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My actual child??? I love Prom so much??? She is the sweetest and such a talented writer and artist! I wish I had even half her creativity. She’s so friendly to everyone and incredibly kind and you guys should definitely follow her she is a fantastic human I cannot stress this enough

What an absolutely stunning piece by @luciasatalina 

I literally cannot express in words my joy every time I look at this portrait, how the expression seems to subtly shift each time you meet her gaze, which is extraordinarily consistent with Kei’s character. She was an absolute joy to work with, even when basically all I did was throw reference material at her and say GO WILD DO WHAT YOU WANT.

And the result of what she wanted was this beautiful work. everyone should go follow and lavish praise on her, could not recommend more highly. Thank you <3

To London With Love

It’s kind of ridiculous that you’re standing outside in the freezing New York winter while the cast and crew are rushing to get to Pippa’s. You’re supposed to be in there laughing with them and making sure nobody left anything and reassuring Javi that yes, Lin may have left but no, people didn’t see him any less.

And there was the rub.

Lin had left Hamilton to take “a break” but word had it he was also being wooed by the West End. Which was great really because you of all people knew how amazing he is and how much the would benefits from his talent.

What you didn’t realize until Lin actually announced the London job was that you felt he was leaving you, too.

Not that there was an actual relationship to leave in the first place. Sure, a month of light banter and the occasional coffee had gone down, but there was never anything more. Not even that one night when you’d been the one to drive him home after a bar crawl that had Renee-sweet Renee-being carried out by Oak. There was teasing from other cast and crew but he laughed so you laughed. Nothing big.

Lin had already said he couldn’t make it to Pippa’s because he had to communicate with London. Time differences and all. There was going to be a proper party two days later. With everyone.

Maybe it was just you reading too much into things. Maybe this was best. Maybe Lin was just being Lin, goofy sincere and sweet. Maybe, maybe.

A loud crash jolts you from your reverie. You bolt into the theatre expecting mayhem only to find everyone laughing. Turned out Jonathan had knocked into one of the clothing racks while running towards Daveed for one reason or another. Despite yourself you chuckle and let Renee fuss over your frosty demeanor.

Lin wasn’t there. He wouldn’t be there. He was leaving. And three hours, one game of Twister and countless beers later didn’t change that.

The girls were sleeping over and you were supposed to, but by then you just want to curl up under your covers and figure out how to…well, how to move on from the crush of your crush.

It’s 2AM when you finally slip into your apartment. Strangely enough you start wishing you were drunk. Tired as you are your mind is still on Lin. So much so that you don’t notice the light is on in the kitchen until you get near. You’re sure you turned off the lights, so you approach quietly. The only people with keys are your dad (who’s on another philanthropy adventure in Africa), Pippa (no way she could have gotten here before you did) and the landlord (out drinking).

When you reach the kitchen, you’re pretty sure you’re dreaming. There are balloons everywhere, a giant coffee mug nestled in what looks suspiciously like a #HamFam sweater, a giant pizza, and…a toy airplane?

After the initial shock wears off, you go for the coffee mug. The smell hits you from a foot away–it’s the Dominican blend Lin always brewed at rehearsals. Same blend he made specifically for you the day you went in straight from an all-nighter to finish HamCHI marketing stuff.

“What…” You sip the coffee and glance around. The balloons are shiny, hearts and stars. And the toy airplane had a note under it. Shaking, you pick it up and read:

Can’t just get on that plane / about to go insane / can’t hide what I feel / gotta tell you it’s real / please don’t be scared I hope I’m not creepin’ / but lady you’re the best damn woman I’ve been seein’ / please take a chance on this desperate man / you’re amazing you’re special you’re what my heart demands

You’re laughing and crying when you’re done. You fold it gently and take out your phone, planning to text Lin because hell who else could it be?

Before you stop shaking enough to text, however, someone clears his throat. When you look up, Lin is leaning against the doorframe, hair in a bun, wrapped in a gray sweater.

