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Name: Katrina                                                                                       Nickname: People don’t usually call me by a nickname but it’s Kat                     Birthday: 3/29/97                                                                                               Star Sign: Aries                                                                                                   Gender: cis Female                                                                                             Height: 5′ 1″                                                                                                         Favorite Color: Minty Pastel Green, I pretty much like all colors tho                   Current time: 2:11pm                                                                                           Average hours of sleep: Around 8-10 hours, hahaha I like sleep                         Lucky Number: 13                                                                                               Last Thing I Goggled: “yu yu hakusho wiki” I’m watching Yu Yu Hakusho and I wanted to skip some of the episodes because I’m reading the manga too.         Favorite Fictional Character: WHY MUST I CHOSE FROM MY 2179054312014 CHILDREN… Probably Saitama from One Punch Man.. He is a very reltable hero..                                                                                                                   Favorite Famous Person: David Tennant, He was the Doctor throughout most of my childhood and he’s a hude nerd too.                                                       Favorite book: “Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’Dell was one my favorite books I read as a kid, it left a big impression on me.                             Favorite Band: I have no idea, I typically don’t learn the names of anything I listen to, tbh I listen to a lot of vocaloid and J-Pop.                                             Song stuck in your head: Kyouran Hey Kids!! - THE ORAL CIGARETTES, it’s the first opening of Noragami Aragoto, I haven’t even watched that anime tho I just know the song.                                                                                             Last Movie you Watched: idk, I don’t really watch that many movies                 Last TV show you watched: Danny Phantom                                                     Dream Trip: idk, There are so many places I want to go to that I can’t think of a single place, so a world trip maybe?                                                                    Dream Job: One were I can draw, be lazy, and not have to talk to people.       When I made my blog: I’m not sure how to check that but I’ve have this blog for about a year probably, it’s not very old.                                                               What do mostly post about: weeb crap, memes, aesthetic things, and cats When did your blog peak: It was one of those *psychic reads your mind* memes and it was only like 20 notes (sobs in corner bc hardly anyone reblogs things from me)                                                                                                   Current amount of followers: 118, 40% porn/spam blogs and 25% mutuals    Why did you join tumblr: I have no idea anymore.                                           Do you get daily asks: No, I’ve only gotten a single ask I think. Please ask me. How did you chose your current url: I think my url is self explanitory….             What are you doing tomorrow: Exist, eat, read something, watch anime, and play Neko Atsume.

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The best part of the concert was singing along to all the songs with exo, the way exo looked at us all with such love. Hearing everyone scream there hearts out for them. Jumping along to drop that , and run. Being part of that silver ocean and fanchants . seeing exo put their heart and soul into each performance. It was magical.

Friendly reminder that:

  • Lydia got out of her catatonic state to save Malia. 
  • Jordan and Lydia have a supernatural connection, confirmed by Meredith. 
  • Jordan and Lydia’s feelings for each other are mutual, confirmed by Jeff Davis himself. 
  • Jordan saved Lydia from herself and from hurting everyone else with her screams by curling her to his chest and carrying her out, bridal style. 
  • Malia was constantly concerned for Lydia and kept Kira on track to ensure that they could all save Lydia. 
  • Jordan makes Lydia smile. All the time. 
  • Malydia and Marrish and perfect. 

If Kylo mind-raped Rey, why isn’t anyone talking about Poe’s mind-rape? Or does everyone just scream RAPE RAPE RAPE with their hands over their ears and eyes closed because Rey is a female? She’s not allowed to be seen as Ren’s victor, so she must be seen as delicate and treated like glass. By treating Rey like she is made of glass, you are disempowering her. You are ignoring Rey’s strength. Of course this doesn’t justify Kylo probing inside her mind. BUT

REY IS NOT MADE OF GLASS. SHE’S TOUGH AS NAILS. She should not reduced to a victim. Because that is EXACTLY what J.J. Abrams DID NOT INTEND. 

More importantly, choosing to go apeshit over Rey’s mind rape over Poe’s just shows the double standards. Stop pretending that you care so much about mind rape - because if you did you would mention Poe, too.

I keep seeing people argue over who saved Lydia: Stiles or Parrish? And the way I look at it is:

Parrish: Saved everyone from Lydia’s scream.
Stiles: Saved Lydia from death.

So without Parrish a lot of people would have died and without Stiles, Lydia would of died. I don’t care whether you ship Marrish or Stydia or whatever else, but please acknowledge that both of them were heroes in their own way.

