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24 Days of Christmas: Last Minute Gift Idea*Bucky Barnes x Reader*NSFW

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Day Twenty-One

Summary: ‘Giving subtle hints’ for presents & ‘So, you got me an amazing present and I didn’t get you anything because I didn’t know we were doing presents because you’re just a close friend (who I happen to be in love with) and, oh, this is suppose to be a declaration of love. Oh, well, in that case, come to the bedroom.I’ve got a great last minute gift idea.”
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, oral-female recieving, metal arm kink. Hair pulling

Note- As always, smut is not my forte, please no harsh critisim. I’ve only posted three full on smuts in the past, I’m still learning fam. Umm can someone explain that gif of Seb to me, thanks! I don’t appreciate the HD quality of his mouth. 

Day Twenty

“That’s a really pretty necklace,” you hum loud enough for Bucky hear, he doesn’t make effort to look at the page of the catalogue on your lap, his eyes trained on the TV; you huff “Don’t you agree?”

He glances down to where your finger pointed to the picture of the necklace, it’s a simple thin gold chain, a gold heart pendant with a little diamond at the bottom of the heart. He gave a shrug as his answer, eyes going back to the TV; you sighed to yourself and go back to flipping through the catalogue.

Since December the 1st you have been subtly giving Bucky hints to presents, you know it’s about the thought but he’s not very good with gift giving, in fact, he actually hates it. This was your subtle way of helping him pick yours; you had sprayed your favourite perfume, shown him the advert for it. Taken him into many, so many, clothing and shoe shops. He remained complacent and nonchalant to everything, perhaps he already had something but something told you he didn’t, it was Bucky after all.

You already had his present, you actually had it since mid-November, after doing a lot of digging and you mean a tonne of digging you had it all together. You had put together a scrapbook; it was filled with his past memories, memories of which he was still trying to grasp onto. You had found stuff that Steve didn’t even think existed, a picture of Bucky and some dame called, Sally she was a USO showgirl and my, oh my, was her letter to him a 50 Shades of Grey experience.

Photos of Bucky and the Howling Commandoes, a very rare photo that was of him and pre-serum Steve at Coney Island, Steve also had that one framed on his nightstand. You contacted relatives of people who may have known Bucky, it was a very long and slow process, but it mattered. It mattered because it was Bucky, he deserved to have all his memories some place, some definitive proof that it was all real.

You hadn’t even put this much effort into any past boyfriend presents. In fact, this was probably the most effort you put into anything since school, Bucky is very important. He isn’t your boyfriend, you wished he was but he wasn’t, you figured he sees you as just Steve’s other friend. You didn’t mind, whatever worked for Bucky, you didn’t want to push yourself onto him and nor did you want to make things awkward. You’re content with your current friendship.

    *Christmas Day*

You grinned when you knocked on Bucky’s door, he frowned when he sees you bubbling with excitement, standing in a Christmas sweater and holding a wrapped present in your arms. You extended it out to him, no words just a beautiful grin plastered on your face, and he tentatively takes it from your hands.

He hadn’t picked you up a present, he didn’t really get anyone anything, except Steve and Sam a small little something. He assumed everyone understood, they did, considering no one had knocked on his door and given him a present; except you!

He nimbly ripped the wrapping off as you bounced with joy, his human hand brushed over the cover of the black book, he frowned as you nodded for him to look inside and when he opened it his heart pounded a little faster than before. The present was amazing, card paper with pictures of him from the 40’s, he kept flipping through and was met with images of memories he thought he’d always forget. Always be grasping for but never knowing what they were, yet here they are, it was so thoughtful and beautiful.

Bucky blinked a few times and then looked at you, you grinned and turned the last page, it was a very recent picture; a selfie is what this decade calls them. It was of you and him, you held the camera high up and had, basically, forced Bucky to take the photo with you. You were grinning and he was smiling, it was a rare smile and underneath was written in gold, glittery writing was,

Merry Christmas, Bucky <3 : )

“This must’ve taken hours, days even, to make,” Bucky muttered and shut the scrapbook closed and looked at you once more; you shrugged lightly, looking incredibly innocently, adorable in your sweater. “Why?”

“Because you’re Bucky, my friend and you deserve nice things,” you blush slightly at his intense stare and shuffle from foot-to-foot. “It’s no biggie, I swear.”

Bucky looked from the book to you and back again, he knew how hard it must have been to collect all these photos, to go through all the trouble of doing this. It didn’t really take all that long to connect the dots; he looked at you once more as you fiddled with the hem of the sweater.

