- I hope Lord Gillingham hasn’t upset you.

- Oh no. He’s happy with Miss Lane Fox and I’m happy for them.


They both know that they love the other but they have never talked about it.

steadying sail - a sea themed fanmix for Elsie Hughes & Charles Carson and their day at the beach (it’s got some angst but it ends sappy)

 harbor - vienna teng - sail your sea, meet your storm, all I want is to be your harbor

 a girl in port - okkervil river - let fall your soft and swaying skirt, let fall your shoes, let fall your shirt 

 the story - brandi carlile - i climbed across the mountain tops, swam all across the ocean blue 

 the sea and the rhythm - iron & wine - tonight we’re the sea and the salty breeze 

 to the sea - jack johnson - run my dear son, we’ve got to get to the sea 

 holy weather - civil twilight - took her hand and walked her into the blue, into that blue 

 the planets bend between us - snow patrol - a hundred million suns and stars, the sea filled in this silence 

somewhere only we know - keane - i felt the earth beneath my feet, sat by the river and it made me complete 

don’t wait - dashboard confessional - don’t wait, don’t wait, the road is now a sudden sea and suddenly you’re deep enough to lay your armor down 

sittin’ on the dock of the bay - sara bareilles - sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away 

folding chairs - regina spektor - there’s a shadow you can’t see my eyes, and the sea is just a wetter version of the skies 

best day of your life - katie herzig -don’t mind leaving your nest, don’t mind making a mess, this might be the best day of your life

(listen here)

 *(also a thank you to Emily for her help with some of these song choices)