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Well, I gave it my all, but there is no way we’re closing that gap now, because this is the post-multiplier result. I got 120,000 points with the last multiplier, which was the best I could do. It was nice playing with you, Team Leo. Thanks for supporting him with me through this adventure. I’ll be sure that he gets those last 20 flags too, Leo is my favorite character in the franchise, so I don’t care if he’s going to lose, he’ll still get my support. As for next round, I will be on Team Julia if she wins, or I will wait it out and choose the team that looks like it will win (for the orbs.) If Julia doesn’t make it, I’m not invested past this round. Good game, everyone.


The Foxhole Court - Dan Wilds 

     “Dan got up and crossed the room to give Neil a careful hug. She didn’t hold him like Abby once had, like she thought he might fall apart without her support. There was a muted ferocity in the fingers that bit into his arms and he could feel the tension in her body where she leaned against him. This wasn’t comfort; it was something protective and defiant. She was staking claim over him as one of her team.”

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what did you think of Marco Polo season 2?

okay so imagining you’re having a really good ice cream. it’s not like, movenpick tiramisu level, but it is up there, it’s above tip top. it’s the hand churned you get on farms. it’s not too thick, it’s not going to give you acid reflux or excess phlegm, you wouldn’t put it on your brownie because it’s good enough to enjoy by itself, it’s not too complicated, it’s pretty straight up vanilla, but there’s a twist! its toffee. im talking about hokey pokey ice cream, anyway

and then, you’re enjoying your ice cream, but then, half way through it, and what do you find? its not that lump of sugar when you’ve left it in the freezer for too long, it’s not even like, the tail of the mouse you know is in your kitchen because your dad refused to call the exterminator, and either of that would be preferable in this situation, because it is actually just mush, and the bottom of it isn’t properly churned, its just like, vaguely milk flavored mush

and you say, ‘john, what the fuck is this?’

‘what?’ says john

‘john,’ i say. ‘you literally just gave me the set up for a GREAT DESSERT, it’s beautifully presented, everything is dead centre fincher level steady, you upped the hair game for everyone, and invested in some decent tailoring, you gave me pegging and OEDIPUS REX, and what else do you give me, after that?’

john: ‘a culinary delight?’

‘NO,’ i say. ‘john, you gave me unchurned butter milk salt water cream bullshit, you wasted like FIVE PLOTS! you killed like, 3, of your tops, and left me essentially only with bottom bitch marco who incidentally is the color of this salt water cream bullshit, you pulled your dick out in the MIDDLE OF MY HOUSE PARTY’

and that’s what it was like, to watch marco polo s2

Time Variance. Chapter 2: Time Once Lost

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Other Pairings: NaLu

Time Variance

Chapter Two:

Time Once Lost

Levy dragged herself from the bed, her hair a mess, her hands groping out against the wall as she headed towards the bathroom. The older version of Gajeel let out a bark like laugh as the tiny female whined before closing the door.

“I don’t wanna get uppppp~!” She complained before he heard the sink turning on so she could brush her teeth.

This was the Levy he never really got to see. They lived in a warzone, so moments when they could sleep in and whine about waking up were few to none. He couldn’t stop the smirk that played on his lips as he watched her.

Poor girl was too sleepy to really notice that his eyes hadn’t left her form from the moment he woke her up.

He never got to see her like this, so he’d absorb every moment… every beautiful moment of her half asleep, in disarray.

“If I have to get out of bed, you better be out of it too!” She snapped from the bathroom, peeking her head out. Golden eyes flashing at him as she had her toothbrush hanging out of the side of her mouth, the white forth from the paste decorating her lips.

Okay, maybe she was much more aware than he thought.

He couldn’t stop the deep laughter that escaped him as she stood there confused. He got out of the bed, moving over to her.

As his laughter subsided, he tilted her chin up, ignoring the white froth as he plucked the toothbrush from her lips. “You have no idea how beautiful you are.”

Her cheeks flushed and she quickly moved to wipe the frothy toothpaste away, her eyes looking away.

“I-I’m all messy and sleepy…and… and…” She couldn’t stop stuttering.

“All the third most beautiful sight out of everything I’ve seen you do.” He chuckled.

Her brows furrowed in confusion at him saying the third most beautiful sight.

“Seeing you cum is second.” He watched her face go completely red, the blush reaching the tips of her ears and down her chest making him smirk. “Seeing you with your belly swollen with my child… that’s the first.”

He couldn’t stop the twitch of his hand. He wanted to reach and place his hand over the spot where a child would be.

“Gajeel…” Levy whispered and looked at the older version of the man she loved, any earlier embarrassment gone. “We’ll fix this. Okay? I won’t let my future self die and leave you alone.” She whispered, her fingers brushing his cheek. “Okay. You told me what happens… I’ll remember… I promise to remember.” She whispered to him.

Gajeel just met her gaze, nodding as he held her hand to his cheek. “I know you will, Shorty.”

She smiled at the use of the nickname. “Well, you have me up. What are we going to do now?” She asked him lightly, moving to take her toothbrush from him and finish cleaning up. She was still clad in her pajamas, but she wasn’t feeling as embarrassed as she had been earlier.

He opened his mouth before growling slightly. “Can’t really fuckin’ go anywhere with ya, since I don’t really look like my young’r self.” He moved onto the bed.

She tilted her head in thought, her finger quietly tapping her lips in thought which made his mind darken with more enjoyable activities. Mavis, this younger version of his mate was going to give him a slow agonizing death from arousal.

“Come on.” She grabbed some clothes. “Get dressed, we can go to a bookstore before going somewhere quiet for food.” She grinned. Of course she’d drag him to a bookstore.

He sighed but couldn’t stop a weak smile. His Levy didn’t get to indulge in her love for books because of the Dragons…. It was very rare to find a book intact.

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