“Do-Do you like me?” Bucky stumbled quickly and it was a long pause in the air as you both stared at one another, you looked like a deer caught in the headlights of Bucky’s speeding car and frankly if crashing into you meant he found out you liked him back… well, he’s driving a little faster in this collision.

You didn’t know what to say other than, “Did you get me a present?” in an attempt to shift the subject, Bucky shrugged his left shoulder, not breaking the other topic. “So, what if I did? Can I just have my present; I don’t appreciate you staring at me like that!” You huff and cross your arms, attempting to look menacing but Bucky quirked a smile.

“Well, I kind of need a definitive answer `cause your present isn’t exactly something you can unwrap out in the hall!” He crosses his own arms and leans against his door frame, waiting for your reply, you slump your shoulders and purse your lips.

“No present is worth the lifelong embarrassment of rejection, so, keep it!” You huff and turn on your fuzzy sock heels and begin to walk away, only you feel a strong grip on your forearm, it’s Bucky left hand. He spins you around to look at him, “what do you-“

You’re cut off by Bucky’s lips being pressed against your own; you’re pleasantly surprised and eventually kiss back, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him deeper into the kiss. His hands hold your waist, gripping the sweater tightly and softly lifting it to run his flesh hand up and under, over your back to create goosebumps in its wake. His tongue swipes out and licks the seam of your mouth, which you gladly open to deepening the kiss.

You pull away breathless and stare into Bucky’s eyes, his pupils are blown wide and he’s staring at you with such intensity it makes your shiver, in a good way. “About that present and not being able to unwrap it in the hallway?” You ask staring at his mouth, he grins and kisses you once more before pulling you inside his room.

You walk into his room, it’s airy and clean, for some reason you pictured it messier than this. You turn as he kicks the door shut and stalks to you, arms wrapping around your waist and bringing you in for a heated kiss, all tongues and soft gasps. His human hand travels down your back, taking a handful of your backside, causing you to moan in surprise.

He started to walk, walking you slowly backwards till you felt the bed hit the back of your knees, he tore his lips away from you and pushed you lightly. You fell onto the bed bouncing a little, watching as Bucky crawled up your body and attached his lips to your neck. Biting and sucking marks along your collar bone, you exposed your neck more to him, growing incredibly hot in your Christmas sweater. It was as if Bucky knew of this cause he gently ran his metal hand up the front of your sweater, the cold metal made you involuntarily gasp, he smirked against your skin and softly stroked your ribs with his metal fingers.

Your face flushed when you felt his metal hand palm your right breast, you softly moaned as you felt Bucky slip down your body, his metal fingers pinching your nipple and you let out a high-pitched whine causing a small growl to leave Bucky’s throat.

He pulled his metal hand from under your sweater and gripped the hem of your black leggings, pulling them down your smooth legs, kissing your thighs gently. He pulled them off along with your fuzzy socks, grinning broadly as you looked down at him as he nestled between your thighs, your face flushed pink and lips parted. Bucky gave a wink before dipping down and sweetly leaving your inner thighs with kisses; sucking gently on the soft flesh, lavishing the new bruises with his tongue. Your thighs quivering at the onslaught, he hadn’t even reached where you wanted him and you were already wrecked by him.

Bucky flattened his tongue against you, working the tip back and forth over your clit, ever so slightly. Almost like he wasn’t even touching you at all, his ministrations was feather light, his human arm wrapping around you and holding your hips down. One of your hands fisted his sheets, gripping tightly as he worked you with his tongue, your right hand carded through his hair; pushing the strands out of his face. His plump, pink lips attached to your clit and he sucked lightly, causing you to grip harshly onto his long hair and bite your bottom lip to keep from crying out.

Bucky moaned into you when you kept the grip on his hair considerably tight, almost holding his hair into a ponytail; if you weren’t so close to release you would have laughed at the fact this is the same position men have women in when they receive blow-jobs. He lifted your left leg over his right shoulder and dethatched himself from your clit, watching as he inserted one of his thick, metal fingers into your entrance and working you slowly.

“Oh! F-fuck!” You moan loudly when worked a second finger inside of you, scissoring back and forth as he attached his lips back onto your clit, grazing his teeth softly causing you to shudder. You scraped your nails over his scalp; Bucky released a soft noise sending little tingles through your core and up your body, creating this low burning heat in the pit of your stomach.

