you begin, “but I’m scared for the people I’m leaving behind. I’m not scared of dying. I see it as being the only way out but I’m comforted by that. And I don’t really want to die, but I have to, because if I don’t, nothing will get better or change.”

He grabs your arms, wrapping his fingers tightly around your wrist as you go to take a step closer to the edge. “I’m begging you” he begins, and for the first time, an actual emotion is etched across his face. You know he’s scared, terrified. “If you jump, I’m coming in after you because I can’t have it on my conscience that you’ve done that and I’ve stood by and haven’t tried to save you. I’m involved and for me, there’s no backing out. Please, (Y/N), come back with me.”

And for the first time tonight, you notice his emotion; his fear, worry and panic. You take in the strong scent of his cologne, that, if in a happier circumstance, would have you rolling around in the sheets with him, entangled in each other’s bodies, because he’s totally your type. Your eyes are attracted to his emerald green ones, and then they focus onto his plump lips, and you could only wish that your life was different and you met under better circumstances.

You notice that tears are pooling in is eyes, mirroring your own and he wasn’t afraid to show emotion. He was begging you, and you had never had anybody begging you to stay in this world. Nobody had ever cared enough to even ask how you were, let alone beg you to stay. And yet, this complete stranger stood before you, wanting you to stay alive and be on this planet.

“(Y/N)” he whispers softly. God, your name rolls off his tongue so perfectly, and he licks his dry lips and extends his hand out further, tentatively taking another step towards you. “Let me help you” he tells you. And for the first time in years, you believe someone could genuinely help you. This boy before you would never take away your problems or prevent the dark and dangerous thoughts that plagued your mind; nobody could ever do that. But he could be there to experience your problems with you. He could be the one to lay awake with you all night whilst you talked about what was going on inside your head. He could be the one who loved you unconditionally.

You stare at his hand, before deciding on your next destination. You slowly reach towards him, placing your hand flat into his as he envelopes it with his larger ones, emitting the deep breath he had held.

This is it. This is it. It’s the beginning. Life is one massive blur, as it will be for years. And only now did you begin to realise that that was ok.

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*glances at matching custom made adrien and chat noir plush dolls* *looks down at new kitten named Plagg* *thinks about adrien hoodie and t-shirt in closet* 

yeah *eye twitch* 

he’s cool…

ok but real talk? He is my son, I am so proud of him, my body is ready to watch him grow and experience character development. I just want him to be happy. Every time someone hugs him in the show, a flower blooms, my skin becomes clearer, my hair behaves itself, everything is beautiful. 

Here’s a secret, I often compare him to Markiplier. Come on? The perfect hair, the smile, the voice (french… sorry Bryce), video games, the physical build including a God-given ass, pole dancing (pfft), inspiring advice, soft and fluffy and really smart nerdy boy somehow also the same as the immature, dark, goofy idiot, explosive temper. Need I say more?

I take a lot of time trying to notice things about him.

Adrien is very adorable and sweet. He has a slow but bad temper, and that’s ok.. but the fact that he’s always forced to suppress it means he doesn’t know how to handle it when it does blow. I mean think about it, if the only thing that kept him from destroying the Christmas tree and ruining it for everyone was a random thought of his mom? He needs someone to actually point out his mistakes the way he does for others, I really wanna see that happen. So far, that’s what Plagg is there for, but he probs needs LB to do it, he takes her more seriously. I also wanna see him realize that he can relax in front of his other friends and not just Nino. 

It’s pretty clear Adrien hates conflict. You’ll notice he chooses not to be involved when Nino lashes out at Marinette and Alya and vice versa; instead, he looks strained and uncomfortable, even looking for any chance to change the subject. Maybe he has a particular reason for that anxiety? Hmm..

As much as he fakes it as Chat Noir, his confidence is terribly low. That’s probably why he finds it so easy to compliment others, and another reason he’s so quick to be jealous. It’s not lack of trust or respect for his partner, it’s lack of self-confidence. Not saying Chat Noir is fake, but he certainly uses it as a stage of what he wishes could be true in his mind. He’s like an embodiment of when you say something aloud to convince yourself of something. He want’s something to be passionate about as much as he is good at.

