You know that feeling, when you have something, or do something a bit unique. Or maybe it’s something you feel defines your character.

It’s you. It makes you up. It’s a part of you.

It could be an item of clothing, a social activity, a sport, a challenge you’ve set yourself, a hair style. Anything really…

But when someone copies that thing. It’s confusing. The thing that was you is now a part of someone else. You want to be happy for them, because they are experiencing something that makes you happy.

But at the same time, it feels like they have taken a piece of you.

I feel like I’m struggling with this right now. A friend has starting doing something that I was doing. I did it for me, and I feel like it’s a part of who I am.

Seeing him do it has made me a bit frustrated. That was ‘my thing..’

I do feel bad for having these feelings. It’s not like I was the first person to ever start doing this thing. I’m sure heaps of people I don’t know do it. I bet there’s people who do it heaps better than me.

But it was me.

Anyway, I hope this doodle I did helps explain my thoughts a bit.