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“Y/N District Attorney”

We- the viewer- were the District Attorney. This was purposefully made to be a self-insert.

We let Damien and Celine in after we died. We- the audience- were the final, essential piece to give this being life…

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We really did help create Darkiplier, didn’t we?

A Little Dream

Summary: AU. What happens when a dream changes your reality?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,778

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, mentions of cheating

A/N: Hi guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been off the radar for over a month now. I got wrapped up in some personal stuff + had really bad writer’s block. I hope you guys still enjoy my writing! This is my submission for @jurassicbarnes‘s One Year Blog Anniversary Challenge. My prompt was 27: “You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” Inspired by the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

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Frat!Boy Peter Parker.. (Headcanon)

Requested: Nope

I wanted to create something I knew would be semi-decent since I have such intense writers block, so enjoy this headcanon :)))

Side Note: there are sentences that are in Italian, I however do not speak that language so I’m using Google Translate, if there are any words that are incorrect please let me know! thank you :)

Translations are also at the bottom, p.s. this headcanon is super long just an fyi

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  • sO for starters you were new to Queens, you’d just recently moved from Italy (bc why not I love Italy)
  • needless to say Queens was a BIG change compared to what you were used to back home in another country
  • thankfully for you however you knew English as well as Italian, so you had to give your English teacher props for making you suffer in his class those past two years, but when you were at home you spoke Italian with your family

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So I’m guessing that after arriving to Sisters of Quiet Mercy: Home for Troubled Youths in search of Polly, Betty gets very anxious, or may even starts having a panic attack. Jughead helps calm her down and they share an intimate moment before heading inside.

Before the trailer came out I thought that the 4th picture was a moment that would come after Betty saw Polly again, but it’s clear that they’re still standing in front of that odd entryway.


LADY MIDNIGHT CHALLENGE: day eleven - a friendship 

“You drive too fast,” said Mark.
Emma snorted and checked the strap of Cortana where it fastened across her chest. “You sound like Julian.”
“It brought me joy,” Mark said, moving to stand beside her. “It was as if I flew with the Hunt again, and tasted the blood of the sky.”
Okay, you sound like Julian on drugs,” Emma muttered.

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