Vintage (Nikon) Camera Necklace

I remember we bought this at divisoria :)) It was just so timely that we were there and I saw vintage necklaces. I’ve always wanted a vintage camera necklace of my own (I used to borrow one of my ate’s). And luckily, it has a Nikon brand name on it. Hahahahah very accurate and timely and sweet awwww… :)) This only costed P80 ;) Hahahha nagadvertise?

Btw. This is already edited: as lomofied and resized for my phone’s wallpaper.

in our room ll september 15 2011 ll LG-GT505 ll lomo-edited from phone

A romantic fountain

Meg said this edited picture looks like those in horror films. And one of our friends from there said it’s like an urban legend that they (students) should only go there twice: during their first day in first year and during their graduation. For me, I think it’s romantic and beautiful. Lalalalla~

San Beda College ll september 22 2011 ll LG-GT505 ll lomofied from phone

Fireworks :“>

First fireworks complete shot 8D giddy giddy

At first, since it was my first time to shoot fireworks using a DLSR, I tried shooting it via live view. Coz I was afraid using the viewfinder coz it might not look that good. Then the live view annoyed me coz it was zooooo zlow and it always got blurry shots. I switched to viewfinder about a minute before the fireworks show ended and homay I couldn’t believe how beautiful the fireworks can be seen even through the viewfinder X”> I got this shot using the viewfinder. A sweet lesson for me :3

MTV Exit ll Mall of Asia ll october 29 2011 ll Nikon D3100