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Ok I just got here. What happened?

1- instagram - taylors account deleted all the pics, removed her icon and unfollwed everyone
2 - twitter - unfollowed everyone, removed icon, half the tweets disappeared then reappeared, some likes disappeared
3- youtube- removed icon (vevo icon still there)
4- facebook - removed icon
5- taylorswift.com is a black screen and the javascript source file for the home screen is ivegtoablankspace
6- tumblr - all posts are gone, likes are still there, apparently follows too, color scheme changed from pink to black

maybe she’s starting over fresh? this sure is getting everyone’s attention so that part is accomplished 

today is the anniv of announcing 1989 and dropping shake it off

thats all i have for ya right now!


Chair-kun’s Finish It Event!!

1. Draw the next panel! (Get creative!)
2. Post to tumblr with the tag @ask-chairkun
3. Optional: Change Futaba’s dialogue!

2. DON’T BE SHY; no entry will be rejected because it’s ‘not good’ or ‘drawn poorly’ (This is about having fun!)
3. SFW ENTRIES ONLY (suggestive ok) :)
4. ALL SPOILER ENTRIES MUST BE TAGGED APPROPRIATELY OR ELSE I WILL NOT REBLOG IT (avoid spoiler-esque drawings if you can though, so more people can enjoy it!)
5. If you don’t want me to reblog your entry, just let me know in your tags :)

There is no deadline, so have fun thinking up what questionable things our protagonist has on his phone! Is it an app? Some pictures? A suggestive lock screen or background? It’s up to you♥


And this is why I have not been able to kill Isolde through three playthroughs. I am pathetic.

Artist notes:
1) Alistair will be a good king, he just has to use his damn puppy face on everyone
2) I’d like to think my character wouldn’t be happy about killing her, but dang I wish I had the cajones too.
3) This can be seen as an exercise of how just changing the mouth changes the tone of a pose XD
4) For the record, he didn’t put out until after freaking Ozammar.

Lucifer 2x22 - Vegas With Some Radish Spoilers and Speculations (Late July Update)

2x22- Vegas Jaunt

Known Credits:

Lindsey Gort - Candy Morningstar

Remember when Ella said this to Chloe during the S2 finale? Well, funny you should say that Ella, because it seems that you are going to be taking a “fun little road trip with the Devil himself.”

Ella and Lucifer are going to be taking a trip to Vegas sometime during S3. Good luck trying to figure out how this line fits into the episode, the writers stated themselves that the title would be impossible to guess what exactly was going on without a little context.

Now, with the title out of the way, let’s move on to what to expect in the episode.

So what exactly do we know about this one? Well, it has been described as a Vegas Jaunt and we have a few special guests. First up is Lauren Holly who will play a character called Roxie. It seems she will bump into Lucifer and Ella while they are in Vegas and her story is somehow tied into a Casino. Also, notice his red handkerchief in his jacket pocket, this detail will come into play later on in the post.

Lucifer S2b aired and about a month later these photos were taken and posted on Twitter. In the photos below you can see Lucifer looking oh ever so dashing and handsome as ever and Ella dressed up in quite the get-up. 

The sizzle reel from Saturday’s SDCC has also given us more footage of Lucifer’s and Ella’s shenanigans. In the 2nd and 3rd gif you see Ella in full Vegas getup while Lucifer sings Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra, this will be quite the number.

Now, a special guest returns in this episode! She was very unpopular with lucifer fans (mainly a handful of deckerstar fans), but it wasn’t until the end of the episode that fans made a 180 on their opinion of her character. She is sweet, lovable and kind, plus she also managed to trick the Goddess of Creation herself. Yes Lucifans, Candy Morningstar will once again make appearance! (P.S. the red handkerchief is back!…) Whether or not the case that leads them to Vegas is directly tied to Candy is tbd, but i’d put my money on the fact that she might play a big role.

Now, some of you are wondering why Lucifer took Ella to Sin City and not Chloe, well here are a few reasons…

1) After the whole 2x14 aftermath, Chloe seeing Candy again would just be too awkward for everyone

2) The LAPD has NO JURISDICTION to be solving crimes in Vegas, therefore Chloe cannot work the case. @sanoiro and I believe that perhaps Ella asked a favor from Lucifer to help with a case in Vegas

3) Ella is a non-judgmental character. She investigated Uriel’s grave and didn’t even ask too many questions as well as keeping her promise to not let Chloe know about it. What ever is going to happen in Vegas he doesn’t want someone to question his tactics.

Next, we believe it is Chloe’s birthday, Maze orchestrating the cop stripper at the precinct to help loosen her up. This is definitely a thing Maze would do, Lucifer would perhaps just get jealous.

At SDCC, Rachael mentioned that Chloe would come to Linda to discuss her feelings about Lucifer. Linda will suggest (for some reason) that they head over to LUX and look around his penthouse. Now, Linda is still dealing with the PTSD of the finale events. Chloe may find out that Lucifer went off to Vegas with Ella, get jealous and turn to his liquor bar to deal with her jealousy. Linda and Chloe will both get heavily, heavily wasted leading to the hilarious Risky Business scene.

By the end of the night, Linda perhaps makes it home but Chloe unfortunately only makes it to Lucifer’s bed. Meaning Chloe once again falls asleep in his room, on his bed, drunk. Lucifer will return to LUX to find Chloe asleep on his bed where a very sweet scene will take place.

