Hello everyone! I want you all to meet Harper! Look at this cutie! As soon as I went into her blog I got really happy, not only she is a beautiful and positive girl (plus she has an amazing blog) but her transformation and journey is amazing! and I bet she will amaze you as well, she’ve come so far and it’s such and inspiration! So go ahead and check out here blog + follow her

An introduction from the cutie herself: “Hey, I’m Harper. I’m an 18 year old Forensic Toxicology/Poli. sci major from the City of Lights (Not the cool one either). In December last year, little old obese me decided to make a change with her life, and since that spark started, I’ve awkwardly fumbled my way through the first half of 2015, and landed myself on a path to better health.  So far I’ve lost 30 kilos, adopted a vegetarian diet and found out that baby powder really is the worlds best cure for chaffing. Come join me on this journey! This isn’t a path that’s meant to be walked alone!”

This time last month, insaneboingo and I were having a grand old time when she came to visit.

Sparks, fireworks, inappropriate jokes, and Monty Python. It was a good trip. :)

I would just like to say, she’s gone from great friend to girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier. She makes me grin, she makes me flail, she encourages me to do my best. <3 <3 :)