I decided to start packing and I was going through boxes of things I’m going to leave behind and I found myself overwhelmed with emotions as I was looking through old letters, photos and things like that. I am just beyond lucky to have been loved by who has loved, even if they don’t anymore. Family love is one thing but when you get a complete stranger to care and love you so much that amazes and I am loved by the best. Thank you to everyone who has come into my life. I hope the love I feel for you also brings you joy because I am an extreme person. I can care not all or far too much and will do anything for the people I love. #100happydays #3happysisters #thankfulformyfriends #everyoneofyou

I can’t stop throwing up and crying. I fucking hate all of you shit talkers who claim to be my friends. I’ve never been so disgusted by all of you. I give off weird vibes to you because I knew I should’ve never opened up to a single fucking one of you. I’d rather drown my self in drugs and tears and death then see any of you ever again. You all manipulated my feelings to your advantage and I hope you feel awful for playing games just to see how far your “joke” could go. You’re all dead to me you conniving fuckers.