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“you come to my room at 4am, to cuddle?” Pleeeeeease

The creak of his bedroom door opening woke Robert instantly, always too light a sleeper to be able to ignore noises. Living in a pub, as you’d expect, was absolute hell for him.

Untangling himself from the duvet cocoon he’d built around himself, Robert sat up, flicking on one of his bedside lamps. Aaron was standing in the doorway, shoulders hunched, chewing on the side of his lip nervously.

“You okay?” Robert asked, concerned. He’d developed a bit of a soft spot for the younger Dingle, in the months since he’d moved back to the village, finding Aaron in the room that had always used to be Victoria’s, before she’d decided to move back in with Andy.

Aaron rocked on his heels slightly, tugging the sleeves of his jumper down over his hands. “I couldn’t sleep,” he admitted, voice hoarse from disuse. He’d gone to bed hours before Robert had, shaking off Chas’ concerns with his usual ‘I’m fine, mum.’

Robert’s heart ached, as he looked at the teenager. He was barely nineteen, and already he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, a whole host of horrors buried in his past that Robert couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

Maybe thats why they got on so well.

Aaron didn’t want to talk about it, and Robert didn’t feel the need to ask. Everyone else pushed, asked questions, wanted to know if Aaron was okay, but Robert - well, he was just there, wasn’t he?

He was being who he wished he’d had when his mum had died.

“So you’ve come into my room at four am to what, cuddle?” Robert teased, glancing at the clock on his beside table, 4:00am flashing back at him in blinding red numbers. They both had work in the morning, Robert having started a new job at the bank in Hotten, Aaron at the garage, an early start awaiting them both.

“I can go.”

“You know I’m joking,” Robert flung back his duvet, waggling his eyebrows at the younger man. “Come on, before I let all the heat out.”

Aaron gave him a grateful smile, padding across Robert’s bedroom in his socks, easing himself into the bed next to Robert. He was stiff, for a second, uncomfortable with the closeness.

Just like every other night.

Robert waited, gave him a minute or two to relax, before he tucked the covers in around them, lying back down. He switched the light off, waiting to see if Aaron would react.

He sometimes did.

“Thank you,” Aaron breathed, reaching under the covers, tangling his fingers with Robert’s.

“What for?”

“Letting me do this,” Aaron shrugged, shuffling a little closer to Robert, pointy chin digging into Robert’s shoulder. “Sleep in here with you, I mean. It helps more than you know.”

“Whats a best mate for, eh?” Robert nudged, leaning over to press a kiss to the side of Aaron’s forehead. They’d figured out their boundaries, over the last few weeks, discovered what was okay, what wasn’t.

It was probably the most careful with anyone Robert had been in his life, but he couldn’t help it. From the day he’d arrived back in the village, stalking into Diane’s pub with a gear bag on his shoulder and a rather unattractive black eye, not a penny to his name, Robert had cared.

He’d spotted Aaron sitting at a corner table, drinking alone, looking grumpy as anything, and of course he’d stuck his nose in straight away. He’d been living away from the village for years, and he knew what - and who - he liked these days, and Aaron was sort of his type.

Robert’s type had always just been anyone who intrigued him.

Six months on, and Robert was just happy to be his mate. Happy to be there, happy to help him, happy to be the mate who would sit quietly with a pint and let Aaron wallow, when needs be.

Happy to be the mate who bought him into town in Robert’s crappy little car, the two of them sitting in the McDonalds carpark, just talking. Happy to sit up at the cricket pavilion, drinking cans and shit-talking Katie’s atrocious new hair-do, or making fun of Eric.

Happy to be whatever Aaron needed, really.

“You are, you know,” Aaron mumbled, half asleep already, breathing evening out. “My best mate, I mean. Don’t tell Adam though.”

Robert laughed, half asleep himself now, the warmth of Aaron’s body next to his a familiar comfort. “Your secret is safe with me.”

Tommy Shelby Imagine

Request: Could you do Thomas Shelby request of having grown up with the Shelby boys but your family moving when you were teenagers and then coming back as a adult to be a nurse in the clinic in Small Heath and running back into the Shelby boys (but having kept contact with Ada since you are like a older sister to her) who can’t help but flirt and basically becoming their go to ‘doctor’ and one night after fixing Tommy up their feelings come out??

