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Everyone deserve to have this set of shirtless teen wolf cast/character’s 😍😍😍😍😍

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Alright My Loves,

It’s time to have a very serious conversation that I’m sad to say I have found to be a necessary one to have. The Fander community has become a safe space to many people, and for the most part, justly so. Many of the people within this fandom suffer from a mental illness in some capacity, Thomas Sanders, as a person is all-inclusive and lifts up many of those who may have anxiety, depression, or some other form of mental disorder.

Unfortunately, a recent occurrence has come to my attention that strikes down the sense of family within the community that Thomas has led the way to create. I will say this, and I hope that all of you fully understand this message: It is never okay, for any reason, to tell a person to kill themselves. It is never okay to directly target a person with hate messages due to something that may or may not have been intentional based on which side of the contreversy you fall on. When you do, all of the sudden the safe space falls away from many people, and everyone deserves to have a place where they feel comfortable being themselves and where they won’t be attacked.

The event in question, is that someone within our community, whether intentional or not posted a GIF that belonged to someone else as their own. Since then, they have received appalling messages, telling them that they are a thief and should kill themself. Now, this was claimed to be an accident and I have no reason to not believe that claim. The thought that they have been so immensely targeted for something that may very well have been just an honest mistake is horrifying and if it is any one of you reading, I implore you to stop. This is unjust and cruel, there are much better and mature ways to go about handling this issue and sending hate proves nothing to anyone and fails to even defend the artist whom the GIF belongs to.

Please reblog this, spread this word and do not let our community be high-jacked in such a way, we are all human, we all make mistakes, and you never know what the person who receives your anonymous hate is going through. Do not stand for this immorality and childish behavior, we are better than that, as a human and as a person who is a part of the Fander community, please help to put an end to things such as this.

We want to help you pay for your surgery (:

Hello folks! My name is Kendall and my girlfriend and I run a small business where we sell our handmade art such as hand sewn tie dye clothing, tapestries, jewelry, as well as herbal medicines. 

We have been selling very small scale while travelling for the last 4 months of 2016, but have been working fiercely the last month to release our new travel website as well as online shop. This is honestly a dream come true and something we have been working at for about 2 years. 


On the 15th of this month, we are releasing our new website and products, and want to include featured fundraisers; among which is a Trans* Surgery Fund.

What does that mean?

We will have a section of clothing & jewelry where 100% of proceeds will go towards a random winners surgery fund. This goes for both online and in our physical booth. Online, the winners picture & story will be featured on our shop’s webpage, and in our booth, the same thing will be nicely displayed at our front table. Our customers, as well as the traffic that comes across our travel website will see your feature and have the option to buy for your fundraiser and/or donate $$$.

Who is eligible? 

Anyone who falls in the trans* spectrum and is trying to gather money for surgery. Any surgery, it does not matter. (If you are picked and don’t feel comfortable disclosing your surgery in your feature, that is okay.)

How do I enter?

You can enter by either messaging me @keen-keem, or emailing me at keenkeem0@gmail.com. In your message please include your name, age, why you should be featured, and how to get back in contact with you the easiest. 

Submissions will be narrowed down to about 50%, and then chosen at random. I am narrowing down submissions because, although everyone deserves to have their dream surgery, let’s face it, it is a lot easier for some people than others. I am still saving for my top surgery after almost 3 years and I know how valuable something like this is. My girlfriend and I are going to take the time to fully read every single submission. 

A winner will be chosen on Feb 15 when we release our new shop and website. This doesn’t leave much time!  If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.

Please signal boost! 

Aro, Ace, and everyone

You deserve to have the relationship you want. 

Want all the romance and cute couple shit? Get it. 

Want all the sex and none of the romance? Get it. 

Want strictly platonic, no sex and no romance? Get it. 

Want no relationships and instead to devote your life to shutting down the bourgeois and giving the means of production to the workers? Fucking get it. 

Literally whatever you want in life, go get it. 

The First Time In Forever

A/N despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with Frozen. Lol.

