How to not be a dick while sending in requests -
A guide for everyone

1. Greeting:
Authors aren’t machines or anything, we’re real people. And what do you do with people? That’s right! You greet them! Especially if you ask for something.
You can pick out of the following phrases:
Hallo, Hey (there), Good dawning to thee, How dost thou?, G’day mate
And there are more! The possibilities are endless!

2. Pay attention to what is asked:
Author asks for headcanons? Better send them your idea for a super long imagine, right? No. Not right. Please don’t. Abort mission.
Your request might be good, but it will just get lost if the person you’re sending it to doesn’t have a use for it, which is kinda not cool for both of you.

3. Actually talk:
The person you’re sending your request to might spend a good amount of time writing this, so it sometimes feels kinda weird if you consider yourself too good to even write a full sentence. Just two or three words may be a popular stylistic device, since everyone loves a pretty ellipsis here and there.
But if you’re asking for someone to invest a lot of time in something that is important to you, you might wanna invest the time to at least address the person with a full sentence.

4. Watch your mouth young man/lady:
Don’t be rude. We’re here and taking requests because we want to interact with you and we want to entertain you. Don’t be demanding or rude. The purpose of our existence is not to write whatever you throw at us, so please don’t treat us like it was.

We love talkig to you and we love writing. But we are just people and we do this for free and for your entertainment, please don’t be a dick.

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1. please tag your ships! that includes reddie, stenbrough, stozier, kaspbrough, stike etc. thanks!

2. please don’t tag a ship post as another ship! it’s annoying! that includes tagging reddie in ship posts that’s for other ships! not everyone likes certain ships (including reddie) so don’t do that!


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“You’re so quiet” -everyone

1. I refuse to gossip which I feel like constitutes 70% of human conversation
2. Silence is beautiful
3. Small talk bores me quickly
4. I’m not just going to talk for the sake of talking
5. Even if I’m quiet I still feel as if I’m more open and friendly than most. Social ‘barriers’ mean nothing to me
6. I’m involved in my inner world more so than the external one


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