doing homework on valentines day like:


*throws my leg in the air*

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WEEEEE IM SQUEALING AT THE COMIC WOW THANKYOU MY HEART IS SO HAPPY ๐Ÿ’– I can't wait till part two, gosh I'm dying already this idea is so cute I'm hooked I think I need a fic to it now my soul is sold

HEHEHEHEHE i love how everyone is screaming in the tags bc of how heartbreaking this can be. :’) i’m more surprised that none of you got pissed at hina though! i even prepared an explanation for his bluntness and all lmao

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Xiumin's English was so cute during the concert! He'd yell the English phrases REALLY LOUDLY (I'm still not over "I love YOU!") and he'd be all cute and smiley when we started screaming. SUHO'S ENGLISH IS SO GOOD THOUGH! I fell for Xiumin all over again, and I fell for Suho, and I fell hard ^^; Chen was super adorable, and oh my word Chanyeol. I don't know what it was but Chanyeol could have told us to do anything and we would have. Everyone screamed for Kai and Lay really loudly and I was happy

I saw! It was so cute I’m still lmao at “SO HOT!!!”. I’m sorry but someone’s been trying to read comments about himself in English.. He was so bouncy onstage too! From the fancams it looked like he was back to his normal energizer bunny self so that was cool. I’m glad the boys enjoyed Dallas con even though they were jet lagged; it was such a good start right from their airport arrival to departure and yooo those security guards were so good. The pit looked controlled too. Everything was perf, I’m ready to see how LA goes with the extended stage.

SUHO! OMG he is the cutest with his eNGLisH I think a lot of ppl fell for him all over again. He makes such a huge effort to try his best at the language. I’m so proud of them ♡

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You don't need to go pulling receipts on Jasper and Murphy because pretty much everyone acknowledges where they've fucked up and takes the characters on balance and their fans don't go screaming that everyone is a racist for wanting a character to be held accountable for their actions.

this is factually incorrect but whatever good talk


What if we ruin it all? 
                            And we love like fools? 
                                                           And all we have we lose?

I've sold my soul to this AU

Tsukkishima ran, his feet pounding against the floor. He had to get away. He had to get away before anyone saw. You see, Tsukkishima was a thing of myths, of legend. He was a werewolf. 

His red jacket hung sloppily off his shoulders, shifting slightly with every step. In a swift movement, he slammed the door open. Throwing his glasses off, he shifted, the clock chiming 11. Pointed ears sprouted from the top of his head, as well as a snout and sharp canine teeth. Soft blond fur made its way over his body, covering him in the thick locks. But little did he know he had been followed. Yamaguchi knew this was dangerous. To follow his best friend and colleague so close to midnight was a large risk. But it was one he had taken all the same. Tsukkishima and Yamaguchi had been a shock to the hunting world. They worked together flawlessly and genuinely seemed to share a bond that wasn’t about work. Not to mention, they seemed to know all the inside secrets of the woods that lay before them. Yamaguchi knocked on the door. He had taken his time walking to the cabin, giving him time to admire the scenic route there. There was no reply. He knocked again louder but again to no avail. The boy sighed, slowly pushing the door open. What he saw was never what he would expect. Tsukkishima had said the scratches on his coat were from living in the woods with bristled plants at every corner. Not shifting. He had also said that the harsh scars on his face were from previous solo hunts. Not shifting. His lies were said in such a believable and reassuring tone, he had managed to trick his best friend. But then again, so had Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi was snapped out of his thoughts as the clock chimed once again. It was 12. There was no time left. And so he changed, right there. Tsukkishima napped peacefully through it all. They both knew how tiring the process could be. Tsukkishima woke up to the sun shining in his eyes. It had entered through the…open door? He shot up, readying himself to attack but instead heard a soft whimper. He had trodden on something furry. A tail. But not just anyone’s tail. It was Yamaguchi’s.

Kim Jongdae (2/??) Derping EXO

The Signs As Annoying Things
  • Aries:No Wifi
  • Taurus:not having/eating enough food
  • Gemini:hearing stupid jokes constantly
  • Cancer:ads before a YouTube video
  • Leo:Twitter trolls
  • Virgo:getting emails from things you don't even know about
  • Libra:people who get mad because you haven't texted them back yet
  • Scorpio:people who literally keep EVERYTHING from EVERYONE
  • Sagittarius:screaming
  • children
  • Capricorn:over priced things
  • Aquarius:people who chew with their mouth open
  • Pisces:slow walkers