everyone's online so might as well post now

hey guys ! so, summer celebrations are now ended. thanks to everybody who requested something, and i hope summer is going well for everyone ! i got a hell ton of requests so i’ll definitely be doing more things like it in the future. 

on another note, i’m headed out to nyc tomorrow ( where i’m gonna meet my online friend who i love very much ! ! ! ) and i’ll be there for three days, so i might post a little, but probably nothing much. 

i hope everyone is having a wonderful, magical day. come and talk to me anytime if you’d like ! ♡♡♡

Important update!

The original owner of the etsy store, Tees Atlanta, has now taken down all Undertale and Steven Universe related items and has apologised for their actions, which I have accepted. They listened to my comments and resolved the situation quickly and smoothly.

That being said, it’s been brought to my attention that people have decided to interpret my post looking to find other artists involved in the situation as a greenlight for vigilantism and have sent very mean and even threatening (!) emails to the owner of the store. This is not okay. People make mistakes. People make bad judgement calls… I understand that people on tumblr especially are very sensitive to art theft, I am too, but that doesn’t make this kind of behavior acceptable.

I’d like to call out and ask everyone to please be civil. I removed the original post from my blog and seeing as all fan art is now taken down further signal boosting is also not necessary. If you still see it being passed around after this, feel free to let people know. (It’s okay to seek out the artists whose work was sold though, still, in case they haven’t seen this yet and might want to contact the store to talk about the profits made with their work.)

Quoting the owner of the store: “I’m still new at running online stores and I’m learning. I will take better care to not infringe on anyone’s personal artwork from now on.”