whatever you do don’t think about abby with little clarke JUST DON’T

My parents met when my Mom was in her early 20s and my Dad in his 40s, my Dad had 3 kids, the older one a tiny bit younger than my Mom. Their relationship is healthy, and they are still together now at 54 and 74 years old. I love all of my much older half-siblings very much and they love my brother, my Mom and Me. My family is happy and loving.

So, I understand where you are coming from, but the age difference and the “Raven is the same age as Abby’s daughter” argument for hating Doctor Mechanic ain’t gonna work on me, sorry fam. 


Why is everyone making their faves so perfect?? Like I hear headcanons about James and Sirius going on feminist rants and it just never makes sense to me.

These are two normal teenage guys going to a prestigious school in the 70’s. Having the most popular guys at any school be feminists would be amazing now, and in the 70’s that would be almost unimaginable…

James and Sirius aren’t your perfect flowery teenage guys who have your political views but so many people are trying so hard to make them unproblematic. The idea of James and Sirius being feminists is a great idea! It just doesn’t seem likely to me based on their backgrounds (they are entitled pure bloods who spend half of their time at Hogwarts as bullies).

It could be a possibility that James becomes a feminist after meeting Lily but…




So Ghostbusters actually exceeded my expectations. My god, that was a good movie. I loved everyone in it. It was funny but also warm and sweet, and wow it’s genuinely fucking refreshing to watch a bunch of ladies be awesome together and to each other.

Also jesus fucking christ, Holtzmann’s the biggest lesbian I have ever seen, like goddamn, that was the least subtle performance, did Sony tell Feig he can’t have a lesbian and Feig just went “okay sure” and changed nothing, because wow. Holtzmann was gaaaaaaaaay.

I’m not going to say everyone who doesn’t ship Ichabod and Abbie to date is racist. I might disagree with them, and I might be concerned about their viewing comprehension, but it’s entirely possible for you to not see them together and not be racist. 

BUT. Just about every Sleepy Hollow fan who is racist is also against Abbie and Ichabod being together, and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. 

Like, first they tried to pull the “platonic m/f bros” card and everyone was like “What about Abbie and Irving? Jenny and Irving? Jenny and Ichabod? What about the literal dozens of other platonic m/f bros on television? How come you only make this argument about interracial pairings but stay silent on Kim and Ron, Castle and Beckett, Bones and Booth, Jim and Pam, Ted and Robin, et al”

Then they tried with “but what if Abbie was asexual and/or aromantic? Specifically, the kind that’s never addressed and would categorically rule out a relationship with Ichabod,” and a ton of black asexual folks were like “you know, we don’t have to pick one; we could have ace and aro representation and representation of an interracial couple. Why can’t Jenny be ace or aro? Or Katrina? Or Frank? Or Macey? Using asexual and aromantic representation as a tool to sidestep interracial representation is both racist and disrespectful to ace and aro people.”

Then, they started straying into the unabashed racist territory with “I want Abbie to be a strong independent black woman who don’t need no man” and everyone was like “first of all, that’s something said almost exclusively by racists, usually in a racist voice. Second, you can be strong, independent, black, a woman, and not need a man, but still be in a relationship. Do you think black women dating and having sex makes them weak and dependent?”

Finally, I’ve started seeing people using straight-up segregationist anti-miscegenation propaganda like “he would never find someone like her attractive” and “it’s just unnatural” and “she’s not his kind.” Like, at least you guys are being honest now that you just plain don’t like the idea of romance between black people and white people. but I’d rather you just keep your racism entirely to yourself.