So I disagree with anyone who says he’s unrealistic or too good to be true. In fact he’s not all good, like any normal person would be. I love him and all of his flaws, if God doesn’t give me a son just like him then at least a future lover… jk… or am i?

He’s actually really important to me. He reminds me of someone I really care about but haven’t seen in a while (you don’t understand, they’re exactly the same aside from hair color and eye color) so, although I’m willing to acknowledge his mistakes, if I ever seem overly defensive of him.. that’s why.

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Ok alright first of all the video game????? Alien princess allura??? Fucking beautiful. Secondly, keith “taking a second” to process things is the,,,,,, biggest of moods thank you

ngl it took me a hot sec to realize you were talking about my own fic alsksjfjd…so yeah obviously i also relate to the “taking a second to process everything” thing (can you tell i project a lot onto keith….oops). anyway thank you so much ahhhh!! i’m glad you liked the new chapter, i had so much fun writing it. 😄

Goal: Tag 9 people to get to know them better.

I was tagged by the amazing @luciferneedsthemoose

Relationship Status: Single as fuck and LOVING IT!! ^u^ Maybe one day I’ll miss serious relationships, but so far NOPE! :p

Favorite Color:  Green

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick

Last Song: “I’m Alive” ~ SIA

Was literally just jamming out to this in my car about an hour ago. Was blasting Marilyn Manson and ICP right before that. It was a day. :/

Last Movie: Beauty & The Beast 2017

Watching it right now.

Top 3 Shows: Ok, so I watch A LOT of TV (and movies) and I won’t be confined to just 3, but I also won’t bore you with everything so I guess current obsessions and old favorites:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Criminal Minds
  • Star Trek: DS9
  • Gargoyles
  • Sailor Moon
  • Gravity Falls
  • Handmaid’s Tale 
  • The Exorcist

Top Ships: I refuse to be confined to just 3.

  • Zuko x Katara - My #1 OTP!! I will write you a fucking novel on why Zutara was the ONLY LOGICAL endgame and how Bryke RUINED THE PERFECT SHOW with their war-prize-Katara Katang ending. Then I will beat you to death with that novel, resurrect your corpse and do it again. And if you’re still not convinced, I’ll bust out my animation training and point out the EXACT moment in the finale where you can see that fake ass ending was TACTED ON! Canon my ass. A:TLA ends right after Zuko’s speech with Aang and that bullshit scene with Man & Zuko was spliced in between.
    Proper sequence: Aang fights Fire Lord Ozai -> Aang defeats Fire Lord Ozai -> Zuko becomes new Fire Lord -> Zuko gives speech -> THE END. 
  • Loki x Leah of Hel - My babies. I will never be over them.
  • Mozenrath x Jasmine - Toxic? Yes. Delicious? Also yes.
  • Tyrion Lannister x Sansa Stark - It’s beautiful and I will fight you.
  • Jareth x Sarah - Toxic & dark but also delicious.
  • Erik the Phantom of the Opera x Christine - There’s a pattern here.

I’m Tagging: @kitoky, @xxthesmittenkittenxx2, @thesupremeleaderofchaos  @angels767, @gryffindorfightingheart @xmaryblackx @and-ill-rise-likethebreakof-dawn @kdinthecity @fralle-chan

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how would the RFA react to finding out that their s/o had won many beauty pageants in the past?

thx for the request, firefly!


-he´s not surprised???

-”well, you are gorgeous, it´s only natural you´d win”

-makes sure you know you don´t have to live up to those ideals anymore tho

-if you´re still interested in it, but don´t want to participate, he´ll take you to watch pageants.

-he finds the facts that you constantly have to smile kind of unsettling tho


-”oh my god i´m so sorry!!”


-”i´ve been calling you princess all this time, when you´re really a queen”

-no, but he thinks you´re so talented, bc he knows how much works goes into that kind of thing!! 