“Hi. So I’ve been wanting to ask you out. Like on a proper date. But things kept happening and life kept happening and now I’m flying off to London next week. But I couldn’t. I can’t. Not without setting this right. Not without trying,” he rambled. When you smiled in response, he came closer. “I’ve liked you for a very long time, and I know my timing is shit, but I needed to tell you already.”

You’re pretty sure you’re dreaming now but you somehow manage to cross the room and close the distance between you.

“I like you. I like you a lot. And I would be the happiest if you went out with me. Tomorrow. The night after that. And…London.”


Lin nods. “Uh, I take it you didn’t check the rest of the envelope.”

When you do, you gasp.

It’s a ticket to London. Same flight as his.

This was written by the incredible @proeuangelizomai

Part 1 | Part 2

The free class had been on a Thursday and Rosie had spent the entirety of dinner that night explaining to John what they had done in class.  She even then gave him demonstrations as she still had her outfit on.  Sherlock could not get her to change out of it but decided the enthusiasm was good.

She was sad when she had to get ready for bed but Sherlock had promised her they could practise everyday until Tuesday’s class which they did.  They usually ended up practising while John was at work because he had a busy schedule the next few weeks because one of the doctors was still off on maternity leave. Sherlock didn’t mind though, he loved taking Rosie to her classes and watch her progression. She concentrated diligently and was usually the first in the class to master the moves they were taught and then she would help Evan and the other girls who didn’t quite get it.

The first two weeks of class were pretty much the same, the third week they began to expand their moves.

This time they were made to stand in a straight line while they learned the first and second position with their feet.  In first position their heels are almost together as if kissing and in second they’re a step apart.  The teacher then when on to teach them the arm positions for positions one through five.

The next lesson they learned was the plié.  She chose a volunteer from the class and brought her up front, her name was Vanessa.  First she had Vanessa stand in the first position and then bend her knees while keeping her heels flat on the ground and making a ‘diamond shape’.  The second position for the plié was the same, but instead of making a ‘diamond shape’ this time you made a ‘house shape’.  The teacher went around and individually helped each of her students with the instruction and they all seemed to pick it up fairly quickly.

The next position she taught them was the posse.  This is where you bring your one foot up to the leg and where you connect your toe to your knee, making sure the knee is facing out to execute the move properly.  This move took a little longer to master because of the balance issues.  She gave them each homework or practicing this move until they could do it without wobbling too much.

Now that more than half the class was over, the teacher decided they had enough time for one more move. “Alright class to wrap things up before cool down, we are going to learn one more move, the echape sote.”

She began by starting in first position with both arms and feet and then you jump out to second position with arms and feet to finish.  This caused the room of toddlers to giggle and it was by far their favourite move of the day.  They practised this move several times before doing cool down stretches and being released to their parents.

“Remember children,” the teacher called after them, “to keep practising.  You are all doing a wonderful job and in two weeks we shall start some new moves that I think you will all like.”

All the children chattered and clapped and Rosie went over to Evan and told him he did a good job today and that she’d see him next week.  Evan’s mum commented to Sherlock about how polite and encouraging Rosie was and that if it hadn’t been for Rosie, Evan wouldn’t have come back and Sherlock stated she had that effect on people.  Evan’s mum almost asked Sherlock for coffee until she noticed the wedding band on his finger and was relieved she noticed before making a fool of herself.  Sherlock seemed to sense it and just smiled it away and told her he’d see her and Evan at class next week.

This time John had beat Rosie and Sherlock home from class and he was in the kitchen making tea when they walked through the door.  “Daddy! You’re home!”

She ran out and grabbed his hand and drug him to his chair and made him sit. Sherlock clicked the kettle off and also joined them in the front room in his chair.  Rosie took her coat off and laid it on the coffee table and turned back to her parents.

“Look at what I learned today.”

She began with the first and second positions and moved into the plié, then the posse and then echape sote. And John grinned from ear to ear.  “I don’t know, you soon may be giving your papa a run for his money.” He winked at her.

She looked at him quizzically but continued talking about her class, “I helped Evan and some of the other girls with some moves and the teacher said we are all doing good practising on our own and in two weeks we get to learn some new moves.”