Spencer x Reader

“I’m sorry, but you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Your best friend Spencer Reid was staring at you with an incredulous look on his face, turning away from the Game of Thrones episode you were watching.

One and half bottles of wine and a GoT-athon, and the conversation had turned… wrong. Just plain wrong.

You can’t even remember what exactly had happened on the screen to make you comment that you’d never had an orgasm, but as soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted them.

You were open with your best friend, but not that open. Although… rather than blushing like you’d have expected him to, he just seemed shocked and appalled.

“Nope,” you replied, seeing his eyes bug out.

“Are you sure? Y/N, you’re 27.”

“I’m well aware of how old I am, Spencer. And yes. I’m sure. At least… I think I am.”

He quickly topped his wine glass up, this revelation was obviously making him turn to drink. Well, more to the booze that he already had.

“You think? Explain…. Because you’ve come to into work before raving about guys you’ve banged.”

“So you DO listen to those conversations…” You were surprised, he normally just rolled his eyes and buried his head in a file.

“I listen because you and Penelope talk very loudly, although sometimes it’s at a pitch that I’m sure only dogs can hear…. Ouch! Don’t hit me! Anyway… Stop going off track.” He rubbed his arm where you’d hit it.

“Why are you obsessed with this bit on information anyway? Does it matter that I’ve never had an earth shattering moment. I still enjoy fucking.”

“But what’s the point if there’s no orgasms? And what do you do when you can’t sleep at night?”

“Spencer Reid!! Well, next time your eyes are darker than normal, I’ll know what you’ve been doing all night. And there’s plenty of point.. Sex is fun. And it still feels good. Its just….I dunno. No man has ever managed to make me tremble. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe happens.”

“And… Erm.. You’ve never managed to make it happen either yourself?” The tiniest amount of pink appeared on his cheeks.

“I’m getting you drunk more often, Spence. The team would never EVER imagine you having this conversation. And no. I’ve tried.”

“You must be doing it wrong. I’ll send you some links later on how to masturbate properly.”

You shifted on the couch, your jaw dropping. “You will not! And anyway…. You don’t even have a vagina. What makes you so sure that I’m doing it wrong?”

“Because if you were doing it right, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“And you think you know how to do it right?” You knocked back the last of your drink.

“Yep… Never had any complaints when I’ve been getting a girl off. And I used to talk Austin through doing it all the time when we couldn’t see each other.”

You spluttered your drink out, wiping your mouth with your hand.

“Austin… That bartender you used to see? You’re saying you used to have phone sex with her?”


“I am learning so many new things here tonight Spencer.” You shook your head at your friend and colleague, feeling buzzed.

“If you let me send you the links, you’ll learn something else too.”


“What.. Orgasms are one of the best things about life. Everyone deserves to have them, especially you. It’s a travesty that you’re not sure if you’ve had one or not. You’re missing out.”

You couldn’t not laugh at this conversation. You knew Spencer wasn’t as sweet and innocent as everyone made him out to be, he couldn’t be, he was a grown man. A very attractive grown man. But still….

“Spencer, this sounds like the plot of a really really bad porno. Any second now and you’ll be offering to give me one,” you sniggered.

“I will if you want. I could either talk you through getting yourself off, or just do it for you.”

“Reid, I was joking.”

“I’m not. Offer stands. Like I say, everyone deserves orgasms.”

You became very quiet all of a sudden and you realised you were actually considering his offer. You did sometimes feel like you missing out, and maybe you were doing something wrong… You still enjoyed sex and stuff but it would be nice if you got to finish too. You’d just never had that knee trembling, deity worshiping moment.

You completely blamed the wine for this.


Half an hour later, after the rest of the wine, much deliberation on your part, and much assurance on Spencer’s part that no this didn’t mean anything, no this wasn’t his way of trying to get you into bed although it would be easier to do this in the bed, and no he wouldn’t have to see anything, and you were lying in bed.