-”aaah, two people so beautiful being together, should be illegal!”


-he´s a bit intimidated by it tbh

-but wowwww you gotta tell him everything

-”what if your talent is..say gaming?”

-tots brags about you to his classmates and lolol guild


-you´re the coolest person ever 

-”mc…..can you do my makeup?” ofc cinnamon roll

-will want you to teach her everything

-how to walk in 10 inch heels 

-how do you get your legs so smooth?? 

-she loves letting you dress her up, when going out 


-he knew…you can´t hide shit from tomato head

-brings it up whenever zen is flaunting

-“ok but did you ever win a beauty pageant? no? it´s like…..mc is the harry potter books and you´re….twilight saga”

-”ay mc, do my makeup!!”

-his desktop background is of you wearing your crown

-when out shopping he´ll also bring it up all the damn time 

-“does it matter, which colour it is? i mean..everything will look good on you..you are a beauty pageant after all!….choose the red one, we´ll match”

Hayes Grier Imagine for Anon

You and Hayes were having dinner at [your favorite restaurant]. It was your first actual date. You were sipping on your coke as he consumed all of the bread rolls. “Fatty.” You laugh at him. “Ya boys’ gotta eat.” He said patting his stomach. The waiter finally came with your food. “How was your day?” Hayes said as he munched. “Better now.” You give him a sweet smile. He fixed his pink button up collar before eating again. You took another sip of your coke as Hayes began to casually play footsies with you. You looked at Hayes and giggled. You couldn’t ever keep a straight face with him. You admired his blue eyes, and his soft hair. “Y/N, remember the first time we met?” he brought up. “Mhm.” You say. “I was that charming guy you fell on at the fair.” He says as he fancies himself. “One, I did not fall on you. My friend tripped me.” You say defensively. “You wore that blue tanktop, that night.” He says remembering everything. You looked at him surprisingly. “How did you remember what shirt I was wearing, Hayes.” You let out a chuckle. He shrugged his shoulers. “Am I not suppose to?”

“You’re cute.” You say in response. “You’re cuter.” He winks. “Ok, let’s not be that couple.” You grin. “Ok, you’re beautiful how about that.” He says continuing your game of footsies. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: a RE2 Remake is imminent Capcom has been openly talking about it asking for our opinions and teasing us this is it y'all we're almost there it is so close I can smell RPD's station scent in the air can you imagine all the possibilities tho the best RE game in all its modern graphics and high resolution glory this is too much think of all the goodies we're going to get we're gonna revive all that awesomeness and the fans that didn't get the chance to play the original will see how perfect it is RE2 will be in the media again and everything will be beautiful and nothing will hurt and I just--

I discovered a wonderful singer a few weeks ago: it’s Tanya Tagaq , an inuit singer that won the Polaris music prize last year, and performed with Bjork a few times.

Her characteristic is that she’s doing something called “throat singing”, a traditionnal inuit singing , very weird and disturbing the first time you listen to it (Was very hard for me when I listened it, and now I ADORE it, and she’s really a personnality, my new hero let’s say it!)

The process of abolishment of shame is a huge thing for me.When it comes to the show, I want to completely accept all the terribles part of myself, and the world, and allow it to happen. If I can throw the worst and ugliest part of me out there, it gives permission to people to be themselves

“They’re always been this like…Ways to edge women into not being able to move like the long nails, the high heels…you can’t run in them..The removal of the physicality and the strengh in order to submit. I instinctly knows what is feminity when I was giving birth , or when i’m fucking and when I’m in love, it's  a very powerful thing. What is sexy is not about looking a certain way, it’s about being a certain way.There is nothing more beautiful than a woman that knows her body, loves doing sex and isn’t ashamed of it, isn’t playing a game; it’s not about power, it’s about letting your sex be there.


