yoonseok 101: or, if i were the type to call a ship real, i would call this one real

So in my ongoing quest to pull @seriousflightrisk into Bangtan, I’m going to compile yoonseok things that are amazing and wonderful. Don’t ask me about my top Bangtan otp or else things like this happen okay. Everyone needs to love yoonseok or so help me…

(I love this gif so much it’s so accurate okay bye)

yoonseok origin story aka the beginning of the end of me

SO THEY GENUINELY HAVE THE CUTEST BEGINNING IN THE UNIVERSE??? Obvs they were both signed by bighit. Sure great whatever. BUT. Like. Min Yoongi, sweetest person in the universe, noticed that Hobi was kind of struggling and thus befriended him.

J-HOPE: 「Ok, let’s talk about our first meeting. We first met…」

SUGA: 「It was 4 years ago, we met in the dormitory. I joined the company first and then J-Hope came on 24th December?」

J-HOPE: 「That’s right. 2010’s Christmas Eve! When I first walked into the dormitory, I had mixed feelings, I was anxious and was anticipating at the same time. And Suga appeared, he only had boxers on! It was a reality check of the trainee’s life. On that day, Suga spoke to me first and I can still remember what he said to me. I was sleeping in the living room at night and then Suga said to me: 『go sleep in the room』(laughs). I was happy~」

SUGA: 「He was sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out, he looked pity.」

J-HOPE: 「I remember that I replied: 『It’s okay, it’s comfy here.』 Although Suga looks cold, but actually he is a manly man with a warm heart so I like him. ♥」

SUGA: 「Your nose is gradually growing like Pinocchio?」

J-HOPE: 「I got caught? (laughs) One more, I can remember clearly about the 『end of year chicken』. At the end of that year, the other trainees went back home and I was the only one in the dormitory to celebrate the new year. And Suga called to ask if I was fine. I replied saying that I’m bored because I’m all alone and then after a while, Suga came to the dormitory with chicken in his hand! I was so touched at the time I fell for him without even realizing it. If I was a girl, I would definitely fall in love!」

SUGA: 「His condition wasn’t good. He just came to the dormitory and he couldn’t get used to the practice so he was really stressed out. Once, you got up and didn’t you say that you felt dizzy. I was aware of that so I went back to the dormitory earlier than I’ve planned. J-Hope looks bright, likes to joke around and he’s pretty delicate? In another word, he’s vulnerable to stress. He suffered from stress-induced enteritis, so I often took him to the hospital to get an injection.」

(trans via kimmyyang, full interview here)

just little yoonseok things

  • Yoongi says when he’s sad, Hobi energizes him just from looking at him
  • Yoongi cannot finish a take without laughing at Hobi even tho Hobi’s doing nothing?? Get your shit together, Min.
  • he calls Hobi 소소 I can’t even deal with how precious that is
  • their eye contact in this (ft. Yoongi being way more trusting of another person near his eyeballs than I could ever be)
  • the fact that people think Hobi is constantly 11/10 and Yoongi is constantly mad about life but really it’s…kinda the other way around???

(The members have said several times that during time offstage Hobi is pretty chill and kinda sad if he’s not pushing himself to be the moodmaker to make the rest of them happy and I just need you to appreciate that about him okay.)

  • but even so Hobi clearly brings out the extra goofy side of Yoongs, as opposed to just regular goofy

  • they hold hands a lot
  • they ship themselves - they call themselves 솝 (Sope/Sobi) and on April Fool’s Day this year they took over the BTS twitter account and decked it out with stuff for their (eternally forthcoming) subunit 솝므 (Somme), a play on their labelmates 옴므 (Homme).

(That’s right, they have matching 솝 jumpsuits. This photoshoot had them all dressed for their individual v app broadcast shows and yoonseok do a show together called Hwagae Market. It’s ridiculous.)

  • Yoongi lets Hobi manhandle him in a way most of the other members don’t really get to do
  • but also Yoongi’s more comfortable with skinship with Hobi than the other members 
  • this picture that no one has explained yet
  • this one time they had to bungee jump and Yoongi was so worried about Hobi (Hobi is scared of heights…and everything else), he cried
  • this other time Hobi demanded that Yoongi do aegyo and Yoongi was like, no screw that, and then Hobi was like 1 2 3! and Yoongi did the aegyo anyway (he’s so whipped)
  • in the same broadcast Yoongi complained about Hobi taking his seat and then SAT ON HOBI. THERE WAS ANOTHER CHAIR THERE. A WHOLE-ASS CHAIR. EMPTY. WAITING FOR A BUTT. AND HE SAT ON HOBI INSTEAD.
  • (yes I’m still screaming about this chair thing)
  • I have no reason for sharing this, I just want you to see it.

