everyone's getting mad

Not a musical and no bisexual Shang?!?!

Okay lately it’s been really hard to find usual Mulan stuff to reblog because everyone is getting mad for the Disney’s upcoming Mulan liveaction, how it won’t be musical and *gasp* there won’t be bisexual icon Li Shang. And some other complaits about director or something and really I haven’t paid enough attention to know enough about that. Note: I’m not referring to any discussion how there should be all asian cast, that thing is old as ages and there shouldn’t be anything to question about it. I’m talking about things that I have seen in last few days.

Everyone who follows me at least knows that I haven’t really posted anything on regards of the new live action except acknowledging it exist. Reason for that is that I don’t want to get my hopes too up and I plain don’t like waiting. That’s why I don’t particularly pay attention to it until it’s out and I can see it, and then decide if I like it or not. Only reason I even have the little information I have about the live action is thanks to @mulanxiaojie​.

Anyway, what bothers me most in the current drama(and the parts where I actually know enough to say my own opinion about it) is that the casting calls have been out for months. The first time we knew there would be a guy Chen Honghui instead of Li Shang was in last November(or around that time). Couple months ago we got more casting call descriptions for more characters, here. It was pretty obvious already when they accounted Chen Honghui but at this point at least it should have been obvious that Disney’s live action won’t be remake of Disney’s animation. Characters are all different, I think only Mulan and Zhou even have the same names. Mulan has an elder sister, I can’t find Mushu or Granmother, there’s an instructor, general and shaman we have never heard of. Disney is making a live action based on the Ballad of Mulan, a new version, not remade of the animation.

Having said that I wouldn’t mind references to the animation like having little Cri Kee(in a way there were Jaq and Gus in live action Cinderella), or Ming-Na Wen making a cameo role(that would be amazing though), but reusing the same songs in the new Mulan that’s obviously not the animated Mulan? That doesn’t make sense, unless it’s like end credits song. Also, I don’t know if people have forgotten, but Mulan is a war film. You don’t easily turn that into a musical do you? Especially in live action(though there is quite a few chinese musicals about Mulan). I’m just hoping for epic soundtrack.

That was my main source of irritation, but I should add this: Shang isn’t canonically bisexual. I don’t mind if you think he is, that’s your business, but Disney hasn’t confirmed(nor denied) that. So that’s just a stupid whining about headcanon fact.

Sorry for the rant.

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!


Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

drinking tips 4 beginners

ok so i know i have a lot of young followers and i haven’t rlly seen any posts like this so here r some tips i’ve learned from personal experience, observation, n friends!!! i hope this helps u guys and feel free to add ur own!!!

  • DRINK WATER in between drinks im so serious it’ll help a lot w the hangover in the morning 
  • eat a big meal before u plan to drink a lot n also make sure to eat something afterwards/before sleeping!!!! 
  • know ur limit…like rlly know when to stop
  • if u drink wine u WILL “lose ur legs” 
  • never ever ever drink alone!!!!!!!!!! be with people you trust to take care of u!!!!!!!!
  • know the alcohol content of whatever ur drinking bc if u drink a couple of beers ur gonna be alright at the end of the night but if u go for The Hard Stuff just know ur gonna get hammered way sooner
  • dont drink if u dont want to bc peer pressure is real n it’s more than okay to say no
  • (i only drink red wine so i would say to only have 3 glasses of it bc after the lucky number 3 things go down hill pretty fast)
  • dont take drinks from strangers!! never leave ur drink alone!!! always carry it with u wherever u go!!!!!
  • dont switch drinks like if ur going to drink beer then stay with that choice all night dont switch to whiskey you’ll thank me later ok just trust me
  • again…..know when to stop
  • dont get absolutely toasted every time u drink bc thats not fun 
  • before u go to bed make sure to lay out a glass of water n pain killer just in case u feel like garbage in the morning
  • just know that u will say and do embarrassing things when ur lit it’s inevitable
  • dont go to bed without washing ur face or showering,, this isnt a real tip just a reminder that it’s better to be hungover n fresh than hungover n nastee!
  • if u wear sunglasses indoors everyone will know ur hungover but it’s ok bc #relatable
  • turn off ur phone when u go out bc like u have to be super super intoxicated to actually drunk text but better safe than sorry!!! ur ex wont think it’s cute btw!!! (also drunk selfies r sloppy n no one knows what ur gonna post when ur out of it lmao)
  • dont post pictures of urself drinking on social media just dont (especially if ur underage)
  • if you’ve never drank before know that when u get Tipsy the room will be fuzzy n even if u dont know it ur going to be stumbling lmao
  • dont wear high heels if u know ur getting drunk just DONT bc then ur going to have to go barefoot wherever u are n that’s never a good idea bc germs
  • know that drinking is 100% ok for young ppl (18 or over) n that it can be fun but u absolutely do not have to do it, u can stop whenever u want to, and it’s not an every day activity!!!!! don’t make it a habit bc it’s a good time until it’s not!!!! just make sure ur comfortable and safe and it’ll be ok!!!!! stay safe everyone n bottoms up!!!!

