we all think miley cyrus is destroying herself and stuff but when u really think about it shes being very smart, everyone is talking about her, her new music video came out today and got 10 million views already. she makes money on every single view. so shes putting on a great act (even though im sure she is actually a bit crazy) its just to make money people. its show business. so everyone needs to stop with all this stuff about miley cyrus because she is ranking in millions because of our reactions and is feeding off of us just to make money…its nothing new. the crazier it seems, the more people are going to feel like they have to see it, especially when people blog and tweet about it, you feel like you have to see it for yourself to believe it. this time last year miley cyrus was barely mentioned and now u cant avoid seeing or hearing things about her all day on the internet or tv or the radio. 

enough is enough. the girl is just trying to make some money and shes doing it better than anyone right now. although i think some part of her is absolutely insane, it makes sense that her father “supports” her because he is part of the act as well. ITS AN ACT!!!!!!!!! for $$$$

once we all realize that, she will calm down with all of this crazyness. i mean come on, who sits on a metal ball naked?? either a crazy person or someone who was offered millions to do it. 

and one last thing, even though i wanted to avoid VMA talk, dont you guys think hundreds of people saw that performance before we did? her managers and make up and hair people, the vma producers…its not like they didnt know she was gonna do that. no one tried to stop her because she was supposed to do the weirdest thing they could come up with. foam finger?? what the fuck was that all about? obviously everyone is in on it for the money. they wanted to get us talking about her. they wanted as many people as possible to turn on their tvs to see what the hell miley was doing. she wanted us to talk about her for weeks!!!!!! so we are all falling for the act. i fell for it also. all we can think about it the good old days of hannah montana and when her performance of party in the usa was considered scandalous a few years ago, or the vogue photoshoot. it doesnt compare to what shes doing now. and the simple reason is hannah montana doesnt make money anymore. sex sells. critics, bloggers, people like us who sit here and talk about her MAKE HER MONEY!!!! 

all im trying to say is i cant listen to this stuff about how miley doesnt know what shes doing and her career is down the tubes. because last time i checked shes one of the top trending things since the VMAs (arguably since she pulled a britney and chopped her hair off and we all reblogged that photo of her compared to draco malfoy with that quote from mean girls) and this new music video is making her even more famous and more talked about than ever. she knows EXACTLY what shes doing and shes smarter than any of us give her credit for. 

thank you for reading my 1:30 am rant 

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