You were panting, hard when he shook his head back and forth, you could hear the mechanics of the metal hand as his fingers hit your g-spot every time he pushed them back in. You coil was tightening and everything was enhanced beyond comprehension, your senses riled up, every little touch of Bucky you felt. The sound of him licking and fingering was all you could hear, along with your pants for air. His stubble on his jaw was such a tactile touch that felt amazing against the soft flesh of your thighs and labia. 

You groaned his name softly, dozens of times as you trembled with pleasure as he rode you through your orgasm.

He kept softly kitten licking at your clit, watching with lust filled eyes and his fingers slowed their pace, you gripped his hair with both hands a small aftershock of orgasms clenched through you before it subsided and he softly kissed your thighs and waiting for you to untangle your hands from his hair. You let go and let one of your arms drape over your eyes as you tried to regain a normal breathing pattern.

“Merry Christmas!” Bucky joyfully whispered as he climbed up your body, hovering over you and he gently pried your arm off your eyes, you stared up into his stormy eyes. “Best present, right?” He grinned down at you.

You nodded a little speechless, instead of answering your hands wove around to the nape of his neck, pulling him down for a gentle kiss and it became apparent at how many layers of clothes Bucky still had on plus your Christmas sweater still on; no wonder you felt hot.

“You didn’t get me a present, did you?” You pulled back and smirked, raising an eyebrow as he tried to defend himself and come up with some story, “you get away with it this year, Barnes! And quick thinking with the last minute idea.” He shrugged with a proud smirk.

“Honestly, best Christmas would be spending it right here with you,” your heart tightened at the sincerity of his words, “also that’s a fucking ugly sweater, take it off, right now.” You pretended to be offended.

Crossing your arms and pouting, “Santa would not appreciate that.” You gesture to the smiling Santa on the front, holding a coke-cola bottle.

“Eating you out with him smiling down at me has ruined Christmas for, at least, four years.” You nodded in agreement and chuckled as Bucky helped pull the jumper off and you helping take his clothes off.

(Again, I am not an expert at anything smut related, I’ve only uploaded three in the past and I am still learning. I hope this is okay, I hope everyone like this, 24 days is almost over… I am honestly, so excited for Christmas! Plus New Year, I have some cool stuff going up! - Rosalee)

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THE WORLD IS HIS (an exclusive interview with Paolo Nacpil by Alexis Lim)

When did you start to take photographs?

I started taking photos when I was 17, which I guess at this point is already ages ago. It certainly doesn’t feel that way. The interesting thing is that it has always been a continuous learning process, there’s always something that you can always improve on or change or approach a different way. It’s always a constant and fulfilling challenge!

What pushed you to continue pursuing photography?

I’d say that photography has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve taken up. I’ve seen myself grow and be molded into who I am and a huge part of that is because of photography. It acted as some sort of a synergist in my life. I’ve always been into the outdoors and into traveling and all that, however photography became something that pushed me to take all that to a different level. It gave me even more of a reason to find myself out there in the world trying new things and discovering new places. It helped me break out of my shy shell and made me connect with so many like-minded individuals all over the world. It was also quite neat to have a visual and tangible representation of my artistic progress through time.

We all know that you are a landscape photographer. But what other genres in photography you would like to pursue as well?

I’ve actually shot some outdoor portraits here and there and I found it quite enjoyable. Portraiture in itself is a very broad field and I definitely would love to do more outdoor portraits or shots where people are incorporated into my style of landscape photography.

What was your most memorable shoot?

Oh that’s a tough one to answer. It’s definitely hard to choose a favorite since there’s been so many amazing experiences throughout the years so I’ll just go with the first one that came to mind even though my answer would probably be different each time I’m asked this! I’m going to go with my hiking trip up in the Northern Cascades National Park in Washington. To make a long story short, I flew in that day to Vancouver with the intention of staying in that area for a couple of days and meeting up with my Mom when she flew in the day after. Once I got my rental car from the airport location I then thought to myself that I might as well drive the 2 hours down to Washington State as I’ve never been there yet. So I did just that, drove down there and got to the park. It was absolutely pouring rain but I still hiked anyway on the mountain ridges with water cascading down like impromptu waterfall all over and I took as much photos as I could which was barely any at all, even with raingear for the camera. I then decided to sleep overnight in the car at the park in hopes that the weather would cooperate the day after. Woke up before the sun rose and went out to hike again, it was a beautiful day and I spent half the day just taking in the scenery and enjoying the solitude up on the ridges. There’s just something so freeing and fulfilling after an experience like that.

Favorite subject?