Witch au in the fahc universe

Edit because I should have put this stuff in the post and not the tag:   storm/weather witch Michael who creates lightning to strike people down or a tornado to wreck the streets behind them to help lose the cops

Animal witch Ryan who lets loose animals in the zoo and convinces them to tear apart someone once he’s done with them, it’s an easy way to dispose bodies

Jack who uses her magic to heal them just enough until they can get to Caleb. She’s a white witch and her magic is suppose to be used for good and it is. It helps Geoff when he’s stressed over a heist and Ryan when he can’t sleep. It help Michael control his magic when he’s pissed and keeps Gavin from fainting when he has to use his magic. It helps Jeremy keep from getting too anxious about a job especially in the beginning and herself when things get to much and she needs to keep herself sane and calm. It helps them all from going mad when someone gets captured. 

time/fire witch Geoff who turns back time when something goes horribly horribly wrong and one of them dies and lights shit up when need be

Necromancy  Jeremy who gets ghost to help distract people and bring people just long enough when he’s not finished with them. Jeremy can only bring somebody back for so long before it drains him and they aren’t fully back to themselves they’re, well, a zombie which is why Geoff has to turn back time instead of Jeremy just bringing them back. 

Blood witch Gavin who hates his magic and only uses it when he has to

Garden witch Mica who makes vines grow from the ground to tie people up

Space witch Trevor who creates black holes and stars just hot enough to burn a person when Geoff isn’t around to do it

Eclectic Witch Lindsay who is basically the crew Jack of all trades 

Creation witch Matt who makes new weapons and vehicles for the crew

and divination witch steffie who they all go to before a job to see how it goes

Another edit because something was pointed out by @whatdoyewant :  ryan using mangy cats and dogs, wild forgotten things that prowl the alleys and scrap for scraps. who are starved and half crazed and more wild than any zoo animal. zoos are precious conservation programs with rare species that are well taken care of, and he wouldn’t touch them. He’d summon the cats left behind, the dogs who ran from fighting rings and abuse, the rats that fill every crack of every dilapidated apartment and every sewer.

Thank you very very much!

tbh, idk where this whole super masculine, ‘never wears skirts’ Jade even came from, have you not seen all of Jade’s outfits?

maybe it’s because people are headcanoning her as trans and they can’t headcanon a girl as trans without making her super masculine and NonpassingTM. <_<

like, Jade likes guns and science and running around her island home, it doesn’t mean she can’t like skirts?

Guess who’s back with another follow forever to end one heck of a year!! (If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s ME :D )

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This year was definitely filled with many hardships for all of us, but I am so happy and proud that we all got through and we are heading into 2017, strong. I love you all, have a good new years, stay safe and I hope 2017 treats us all well!
(Sorry if I missed anyone!)

