everythig is lovely

excuse me but isak sitting right next to sana?? can we talk about this??? like i know they’re now biology partners but still?? it is so cute and beautiful they work together? last year sana sat next to isak just to tell him about the drugs but against her/their wish at the start and then casually they ended up working together and being partners. then they became such good good friends and i still can’t realise this? it is so cute they continued working together? they trust each other and they want to work with each other and they didn’t change idea about being partners and i’m so emotional about this. i love this powerful friendship with all my heart and i hope it’ll get better and better. sanasol and isabell own my heart.

petolinka  asked:

Ummm, can you make a Reylo Villain vs Hero Aesthetic? I made an amateur one but i want to see your style :) little info: at night he is a villain and she is a heroine. at day time they are rival lawyers who works on same case as opponents, But when rivalry causes a spark of love everythig goes mess :D kinda long for an aesthetic but it should have a soul ;)

I really liked making this one. Is this a fic? Because I would read it!


“I love you, Y/n.You’re beautiful, strong and don’t forget an awesome hunter.I love everythig about you, the way you’re blushing when I compliment you, like right now"You let your head down and smiled.He put two fingers under your chin and then caressed your cheek."You make me forget all the bad things that happened until now and remember just the good ones.You are the light at the end of the tunnel”


I pushed the date for chapter 15 back to March (although there’s a good chance I’ll be ready February) because I decided to attach a very special companion piece at the end of 15, which should be read before 16.

As of now it might be called “Walnuts and Caviar Sandwiches” which makes zero sense to anyone who hasn’t read it, but there is no word to describe how beautifully it will tie into Home. I can’t say what the subject is (because I want it to be a surprise), and I don’t think anyone will be able to guess because the details are only first mentioned in chapter 15. Which is sitting in Notes for only me to see *clasps fingers evilly like Mr. Burns*

I also really want to include artwork for this extra piece (estimated to reach 30k), which again calls for more time. Thanks for waiting! (◕‿-)