Anything nature and landscape related and with which I can incorporate a sense of movement. Mountains and seas most definitely!

What is photography for you?

Photography is a means of forever immortalizing a moment in time with your own artistic vision of the scene and a means to share the fleeting feelings and emotions you felt in that moment to the viewers.

Who are the people you look up to in the industry?

I’m actually not the type to be solely influenced by a certain set of individuals; I try draw inspiration from anything and everything whether it be fictional characters in movies, random strangers I interact with, music that I listen to, and whatnot.

5 Weird things we don’t know about you.

1. Not necessarily weird but a lot of people don’t know that I’m actually working in a totally unrelated field - healthcare. They just assume that I travel around all the time I guess!  

2. I was not born with curly hair. I guess one of the defining characteristics for me now is the long curly hair. I used to have straight hair though all the way until it turned curly on me sometime in high school!

3. I used to be really shy back then! Examples being me practicing my “speech” when in line to order food at a restaurant!

4. I’m an only child that always wanted siblings. My solution to this as a child was to have a doll that I named ‘Matilda’ who I pretended was my sister!

5. I used to not eat spaghetti or any sort of pasta, french fries, burgers – except for separating the meat and not touching everything else, chicken – except for the skin. This was when I was a really picky eater in my childhood. Grew out of that quickly enough though!  

That one iconic photograph you wish was yours/ your shot.

That would be the time-lapse sequences that were shot from the International Space Station. It’s quite literally so otherworldly. It’s such a surreal perspective that I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to see with my own eyes in this lifetime.

What advice can you give to those kids or anyone who are just discovering their knack for photography?

Biggest way to improve your photography is to be highly selective and critical of your work. Put it this way, the artists that you look up to, you mostly just see the top 5% of their work that they publish and you never see the 95% that they consider to not have made the cut. No reason for you let the 95% of your work that is mediocre be your defining factor. Quality over quantity! Find inspiration in anything and everything. If you find a photo you really like, stop and take a moment to analyze what makes it have such an impact. Keep doing this to all the work that you find inspiring. Look at your work in a similar way and imagine what you would do differently or how you could possibly have changed your approach in order to improve the shot you got. Analyze, absorb, and apply.

Words you live by.

 I work to live, I don’t live to work.

 Be a genuinely good person for the sake of being a genuinely good person.

If you want something, make it happen for yourself.

Where can we visit your photo gallery? 




(All Photographs courtesy of Paolo Nacpil)


Paolo Nacpil is a 25-year old BS Nursing graduate at the  University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, and is now working as an Orthopedic Nurse in Florida, USA. Aside from landscape photography, Paolo is fond of doing outdoor activities which include off-roading, hiking, mountain biking, and free diving.

“At work here we do 12 hour shifts, meaning we only have to work 3 days in a given week. It just depends on how I schedule the 3 days that I work so I typically have anywhere from 4 to 6 days off on a regular basis; hence being able to have the time to do exactly what I love which is traveling, being out in the elements, and capturing these special moments.“


As a Senior in high school and an art nerd at heart, I tend to carry around the basics for both school and doodles. My recent studyblr post with these photos took off and one of you asked me for a breakdown of what I haul around with me on a daily basis. 

Top photo - The Pencil Case (J)

1. Soft Erasers. Definitely an art nerd thing. Totally unnecessary and useless for most of ya’ll. I use them for detailed portrait rendering because they lift a little bit of the graphite without taking it all off the paper. The Prismacolor ones are $¾ each and can be found at Michael’s or an art supply store. 

2. Post it flags. These are the right size for my Moleskine and bullet journal. Get ALLL the colors! xD If you’re gonna carry them around make sure you have a tin or something. Otherwise the stacks fall apart and they lose the adhesive. 

3. Burt’s Bees lip balm. This is nearly $5 a tube but it will forever be my go to. The colors are gorgeous and they’re very sparkly :) It also has peppermint oil in it so it feels really nice. CVS is the easiest place to find it. Guava is my favorite color by far, but Grapefruit is nice too. 

4. Mechanical pencil leads in various sizes and softnesses. I usually have a lot more than three of these in my bag at a time. Softer/smaller leads can definitely only found at a specialty art store. I keep .7, .5, and .3 mm in HB or B at all times. Again, art nerd thing, and you probably don’t care. 

5. Staedler White rubber eraser. Self explanatory. 

6. PaperMate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick. Beautiful tool for detailed portrait work. Can be sharpened with a razor. I would give up a lot of other rendering supplies for this thing. 