Note: Okay so I’ve missed out some parts of the request. I couldn’t fit it all in, it would go on forever so I’ve tried to shorten it the best I can whilst keeping the main part of the request all in.

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You felt a sudden rush of butterflies in your stomach, the nerves were kicking in now. You were on the train on your way back to Birmingham. Your first time back in seven years. You played over all the different scenarios in your head and all the different things that could be different about Garrison Lane and the people that lived there.

You moved away when your were only a teenager, your parents were having a lot of problems, dad cheating on mum blah blah and they wanted to make their marriage work so they decided a fresh start would be best for you all. You’ll never forget the day they told you, your heart crumbled into a million pieces right there in front of them. You pleaded with you parents to stay “Please, please! All my friends are here, my job is here” but they didn’t listen to you, “oh nonsense (Y/N) you’ll meet lots of new friends in London” that wasn’t really the reason you wanted to stay, quite frankly you hated your part time bar job you had, and you didn’t really get on with anyone at school, you just didn’t want to leave the Shelby’s especially Tommy. You’d all grown up together on the same road and lived next door from each other, you did everything with the boys, they were your family. It had felt wrong but you started to feel different about Tommy, there was something about him, he was different from John and Arthur, he was…special. None the less you left anyway, but you never told Tommy how you felt, it had been so many years since it all happened, the feelings just died away, you don’t think they could exist anymore. Besides, you were sure it was just a teenage crush.

Ada was coming to meet you at the station, you had kept in contact with her, you both write letters to each other all the time, you were like the big sister she never had and even though you were one hundred miles away for seven years, it always felt like you had seen each other everyday, she filled you in and updated you on everything that happens with the family, you both sent weekly letters the whole time however they became less frequent after Karl was born and Freddie died. She was obviously just caught up with everything, and busy looking after Karl, which you understood.

The train started pulling into the station, slowing down, you searched through the window to see if you could find Ada, wondering if she came alone or if she had brought her brothers with her. You spotted her almost instantly, standing alone with Karl in her arms, this was the first time you got to see Karl in person. As soon as the train stopped you dived off with your luggage, she spotted you just as you got off the train.

“(Y/N)” She squealed. Dropping your cases, you ran to her and embraced her in a hug.

“Ada, its been so long. I’ve missed you so much” you choked. You both stayed in your hug for what seemed so long before Ada pulled away, tears filled her eyes and were falling to her cheeks. 

“I can’t believe it, you’ve changed so much!” She smiled

”I’ve changed? Look at you now! At how well you’ve done for yourself” You replied wiping your eyes, referring to Karl.

“Karl” Ada said placing Karl down onto the floor, she held his hands whilst she spoke softly to him “This is your Auntie (Y/N)”

Karl wouldn’t leave you alone the whole way home, he held your hand whilst you spoke to Ada, getting updated on everyone since you last spoke to each other.

You were back at the Shelby house now, none of the boys were in yet, so you and Ada, were sat at the table having a coffee whilst Karl sat on the floor with his toys.

”When will the boys be back? I thought they’d be here by now. They knew I was coming today.” You huffed, eager for the reunion.

“Well…” Ada started “You see…. they don’t actually know?”

“What?” You replied, genuinely thinking you may have misheard what she had just said

“I thought it would be a nice surprise for them” She exclaimed innocently

Before you could argue about it with her, the door slammed. “Ada?! Ada! You won’t believe what Joh-” Arthur cut off what he was saying once he’d seen you, he stood in shock, not quite believing his eyes. The silence brought John and Tommy in the room, both curious to what shut him up.

“(Y/N)?” John questioned “Wha- What are you doing here?” Before I could reply they both ran at you into a hug, you all laughed and said how much you missed each other, complementing each other on appearances. You pulled away from them both to greet Tommy who was still standing in the doorway watching you.


