everything about this game breaks my heart


I love this game and this character but with the whole mess with Hiveswap (that might or might not have happened??? does anyone even know for sure) I’m just, I don’t know what to feel about anything? I almost feel bad for loving it? it’s the most beautiful game in the world and exactly my kind of genre and it breaks my heart that I can’t enjoy it as deeply and sincerely as I want to :’I

What your favorite Blurryface song says about you
  • Heavydirtysoul: I play the rock band game drums while crying in my free time
  • Stressed Out: Angst (TM)
  • Ride: I like nature and mixed emotions
  • Fairly Local: the >:] emoji personified
  • Tear in my Heart: SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA BLEED TO KNO-*breaks something*
  • Lane Boy: I'm so edgy...fuck the government
  • The Judge: I like this band more than I should
  • Doubt: I'm 13
  • Polarize: I'm gay
  • We Don’t Believe What’s On TV: I'm just here to have a good time
  • Message Man: everything I wear is black and I'm also gay
  • Hometown: my life is awful....I cry so often....my pillow....is wet....
  • Not Today: strangely optimistic
  • Goner: this song makes me happy. why tho... it's so pretty save me
Thoughts on Devil's Night

Lily Rabe as Aileen was everything
John is slowly losing his shit
I find Tristan very irritating how dare you knock my boo out lol
Liz Taylor is very sassy and I wanna know more
I liked learning about Miss Evers backstory
Alex breaks my heart :( she really loves Holden
Wondering how Alex and Elizabeth’s relationship will play out in future episodes
The whole dinner party scene was fantastic
Questioning Sally’s motives… Like what’s her end game
I was really hoping Alex would bitch slap Elizabeth or something lol