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this is a good blog because even though you're pretty much famous you're still genuinely relatable. relatably famous.

me: “what the fuck is a fox”

everyone: *screaming and cheering* “YES!!! THIS IS SOOO ME!!!”

now&forever rolling my eyes at the leaked scene. yawn. like, I almost can’t muster up the energy to hate Clexa anymore? I’m just super bored with everything about it? unless this all turns out to be part of a plan, I’m 800% sure it’s ‘we’re not homophobic’ CYA and fanservice. 

call me when lexa’s dead. so like, somewhere around 310? 

More exo concert in Dallas things 💖

. FIRE burst of fire 🔥

. fireworks !!

. confetti blasted everywhere!

. bbh talking about how bored some of the parents looked in the audience😭

. it turned into a rave during drop and run .

. stob lights!!

. suho being an absolute angel

. everyone screaming bloody murder during playboy

.jongdae startled when a fan shouted out that she loves him, hr forgot his lines😅

. drop that remix was fireeee

. seeing them perform unfair live!!

. everyone chanting “exo” and “we are one”!

. suho telling us to keep healthy, that if we get hurt his heart hurts , in English.

. xiumin dancing around the stage and being so lively!

. xiumin being the cutiest person ever

.chanyeol and xiumin hyping everyone up! So much!


.everyone singing sing for you together

.the look on Exo’s face, like they really loved every last one of us.

.the audience was so lit, so pumped nonstop cheering , fanchants and singing!


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SaitamaxGenos - you were sat in my reserved train seat and refused to move so I sat on your lap and now we're both too annoyed and awkwardly turned on to move. pretty pretty please?

Toaster and Egg! YAY!

Saitama knew he was being childish. He knew it with every fiber of his being. He knew that at the end of all of this, he should pick up his things and move back to third class. But damnit, he paid for this ticket. Well, mostly paid. He’d been given a free upgrade at the last minute and he refused to let such a good opportunity pass. But this… yahoo… refused to move. And so what was he stuck doing? 

Sitting on his lap. Like a doofus. 

“You are being childish.”

“Yeah, well you won’t move back to your own seat.”

“That aisle has a screaming child.”

“We’re on a train, everyone can hear the screaming child.”

“I don’t want to be next to it.”

“Neither do I.”

“Good, then we agree on something.” The young man (whose firm, strong thighs were currently acting at Saitama’s train seat), shifted just a little and pulled out a book from a bag next to his legs. He lifted the book and pressed the spine to Saitama’s back, flipping through the pages until he found his last spot. 

There was a squealing, static noise signaling that the train was about the leave the station and Saitama realized that here - sitting on a strangers lap with a book pressed into his spine - was going to be his seat for the next three hours. 


“You’re not really going to sit here the whole ride, are you?”

Saitama almost took that as a challenge. With a a huff of annoyed air, he pushed back against the hands at his back, pressing the open book to the chest of the stranger. He leaned against the warmth of his form, feeling fingers wiggle between them as he struggled to get his hands free. Saitama smiled as if he won some kind of battle, and with a little chuckle, he looked over his shoulder and stared down at the man he was using as his seat for the next few hours. 

A second skipped by in silence as their eyes met, and Saitama only had one, terrifying thought.

Oh, no. He’s cute. 

Who saved Lydia? (ep: 5x15)

Even though I would love to say Stile’s because I am a huge Stile’s and Lydia shipper. The truth is she would have most likely killed everyone with her scream if Parrish didn’t help. But I will say I am glad Stiles got the credit. Now Stiles was a hero because he did risk his life to save her. He did save her. But he couldn’t have done it without Parrish. However if I am being really technical the pack saved Lydia. Not just Stiles and Parish all of them.

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a little story: bc idk you seem great I saw TFA with all of my SUPER NERDY guy friends, they all cried at "the part". We were in the car park leaving the theater and everyone was screaming "DEATH TO KYLO" and lil ol me, the only girl there, was like... "But does anyone else wanna fuck him?" .... they tried to kick me out of the car.

my boyfriend is dtf for kylo ren even though he cried for han

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I seriously have to rec you guys togina's The stone's in the midst of it all!! I read it the first time months ago and still haven't been able to get over it since! It's so beautiful it makes me tear up a bit every time I read it (and let me tell you how not easy that feat is)!! I've searched around a bit but apparently it's not in your library yet, and it's such a fantastic read that I can't help screaming at everyone to read it :)

thanks for the rec!

The stone’s in the midst of it all by togina (major character death, rape/noncon)

Sarah Rogers was born to fight an unwinnable war. She wonders how it could be, sometimes, that she gives birth to a boy who does not understand defeat.


What if we ruin it all? 
                            And we love like fools? 
                                                           And all we have we lose?