You were under the covers with your pants off but your underwear on and Spencer was lying on top of the covers, propped up in his side. The lights were out and the only light came from a thin sliver of moonlight where your drapes weren’t quite meeting.

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t look at me whilst we do this,” you whispered.

“Fair enough.” Spencer rolled onto his back, looking up at ceiling.


“Alright so erm…. Try thinking about something that does turn you on. Maybe a sexy scene from a movie or something,” Spencer’s voice had dropped and had become a soft, low cadence that was soothing but instructive.

You closed your eyes and tried to picture your favourite sexy scene.

This just felt wrong.

“Start running your hands over your body first, slowly feeling your skin. Pay attention to your breasts, maybe pinch a nipple or something.”

You did as he asked, feeling extremely self conscious about what you were doing. You let your hands move up and down your body a few times, squeezing your breasts and teasing a nipple through your vest. You’d removed your bra when you’d got in but had refused to get naked. You so couldn’t do this….it felt.. Silly.

“Reid, I can’t do this.”

“You can if you want to,” he told you.

“It feels silly doing it to myself with you here. Like I’m listening to an instructional video or something.”

He rolled to his side again. “You could just let me do this for you this once. And then when you know what you’re missing out on, maybe you’ll feel more inclined to figure it out for yourself.”

“But…. It’s weird…”

“Only if we make it weird. It’s up to you Y/N.”

“Erm….Oh God. Okay… Do it,” you felt yourself blushing horrendously as Spencer pulled the covers back and slid under, lying closer to you and rolling onto his side so that he was facing you. He tugged the cover down slightly to your waist and then placed his hand on your tummy.

Lazily he began drawing patterns with his finger tips, them skimming over the fabric of your vest top.

“Relax, Y/N. Relax,” He said in that same low voice and you let out a breath, keeping your eyes closed.

Spencer’s hand stayed in the safety zone for a while, gently stroking your stomach, your arms, your shoulders. It was relaxing, and you felt yourself beginning to feel more at ease with this. It was just Reid. He wasn’t bothered by this, why should you be?

He let his hands move lower under the covers, tickling the tops of your thighs lightly, grazing over the soft material of your underwear as he moved his hand back up, sliding it over your stomach and onto your breast.

“Many men actually neglect the breasts, they assume that woman don’t actually find having their breasts fondled all that sexy. In actual fact, the majority of woman have said that they wish their partner would spend more time on them, some woman even claim to have climaxed solely from having their nipples stimulated.”

As he said that last part he spread his fingers and then closed them slowly, catching your nipple between them. Moving his hand gently back and forth, he rubbed against the sensitive flesh. Your breathing hitched as he used his fingers to swipe over the now hardened nub, teasing it gently.

“Am I allowed to…..?” he moved his hand to the strap of your vest and you nodded, still keeping your eyes shut as he pulled down your top, exposing your breasts to him. You thought you detected a change in his own breathing but you couldn’t be sure. Feeling him moving on the bed, he heard his voice again.

“Can I….can I use my mouth?”

Oh fuck….

“Not down there you can’t!” you blurted out, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Okay. But I can use it here?” he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, the sensation causing you to bite your lip. You nodded.

Spencer lowered his mouth to the breast closest to him and moved his hand over to the other one. He began peppering light kisses over the swell of your chest as his fingers circled and teased the puckered flesh of your other breast. You weren’t going to lie, the sensation was wonderful and you started to forget the awkwardness of the situation and to actually enjoy it. His lips slipped over your nipple, pursing around it and sucking it into his mouth, his tongue flicking against it as he pulled it’s twin at the same time. You moaned, not beings able to stop the sound.

You could feel his lips change shape, he was smiling at the sound. Carrying on he repeated his actions, grazing his teeth over the skin and sending jolts of pleasure down into your groin. Giving one long hard suck, he released it from his mouth and dragged his hand down your torso and over your panties.

“I need you to spread your legs slightly. You’re clenching them shut,” Spencer whispered and you realised you were. You moved them, allowing him access.