John reached across and took Sherlock’s hand and squeezed it, “this was such a good idea.  I can’t wait until Marci comes back from leave so I can go along to a class.”

Rosie shrieked, “Daddy, that would be wonderful, I can’t wait!   How soon does she come back?”

“Two weeks sweetheart.”

“That’s just in time for you to see the new moves we’ll be learning!”  Rosie squealed as she bounced up and down on her feet.

“Why don’t you go put some play clothes on and we’ll call out for takeaway tonight to celebrate?” John asked her.

She frowned, “But I love my ballet outfit.”

“I know you do sweetheart, but we don;t want to get it stained,” he said scooping her up and tickling her belly.  She giggled and agreed as long as they could have Thai.

They all agree and John let her down so she could run up to her room to change.

As soon as she was out of sight,John walked over to Sherlock and pulled him into a kiss.  “Let me guess, you’re the proudest parent there.”

“Absolutely John. You should see her, She lights up the room and everyone follows her lead but it doesn’t go to her head.  She takes after you in that respect.”

“I can’t wait to see her in two weeks.” He leaned in and kissed Sherlock again.

When they broke, John chuckled, “I better go call our order in.”

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Mr. Matchmaker


Request: Well my PalForLife™ ( @princeofsassgard ) asked for ca:cw Peter Parker one shot and who am I to turn down Allison? I love her so much and everyone should go follow her. She’s the sweetest.

Summary: You’re best friends with Peter Parker, Tony meets you both, sees you’re into each other and decides to play matchmaker.

Warnings: Holy fucking shit I don’t think there’s any swearing in this one (well I just swore then but that doesn’t count….right?)

Originally posted by teamunderoos

You stood beside Peter in the small elevator going up to his apartment. The stressful school day was over and your backpack was full to the brim with the homework. It was nearly everyday that you two hung out after classes and today was no exception. You were friends, good friends, best friends and being Peter’s best friend meant seeing him through everything, even his dumpster diving which was a regular after school occurrence.

“Can’t believe that perfectly good DVD player was just sitting there” He smiled over at you.

You grinned back “Me too. I’ll help you set it up and stuff but then I gotta’ get home for dinner”

Peter’s smile faded partially and his eyes fell to his shoes which made you furrow your brows at him. Without lifting his eyes to meet yours he began nervously twiddling the zipper of his hoodie “I was thinking…”

“That’s never good” You joked and smiled once again when you saw his eyes reconnect with yours and a grin return to his face however his nervous twiddling still carried on.

“As I was saying…” He began “I was thinking maybe, um, you could stay a little longer. We could watch a DVD on this thing. I have Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on DVD, we could watch that” He lifted the old player to show what he was talking about.

You chuckled and blushed slightly at his offer then opened your mouth to reply but the elevator doors dinged open cutting you off.

“This is our floor” Peter rushed before you could finish what you’d planned to say and quickly stepped out with you following closely behind.


Aunt May gave you a kind greeting the moment you walked in, as always “How was school today?” She asked as you and Peter wandered into the kitchen, Peter turned to Aunt May while you bent down to look in the fridge for a bottle of water. You couldn’t see what was going on behind you but you heard Peter respond to his Aunt.

“It was okay, there’s this crazy car parked outside….” He trailed off sounding a little dumbfounded “Hey Y/N, would you mind, uh, waiting in my room. Set up the DVD player or something”

That both caught your attention and confused you, so you stood up straight, closed the fridge and turned to see a shocked looking Peter staring at the man sat beside Aunt May on the couch. Mr freaking Stark.

Your eyes widened “Mr…Mr…”

“Mr. Stark” Tony said.

“Yeah, I know, kind of a big fan”

Peter nudged your shoulder with his “You can geek out later, go set up the DVD player”

“Yeah, sure” You said, still in shock as to why the Tony Stark was in Peter Parker’s crappy Queens apartment.


You weren’t sat twiddling your thumbs on Peters bed for long before Tony Stark and Peter walked in. Tony walked straight over to where Peter’s Computer sat while Peter stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“What do we have here? Retro tech, huh?” Tony looked down at you “Salvation army?”

