everyone's judging her because of the voice but i still like her

Ok, now everyone is judging on how possessive Elias is, while he did his best in NOT being either possessive or selfish in the last chapter.

And why no one seems to realize how possessive Chise is?! Like, she turned into a freaking BEAR just because Elias was taken from her to a place she didn’t know. He’s obviously powerful enough to take care of himself, so she shouldn’t have been really worried of his safety. Of course, there’s still a fear to be left alone - which they both share equally. But… well, call me crazy, but I think if Elias went for a meeting with some ‘friend’ Chise doesn’t know of, she would be kinda… jealous, too?

And look at her line in chapter 30:
“A scent of what’s mine”.

She was in beast’s form, which means she was 100% honest with herself, it was her true voice without second thoughts.

Know what? Chise is HELLA possessive,but we didn’t have a lot of chances to see this so far. But here they are, the chances.

It’s just the same thought which was carried through the manga - of how alike Chise and Elias are, considering all their differences. They both need to grow up.