He placed his palm flat on your groin and began rubbing his hand back and forth, applying a small amount of pressure, but not particularly paying attention to any one area.

“Another mistake guys make is going straight for either the clitoris or the vagina, forgetting the whole area is sensitive, even more so once someone is aroused. The clitoris is the most sensitive part though, it has over eight thousand sensory nerve endings all in a tiny area. Some woman can come in a matter of seconds from having their clit stimulated, others take longer, even up to hour. So you have to be patient. But most people aren’t that patient, which is where you could be missing out.”

He ran his hand up and down your covered centre and you winced slightly, realising that your panties must be feeling damp.

“Can I take these off? We can leave them on if you’re uncomfortable…. ”

You raised your hips in response, helping him quickly pull them off and then settle his hand back between your thighs. He’d already seen your breasts, to hell with it.

“Are you sure I can’t use my mouth down there?” he asked again, his long fingers dragging up and down.

“I’m sure… Cos it’s not like I’ll be able to do that to myself right?”


You allowed your legs to move slightly further apart as his hand explored.

“So if you’re doing this yourself, you need to remember to that keeping lubricated is important. Chaffing can be a problem, for guys and girls. Don’t start stimulating your clit when it’s dry, in my experience, the sensation is better when it’s wet. You can use lube, or you can lick your fingers first. Or you can use your own arousal, like this.”

To demonstrate, he pushed the tips of two of his fingers into your opening and you gasped. Retracting them he slid them forward, using the slick from his fingers as lube.

“You’re so wet, Y/N.”

“Spencer! Don’t say shit like that to me….. ”

But oh god, how delicious it had sounded coming from his mouth.

“Why… It’s the truth. It’s good, it means what we’re doing is working.”

“What you’re doing you…..oh…. Ah…”

Your words trailed off as he pressed his fingers to your clit and began massaging it, moving his fingers in a circular motion at first, he’d then switched to a more pressured side to side movement, changing between the two.

“There’s so many nerves ending here, Y/N. You can’t really go wrong with how you stimulate them. Some people use their whole hand to massage it like I’m doing now. Others just use one or two fingers like this.”

He changed his positioning, applying just two fingers directly to your clit and rubbing faster. The pressure was more localised than with his whole hand and felt more intense. He carried on for a few minutes, heavy breaths exhaling from your body. You bent one of your legs at the knee and placed your foot flat to the bed, your legs suddenly feeling restless.

“Other woman like having their clit tapped or smacked.” He demonstrated again, making a tapping motion on you. It felt okay, but not fantastic and you shook your head.

“Not a fan? Some girls aren’t. Okay and then we have that magic elusive spot that some people can never seem to find. The g spot.”

He slid his fingers through your folds, your lips separating as he slid two fingers inside you, your hips bucking off the bed as he did.

“Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, which is why most don’t orgasm during penetration itself unless they or their partner is playing with the clit too. That’s a mistake that men make, not working the clit as well or even being offended when the woman starts to touch it herself. They’re missing out though. There’s nothing better than being inside a woman whilst she orgasms, trust me.”

He started moving his fingers slowly inside, curling them.

“The most sensitive part of your vagina is the first two thirds, or there is a spot right at the top called the A spot, but that’d hard to reach by yourself. Your g spot is located about two to three centimetres along the front wall and feels pebbly and rough. You can’t feel it unless you’re aroused. So you should be able to feel this… ”

Spencer pressed his fingers to it and you felt the familiar sensation that you felt during sex. Rather than thrusting his hand in and out, he simply manoeuvred his fingers against it making you start to pant.

“Y/N, use your hand on yourself.”

You followed his instructions and slid your hand between your legs, using two fingers rather than the whole hand. You tried to mirror his actions from before, feeling light headed as he worked his fingers inside you.

“You can use your other hand to pull back the clitoral hood if you like, but some woman find it too sensitive.”

“This… This is fine… Ugh… Oh.”

This WAS fine… More than fine in fact. It was….Oh god there were no words to describe it.

