before this party a poc on this campus couldn’t even think the word “racism” without being accused of crying wolf. but just like it took a SANDRA BLAND, a TRAYVON MARTIN, and a PHILANDO CASTILE to wake some folks up, this party is what it took to wake this campus up. look. i sent the invite. i wrote it, broke into pastiche’s account, and sent it. it was fascinating to see what was lurking beneath the surface when you were given an excuse to suspend your polite, passive liberalism. i considered it a sociological experiment. and guess what. you proved my point. WINCHESTER, WE GOT A PROBLEM.

So, last night I rewatched The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho), and of the million and one reasons why everyone should watch this movie, here are a few:

This is Gabriel (left) and Leo (right)

  • It’s on netflix, which most of you probably have, so it’s accessible
  • How many queer stories are there that feature a protagonist with a disability? Not many, but this one does! Leo is blind, he’s the main character, and I feel they handled his disability well (this is coming from a non-disabled person, though, so feel free to disagree)
  • It’s a pretty stereotypical indie teen romance movie, but the queer aspect already makes it 100x more interesting
  • a realistic parent-child relationship, with bonus awesome grandma
  • there’s no “omg, am I gay???” freak out. In fact, both characters are pretty much 100% ok with being into each other, and they’re main worry is “i don’t know if they like me back, but i know i want to stay friends with them at least, what do i do??” with a tiny sprinkling of jealousy, cause, well, stereotypical teen romance
  • a very beautiful and loving girl-boy friendship with lots of casual, platonic intimacy
  • there’s nothing super angsty?? like, no death or super homophobic parents/classmates or having to hide that they’re queer. it’s honestly such a feel-good movie???
  • what homophobia there is, it comes as teasing and there are never any hints of anything turning violent, and in fact, at one point, when the bully character is teasing Gabriel and Leo for being boyfriends, Leo shows him that they are, in fact, real-life boyfriends, and the bully’s friends start teasing him for trying to make fun of them when they’re actually boyfriends
  • the girl best friend isn’t narratively pushed to the side when the new boy (love interest) comes in. In fact, her (Giovana) and Leo’s friendship is shown to be just as important as Leo and Gabriel’s relationship
  • everything works out and you’re left with a lovely, sweet, happy ending that’s honestly just so nice to see in a young queer romance??? 
  • I really love this movie, and there’s also a short-film!! on youtube that I recommend, too!

Everyone go watch the broadway.com audience choice awards right now

• there was an open bar
• they haven’t filmed any other years because of what happened in 2013
• you get to watch all of your favourite broadway stars get smashed in one evening and then give each other awards
• Sierra Boggess
• Aaron Tveit
• seriously just go watch it it’s on youtube


So I watched the Lego Batman Movie recently and I have to say that I may have found a newfound love for the Joker. I have to blame @mooplethemarsh for this doodle. 

Everyone should go watch Clouds X because it will brighten up your day. The phrases each AH member grunts out after falling to their death are priceless. Including:
  • Michael: ja ja goo! GOO!
  • Gavin: You bitch! You flightless bitc-
  • Jeremy: AH ya gotta be diddy ko-
  • Jack: Raaaah!
  • Michael: how how? How! HOW?!
  • Gavin: Uh I suck so muc- *vomiting noise*
  • Jeremy: Oh that was an idiot of me! That was an idiot.
  • Jack: no! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! God dammit!

Anyway that Melissa Mcarthy movie “spy” about her being a secret agent is very underrated as both a spy film and a comedy film and everyone should go watch it.


1. Jason statham is surprisingly hilarious and also her love interest?????

2. She genuinely has 3 great fight scenes, flips dudes over her shoulders and stabs two people. All the fights are realistic to her body type and her fighting style is kind of like what a heavy would do in a video game. Really cool.

3. There is hilarious German pop in it.

4. Jude law pretending to be American

5. She spends a lot of the film fending off another agent’s romantic advances.

6. Lots of swearing and costume changes. Melissa McCarthy looks unexpectedly great with bangs.

Excellent Dog Things:
  • when they are so deeply asleep they sort of melt off the couch ala slavador dali
  • The super-fast Wag Of Excitement when encountering a new person/animal.
  • very slowly and delicately taking something they’re not supposed to have, while maintain eye contact, just to see if they can get away with it.
  • them coming over with the thing anyway and trying to play it off as fetching you something.
  • soft woofs when puppy dreaming
  • full-volume woofs when it’s a Really Intense dream
  • suddenly waking up becuase the dream got too Intense/they heard themselves barking
  • Attempting to eat foods their mouths were not designed for; eg: peanut butter, veggies, ice cubes
  • The Green Bean Test ™
  • When they get to sit in a High Place and watch everyone go by
  • Putting human clothes on more Tolerant dogs and laughing about how they don’t fit
  • farting and leaving the room