He replied with a small smile, and watery eyes. You walked to him, stopping inches away, waiting for him to speak, but nothing. He just watched you. You couldn’t work out if he was happy or disappointed to see you. You held onto his shoulders and pulled him into a hug. You didn’t care if he din’t want to. You did. He wrapped his arms around, you could feel his strong hands against your back and face his tucked into your neck. You had a sudden rush of a million different feelings come to you at once, familiar ones that you had once felt for him. Feelings that deep down, never really left. Tommy pulled away and wiped a tear that had escaped your eyes with his thumb. in that moment, that one little moment, you realised how you really feel about Tommy Shelby. He was your first love, your best friend and you knew that feeling would never go away.

It’s been one week since you moved home to Birmingham and one week since you last spoke to Tommy Shelby. Yep, thats right… its not like he hasn’t acknowledged you at all, its just as little as he can get away with. When you do try to speak to him, its all one worded answer or grunts as well as avoided eye contact. Speaking of ‘avoided’ thats all he’s done to you since you’ve been here. Still though whatever his reasons were for ‘hating’ or ‘disliking’ you, it didn’t change the way you felt, you’d just realised you truly loved him. That feeling wouldn’t go away because of how he’s been this last week. Which is why it explained why you were sitting in the living room at three am. Everyone was in bed asleep, apart from Tommy. He’d gone out somewhere and not yet come back. You couldn’t sleep it was constantly on your mind and you couldn’t stop worrying no matter how hard you tried not to. So instead of struggling to sleep, you thought you’d just read a book or something (even though you couldn’t concentrate) and wait just to make sure he was in ok. At half three in the morning Tommy walked through the door into the living room where you were waiting.

“What are you doing up this late?” he questioned avoiding your eye, he walked over to the cabinet and poured himself a whiskey. It didn’t take a genius to notice the cuts all over is face and his dried bloody nose, even in this light.

“What happened to you? Are you okay?” You asked concerned

Tommy turned to look at you confused “Are you- are you waiting up for me?”

“No!” you barked back denying it, although you’re pretty sure that just made it even more obvious you were

Tommy didn’t reply sitting down on the sofa next to you taking a swig of his drink. His eyes looked tired, he looked physically drained. “I’ll just go get some stuff, we’ll clean you up” you said softly

“I’m fine, don’t” Tommy shook his head, refusing your offer

“Let me help you for gods sake Thomas” before he could say anymore you got up and left the room to get your little medical kit you took everywhere with you. You returned a couple of minutes later, Tommy still sat in the same place as when you left. You cleaned his cuts and put some cream over them to help. Once you had finished you let her hand drop to your waist and you watched him in silence, trying to figure out what on earth he was thinking, and what on earth he had just been doing. 

“I’m sorry” he spoke barely a whisper, not looking at you

“Don’t mention it” you replied waving a hand “I do this all the time” referring to cleaning up the cuts “normally they’re a lot worse”

“I don’t mean for fixing up my cuts” he turned to look at you “I mean for how I’ve been acting” his eyes never left yours, your heart sunk, he knew what he was doing the whole time. You didn’t reply, you just let him speak “Its just…. I just, didn’t know how to be around you. I thought things had changed, but when you came back last week, It just all come back to me and i’ve been so…..so overwhelmed I’m trying to take it all in” he swallowed

You cocked your head to one side in confusion, you wasn’t sure what he was getting at “Whats wrong Tommy. You know you can tell me everything. Its me” you placed you hand over his and squeezed it gently. He looked down at your hands before turning back to you, he moved in before you had the time to realise what was happening, he kissed you. It was just like you’d ever hoped it would be.

“(Y/N)” Tommy said pulling away “I love you. I’ve loved you since we were kids. And when you left, it hurt so badly. But I never stopped and I never will, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I will always, always, always love you”

A tear fell to your cheek, your heart was bursting with more love and joy than you’ve ever felt because Tommy Shelby just made you the happiest girl in the world. You choked back your tears “I was waiting up for you.” the pair of you laughed and kissed again before you held is face and spoke the most truest words you have ever said “I love you too”

I really hope you guys have enjoyed this! Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests, suggestions just send them through, I will try my best.

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