You shook your head and responded “The garbage actually”

Tony looked back over at Peter “Who’s this?” He tilted his head in your direction “Spiderman’s trusty sidekick”

You didn’t let Peter reply to him however and stood up from the bed “I’m no one’s sidekick, Mr. Stark”

“So you’re his girlfriend then?” He asked, lifting his eyebrows.

Peter took a sharp intake of breath “No, uh, no it’s not like that”

“Yeah, we’re just friends” You were quick to back your ‘just friend’ up.

Tony scoffed knowingly and shot a smug look toward both you and Peter “Young love. So blind”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked. Tony looked even more smug at this point and walked closer to where Peter stood, speaking to him rather than you.

“When are you gonna ask the girl out, Parker?” He asked. You could hear what he was saying and Tony clearly wasn’t bothered by that.

Peter awkwardly shrugged his shoulders and gave you a look that said ‘help me out here’ before looking back at Tony “I-I-I don’t…um”

“So you don’t like her?”

“What! No! I do, I really like her” He rushed out quickly.

Tony shifted his body to the side so that Peter had a clear view of you, Tony placed one hand on his shoulder and said “Don’t tell that to me. Tell that to the girl”

Peter visibly took a deep breath in, he seemed to be arguing with himself in his head. But his decision was made, he shot Tony one last nervous look but Tony just returned it with a reassuring one. Then Peter spoke, this time to you “I like you Y/N. A lot. And I know you see me as a friend but there’s no other girl I’d want to go rifling through dumpsters and watch Star Wars with. You’re the prettiest girl I know and you’re amazing”

Tony seemed pleased with himself “Call me Mr. Matchmaker from now on” then he whispered to Peter “Now ask her out”

Peter nodded quickly to Stark to show he understood then looked back at your grinning face “Do you wanna’ go out some time?”

Both Peter and Mr. Stark looked at you expectantly, waiting for what you had to say and just like Peter you took a deep breath inwards before replying “Yes, a thousand times yes”

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Sense8: Capheus Onyango [ENFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by chaptersonetoinfinity


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Capheus remains endlessly optimistic about his day and about the future despite being in poverty, always thinking “today is going to be a good day”. He had an idealistic image about combat. When Nomi called him to help her drive away from the police chasing her, he tried out a risky  technique he once saw in a movie, believing it will work in real life. His mind leaps immediately from the situation he finds himself in to conclusions others may deem implausible: when he projected himself next to Sun, he immediately asked for her help in defeating the thugs back in Nairobi without questioning how he got there or if their connection would even work like that. When he found this new sensate ability he never questioned his sanity, but simply enjoyed what he saw and accepted he could see visions and talk to “spirits” now. As a child he played with the ideas behind the things he saw. When he saw zebras, he thought life would be easier if he was a zebra, because he’d have food, friends, and no responsibilities… He made quick assessments on what the nature of his connection was with his cluster-mates. (“I can’t go back. Maybe there’s something in you that calls?”)

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He comforted Riley through a shared loss they experienced, by showing her he knew what she was going through instead of getting her to open up about her feelings. He related her losing her husband and child to his own experience of giving up his little sister for adoption. Interestingly, he believes his sister had “died” in a way, maybe because he lost that personal connection to her, and so her identity as his sister is lost. In season two his serious side came through when he was driven by the injustice in Kibera to run for office. In his campaigning speech he attempted to find something he shared with his audience by telling them about his past (“I am Kikuyu. I am Luo.”). He acknowledged the beauty of individuality and diversity that the people had, instead of focusing on some common goal, though he reminded people they shouldn’t be divided by their differences. When Kala needed relationship advice, she told Capheus that staying with Rajan would be good for both their families, but he reminded her it was good for everyone but herself, and implied that she should follow her heart. He told Sun that if she didn’t fulfill her last promise to her mother, that promise becomes a lie. He asked her to weigh her own values and consider if she wanted her promise to be a lie, instead of telling her what she should do.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): During his TV interview he pointed out the inefficiency of the current representative of Kibera. He made an analogy comparing being a leader to being a bus driver and pointed out that if the leader doesn’t take people to their destination as promised, they shouldn’t expect people to keep voting for them, indicating that he values a leader who can get things done. His desire for social justice is driven by his beliefs, but he also has factual reasons for standing up against certain authorities. He helped out during the water protest because “water is life”, and practically speaking, it’s one of the basic necessities of life, therefore it should not be denied to people. Although at first he thought he could not become a president, Rajan’s admission of corruption in the pharmaceutical business prompted him to make a move, because it reminded him that the world needs fixing.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He was fine with living the same life day to day as long as he was doing honest work and getting by. He remembers important moments from his past with great detail, like when men came to his house to seek revenge, and how his mother drove them away, even including the weapons they all held. But he hardly ever dwells on his past and only recalls it when he needs to consult his memories to make a current decision. He remembers what worked before and goes to the same source the next time he needs help, like when he prayed for Sun to help him fight again after she helped him the first time. He also enjoys watching the same action movies, and goes back to them whenever he needs to boost his courage.

