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Fic Writer Wednesday 5/24

Lots of reading on tumblr this week! Lots of gorgeousness in general, and lots of new chapters added to ongoing fics that you should absolutely be reading if you aren’t already! I still feel like I haven’t read as much fic as usual this week but it certainly doesn’t look that way! I wonder what a ‘normal’ feeling week will look like! Heaven help me.

Doctor Who


Forever and Never Apart, Chapter 2 by @chocolatequeennk: start of the Partners in Crime rewrite and I didn’t think I could love this story more but I already do. Just… their flirty banter and the way they fit so perfectly into each others’ lives… this is everything I need in life.

Redefining Forever by @chocolatequeennk: When Rose fell during Doomsday it was as one half of a married, bonded couple. Now after 5 years (3 for the Doctor) they’re finally reunited and the pain of their separation is just a memory. Standard medical testing turns into something more… :D I couldn’t adore this fic more if I tried!!!

Electrostatic Potential, Chapter 27 by @tenscupcake: the aftermath of the seriously hot sex they had in the previous chapter. They plan to continue their activities, but of course, nothing ever goes as planned! (I mean seriously, I knew they were going to get interrupted but I was not expecting this!!!)

A Place For Us To Dream, Chapter 48 by @dimensionhoppingrose: the end of the Messaline arc. And somehow manages to be even more painful with Rose than it was with the Doctor. Her reactions are so raw and real… this really hurt to read.

Flare and Fade by @fadewithfury: guhhh this fic. Perfectly encapsulates the beauty and sadness that is canon Doctor x Rose. If you ever needed a definition of saudade, this fic is it. What if Rose had seen the Doctor in the alleyway and been with him when he regenerated? 

Sweet Surrender by @lizann5869: Everything you ever wanted out of a post-Idiots Lantern love confession scene… The emotions are so on point and well written! This is exactly how I imagine it going down in canon! 

that we whisper by @lvslie: Ten has a nightmare. And it turns into something glorious. This is one of the best things I have ever read. 

in the middle of the night by @txrdisblues: This is so sweet! I love the Doctor becoming so honest about his feelings after losing Rose, and the two of them having nightmares and being there for each other!!! <3 beautiful! 


running scared by @lvslie: Guh. This fic. I don’t usually read Tentoo but this… Just read it. 


His Anchor by @doctor-who-hears-a-horton​: most beautiful hurt/comfort packed into only a thousand words.

That Mother-of-the-Bridezilla Fic by @whoinwhoville: I love everything about this story!! 

Dragon Age


By The Still Waters by @emilyenrose: so every once in a while I get the urge to reread this fic, and since I recently dusted off my Inquisition playthrough I suppose it was inevitable. It is one of the most perfect Dragon Age fics I have ever read. Reading it is a sublime experience that changed my life and will also change yours. Better character development in 18 chapters than Bioware managed in two games (because it also contains a healthy dose of Solas/Lavellan). This person clearly doesn’t work for Bioware because they do it better. Just… do yourself a favour and go read this now.

Harry Potter

Untitled by @bigquidditchhero: Harry Potter takes the DADA job. If you’d given it to me and hadn’t told me where it was from I’d have sworn JK wrote it. Absolutely brilliant. Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

I love that Moffat gives everyone their favourite/monsters they wanted to return in major episodes: he gave Karen Gillan the Weeping Angels in her departure, Tennant the Zygons in the 50th, and now Peter the Mondasian Cybermen in his penultimate story.

What TV has taught me:
  • Breaking Bad: It's easier to sell meth than it is to get affordable medical care.
  • Hannibal: If someone offers you free psychiatric help, it's probably best to say no.
  • Orange is the New Black: If your ex-girlfriend works for an international drug cartel, you should probably be nice to her.
  • House: Any small ailment means you are dying and lupus does not exist.
  • Game of Thrones: Everything you love will die.
  • Supernatural: Everything you love will die repeatedly.
  • Criminal Minds: Everything you love will be killed by a white male in his mid thirties.
  • Doctor Who: Everything you ever loved about this show will be destroyed by Steven Moffat.

That time on twenty-second-century Earth when Babs was a Dalek-smashing, lorry-driving, mild-mannered, understated stone cold badass.

The Lost Special: The One Way to Tie Up Every Loose Thread

In the last month this corner of the Sherlock fandom has thrown out a multitude of ideas for a narrative that could potentially resolve every last inconsistency in Sherlock series 4. Not knowing it, this community has debated different readings – all perfectly valid with only minor holes in logic – but have missed how they might all fit together into an intricate puzzle, each reading validating the other.

I have found one way to connect every loose thread.

Topics resolved include:

– EMP Theory vs “TFP as John’s TAB”: why both readings are meant to be exposed to the viewer (but we just found them too early)
– Benedict’s insanely long monologue they mentioned him having in Series 4.
– How another episode would only be comprised of a few new scenes
– Mary’s character development drifting far from her original plotline
– Moffat’s Doctor Who narrative that includes Toby Jones as a Dream Lord and what that means for Amy in “Amy’s Choice” and Sherlock in The Lost Special.
– How POVs intertwine in TFP, and how TPLOSH inspired the way The Lost Special would end.
– The entire bizarre nature of Series 4
– Breaking the 4th Wall
– The focus in The Six Thatchers on “The Duplicate Man”, “Twins”, “Two places at once”, and “Dead AND alive”.
– Three Garridebs
– Benedict claiming “Love conquers all” while Steven Moffat facepalms.

So if you want to know the one way this could all work, check out the rest of this post. But hear me out until the end, suspend your disbelief until you’ve finished, because regardless of whether or not you believe we’re getting The Lost Special, this reading which combines everything we’ve talked about for the last year is definitely arguable and until something else gets proposed, it is the one I’m sticking with til the bitter end.

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