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Some Guzma Headcanons
  • Guzma loves piercings and has his nose and tongue pierced 
  • He tends to be really clingy and needy with the person he likes
  • He really likes the color purple (its probably his fav)
  • He likes to sleep in a bed that’s as big as possible because he rolls around a lot at night time
  • Guzma has really bad taste in music and likes super cheesy hip hop songs that he unironically jams out to at loud volume
  • He loves video games. He likes shooter games and Overwatch would probably be one of his favs. He likes good characters too
  • He’s into horror films but he likes to watch them with others (as a group of as a date) because he secretly gets a bit creeped out sometimes
  • He just… He just wants to be a bug type trial captain… Let Guzma be a trial captain 2kforever
  • He watches YouTube lets plays
  • He loves memes. Even the dumb ones
  • Guzma gets really paranoid when h sees chain posts and usually passes them on to everyone and people get so mad at him for it
  • He has a really loud obnoxious laugh. But its kinda cute
  • His voice is naturally very loud and booming, and he’s kind of tone deaf
  • He wears makeup, specifically eyeshadow and eyeliner. Plumeria and him share makeup tips sometimes
  • He’s incredibly ticklish and he hates being tickled because he starts crying from it
Thing that Happened in Band Today
  • Band Director: You all are my ponies, and I have led you to the water. YOU HAVE TO DRINK THE FREAKING WATER ON YOUR OWN!
  • *kids chuckle*
  • Band Director: That's how the saying goes, right? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't drown it or else everyone will get mad and you'll be fired.
  • *more chuckling*
  • Saxophone: *raises hand* I wanna drown it!
  • Everyone: *looking at the sax*
  • Band Director: ...Moving on.
Wait For It - Daryl Dixon

“Walking dead imagine. Someone picking a fight with Daryl’s girl and everyone getting mad when Daryl doesn’t defend her BUT he keeps saying "she can defend herself” to them and “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” to the person starting drama. When she’s had enough she kicks the person picking on her’s ass and all Daryl says is “I told you not to mess with her”. (That was probably very confusing)

A/N: Actually that wasn’t confusing, I loved writing this one!

Daryl’s POV
There was a new girl at the prison. She didn’t like y/n, for whatever reason. Y/n was minding her own business, sitting at a table sharpening her knife. I stood across the room, sharpening mine. The girl walked over to y/n and poked her. “Can I help you?” Y/n asked.
The girl dropped her knife down on the table. “Sharpen mine.”
“You can do that yourself.”
“No, you can do it for me. Considering that’s all you’re good for anyway.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me bitch.”
“I think I heard you wrong because I know you’re not talking to me like that.”
“Then you must be fucking stupid.”
“I wouldn’t be saying stuff like that if I were you,” I spit to the girl. She ignored me.
“Oh what, now you can’t even speak? Huh?” She started getting in y/n’s face.
Rick tapped my shoulder. “Help her.”
“Nah, she can handle herself, wait for it.”
Y/n sat there sharpening her knife.
The girl shoved her shoulder backwards so she would face her. I’m talking to you, and when I’m talking to you, you answer.“
"Oh, is that how it is?” Y/n responded.
“Hey man, you really should help her,” Glenn whispered to me.
“Nah, she’ll be okay. Just wait for it.
"Yeah, that’s how it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” the girl said, getting closer to y/n.
Y/n stood up. “There’s nothing I can do about it?”
Oh shit. Now she was mad.
“You heard me, or are you a deaf little bitch?”
Y/n swung her arm, punching the girl right in the face. The girl tried to punch her back, but she blocked it and punched her again, this time right in the nose, making it bleed.
Rick started to intervene, but I held him back.
The girl stumbled backwards, and charged at y/n. In one quick motion, y/n had grabbed her arm and swung her over, slamming her back on the ground. She punched her in the face once more, and stood up.
“Next time you wanna treat me like shit, think again mother fucker,” y/n spit.
I couldn’t help myself. I stood there chuckling. “I told you not to mess with her,” I told the girl who was laying on the floor clutching her nose. No one bothered to help her, either.
I turned to Rick and said, “What did I say?”
“Damn. You’ve got one hell of a woman, Daryl.”
And that I do.

(don’t mind the white lineart error idk how that happened-)


I reallyyyy didn’t expect to get this far on this website, I honestly didn’t, but without all of your kindness and support I couldn’t have made it here! I love you all so much! Really, I’m so happy you all appreciate what I post and thank you all so much again, I could cry right now ;///////;

Thank you so much everyone!! <3

I wish that, instead of getting upset at those who don’t see the point in voting for either the Republican or Democrat candidate, everyone would instead get mad at the larger political system that offers its people no choice but two candidates who will continue the abuses and crimes of their predecessors. That anger should be directed at correcting cause of this problem, not at the people who find themselves frustrated and disenchanted by it. This election cycle has been a joke, and many are still falling back on the lesser of two evils shit that serves only to sensitize us into accepting increasingly terrible leaders because “at least they aren’t as bad as the other guy.” As long as we keep voting for the lesser of the two evils (while ignoring the root problem), this pattern will continue.