Some speculation for ‘Mindful Education’

So obviously everyone is screaming about this post. Me too fam, me too. Especially with Rebecca’s #flexibility love and trust and promo Sapphire’s butterflies and in that art? Yeah, I’m screaming too. 

So my thoughts on what we might be seeing:

Obviously Stevonnie, but who better to give advise on life as a fusion than Garnet? Thing is, you now how sometimes when you give advise to someone, it also makes you think about similar issues in your own life? And frankly, one of the best ways to learn something is by teaching it.It’s the sort of education that happens whether you’d been looking for it or not. 

Let’s face it, both Stevonnie and Garnet have a LOT to reflect on. 

And remember Know Your Fusion? The ep was set up to learn more about Smokey Quartz, but we ended up learning a lot more about Sardonyx in the long run. 

Sure it seems logical that Stevonnie would be the one receiving the ‘mindful education’ in this ep, but you know how this show rolls…

Also what if Stevonnie and Garnet fused? Can you even imagine what that mind space would be like?


actually…after more than four years of not socializing or making any effort at making friends im astonished and terrified to see im still good at it and am just perceived as like a funny/charming person to people who don’t know any better?? reality me: cat lady, couch lady, pajama lady, Please Let’s Sit in Silence, anxious, tired

yall kno that scene in the digimon movie where theyre counting down until the nuke drops and everyones screaming and counting down

thats literally the overwatch fandom rn 

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What do you feel about the whole Zelena raped Robin being turned into Zelena hurted Regina by raping Robin?

I can get Regina being upset that her bf was raped but she made it all about herself. It wasn’t “Oh God Robin I’m so sorry and I feel so guilty that this happened to you are you okay?” it was “I should’ve known life would kick me in the teeth again”. To me, it seems like she is prioritizing her feelings about having a bad romantic life over Robin’s feelings about being raped. I honestly wanted Robin to just go “Regina this is not about you!” 

It shows how Robin was not really a character, just an extension of Regina. Personally I think it could have been a really interesting story to see Robin actually deal with it rather than have his feelings pushed aside for Regina’s (funnily enough, if the genders were reversed everyone would be screaming ‘Man Pain’).

The focus should have been on Robin (the rape victim) not using his trauma to make Regina sad.

// Only 1 ½ more years until the world cup and I’m already getting excited. I love the world cup. I love everyone coming together to scream their lungs out and support their country. Like man. Everyone gets so hyped up and we all just grab each other and lose our shit even if our team lost. Other countries are cheering for other countries. It has its ugly side but man. I love that good side. Hoooooo!

Here goes another shitty clickbait countdown video that I’m not going to watch. How dare it try to tell me what video game moments scared me as a kid. There’s only one video game moment that ever scared me, and it’s most certainly not on this list. I was playing with Mario’s face in Mario 64 when my dad comes into the room and looks me dead in the eyes, as serious as can be. I thought I was in trouble. He said “You’re hurting Mario! You’re making Mario’s face melt!” Then he just started screaming. I was like six and didn’t know what was going on, so I just started screaming too. I looked at the screen, and Mario’s mouth is open and he’s fucking screaming.

My mom walked into the room wondering why the fuck everyone is screaming. She’s like, “Why the fuck is everyone screaming?” Then my dad looks at her and he has Mario’s face, and she starts screaming. None of this stuff really happened, so of course it wouldn’t be on the list. The one thing that scared me in video games as a kid was when you would play Crash Bandicoot and crash would tell you to go fuck yourself. Thank you for reading this post.


crooked crowns net challenge ⇒ favorite quote

what bound them together? greed? desperation? was it just the knowledge that if one or all of them disappeared tonight, no one would come looking?

Jamie Chung is my Nesryn


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10000% done with everyone

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this face just screams “I don’t miss.”

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bonus: Lysandra and Nesryn (I just realized how great Meghan Ory would be as Lysandra)

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