What if we ruin it all? 
                            And we love like fools? 
                                                           And all we have we lose?


A little dub work, since I’m trying to improve my voicing skillz, and what better option than @loverofpiggies Undertale AU comic of Error!Sans against the UnderSwap Universe (Well… yeah, maybe there are better options, but no denying this one is pretty awesome and I wouldn’t ask for anything else)


Kim Jongdae (2/??) Derping EXO

So when I go to login to tumblr this happens. I was in the student lounge and I ended up screaming, everyone turned and looked at me like I was insane. Why has god forsaken me? I mean I appreciate the gesture and its one of my top ships, but I was not ready for this at 7:30 am.

The Signs As Annoying Things
  • Aries:No Wifi
  • Taurus:not having/eating enough food
  • Gemini:hearing stupid jokes constantly
  • Cancer:ads before a YouTube video
  • Leo:Twitter trolls
  • Virgo:getting emails from things you don't even know about
  • Libra:people who get mad because you haven't texted them back yet
  • Scorpio:people who literally keep EVERYTHING from EVERYONE
  • Sagittarius:screaming
  • children
  • Capricorn:over priced things
  • Aquarius:people who chew with their mouth open
  • Pisces:slow walkers