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How would Rin, Ryuji, Renzou, Juzo, Lucifer, Yukio, Mephisto, and Lewin react if a girl asks them to be her boyfriend? (And you are awesome! I love your blog! Have a nice day!)

Ah thank you so much! You too!


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  • Wether you were just some random school student he’d barely spoken to or a friend from the cram school, he’d still be surprised as hell
  • Probably go into shock for a few seconds because he doesn’t believe it
  • He may even think you were joking or lost a bet
  • Since he can tell when someones lying and he can see your truthful he’d only be even more confused
  • He’d question why you would want a guy like him
  • He probably wouldn’t say yes straight away if he didn’t know you
  • He’d ask you out and see how things go from there
  • If you were a person he knew well, he would instantly say yes
  • No matter which he would be super excited
  • Also kind of scared if you don’t know about demons because he thinks it’ll be harder not to tell you but he also doesn’t want to scare you


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  • He would be surprised by the sudden question
  • Because he wasn’t really expecting that
  • He’d been asked out by a few girls already to dances and stuff
  • It’s not that he doesn’t think your nice and pretty, but he’s to focussed on his exorcist training, school work, and being Lighting’s assistant to think about love
  • He would feel really bad turning you down 
  • But would explain the reason wasn’t you but he’s just so busy he wouldn’t have time for another person in his life
  • He’d feel really guilty about it for days, and then again whenever he saw you in the hallways
  • If it was a friend of his, or someones he’s had a crush on for a while, he might say yes
  • He hasn’t given it much thought but he’d love a girlfriend
  • But overall his work is more important to him and more time consuming


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  • Loudest, most dramatic gasp ever
  • He’s actually never been so shocked in his life
  • Never did he think a beautiful girl would ask him out
  • Because he doesn’t have that good of a reputation 
  • Although he’s trying to be more reformed then middle school it’s still no secret that he’s a pervert
  • He would also think it was a dare or a joke
  • If the girl got him past that point he’d instantly say yes
  • “YESYESYESYEYSYES, I mean…ur…sure babe, I’ll take you to a movie or something, pick you up at seven in your dorm, yeah.”
  • *Tries to be cool and lean on something but slips and falls down a flight of stairs*


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  • He’s probably the calmest out of everyone
  • Smiles at you and probably thanks you too
  • It doesn’t matter if your some girl or someone he knows personally 
  • He’d still invite you to dinner tonight
  • He’d give you his answer over dinner
  • Which is most likely yes
  • He’d only say no if you were insanely weird and freaky
  • He doesn’t mind if it’s first date nerves but if you suddenly start talking about how you like to piss on peoples graves and eat your toenails as hobbies he’d not gonna wanna date you..
  • I’m bad at examples??


  • He wouldn’t react bad but not good
  • He’d be slightly confused and ask you to explain more
  • He’d question why you wished him to be
  • If it were some random member of the Illuminati he rarely speaks to he would turn them down
  • Because he doesn’t see the need in a relationship with them
  • And he wants to keep things professional so his end results will be exactly what he wants
  • However, if it was someone he was quite close too
  • He would happily say yes
  • You may have to be closer to him more so then the others though


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  • It’s just another day for him
  • He’s asked out by his many fangirls a lot
  • He’s the master of turning down girls
  • He doesn’t partially enjoy doing it but he has to do it
  • He doesn’t want a relationship right now
  • Even though he really needs one
  • Or even just a very close friendship this boi just fucking needs some strong emotional support rn
  • If the girl was someone he knew, he would be extremely nervous
  • He’d legit wanna fucking eat himself
  • He politely turns them down without trying to hurt their feelings


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  • He’d be highly amused
  • He may of already knew you liked him
  • If so he’ll tease you about it
  • If he didn’t know he’ll be surprised but not let it show
  • He’ll probably ask ‘fake surprised’ tbh 
  • Like really over dramatic
  • “Huh! Y/n-chan, I had no idea you liked me!☆”
  • If you weren’t ugly as shit
  • He’d politely say he’s already in a relationship
  • Because despite his scheming ways he doesn’t wanna play with a girls heart
  • He might even tell you he’s gay
  • Look at him, it’s not hard to believe 
  • He’d say yes
  • He’d take you on a most luxurious date 


  • He found it cute
  • You were so formal
  • He laughed at you and he took it as a bad sign
  • He was just surprised 
  • If you were his type he’d totally say yes
  • It doesn’t matter if your someone he knew or not
  • If you were not his type he would make up some excuse 
  • Like “I’m only in Japan for a little while so theres no point.” 
  • Or “I have seven dicks and there always constantly erect, and only my beloved mother can satisfy my needs so I’m afraid I must decline your offer.”
  • Or something else thats a longshot,..maybe not that ^ but…
  • He’d take you on a date to a not very fancy place 
  • Probably even a burger joint tbh
  • He’d wanna get a feel for your personality if he didn’t know you already