bell-oscura asked:

Thyroid,lungs and pancreas.

Organ Asks

Thyroid:Ever screamed in public?

I have, and it was to embarrass an old close one of mine. We were in the Music Aisle in the mall and there was a lot of people around and they said I was talking too loud (Thing was, I was whispering, and they said they couldn’t hear me.) and we joked about it, well, I ended up making this viking-like callout in the middle of the aisle. I screamed, everyone turned around to look at us, and they ended up hiding in their hoodie. I got it big time in the car. I didn’t know whether to laugh or shit myself.

Lungs:Do you like the taste of your own blood?

I do.

Pancreas:Favourite gore/guro scenario?

One of the most interesting yet cliche parts in a movie mind you with gore is probably Hellraiser. I adore how each of the Cenobites have their own unique takes on pain, from the hooks into the skin to revealed meat, to extended jaws to nails and pins into one’s head.. but the scene with the man being pulled apart by hooks and claws “Jesus Wept.” That, is a good scene.


What if we ruin it all? 
                            And we love like fools? 
                                                           And all we have we lose?


A little dub work, since I’m trying to improve my voicing skillz, and what better option than @loverofpiggies Undertale AU comic of Error!Sans against the UnderSwap Universe (Well… yeah, maybe there are better options, but no denying this one is pretty awesome and I wouldn’t ask for anything else)


Kim Jongdae (2/??) Derping EXO

So when I go to login to tumblr this happens. I was in the student lounge and I ended up screaming, everyone turned and looked at me like I was insane. Why has god forsaken me? I mean I appreciate the gesture and its one of my top ships, but I was not ready for this at 7:30 am.

The Signs As Annoying Things
  • Aries:No Wifi
  • Taurus:not having/eating enough food
  • Gemini:hearing stupid jokes constantly
  • Cancer:ads before a YouTube video
  • Leo:Twitter trolls
  • Virgo:getting emails from things you don't even know about
  • Libra:people who get mad because you haven't texted them back yet
  • Scorpio:people who literally keep EVERYTHING from EVERYONE
  • Sagittarius:screaming
  • children
  • Capricorn:over priced things
  • Aquarius:people who chew with their mouth open
  • Pisces:slow walkers