Biscuit has had quite the life!

Now he’s safe and cozy as the cat-manager-in-residence at the AWS Freeman-Fritts Animal Shelter & Clinic near San Antonio, Texas, but not too long ago he his foot locked in a dead-trap.

He lost the foot, but never lost his winning personality! In fact, he hasn’t missed a step - he just uses his leg like a ski pole to push off and skid around corners.

Biscuit is a darling kitty who gets along with everyone. His best friend is a dog named Rufus, but he’s buddies with all the cats in the community cat room. Biscuit has no species prejudice!

What he wants most of all is a human - one to cuddle with, and who will feed him, brush him, and love him. And also worship him. Because Biscuit knows that cats rule, and he rules most of all!

Email freemanfritts@stx.rr.com or call 830-257-4144 to snap up Biscuit!