my favorite thing about voltron is that pretty much everyone has adopted pidge. lance? he’s pretty much her older brother at this point. matt? he’s ALWAYS been her older brother. hunk? have you SEEN them work together? keith? siblings if i’ve ever seen them… allura? she’s the cool older sister pidge never had. shiro? i’m sorry, did you mean dad? coran? he’s like the weird grandpa pidge has somehow always had. hell, even pidge is close to adopting herself.


“he meets me where i am”

asdfjkl; i’m super late but a few weeks ago @yuuris-piano composed a beautiful song for me here!! TTATT <333 I was so in love with this piece that I knew a drawing wouldn’t suffice?? so I made a little video > v < please check out their compositions!! ;O;;;

I also wanted to thank you guys for 5000 followers > O < or rather, the number doesn’t necessarily matter ;O; I’m super grateful for all the support and love I’ve gotten from everyone asdfjkl; ////// unfortunately, I’m a bit busy at this time of the year, but I hope the video can serve as a thank you ;v;;;;

more starry au


I know this blog is no longer in use and I’ve long since moved to my other art blog, but due to recent events and that I still have a larger following here than my other blog, I thought I should say something. A lot of you may be aware of the situation about the charity proceeds for the Bullseye McHanzine being misused for Lynn’s personal desires. 

For now, I’m not sure what to believe nor say, but I’m very upset at the idea that all the contributors’ efforts would go to vain like that. I only contributed a simple charm design myself, but it was my first zine I ever got a chance to participate in, especially for such a popular ship with a huge following.

I know it’s not a zine, or print, and I don’t know how many people would be interested, but I’m considering trying to find out a way to produce my own physical copies of the charm I designed, and donate whatever proceeds I receive to charity myself. I will admit– I’m young and very inexperienced in these things, but thanks to my friends I’ve already started receiving help and tips on how to get started! Since it’s the end of the year, school is going to get busy for me as well as several other personal projects I’m trying to work on, but this is definitely something I want to put my attention to especially now, so I will try to keep updates here, or most definitely on my Twitter @ classydove_

Here’s what my charm looked like!

For everyone’s sake, I hope this whole mess gets resolved quickly and some good comes out of it in the end..

realistic drabble series: park jimin (m)

Originally posted by join-the-kpop-army

pairing: Jimin x Reader
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, first time.
words: 3670.
summary: You decide you’re ready to take things with Jimin to the next level.

jin. yoongi. hoseok. namjoon. jimin. taehyung. jungkook.


It was all you could think about while you sat next to Jimin on the couch, unable to focus on the movie playing on the screen. You couldn’t remember the name for the life of you, but you didn’t bother trying to figure it out, too busy attempting to calm your thoughts. You had become hyper aware of any movement Jimin made, peeking at him from the corner of your eye anytime he would brush back his hair or move his legs.

For about a week now you had been mulling over the extent with which the physical side of your relationship had gone, and while you didn’t see each other every week what with the way Jimin was occasionally on tour or promotion, you found yourself wondering if he was ever going to bring up the idea of the two of you taking things further.

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Yuri: Monika told me I should write something here, but what could possibly convey my torrent of emotions at this moment? Could a simple “thank you” be enough to pour my heart’s contents into a post description, not quite unlike a poem in which to lay my soul nude? The tears flow into the ink quietly, whilst I- oh. I’m being told me this is getting too long. Anyways, thanks everyone! 💜

Natsuki: Oh man, I knew my charm was off the charts, but this surpassed even my wildest expectations! I’m overwhelmed, really. Thank you all so much for your support! I promise I, this blog’s protagonist, will be featured even more in the future! Even if I have to peek through the window, I won’t disappoint all my loyal followers. 💖

Sayori: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU!!! This is all too amazing, I don’t know what to say!! I just want to scream and hug everyone!!! Thanks to everyone who follows and reblogs our posts, allowing us to spread positivity and joy everywhere! You are the true heroes of this blog 💝

Monika: What more can I say that hasn’t been said already by our wonderful club members? This is incredible, to all of us. There’s nothing that makes us happier than making you guys laugh and have a good time with our antics. You are all honorary members of the club, for you have won a spot in our hearts. All the thousand of you 💘

anonymous asked:

What are some simblrs you recommend?

Aaahhhh!!! Thank you for this ask, I love shouting out some of the simblrs I adore!

@sassyllamas - Sara has an AMAZING I’m a lover challenge with the Yates family and she’s a wonderful storyteller!
@storylegacysims - Molly is one of my favourite human beings and I adore everything she does. Her CC, her legacies, her posts - everything is top quality content!
@pixeloasis - Jess is a talented builder, amazing storyteller, and she makes cc? She’s a triple threat and I love everything she does!
@riverstonesims - Kiwiw is my storytelling inspiration and I aspire to be as committed to my stories as she is with hers. Her writing is beautiful and I look forward to her posting! 
@simalienn - Leisha is one of the blogs that I have followed for like…forever. Her legacies are so addicting and she makes relatable, adorable characters. Everything she does it amazing!
@ohthesefaces/@ohthesebuilds - Jamie’s a master builder, a Sims 4 challenge master and has such memorable sims! If you’re looking for a great cc free blog, she is definitely one to check out!
@calisimgirl - Sara is one of my favourite streamers and I am so proud to see her twitch channel grow! Her blog is so colourful and a great read too!
@sims-creations - I’ve followed Helena’s Sinclair legacy for forever and she is one of my biggest writing inspirations! I will follow her legacy until the end! <3
@its-lunnarise - Elizabeth creates amazing cc, gorgeous edits and her art is stunning! If you want inspiration, she’s definitely a blog to take a look at!
@pixelionary - Walter is one of the sweetest simmers around! His legacy is so cute and I love his simself dream life gameplay!
@josiesimblr - Josie’s a storytelling guru, and everything she does is awesome. A very, very talented writer and storyteller. I want to be like her one day!
@0sims - Jenn has one of the best aesthetics I have ever seen on her blog. Her screenshots are captivating and her storytelling is SO good. I cannot recommend her enough!

A few other blogs I have to shout out because I am running out of room on this post ~ @108sims, @nezucorni, @simplicityplays, @monets-pixels, @samtastic-sims, @craftywritelovessimblr, @stepawayfromthecarrot, @ghostbouquet, @vividlore, @vanillabeansims, @twistedsimblr, @pixelddump, @captainsilversims, @pooofy, @simsoflove, @lacoded, @tigerellasims, @nutmegspicelatte, @littlemicrocosims, @thesimsofnoalyn, @pixelated-plumbobs, @acesakurauniverse, @pinkcotton, @plumbob-waffles, @nikasimming, @auroraplumbob, @lovelyyysims, @meeplemeeple, @simmeronnie, @tacha75, @simsplyirresistible, @prunusfruit, @awkward–simmer