You can listen to some of her songs there:

Tanya Tagaq- Uja

Tanya Tagaq - Caribou

And an interview there: 


I’ve done those drawing when listening to her album, was doing the line in the train and of course everything was moving, the line was all clumsy and I was like “ok, let’s fuck perfection, i’m just gonna let it like this and play with it”


enjoy and LOVE little seals

makeup free lauren !! ur welcome !! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

its becca !! im back w/ yet another masterpost !! this ones for my major aesthetic aka lauren jauregui w/ no makeup !! 

let me just add a lil bit in here for you as well, you’re all so freakin beautiful w/ or w/o makeup & you should have the confidence to show off ur face however u want too ok bbys??? love u lets go :))))

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Love is Strange

This game needs all the positive reviews and comments ever, because not only is it beautiful and important, but it’s completely fan made and free. It’s so well-done, and the music, the art, the writing, everything is so well done and everyone on the team is super super beautiful and talented.

The game is…. paradise. Especially for wlw, in this time when every one of us is getting killed off and used like a napkin just for plot. It’s freedom, and hope, and happiness. It’s like… just the most beautiful and pure game. It’s important. It’s why we need more lgbtiqap writers and workers in the world to put out their work, because we get our stories with beautiful things and happiness.

I’ve just finished Chloe’s route (who’s surprised?) and I can’t wait to get started on the others’! The characters are so spot on and everything is so pure and happy. I’ve been having an awful month full of different things going on, and this place is like entering a safe haven. It’s so important and I’m all teary-eyed talking about it, just as I was playing it.

I also want to mention that people using Max’s bisexuality to justify why this game shouldn’t be wlw is really hurtful. I’m told all the time that being bi just makes me straight, even though I love women and nonbinary people pretty much only and genuinely, and this game validates me and my identity. I am so fucking grateful for the team making a wlw story, and also insisting that the main character is still bi and that it doesn’t mean she has to date a guy for that. 

Please, as a bisexual woman, people stop asking for a Warren route “because Max is bi”. Max is bi and she loves women, and she is still bi for loving women, and being with a woman and being bi are valid things. Max being bi doesn’t mean she has to end up with Warren, and implying that she does because she’s bi is just as bad as saying that bi just equals being straight really.

This game is so beautiful and pure and I’m just so happy to have it. It’s a safe place for women who love women and there’s a nonbinary hot dog teacher which is just so perfect. Everything about this game is so well-done and perfect and beautiful and gay and it gives me hope and life. 

Thank you to the team so so so much, because this game gives me literal life and safety and happiness. 

Below I will share my choices for the Chloe route, so avoid if you haven’t played it yet!

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Imagine: Cameron Dallas

Imagine: Cameron Dallas

You were currently sitting with your daughter playing barbies.

“mommy, daddy comes home today right? When will he be home? I miss him. Why cant we go to Magcon with him?” (y/d/m) asked you.

“my oh my (y/d/n), you sure ask a lot of questions. Daddy is on his way home right now, and we cant go because its to crowded for little girls like you.”

“but i miss daddyyy! he always leaves-” the door opens up revealing your husband, Cameron.“-DADDY!” She jumps up and runs to him.

Cameron scoops her up in his arms giving her a big bear hug.“Hey angel! daddy missed you!” he switches her to one arm so he can give you a quick hug and kiss.

“I missed you so much daddy! Mommy and i went shopping and we got a bunch of pretty outfits and…” she talked on and on filling Cameron in on everything you two had done that weekend.

“hey angel, why dont you go pick out one of your pretty dresses to wear and i’ll take you and mommy out to eat ok? I’ll be up there to help you in a second.”

“otay daddy!’ she gave him a kiss and ran off.

Cam turns to look at you,” I missed you too beautiful.“

Smiling, you gave him another hug, "I missed you too… i think (y/d/n) likes you a lot more. youre all she talked about!”

“She likes a equally!”

“Daddy! lookie i put my dress on myself!” (y/d/n) game down in a pink dress and your heels and make up all over her face.

“OH sweetie! you look amazing! buuut… youre a bit young for make up! so lets go wash that off!” he said walking towards her, giggling and running away in protest. “The tickle monster and i are gunna get you!”

laughing at them you went to get ready for the family date night.