Now, remember how Lucifer was wearing a red handkerchief in Vegas? Take a look at this gif below and tell me what you see.

Didn’t quite catch it? Here is a screen shot:

No? How about closer:

Ding Ding Ding!! Yep, same red handkerchief with his exact same suit. We can deduct that the gift scene and Vegas shenanigans take place during the same episode.

End of 2x22 - July 26, 2017

Please note that the probability of having mixed up some pictures under a certain episode is a possibility we cannot avoid. Also, please note that is ALL SPECULATION and WHAT WE BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN PER EPISODE MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN IN THE EPISODE WE THOUGHT. We will reblog the original posts with any new spoilers up so if you want to navigate yourselves through these posts hit the either of the following tag:

#sanoiro and ship house of speculation

Quick Directory to All the Speculation Posts:

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New Tag for the S3 posts of this kind of analysed content:

#sanoiro and ship house of speculation


Chair-kun’s Finish It Event!!

1. Draw the next panel! (Get creative!)
2. Submit your finished panel to ask-chairkun
3. (Optional: Save the above picture of Anne, change her dialogue and submit it along with your finished next panel)

2. DON’T BE SHY; no entry will be rejected because it’s ‘not good’ or ‘drawn poorly’ (This is about having fun!)
4. You can draw any Persona character you wish
5. If you don’t want to submit it, just a link is fine!

Depending on the number of entries, I might compile them together into one post. Leave me a note/ask if you wish to have yours published separately. 

There is no deadline, so have fun thinking up what questionable things these thieves have stolen!

Halibel drunk texts

As requested by anon. :)

Hello and welcome (back) to Bleach Lists! Kicking off my return is a list about what sorts of texts Halibel would send if she were super drunk and had her phone.

[Need some more drunk texts? It’s a series!]

1. To Ichigo

u know what i love about u?

the way you rescue everyone

2. To Ichigo

even maybe former allies of aizen who are in quicny prison

3. To Ichigo

just wasting away.in quncy prison. alone

4. To Ichigo

you were in quincy prison once. well a ball. which somehow stopped you. so u know how it sucks

5. To Ichigo


6. To Ichigo

wow just b/c we never spoke u think u don’t have to rescue me

rude. gonna rescue myself just to spite you

7. To Nelliel

do u ever think it’s werid that the #3 espada is always a woman

no other espada. just that one espada. the number 3 one

8. To Nelliel

it’s like aizen has a quota of one

9. To Nelliel

3 is the best number tho so we have that going for us

10. To Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun

you three. beautiful cinnomon rolls. too pure for this world

11. To Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun

i hope u know that i would never happily sacrifice my beautiful cinnamen rolls

12. To Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun

i hope you guys fight b/c you love each other

13. To Hiyori

do you fight with people b/c you love them? like the tiny silver haired captain i sensed that you liked him and so you yelled with the yelling of love

14. To Hiyori

plz don’t yell at me i am not looking for a relationship

15. To Hitsugaya

do YOU yell out of love?

16. To Hitsugaya

you say “out of anger” but what i hear is “out of love”

17. To Hitsugaya

i have very angry fracciones. i just need to be reassured that they secretly love each other and are not in fact filled with the frothing rage of hate all the time

18. To Hitsugaya

thank you. that is all i wanted to hear. i hope things go well with your pigtailed love

19. To Hitsugaya

and i thought we were bonding

20. To Nnoitra

you say you attacked nel b/c a woman was above you and that offended your brain

yet you leave me alone

i call shenanimgans 

21. To Nnoitra


22. To Nnoitra


23. To Nnoitra

u know what i mean

24. To Gin

remember the time i hit you in the face with water? that was the best time

25. To Grimmjow

u know working for urahara is a lot like working for aizen yeah?

it’s maybe time to admit you love shinigami

26. To Grimmjow

like you put on a shirt for them? wow

27. To Grimmjow

i didn’t know you owned a shirt

28. To Barragan

it must have killed you. Being #2

29. To Barragan

When #3 is so much better

30. To Starrk

real talk tho you and i were aizen’s best employees

and then you died and aizen stabbed me

so like really he was just a bad boss

31. To Aizen

but why did you stab me tho

32. To Aizen

of all the ways to end my fight that makes the least sense

33. To Aizen

but i know u were bored


34. To Aizen

THEY LET YOU OUT????????????

35. To Aizen

i will not lie i am feeling sort of underappreciated here

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Top 5 facial expressions from star wars using GIFs ;)

This was too much fun:

1. Leia being done @ everyone

2. Grandma, it’s me, Anastasia

3. I’m Han Solo and I have no idea what I’m doing

4. Chewie’s mood throughout ANH

5.  A very fierce Jedi

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What's you views on LGBTQ community from a biblical perspective?

i dont really understand the question. i feel like there is a more direct question you’re trying to ask. so i’ll just answer what i think you’re asking but you’re not asking outright lol

1) do i think God hates people in the LGBT community? no, God loves everyone

2) do i as a Christian hate people in the LGBT community? nope, i don’t hate people based off of their sexuality or gender expression

3) do i think people in the LGBT community are going to hell? well seeing as being straight doesn’t guarantee anyone a spot in heaven, i have no idea how any one could think that being LGBT means someone is automatically going to hell. that’s just stupid.