everyone's lazy sometimes

internalised misogyny: *slut shaming girl groups for sexy concepts but celebrating boy groups for sexy concepts*

internalised misogyny: *believing male groups are superior purely because they are male*

internalised misogyny: *attacking girl group members simply just for being in your male bias’s presence*

NOT internalised misogyny: *stanning a boy group*

can we abandon this narrative that all boy group stans hate women?

I don’t have time for anything lately, so here’s a silly drawing of a Thylacosmilus atrox I did about two weeks ago and didn’t have time to upload it until now. Inspired by the jowls cat/chin cat discussion, and also by my dog :P

I’ve decided to combine big jowls with big chin, because the idea of sabers covered entirely by really long, floppy jowls doesn’t strike me as very comfortable for the animal, and sabers covered only by sort of flesh-sheaths on the mandible also don’t seem comfortable, so I went with somewhat floppy jowls covering the top part of the teeth, and partial sheaths on the lower jaw covering the rest.

And also, by looking at today’s predators, I’d guess that Thylacosmilus spent a lot of its time doing what predators do best: being lazy.

Thylacosmilus lived between the Late Miocene to the Late Pliocene in South America, and I’d be very surprised if they didn’t flop on their backs at least from time to time.

Everyone deserves to be lazy sometimes right? Well the Surgeon had no desire to get out of bed, this was likely due to the lack of food in his stomach, and the lack of caffeine in his system. Life was a lot harder when you were hungry it seemed. Having no strength or will to get up, he lounged around in the bed, hues of silver half lidded staring at the ceiling.