“Apply a bit more pressure, Y/N. ”

“Help me…” you gasped out as he slid his hands from inside you and placed his fingers over yours.

Interlocking his hand with yours he pressed down, guiding you in your movements.

“Your skin is flushed and I can hear your heart racing.” He lowered his head back to your chest and sucked your nipple back into his mouth as your hands moved together between your legs.

Your leg started to twitch and you tried to slow your movements, feeling slightly funny.

“Nope… Carry on. Let go, Y/N. You’re nearly there. ”

Spencer continued working his fingers against yours, his lips sucking against your chest.

Your gasps grew louder and your legs trembled, your hips involuntarily bucking from the mattress. You could feel a pounding in your head, hear the blood rushing through your veins. Every nerve ending in your body seemed to be on fire and you felt like you’d never felt before.

“Oh god…. Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Spencer.” Was this coming? Oh jeez, it had to be….. You could feel yourself contracting inside, your whole body quivering. You were dizzy but in the best possible way, and you continued to expel expletives from your mouth as the feeling racked through you, subsiding after around twenty seconds or so, although it felt like longer.

Spencer removed his mouth from your chest and his hand from yours, and you felt him wipe it on the sheets. You did the same with yours, and then slowly opened your eyes to see Spencer looking very pleased with himself.

You couldn’t speak, not yet. You just lay there, trying to regulate your breathing for a few minutes. When you finally could think straight, you realised your boobs were still on display and you hurriedly pulled your top back up.

“Shame…. I was enjoying looking at those,“ came the comment from your companion.

You glanced over at him, a smirk on his face.

“So?” he asked.

“I both love you and hate you for that.”

“Why both?”

“Because you were right. That was the best feeling ever. And I definitely hadn’t had one. But if I can’t replicate that myself when I’m alone…..”

“You will. Now you know what you’re doing.” he told you.

“But if I can’t?” You felt shy again.

“Then…..I can always help you. Or do it for you. I don’t mind. And it’s not like I’m not getting anything out of it. Giving an attractive girl orgasms makes me feel good too.”

“You think I’m attractive?”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I’m not blind.”



“What about….what about actually making you feel good. Like… Well. Finishing you off too.”

“Well,I’m not gonna lie, that was extremely frustrating for me. But I enjoyed it. And I’ll just cold shower when I get home or something.”

Or something. You giggled, knowing what the ‘or something’ might be.

You shifted your position on the bed, moving closer to him and placing your hand on his groin, seeing the surprised look on his face.

“Hey, no. I didn’t do this to get something in return.”

“I know you didn’t. But I want to. I may not have been able to get myself off, but experience tells me that I’m quite good at getting other people off. And we’ve already crossed the friendship line of no return. Why not cross it even further. If you want to….”

Feeling a twitch underneath your hand, you waited until he nodded and moved to the buttons of his jeans.

“Spence… ” you stopped. “Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome.”

Grinning, you started unbuttoning his jeans, feeling happier now you knew you could pay him back.

if you’ve seen negative posts about who does/doesn’t belong in pride and are wondering whether or not you actually belong because of them, know this:

for every person who tries to gatekeep who should/shouldn’t be accepted there are hundreds more who are open to accepting and loving everyone who needs that acceptance and love

for every person who tells you that you don’t belong there are hundreds more who will readily tell you that you do

for every person who decides to act so shamefully during pride month there are thousands of us who just want to have a happy pride spent supporting and encouraging each other and we are all too happy to have more people to share that love with

naysayers and bigots can be very loud and that loudness can make it feel like they’re the only ones around but that isn’t true. there are plenty of people who accept you, who love you, who want you to have a community and a support system and though it doesn’t always feel like it, there are more positive people out there than there are negative ones.

you do belong. you do have the right to celebrate with everyone else. you deserve to have a happy pride. don’t let anyone else ruin that for you.


“Come on Alex - stop the photos!”

