New Kpop fans…have you payed homage to the Kings of KPOP? They are literally the best…LEGENDS.  they are required viewing in my opinion, basically the only reason we have the groups we do now is becasue they paved the way…


so here are some friends of my ocs :0 (besides the cutie gang of leo)

the first one is called Alex and is friends with lance. he works at a pizza place

the werewolf under him is called Jannet, she’s an alright bitch. she and the mermaid are friends with lucas

and the mermaid on the right is Josh, he’s a lil chubby trans peep with a cute personality

Forced hiatus for today  T.T

God damn it Eldarya.

You left us thirsty for episode 11 for months and look what you have done now.

I can’t play anymore today because I get these freaking errors. xD

I am forced to stop and continue tomorrow because with these errors I might click something wrong and miss the picture(s).

And I don’t want that… >.<

I am not even on half the episode. xD

Been struggling with your errors for hours now… T.T

  • Leave the item in my ask box and I'll answer the question associated! Have fun!:
  • Bandage:What is a scene from the game that really connected with you?
  • Monster Candy:Who's your favorite character?
  • Spider Donut:Who's your favorite ship?
  • Spider Cider:What battle made you the most aggravated?
  • Butterscotch Pie:What friendship do you find the cutest?
  • Snowman Piece:If you were Frisk/Chara, would you have held onto the Snowman piece the entire time or used it?
  • Nice Cream:What's your favorite line and who said it?
  • Bisicle:What's your favorite land, and what was your least favorite?
  • Unisicle:While playing the game, was YOUR character a boy, girl, or no gender?
  • Cinnamon Bunny:If you were Alphys, what would your robot have been named and what would have been your shtick? (EX. Mettaton, he was a show host)
  • Astronaut Food:When you got to the part of the Undertale Musical, did you sing along with Mettaton?
  • Crab Apple:Did you battle more monsters for money when you realized you could buy Spider treats and not move on until you bought both?
  • Sea Tea:If you were Toby Fox, why did you put Onion San in the game?
  • Abandoned Quiche:Do you have any Undertale OC's? What are their names? Tell us about them.
  • Temmie Flakes:Did you ever even find Temmie village????? What did you think of it?
  • Dog Salad:How long did you pet the lesser dog? When you found the snowdogs did you have regrets?
  • Instant Noodles:How long did it take you to beat the music note puzzle?
  • Hot Dog...?:How many Hot Dogs did Sans put on your head before you moved on?
  • Hot Cat:Ketchup, or no ketchup?
  • Junk Food:Have you played more than one run of the games? What routes have you taken?
  • Hush Puppy:Have you seen any playthroughs? Who did you watch play?
  • Starfait:What would you have whispered to an Echo flower?
  • Glamburger:If you were Frisk/Chara, would you have had the courage to pose for the show? Think of the ratings!!!
  • Legendary Hero:When you started the game, did you know you didn't have to kill anyone?
  • Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face:How many hours have you put into gameplay so far?
  • Potato Chisps:Who's your favorite Undertale fan-artist?
  • Rock Candy:Did you look up how to beat any of the puzzles?
  • Last Dream:What's your favorite Undertale AU?

The Final Page of Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou 

The final chapter of Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou was published today, July 8th, 2016, in the August 2016 issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine

Thank you Saki Nakagawa for series. Thank you for the laughs and the good times!