im a bit confused bc i get that the uk is freaking out bc of the heat but we have the same average temperatures in germany and it’s like 36-40 degrees here too at the moment and no one really gives a fuck 

why are these two countries reacting so differently

i write and then delete at least 10 posts a day. like i’ll have it all written out and then i’ll just discard the post because im afraid you’ll all think im annoying and whenever i make a lot of posts people unfollow me and that makes me sad cuz i feel like im bothering everyone and uh. yeah. you guys miss out on lots of content because i’m afraid that you’ll all hate me if i post it

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Oh my god. At school I was walking down the corridor with my friends and this guy came out of a classroom. He had the exact same tattoo as Scott and I started freaking out, everyone looked at me like I was crazy xD

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I wish I could have seen you freak out XD That’s an actually super cool story, either it’s a coincidence or he really likes Teen Wolf ;) x

That moment when your dreams feel crushed… I know that is could be 100% fake, but it still makes me think. Why would an admin for an Andy fan page and a fan for 6 years make this up?? A part of me is like “NO!! HE IS A PERFECT TALL ANGEL AND LOVES EVERYTHING AND IS AMAZING” but I have nothing to back that up with since I haven’t met him. So I did some snooping and there have been other stories like this and it makes me freak out a lot. I know that everyone hates on anyone famous but usually lies start from something true, right?? Many people have said the same type thing. What if I finally get to meet Black Veil Brides and Andy is an ass hole to me?? I can’t handle that right now. Having your idol for the past 2 or 3 years turn out to be an ass hole.

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It was actually hella funny because John was like "it grosses me out" and when boys say that it's usually like "they're slutty, they're lying, natural~beauty" lol but John was literally like "it reminds me of the makeup they put on corpses" loooool

omfg that’s so funny. and everyone was freaking out bc of that? jesus

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Im really confused about the phandom, what happened with the favoriting the tweet?

soz for the delay, did y’all see the phandirectory timeline r.i.p? what a sad day.

so basically, on the day lovewins happened, dan favourited a tweet that said “rt if youre a top, favourite if you’re a bottom” which he then unfaved like 5 minutes later and a while later said that the story of how that happened was funny and that he’d explain it later.

then on the liveshow he proceeded to explain that he thoguht the tweet was funny because it was the official twitter from virgin america and that everyone was freaking out over it being so straight-forward with the equality campaign hahaha and he favorited without thinking what it’d impliy, he just wanted to save the tweet. and then he said that he was with a friend five hours later and she asked him like “you know u faved this right” and that was the moment that he realised his mistake. 

it is obvious now that the stories don’t really match since he unfaved it right away. maybe he meant 5 minutes later, maybe he made everything up. 

to be honest, i dont understand how it changes anything since why would he make up a story to cover the fact that he really is a bottom or gay or whatever. like he would come out by favouriting a tweet. its not relevant imo. no reason to get mad over.

here’s the explanation btw. 

I’m so confused. I thought we already knew last of us 2 was happening so it’s funny seeing everyone freak out about nolan north.

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Psst, hi, I'm (the former) alaskanbushfandom on my personal blog and I just wanna say that I deleted alaskanbushfandom. But anyway, you're super fantastic and such a lovely person anyway. I just wanted to apologize for the discussion getting heated. I just felt attacked by everyone all at once and I kinda freaked out. If I came off rude or anything, it wasn't my intention. Sorry :/

Hey darling, it’s okay! I can see why you were stressed! I apologize for putting you in a position where you felt you had to respond that way. I never meant to upset you. *kiss and make up!*
Please do stay in the fandom, we love and adore you. You don’t have to run that blog, but stay around! There are always more of my  fan fics to come. ;)
Love love love, darling.

About Kumirei not being "canon"

Okay everyone please stop freaking out and getting mad about KyoAni queerbaiting or intentionally not making Kumirei canon because it’s scandalous or whatever.

I ship Kumirei as much as the next Hibike! fan, but I’ve seen a lot of anime where the most canon couple never gets a kiss or confirmation or anything, because the implications are enough. In most cases, it’s because the anime has romance, but it isn’t focused on romance. This anime is focused on band, more specifically, the improvement of a sub-par program into an astounding one. The romance is — at least how I see it — a less critical plot point.

So am I mad they didn’t get a kiss? No. Am I disappointed they didn’t get a kiss? Hell yes. But I’m also disappointed that EdWin didn’t, Royai didn’t, TamaHaru didn’t, lots of other canon couples didn’t.

I’m not mad because while it wasn’t super officially confirmed, it was there.

It was so there.

That’s what matters to me.

Deep Ass Sentence Starters

“When you think about people who have died, do you picture them anywhere?”
“Sometimes it freaks me out that everyone around me has a life as complex and real as my own.”
“Do you sometimes suddenly hear your own heartbeat and feel sick because… What if it suddenly stops or something?”
“I sometimes just want something really bad to happen to me. Something that’s just really awful. I don’t know why… Do you get that too?”
“I can’t stand the thought that I don’t know what’s going to happen to the world in hundreds of years.”
“Does thinking about Primary School make you sad, or happy?”
“Most pets we keep only become a fraction of our age. Do you think that if they’d know this, they’d call us gods?”
“What are you more afraid of, space or the ocean?”
“There’s no way anyone can tick everything off their bucket list. We all want too much. It’s frustrating.”
“Do you think we’re in control of our lives, generally? Or do you think we just think we are?”
“If you knew you were going to die next week, would you tell people or live the way you were till the end?”
“I think most people remember the exact moment they realised they were grown up. Because of something said to them, or something they saw… Do you remember that moment?”
“One of us is going to die first. Do you think we’ll still know each other to find out who?”
“Do you think we’re all capable of murder when it comes down to it?”
“I’m so afraid of the moment you know you’re going to die.”
“Are there things people have said to you that have legitimately changed you?”
“Why do people fear losing things that they don’t even have yet?”
“How do I know you even have a consciousness? I can’t know.”
“What do you think our purpose is?”
“What if everything is just a coincidence? For instance: What if gravity doesn’t exist? Everything has just always coincidentally fallen to the ground.”
“If nothing else, we at least won the sperm race.”
“If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds?”
“Do you think other people’s judgments motivate us or hold us back?”
“If karma was coming back to you, would it help or hurt you?”
“Right, we’ve probably had enough alcohol for the rest of the night. We’re getting way too philosophical.”