“Why Y/N? The weather is great, you look great, I look great. Why can’t I take pictures to remember the night?” Alex rebuffed. You rolled your eyes and began to walk away from him, heading towards the club.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to remember just fine without you being so snap-happy.” Alex chased after you eagerly and you came to a halt outside the entrance.

“But you should know by now that I’m your personal paparazzi! You walk around looking like a movie star, so I have to take pictures, or else none of the guys will believe me when I tell them about you.” He told you. You gave into him and smiled at the Dane.

“Fine. You can take the pictures but just in moderation. You have around 200 already. It’s creepy. I’m not famous like you - I like my privacy.” You said before you took Alex’s hand and dragged him into the club. Moments after you entered the club you were overwhelmed with the sounds and the large number of people in the one small space. You turned to Alex. “I’m just going to find us a booth. Do you want to get us some drinks?” He nodded and turned to the bar while you headed over to one of the booths in a quieter area of the club.

You could see Alex moving towards the booth moments later and as you were about to call out to him a body sat down opposite you. A tall man with a beard had sat across from you and was smiling widely at you. “Hi.” He greeted in a strong Irish accent. You looked at him confused and in your peripheral vision you saw Alex had rested the drinks down on a nearby table and was watching the interaction with a clenched jaw. You were so distracted by the outline of his jawline that you missed the Irishman’s words.


The man didn’t look particularly bothered and repeated himself again. You tried to politely nod along until the time would come when you had to reject him. That time soon came when leant across the table a bit and looked at you intensely.

“So, do you wanna get a drink and get out of here?” He asked, a flirty smile on his face. As you were about to politely decline Alex came over and plopped the drinks down on the table, the liquid sloshing on to the table.

“Hey babe, I got us our drinks.” He said before turning to the Irishman pretending he didn’t know what he had been trying to do. “Oh, who are you? Babe, is this one of your friends?”

The Irishman turned to you angrily. “You have a boyfriend? Why didn’t you say so instead of stringing me along and flirting with me?” Before you could reply Alex did so.

“Come on buddy. You can’t possibly think that she was flirting with you. You didn’t even let her say anything, all she could do was nod.”

The man had now stood up and was looking outraged. “This bitch was stringing me along as some sort of sick game! She’s probably just using you too!”

When the man called you a bitch that was it for Alex. He grabbed your hand and tugged you up from the booth, pulling you out of the club and away from the man who was still yelling at you.

“Alex! Alex stop! Alex!” You yelled as he walked down the sidewalk still holding your hand. You called his name again before he finally stopped and looked at you.

“What?” He asked, his aggression seeping into his words.

“Will you calm down. It’s late, let’s just go home. You have work tomorrow anyway.”

Alex looked at you and sighed. He brought you closer to his body and hugged you tightly. “I just hate for anyone to treat you like that when you didn’t even do anything wrong.”

“It’s fine Alex. It doesn’t matter.” He looked at you seriously and cupped your face with his hands. You were taken aback at the gesture.

“It matters to me ‘cause I care about you.”

You didn’t know what to say so you kissed him instead. It was short and sweet but it meant the world to the both of you. But of course Alex decided to ruin the moment.

“Can I take one more picture? Just to celebrate?” You smiled at him lovingly and nodded.

“You can take as many pictures as you like.”

You and Alex were sitting on the couch and Alex had presented you with a photo album. You looked at him sceptically but he just gestured for you to open it, so you did. You gasped when you saw the pictures inside - they were all of you. You on your own, you with the Vikings cast, you with your family, and you with Alex.

“Wow. How long did this take you?” You asked bewildered.

“About a year, but some of the photos are before then. A few are from University, but the rest are from the last year or two.” He replied coming to sit next to you. “Do you like it?”

You turned to him and smiled, giving him a kiss. “I love it Alex. But why would you do this for me?”

“I think that something as beautiful as you deserves to be photographed. Even if they aren’t famous. Everyone deserves to have a personal paparazzi. Including you Y/N.” Your smile was so wide it hurt. You leapt forward and kissed your boyfriend passionately, hands running through his hair. You pulled away for a moment to utter something quickly.