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut i’m literally about to recommend 54 blogs…wooow.

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It’s almost valentines day and I’ve wanted to do this for ages so what better time then now?!

Fist a special shoutout to a few friends who lighten my days (and dash) and this will get super repetative bc there are only so many combinations of the words “she’s amazing”, but here we go!

@oblviqte OMG YOU GUYS!! Ana is honestly the cutest and funniest person you could ever meet and she always sends me hypothetical frence fries and steak and chocolate and ice cream to save me from the hell that is having a vegetarian sister!! And time zones suck so much becuase we never have time to talk for more then a few minutes (only that is a reason u need to get a scholarship in england bc then we’d be almost in the same timezone and we could talk all the time (and meet honestly bc it’s just like two hours flight!!)) and she stands my constant rambling and freaking out over all kinds of weird stuff and she’s awesome and omg when this this turn into a love letter?! Ok…**collecting the pieces of my mind and heart that’s spread all over the place** long story short she’s the best and everyone should follow her!

@merlinssbeard Febe is my Fandom-Family-Partner-In-Crime (that might be the longest friendship title ever)(and btw you should rly take a look at said fandom fam) and I love her so much she’s so cute and we get along so well and I can’t wait to start up the fandom so we can pull our masterminds together and make it GREAT!!!

@howlingremusMy nr.1 Blackinnon pal (who’s probably so tired of me already bc I send you so many messages and I just don’t know when to shut up (I think everyone who’s ever talked to me has noticed that tbh) and I’m so sorry about that!! But however, she’s great!!

@golden-marauders OK Nyla is also amazing and wonderful and every other positive adjective there is in the english language!! and she talked me into reading commentarius (which you’ll have to keep nagging me about though bc my phone closed the tab and I keep forgetting about it!!) which is really good bc it really saved me on the way to school because it’s hard to be anxious when you read it bc it’s just so funny. Oh, right. I was not going to ramble. Well, that’s just going great isn’t it? Ok so this is my Blackinnon/wolfstar struggle supporter (I promise I’ll come vent to you about my frustration soon bc my fanfic is heading into periods where I’ll doubt decisions and I’ll need to talk about it, so just be prepared)

@rvenaravenclaw Ema, Ema, Ema where to start?! (honestly all I’m thinking about after writing that is Emma in friends. (That has nothing to do with this, why do I keep writing down everything I think)) I always feel so bad when I talk to you bc I’m on one side rambling on about meaningless stuff and you just listen and ask questions and really I should let you talk more, you’ll need to remind me of that because I know like nothing about you but you’ve probably gotten familiar with every single person in my class by now!! However, ily and we (you) need to talk more!!

@fjrebolt Where to begin?! Natalie is just so kind and amazing and wonderful and I don’t know her very well but I’d love to talk to her more (but we’re both so awkward I doubt that’ll happen). Thanks for taking the time to give me all that London advice though, where’re going in like a week!! OMG!! so EXCited!!  what more is there to say? (I already feel myself getting repetative omg) She deserves all the love and hugs in the world!!

