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When Bitty comes out over Skype, his parents take it very well. He wonders if they had an idea or are just much more open minded than he thought they would be. When he tells them he is dating someone who was on the smh team and graduated last year his momma freezes.

“Um, are you alright?”

She takes a deep breath and releases it with a sigh. “Dicky, I love you no matter what, but for the love of all things holy please tell me you aren’t dating that Mr. Crappy fellow. I don’t want to call my son’s boyfriend anything like that.”

Bitty can’t help but laugh. He looks behind his laptop at Jack, who is trying to hold back his own laughter. “No, momma, I’m not dating Shitty, sadly.” At this Jack makes a face at him. “ You both know him, though. Sweetheart, why don’t you say hi to my parents?”

When momma and coach look so  relieved to see that it is Jack on their screen. They both can’t contain their curiosity and joy. Bitty thinks he might even see Coach wipe away a tear during the conversation, but he is smiling and tells the both of them how proud he is.

After the Skype session ends the two of them sit in silence, both knowing this is the start of their two families truly becoming one.

What the hell, I wake up on this fine Easter morning to see that I have 70 followers??? I’m…really happy and love you guys?? I have nothing of true worth to offer but take this small Mob I doodled a couple days ago.
Hope you all have a happy Easter! And if you don’t celebrate, hope you have a lovely Sunday! ^^

Headcanon that Yuugi just gets more badass as he gets older.

I was going to wait till tomorrow to share, but I can’t wait because I am really fricking proud of how well this came out. Tbh, I have been struggling with art off and on. This is the quality of art I have been wanting to do for a long ass time and I finally managed to do something right.

Also, look at my son wearing an outfit other than school uniforms. I had a great time working on this. And if this is the only good thing I can manage to draw today, then I don’t mind clocking out for the day.

The Civilian (Part 2)

Title: The Civilian

 Summary: You are just the civilian that the Winchesters saved a while back.  With nowhere else to go, they brought you to the bunker to help them with research and such. You try to help out as much as you can, but when you cross a line you didn’t know was there, and Dean explodes, it could have some extreme consequences.

 Warnings: Angst. Language. Fluff.

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Part 1

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Part 2


It was two days later that Dean…and Sam, Cas, Crowley, and even Rowena, stood outside the bunker.  Together they stood in silence as they watched.  They watched as the funeral pyre burned, releasing your body and soul from this world.  

Dean’s lungs struggled to pull in air as he bolted upright in his bed.  He struggled to breathe, practically having a panic attack as he looked around the room.  He wasn’t in the bunker, like he thought…he was in a motel.  It looked familiar.

Dean quickly reached out and snatched up his phone, checking the time.  It read 4:02, but the date caught him.  It was…wait…he looked around as he then looked down at his phone and flipped it open, searching for the recent calls list.

There it was. A call to you, about an hour ago…everything that happened…it was a dream.  A horrible, terrible dream…  Dean froze as he looked over to Sam, remembering the dreams he used to have, and a thought clicked in his mind.

What if it wasn’t a dream?  What if…

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DGM -Cross’ “Betrayal”

Darn it, I done it again. lol I mentioned in a last entry I was finished writing on Cross, but this came up on another blog, An anon wondered why Cross and Link choosing Nea over Allen is met differently.

For Link, people have sympathy for him making that choice, and feel his conflict. For Cross, people call him a piece of shit and betrayer of Allen. This covers why I don’t believe Cross ever betrayed Allen.

Also, it’s not just the blog. This topic of Cross betraying Allen has come up on forums, and people have written about it as well. There was a bit of it last Apr. when 222 was released. So this was a long overdue rebuttal.

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Alright so I have a crappy head hole that has some issues

And medication should help yeah? 

But every single medication makes me sick

Right now I’m on the only non stimulate meds there are for ADHD 

But I’m tired all the time, I get this burnt kinda feeling in my stomachs, along with what I would equivate to cramps on like a weekly basis. And my brain is worse in terms of happiness 

Which is not fun lemme tell ya

But granted I do remain calmer and less impulsive because of meds?


Why does everything I take make me feel like shit?


Does anyone know of a way to help ADHD without meds?