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The nights were bitter and at their coldest in the winter.

Ritsu hated it; he hated the ache he felt where the chilling air touched his skin, he hated the murky nightlights and the winds. It made his fingers feel as stiff as bones, his nose, his ears bitten red. His warm breath froze in the air above him, the shingles of his roof digging feeling like rocky ice digging into his back, the cold seeping through his clothing.

But, the warm body lying on the roof of his house beside him made it more than bearable.

Shou hadn’t said a word for a while, lying completely still, his arms cushions under his head as he stared straight upwards. Ritsu knew he was struggling with something, could see it on the way his eyebrows knit together and his teeth worried his bottom lip. But he could feel it, too, a sort of crackling energy in the air that seemed to wrap around Ritsu, dripping into his bones and warming him from the inside out.

“Ritsu,” Shou finally spoke up, his voice sounding strained. Ritsu let out a low hum, turning his head to look right at him. Shou didn’t meet his eyes, his gaze pinned to the stars above them. He drew in a breath, gasps getting stuck on the frost in his throat. “If…” He gulped, eyebrows drawn together. “If I told you something. Something huge.” He looked over at Ritsu, his eyes warm and unnerving and comforting. Shou’s bottom lip was bitten between his teeth. Rising eagerness made Ritsu’s chest feel like it was going to cave in.

“If I told you something that could.. That could change this. Us… What would you say?”

The stars above them, hidden behind clouds that dappled the sky like paint, were unblinking eyes staring down at them. The cold stole the air from Ritsu’s lungs. “Uh,” He struggled to find the words, swimming around in his head. “I mean… I don’t know.” He shrugged, tried to be oblivious, to pretend that he didn’t know what Shou meant, tried to pretend his heart was beating against his ribs. “It depends on what it is.”

But Ritsu knew.

He knew what Shou wanted to say, to really talk about.

They had known each other for a long time, had been dancing around each other for months, years, never really able to find the words. They always spoke in intertwined fingers, warm touches, chaste kisses that always, always went unsaid. In laughter, in their conversations, phrases and silent words that were imbedded in the warmth of Shou’s body lying right beside Ritsu.

Ritsu figured they never needed to put a name to whatever this thing they had was. Because emotions, affection, feelings were something soundless that he didn’t know how to describe. They made him feel vulnerable.

Love was dangerous. It was tantalizing, with a charming drawl and beckoning eyes, hidden claws like daggers and fangs that could tear him apart.

Ritsu didn’t want to what they had, was afraid to give it a name, and had assumed Shou was the same way.

Now, seeing the way Shou seemed to recede back into himself, the energy that had warmed him to the very core slipping from Ritsu’s bones and leaving ice in its wake, made Ritsu realize he might be wrong.

“But,” Ritsu said quickly, Shou’s eyes, hopeful and aching, latched onto his face. Ritsu didn’t return his gaze, couldn’t bring himself to. He watched his words freeze in the air. “I would, ah, I would… tell you that, I mean. if you’re trying to tell me what I think you are then, then I-I’d say. I’d say I feel the sa–”

Shou’s laughter made him fall silent, made his bones melt in his body and the city lights around them feel as warm as the sun. Ritsu glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, taken back by how the blush tinging his face and his bright smile made the stars in his skin shine.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard you stumble over your words so much” Shou hummed, “or seen you this flustered. It looks good on you.”

Ritsu didn’t know what to say to that, instead reaching over and entangling his fingers in Shou’s hair, pressing his lips to his.

Ritsu didn’t really want to put a name to this, whatever it was, but if he had to for Shou’s sake, he’d call it love.

Alright. I’m back. And I’m fucking broken.

I hope everyone who recommended PMMM to me is happy. You know who you are.

Anyway. Homura just fucking killed Kyubey. And I’m actually fucking displeased by that. Even though that’s what I was rooting for seven episodes in a row.

“Why… Why do you always sacrifice yourself?”

That is, uh. A very interesting sentence. Because Madoka hasn’t done any sacrificing yet. So why didn’t she say “Who do you always try to sacrifice yourself” instead?

Honestly, I’m starting to feel like I’m some sort of harbinger of bad news in this fandom.😔 Every time people get really excited about something I’m spoiling it by saying that maybe you should tone it down a little bit because of reasons.

I know that everyone, including me, is really happy about the news that Carrie’s passing won’t affect her scenes in TLJ. That same article also stated that “Her scenes reportedly include a confrontation with her son, played by Adam Driver, and a reunion with Luke Skywalker, still played by Mark Hamill.” And while everyone else was busy celebrating this “fact”, I argued that it’s just speculation on behalf of the writer, and that it’s based on nothing but an old rumour. Well, here’s my proof of that:

“Disney weighs options for the future of the iconic character as directors for the upcoming ‘Episode VIII’ and 2019’s 'Episode IX’ plan out how she will fit into the rest of the franchise films.
Carrie Fisher’s Dec. 27 death has left a disturbance in the Force. Her iconic Princess Leia is set to appear in the next two Star Wars films, and insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that at least two key scenes are planned for Episode VIII (Dec. 15) and Episode IX (2019): a Leia reunion with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and a confrontation with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), her son who killed Harrison Ford’s Han Solo in 2015’s The Force Awakens. Details of where those scenes fit into the movies remain unclear, but insiders say Leia was to have been a bigger part of Episode IX than VIII.”


So, as you can see, that’s the real source of that quote. And according to this original report, it looks like Leia’s reunion with Luke is set to happen in TLJ but unfortunately she probably won’t confront Kylo in the same movie. It wasn’t probably supposed to happen until episode IX and now it will most likely never happen. We’ll never get to see a scene with Leia and Ben Ren and that’s incredibly depressing.😭 But like I said earlier, I really really hope I’m wrong about this. I really hope that Carrie and Adam shot a scene/scenes together and that we’ll get to see them in TLJ.

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I’d just like to appreciate all the sweet words everyone said on their Skype call, It makes me so happy to see that and it makes me happy to be apart of this community. You are all adorable little beans and I got some new channels to checkout. This can be a beautiful community, despite all the backlash and the internal hate that goes on. Thank you to everyone who donated, everyone who shared and everyone who just participated in general. You all are S O amazing and it just warms my heart. I hope you all have a good night/evening/afternoon/morning 😘😘💙💙

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i want to die. my sister left the other day to break up with her long-time boyfriend (they've been dating since their sophomore year of highschool, and she's 24 now) and she hasn't been home nor contacted us since, and i don't know where the hell she is. i don't know if i'm asking anything, i just needed to tell someone something. thanks.

Hey love, I hope you’ve heard from her, that she’s okay, & that everyone is calm & just, happy now. Let me know when you’ve heard back from her!!

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what does your amortentia smell like: teddy

Professor: Now, Teddy, it is your turn, pick up the potion and give it a big sniff, there you go!

Teddy: *instantly realizes what it smells of and panics*

Extra-Punk-Rock Teddy: *clears his throat* It’s uhm like

Extra-Punk-Rock Teddy: …and leather and beer and rock concerts-