@jilys​ I might or might not have had a very real moment of staring at disbelief at my phone and fangirling when Liyah followed me bc her blog is pure prefection and I’d admired her for so long and we haven’t actually talked like… ever, but she’s always lighting up my dash so I wanted to include her anyways!!

@pensieveforyourthoughts Maria is so sweet and I don’t rly know how we know each other really because we’ve never really talked but still when she show up on my dash I’m like “oh, I know her. We’re friends.” because she always sends me cute things and she’s amazing

@staganddoeforever Natalya was like my second follower on tumblr ever and we used to talk a lot and even though we haven’t really talked in like a year you’re still my friend (and I always watch your snapchat stories)! Also, you all should go read her fanfic because it is honestly so amazing and I am freaking out every time there’s a new chapter

@shutuppadfoot Another one of my first tumblr friends! Again, we don’t really talk much anymore but she always reblogs my stuff and puts rly cute stuff in the tags and don’t believe I don’t see them bc I do and it honestly makes my day! But omg the conversations we used to have!

Ok so I have no idea what happened there, some kind of mixup between love letter and shoutout but let’s just roll with it bc I’m a mess so who expected anyhting else from me?

Keep reading under the cut to see who all of my other amazing mutals are and maybe follow them because they’re all awesome and honestly every one of them deserve a love letter for following me and sticking out with my contant rambling and complaining but I only have so much time (Ok, jk, I have too much time and I’m always bored) I might do complimet’s/promos sometimes soon though.

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Callout Post for @alcordraws

  • makes people constantly think about the Egos
  • specifically, Bim Trimmer aka Precious Plant Son
  • even though he’s been on screen for a collective seven minutes
  • also gives us painful and sweet Host and Dr. Iplier headcanons
  • calls me out for causing pain to the Plant Son but writes that he’s usually the one who gets sick when Mark is sick, and tries to fight Google like wow you secretly love pain don’t you
  • gives everyone too many beautiful and ingenious ideas that they HAVE TO DRAW or write about
  • is somehow able to deeply answer like a dozen asks a day and is clearly inhuman
  • is slowly starting to write little things about Bim in all her snippets don’t think we don’t notice
  •  seriously made me fall in love with Bim Trimmer and now I’m angry that he’s not real because we would be Plant Bros
  • has a beautiful imagination and probably a beautiful face, the fiend

as punishment for her crimes, everyone should draw her things and follow her

into battle for the Host’s happiness blog

Happy Birthday Mary!  ❤️ (aka @mary-scarlet :3)

Weeee, come va? :3 Fa un po’ schifo come disegno ma ho subito pensato a fare il redraw di quella scena per te ;_; Spero ti piaccia ^^ e passa un bellissima giornata!  ❤️

PS: Everyone shoulds follow her ❤️ she is an amazing artist and colorist btw ù_ù

If You Love Her (Castiel x Reader)

For @castieltrash1 ’s 300 follower celebration. Hope this is okay! Everyone should go follow her, she writes supernatural stuff and is amazing and deserves way more love than she already has!!

My song was I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Head And None In My Fingers by Fall Out Boy

Summary: Castiel has to make a decision about your relationship to protect you from harm.

Warnings: it’s kinda sad I guess?? Other than that, nothing else.

Word Count: 1.1k (including lyrics in italics)


You’re a canary, I’m a coal mine
Cause sorrow is just all the rage

Castiel knew that the pair of you being together could never end well. But he loved you anyway. He told himself he’d never let anything happen to you as long as he was by your side. He’d always be there to protect you. The brightness that lit up a room when you walked in never failed to fascinate him and he never wanted to lose you or deprive the world of you.

Take one for the team
You all know what I mean

He knew starting something with you would cause trouble later on but he couldn’t help himself. You made him feel a way he couldn’t even begin to describe. Soon after you two got together, other angels began taunting Castiel about how impure it was for an angel to interfere with a human and how he should stop it immediately. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

And I’m so sorry, but not really
Tell the boys where to find my body
New York eyes, Chicago thighs
Pushed up the window to kiss you off

But recently, their pestering had gotten even worse, his ‘angel radio’ constantly being bombarded by angels telling him about what he’s doing wrong. He knew what he had to do. But he just couldn’t will himself to do it. He began to grow worried that if any angels got to you, they’d do something terrible to you to punish Castiel for what he’s been doing.