7. iPod Shuffle 6th gen. I prefer my Nano 4th gen to this because the Shuffle has terrible battery longevity but whatever. It was a gift. Also it has twice the storage as my Nano. 

8. Zebra Mildliners. Ya’ll know what these are already :P They’re great but not a must have by any means. I’m a fan but probably won’t buy them again when they run out. 

9. Staedler Pigment Liners. Originally a set of 6 but I lost one :( They’re incredible for note taking and I refuse to take math notes with anything else. Highlighters don’t smear them, they dry instantly, and they last 18hrs if you accidentally leave the cap off. They range in size from .05 to .8 mm. They’re like $20 a set and $6 to replace a missing one so that’s kinda rough. But again, I’d almost sacrifice a grade for these things and I legitimately panicked when I lost one. 

10. Staedler Triplus Fineliners. Again, pretty significant Studyblr staple. I haven’t used them much and I’m not a huge fan of colored pens tbh but they seem pretty nice. They do smear a little if you use highlighters over them. They feel cheaper than my other Staedler supplies, but whatever. Pretty useful overall but I might actually prefer the Pilot V8 pens (though less color variety).

11. Microns. Again, originally a set of 3 but I carry them around to supplement my missing Staedler Pigment Liner. A little cheaper overall than the Staedlers, but not nearly as nice. They tend to bleed too much, especially if you don’t keep the pen moving (for whatever magical reason, the Staedlers don’t bleed if you accidentally let the pen rest in the middle of a line). Also doesn’t dry as fast and can smear with highlighters.

12. Uniball Vision pens. There are better options out there to be honest. As far as rollerballs go, these are nice, but the ink isn’t as color-saturated as some others. It’s a nicely balanced pen tho, if you care about that sort of thing. 

13. Sharpie highlighters. Not much I have to say about these. They’re useful but not pretty. Oh well.

14. Mechanical pencils. .7 mm, .5 mm, and .3 mm. These are expensive to replace so I hang on to them as long as possible. The Pentel .7 can be found anywhere, same for .5 usually, but .3 is only carried at art supply stores. 

Bottom Photo - The Backpack

A. Electronics stuff. Phone charger, iPod charger, and emergency battery (only because I spent most of my time on campus outside on the slackline and I hate having to go inside to charge my music). I usually have a portable speaker in there too but I lost the aux cord for it :P

B. MacBook Air. I got the full map sticker on Etsy and the smaller stickers I printed off my own computer and laquered with fixative. Oh, except for the Stay Positive Bro sticker. I got that from the Stay Positive Bro site and you should totally rep their stuff as much as possible because I love everything they make. Also, Air’s are the bomb.com. Buy one. Infinitely better than Windows.

C. The Bottle. Can be found on Amazon. It smells weird 99% of the time and the Tritan isn’t good for you (apparently). I prefer my Smart Water bottle. It is cute though.

D. TI 30Xa calculator. This is actually a really nice all purpose calculator. Obviously it doesn’t graph, but I like it. Probably because it’s familiar and I’m faster on it than anything else. 

E. Earbud holder made from a tin of Icebreaker sours. Yup. 

F. Embroidered Jansport Backpack. In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a higher quality backpack to spend 8 hours embroidering, but I’ll try to keep it limping along for another semester or two before the straps rip out. 

G. Mead notebook w/ sharpie. I like these notebooks because the pages are 8.5x11 when ripped out, so they usually fit into a looseleaf textbook really nicely. Just nice notebooks overall. 

H. Urban Ears Limited Ed. Plattan Headphones. Love these. Almost broke them the first week I had them by tripping over the cord (literally fell in the middle of the campus center because the cord was wrapped around my Vans and the headphones were around my neck) but somehow they survived. Pretty awesome sound quality for $50. 

I. Molang Diary. Best planner ever <3 Well, besides KiKi planners maybe, but Molang’s are way cheaper, and they come with stickers, and they’re adorable. Definitely recommend. I’m gonna do a separate post on them later. 

J. Pencil Case. I got this from IUPUI’s bookstore so idk where else it’s available. I think it may have been designed by our own design students so… good luck finding it if you want one. 

K. Kindle Paperwhite. I haven’t found this incredibly useful as far as electronic devices go but I do use it for English classes and pleasure reading. It’s a nice Kindle and very reasonably priced. 

L. Nokia Lumia 635. Whoever decided a windows phone and a mac computer was a good idea (me) is an idiot. But it’s a good interim phone if you’re looking for something cheap and relatively indestructible.