  • also this

  • they pick on each other SO MUCH
  • “You look like a horse!” “Well you look like a turtle!”
  • Hobi’s judgy looks are THE BEST but I especially love it when he turns said looks to Yoongi

In conclusion please love yoonseok okay bye.


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ahh man i just need to say this

i love running this blog and interacting with my followers here, discussing news, discussin the mango, talking about aus and shitposting

fnafs my special interest, so whenever shit goes down that stresses me out i retreat here, its kinda like a happy place where nothing is wrong and everything is gay animatronics

idk i was super stressed tonight due to some drama goin down combined with an anger migraine but i always feel better  coming on here

ilu guys a lot, as much as i kid around i love this fandom a lot, i love this series a lot, and so far its been two years straight of practically breathing fnaf, i dont think ill be going anywhere anytime soon

Tonight has been a really difficult night.

Without going into things too deeply, I just feel very insecure and scared right now. Very uneasy. Very unsure.


Any kind words would be much appreciated. I need a pick-me-up.

Thanks, everyone. I love you all.

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I'm so pissed off, I picked up Total Film magazine today and I was so excited to read the segment they had on Wonder Woman and literally the main title on her layout was 'Can Wonder Woman save the DCEU?' like it's so unfair, they're putting all this pressure on one movie to 'save' a franchise that doesn't even need saving and I feel like they're going to trash the WW movie without giving it a chance no matter how good it is, whereas Marvel can release 2hours of fart sounds and everyone loves it

Also the DCEU doesn’t need saving? Have these people seen their box office stats? More important, were they actually paying attention to any of these movies?

Hinata and Orihime were both hated on. They were both body shamed, called names, and treated like garbage by many people in their fandoms. They both were called weak, had their own horrible pasts, faced their own demons, and held strong. Now they are married to the man they love and have always loved most; who they had beautiful children with. They are finally happy and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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#HYUNGLINELOVE is a project dedicated to Rap Monster, Jin, Suga & J-Hope who are the hardworking hyung line of BTS. The purpose of this project is to showcase the many beautiful sides of these members and show love and support they deserve. However this idea is not meant to be for them, it’s more of an inspirational guide for those who lack appreciation and a loving reminder for everyone else ♥

While Suga is letting loose the Agust D and J-Hope is blinding everyone with his shine, YOU can boost the process even more by SUBMITTING me stuff about the hyung line! Open your hearts about the things each of the members (or your bias):

  • has done* that shows his hard work
  • has said* that shows his thoughts or experiences
  • facts* about his personality and care for the team
  • I also accept opinions about why hyung line is absolutely fantastic

* - this can be anything from lyrics, to logs, to tweets, to albums… literally anything they put out there individually and as a group. To make this more fun, you can pick out your favorite things & moments! Additionally please include links you used as your source.

Send everything to my SUBMIT box! Any questions? My ask box is open! If you’re more active on Twitter, tweet me @bangtanography. You can also track the tag #hyunglinelove here for updates.

{Updated} Deadline: September OCTOBER 1st.

Please participate so that we all could gather the love and respect these boys deserve!!

note: I won’t say how I’m going to put this info together, but I promise it will be worth it, as long as you help me ;u; Graphic makers are welcomed to message me for more information about how they can help for this project >.>

Please reblog to spread the word and send this to your favorite hyung line stan!!! Thank you!!!

‘aw, losing your touch are you, i’m number 1 again and you’re in danger of finishing third

child, i’ve lived long enough that waiting four more years to destroy u is nothing’ 

sooooo long overdue but have some olympics

1. Don’t let anyone treat you badly. You deserve respect and decency from everyone.
2. Loving yourself is something that needs to be developed. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.
3. It takes some time for things to happen and that’s only natural, don’t rush into them.
4. You won’t work well if your mind isn’t working well. Mental health is too important to forget.
5. Say you’re sorry, even if your pride is too big and you feel like you can’t - do it.
6. Don’t waste your time hating on anyone, it’s never worth it in the end.
7. Apologies won’t always make things right again, but sometimes they’re all you have.
8. If you’re stressed, put on some music and take a long bath. Sing along until the lyrics are the only thing on your mind.
9. Trying out new things is important, no matter how small the change is.
10. Talk to the cool looking kids. Chances are you’ll regret it if you don’t. You could become best friends.
11. Sometimes things won’t work out the way you wanted them to - and that’s okay.
12. Pain will come and pain will go. It’s only important that you learn how to live with it.
13. Try your best to tell people how you feel instead of just assuming that they know. You’re not weak for opening up.
14. Being sad is okay and so is crying. These aren’t necessarily bad things. Let it all out, let the tears fall.
15. Sometimes loving someone isn’t enough and you have to learn to let them go.
16. People leave and it will always hurt, but you’ll learn to live without them.
17. The worst thing you could do is try to punish someone else by hurting yourself.
—  17 things i learned when i was 17