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034 with yoongi please ^.^

34. Quick kiss

It’s the clattering of lipsticks and the sudden thud that has Yoongi sitting up, one eye slitted and the other bleary as his sight adjusts to the bright room.

“I’m ok!” The girl calls out as she scrambles off the floor, brushes off her leggings, and then her top, making sure there isn’t any stray makeup staining the heather grey sweater.

“You sure?” Yoongi rubs away the fatigue from his eyes and holds his head as he wills away the last vestiges of slumber.

“Perfect!” She flashes him an endearing smile while she scampers across the room to grab her bag. She’s looking for her keys and there’s a large thermos sitting on her dresser.


“Hm?” She hums as she reaches underneath the bed to grope around for her keys and half of her torso disappears underneath. When she lets out a squeal of joy Yoongi can only presume she’s found her keys.

Yoongi is tempted to lean over and pinch her rear, but the last time he did that he scared her and she smacked her head on the bed. Instead he leans over, watching her with a lopsided grin.

“You’re late again aren’t you?”

She squirms to crawl out backwards, “Of course not…I’m just rushing because I’m…excited…to” she crawls out, cheeks flushed pink from her struggle, “…work!”

“Yeah ok…sure…”

“Yoongi!” She glares, but she quickly withers before pushing off the ground and grabbing her purse.

“Your shift starts in ten minutes doesn’t it?” Yoongi looks at her, smug grin splayed across his lips and hair sticking out at awkward angles.

“…maybe…” she brushes her hair out of her face, it wasn’t her fault that sleeping with him relaxed her. Something about Yoongi sleeping beside her makes her dead to the world. It’s a beautiful curse.

“You got everything?” Yoongi asks her as she grabs her thermos.

“Yup…I need to go…I’ll see you at dinner ok?” She hurries towards the door.

“You’re forgetting something…” Yoongi glares daggers at her and she raises a brow. She only has eight minutes now and she doesn’t want to play this guessing game for too long.

“Wha-?” She freezes when he licks his lips and his eyes narrow slowly. “Oh…right.”

She hurries across the room and pulls him forward, his hand coming to thread his fingers through her hair. She tastes like vanilla and mint and her lips are a little slick from her chapstick, but Yoongi doesn’t mind. It always leaves him wide awake and wanting more.

Before he can drag her back, she squirms out of his grip and runs out with a wide grin on her lips.

‘Yes,’ he thinks, ‘this is definitely a good way to wake up.’

ok but can we talk about covers that tegan and sara do???? not only are they always beautiful but they sing all these phrases we probably wouldn’t hear them sing otherwise:

  • wicked little games
  • little bitch
  • hot tramp
  • hey babe
  • tacky thing
  • tired of sex [like they never straight up sing the word sex]
  • i’ll do anything you want me to in your room…i’ll teach you everything that a boy should know (!!)
  • oh girl [maybe they’d say that but the way sara sings it in when you were mine mmmmm]
  • that entire song ‘man with two brains’ about thinking with your dick

anyway i have a lot of femotions about hearing them sing certain words k bye

It was everything I ever hoped it would be.

I am 100% ok with everything. all of it. beautiful and perfect.





AND THEN…..*crawls cross the floor hissing and foaming at the mouth*

……PARENTS. PARENTS. I cried, I fucking burst into tears and punched my friend! Parents was what I wanted more than anything in series 3.

Anderson, Mrs. Hudson, the punching, and that opening with him getting beat up and the suspense and FUCKING EVERYTHING


HOLY CHRIST IN THE HEAVENLY SKY. I was hoping for one, just one possibly maybe, to have one of those things included. THEY HIT US WITH ALL OF IT IN THE FIRST DAMN EPISODE.

What the fuck else is going to happen!?

I will admit, I was getting really worried after I found the Doctor Who Christmas special to be seriously lacking but they did it. They did it. 

I almost started eating the fucking couch.