The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you
The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you

He never felt worthy of you anyway, if he was being really honest with himself. He was happy and as far as he could tell, so were you. But he always felt you deserved someone who could treat you better and spend more time with you. Someone who wouldn’t drag you into their business and risk your life. He told himself he was doing this for your safety, he didn’t know if he’d be able to protect you from the whole garrison if they decided to do something to you.

Do you remember the way I held your hand?
Under the lamp post and ran home
This way so many times
I could close my eyes

As he sat writing a letter, he thought about all the good times the pair of you had. He’d stopped writing and reconsidered several times, wondering if he was really making the best decision, before carrying on. Dean had caught him mid-letter and startled him, and though he tried his best to throw Dean off, he knew something was up and Castiel confessed to what he was about to do. After the initial anger and shouting, Dean told Cas to just man up and talk to you face to face, deciding Cas had a fair reason for wanting to break it off, but that he should at least have the decency to speak about it instead of just leaving a note. He’d started and stopped the letter so many times and he’d written so many different ones, not knowing how to best phrase what he felt inside.

The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you
The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you

He spent one last evening with you and the boys, Sam and Dean both aware it was the last night for the pair of you so they made a special effort to have a great night and then leave you two to be alone. However, Dean was unaware that Cas had finished the letter and was planning on putting it on her bedside cabinet in the night before leaving. The pair of you had a lovely night and you went to bed like normal, with Cas saying he’ll join you shortly.

The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do

You woke up to an envelope on your cabinet with your name written in Cas’ handwriting. Confused and sleep deprived, you slowly reached for the envelope and opened it. You opened the letter and all it contained was a small piece of paper that read “I’m sorry (Y/N) x”

The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you

You sat for a few minutes, wondering what had happened before getting up to find Sam and Dean in the kitchen. You asked them where Cas was and they both looked at you sadly. Dean explained everything and walked away before returning a few minutes later with a few pieces of balled up paper.

“I saw these in the trash can. I think they’re what Cas was originally going to write to explain everything.” He said as he handed them to you.

You took the paper and slowly walked back to your room, still in disbelief of what has happened. You sat on your bed and read over them again and again. You were sobbing by the time Sam and Dean came to check on you, they sat on either side of you and hugged you tightly as you cried.

Castiel was there watching, invisible to your or the boys’ eyes, feeling his heart shatter at the sight before him. But he knew in the long run, this was the best thing for you and all he wanted to do was to protect you and this was the best way to do that. He’d often come to see how you were getting on, and making sure no angels had tried anything to hurt you. He’d taken it upon himself to be your personal guardian angel from then on.

The truth

For quite a while after this, any time Cas came to the bunker to help with a case or seeking help from the boys, you left, not wanting to confront him. He’d always hope you’d speak to him but you never did and he respected that you had every right to do so after how he treated you. It took a while but you could eventually act somewhat normal around him but you still struggled to have long conversations with him without thinking of your history with him and having to excuse yourself. After long enough though, it was like nothing ever happens and you would just acknowledge him like you would any other hunter who came to the bunker. That was when Cas knew you’d fully gotten over him and that you were finally safe.

The truth…

Rory’s commitment issues and Logan’s proposal

I’ve been wondering around when we fans over analyze the proposal back in the end of season 7. Some of us wish she had said yes, some of us know she had to say no. So I thought I’d give it a shot and write it long to give my opinion on why Rory is still (even in the revival) a commitmentphobe and really wasn’t ready then to marry him. 

Warning: this is going to be long! ;)

I think the proposal shouldn’t have happened because the Logan Huntzberger we know and love from all the previous seasons of the show wouldn’t have proposed without discussing marriage first the two of them, he wouldn’t have proposed in front of a bunch of strange ladies from the DAR on the graduation party thrown by the grandparents, he would have made a grand gesture yes but just for them. maybe using the help of the guys of the LDB but nothing as public as it was. I think it was rushed as a way to break them up and make the focus (forcibly IMO) lay only on the girls. I think that the Logan we know and love would have asked her to go with him yes, but he’d have probably proposed later down the road because he wanted to show her the world, he wanted her to have the world and share it all with her. No matter what, he loved her more than anyone, simple as that.

