everyone's pal

“tumblr is so embarrassing-”

I was on deviantart and fanfiction.net for the entire first decade of this century

embarrassing content is a normal part of being a teen on the internet

listen, this ain’t new, my buddy, my pal, everyone is embarrassing always


i’ve seen some episodes of television where noted survivalist speaks of an encounter with a… with a Foot and he hears it in the woods and it makes a - a howling noise that - sort of like a… (x)


sappho 120 (tr. anne carson) 

botw zelink + wolf link adventures
  • botw zelda: who's a good boy?
  • wolf link: ?????????
  • botw zelda: *petting wolf link lovely face* you're a good boy!
  • wolf link: !!!!!!!!! *wagging his tail in complete happiness*
  • botw link: zelda, for the last time he's a wolf not a dog!

so. quick question - 

are we sure,

i mean just totally sure

that Damen has

a Type??

i mean is that really

supported in

really warranted by

the text???

hard to tell, hard to tell

Simblr Discord Server

instead of reblogging my old post again, i decided to make an actual post about it!

i’ve set up a discord server for simblrs; my goal is to make a lovely, fun and safe place for people to hang and make friends with people in the community! we have an amazing group of people so far and are active every day!

if you are worried about anything, shoot me a dm! i’ll try and help as much as i can. we will welcome you with open arms, we love everyone <3

please dm me for the server link!! <3

genderfluidpansexual1997  asked:

What level of affection are comfortable with from people who are not your boyfriend?

affection is on a scale of how well i know a person 0^: like, a complete stranger … 0 level of affection. one of my bestiez? id prolly crawl up their anus if they asked me to.