“It’s still kinda creepy though.”

Requested by 2 Anons -

I’ve got a thing for a jealous Alex Hogh, YN is not an actress ,but he’s very protective of her. what do you think?

May I ask for an Alex Hogh Andersen imagine? he’s in love with Yn and loves to take pics of her without her noticing( he calls himself her personal papparazzi) and she’s not an actress or famous in any way. so,later when they’re dating,he shows her the album he made with pics of her :)

Things I need in life

Yuri and Otabek going on friend dates with each other and gushing over their crushes at each other (or at least as close to gushing as these two can get lol).

Like Otabek listening to Yuri enthusiastically talk about Yuuri and then Yuri playfully teasing Otabek because when Otabek talks about JJ he gets all shy.

or if you want angst, they both comfort each other because both of their crushes are engaged :’) 

dragon age fandom!

Can i get a promo? I started this blog to help get recognition for for their art and ocs!! There’s a lot of people with super popular art and ocs in the fandom and everyone deserves to have their oc/art get notes and such! So I’m dedicating this blog to unappreciated artists and creators!

Liam Payne says he and Cheryl are already talking about having more kids
The ex-One Direction star says he is a 'changed man' as he gushes about his home life with 'amazing' girlfriend Cheryl
By Halina Watts

Liam Payne has revealed he and girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy are already thinking about more children. And the former One Direction star reveals he feels like a “changed man” since launching his solo career and becoming a dad for the first time .

But he admits only one person wears the ­trousers in his relationship – and that’s Cheryl.“She’s very headstrong. She’s a strong woman,” Liam tells me in an exclusive interview.

 “We had Kimberley Walsh round and she couldn’t believe that we’d got baby Bear into such a good routine. Cheryl’s just been amazing. She doesn’t want to miss the close contact with him. And the thing people don’t know is she has done it all herself . When she first got pregnant, I couldn’t keep up with everything.”

It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for the 23-year-old star after 1D called time-out in late 2015 and he started dating 33-year-old Cheryl a few months later while considering his solo career.

 “I think I needed a breather after the band finished,” he says.“It was the most enjoyable time in my life, but it did get hectic towards the end. I’m not going to lie. Now I feel like a changed man. With home life it has been amazing. Chez is unreal. It’s really brought me down to earth with a lot of things. She’s been through it all before. She’s experienced all of this sort of stuff. She knows. And of course there’s the birth of my child, the most amazing thing ever – little baby Bear. It’s crazy. Waking up in the mornings is a totally different experience.”

A few weeks after Bear Grey Payne’s birth in March, Liam had to head to the US to work on his debut solo album as well as new single Strip That Down.

He admits he pined for his new family and was overjoyed to be back with them. “Being home for bath time is just the most amazing thing. We do bath time together,” he says. “I’m in charge of bath water and cooking.”

Liam reckons Bear could end up as a basketball player. “He’s massive,” he chuckles. “Cheryl isn’t the tallest and she’s like ‘How did this happen?’”

Will he have brothers or sisters? “We have spoken about this,” says Liam. “We will see what happens. We are in a routine now and loving life. We sit round with Bear, watch old films like Ritchie Rich and Stand By Me, have a laugh.”

As Liam arrives at the YouTube studios in London for the premiere of his music video, he is mobbed by female fans. The 1D mania hasn’t changed even though Liam has.

He says: “I got a real sense of freedom when I was doing this record and it made me push the boundaries. It’s definitely a totally different experience to when I was in One Direction.”

 Yet he still refers to the split as a “hiatus” and adds: “Everyone is doing their own thing. I think it is better for the fans than they realise. Everyone deserves to have their own little musical journey. We will pick up the pieces and see where it goes.”

rp canon muses as straight  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
rp canon muses as gay  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
rp canon muses as bi/pan/ace/demi  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
rp canon muses as trans  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
rp canon muses however you want because it’s your interpretation  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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