I’m going to try to break down the main arguments around the proposal and the refusal of it so if you wish, keep on, it’s about to get interesting!

He said he’d go wherever she went how dare he turn the tables on her when he said he’d join her! How dare he take the job in California!
Actually they agreed they would factor each other in but in reality, as Paris pointed out, Rory wasn’t willing or really ready to factor him in (”carry that thought out, would you go with him?”). Yes he said (very clearly) for this one you make your decision based on what you want. That was when she was debating between the projo or waiting for the Reston fellowship. He said clearly “if you go to New York maybe I’ll go live in New York if you go to Providence maybe I’ll go live in Providence”. She got neither, she was up in the air she had NO job and no nothing, no idea what to do next except apply for whatever job that would take her. She initially considered interviewing for San Francisco papers, when they were shopping for her suit with Lorelai, Rory said so, and this was before her interview with the ProJo, having the possibility of applying to the fellowship and having already scheduled the interview with the Providence Journal she was still looking so she wanted whatever paper would have her. Thing is, after she turned down the ProJo and the fellowship didn’t come through, she had nothing, she was up in the air and he got this fantastic offer. If things had been the other way around he WOULD have gone with her, but she didn’t have anything! And is not like he wanted her to come and twiddle her thumbs daily until he got home from work. He wanted her with him so they could find a life together so they could work and live together in the same place. Was it so outrageous that him having a good thing and her having nothing yet, he wanted her to go and try out luck for work there in the same city, with him? Why was it only ok if Logan was the one to do that and not Rory?

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PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. <3

Thank you so much <3

  1. you and your beautiful blog
  2. my mutuals who are all lovely & anyone i talk to/exchange asks with
  3. my puppies!
  4. magnus bane who is perfection
  5. harry shum jr who is also perfection

       so when i first made jacob, i never expected for this to go so far ! i was planning on jacob being just a side to what i was doing & yet here i am almost a month later and jacob is practically the best thing to ever happen to me here ! first i want to start off by saying thank you to everyone on here ( mutuals or not ) because you all make me so happy to be on here no matter what ! i can’t believe so many people here have so many nice things to say and i’m overwhelmed with all the support ! so thank you for being the reasons i love to log on to jacob everyday !  under the cut are some of the people i just want to mention who are amazing !

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white-hawk  asked:

me ♥

Do I follow them?: Yess.

Why do I follow them?: Dara was honestly the first Griffith that ever followed me and lemme tell ya, she’s amazing. I remeber my first interaction with her was everyone telling Rosie not to Marry Griffith and Griffith insisted they would run away together and have am army of children together in rebellion.
Yes, I remeber all iconic moments in our rps. Always.

▪ Do we Roleplay: We have! A few times. We definitely should plot some more at some time. I love her writing so much. She’s awesome.


▪ An AU idea for our muses: We definitely have to delve into some Modern AUs. We had ‘Meeting the family’ , but we can come up with so many things. I’m always open :3

▪ A song for our muses: “Past the point of no return” from Phantom of the Opera.
Maybe a bit intense, but for Griffith and Rosie to share a relationship after this whole power play between the two of them, I think it’s am incredibly fitting song. Descending into this realm they can’t go back from.

▪ Do I ship our muses: We haven’t had a chance to ever write them out, but I’m defoneitly excited to give them a shot. I think they’d have the most interesting relationship dynamics if they did ♡ so yes. I do.

▪ What I think about the mun: She’s an incredible sweet person and she’s totally chill. Talk to her, she’s amazing friend to chat with. Always.

▪Overall opinion: This is another A+ blog with a damn good quality Griffith I love so very much. She deserves lots of followers to interact with Griffith and bother that beautiful man, and chat with his awesome Dara mun. GO FOLLOW HER. GO GO GO

▪ Blog Rating: 10/10, shit is fire 👈😎👌