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Goodbye babes

Guys I’m actually tearing up while writing this…. let me just spill
I spent 24 hours on this app in 2 days.. I had to take a step back and reevaluate. So I took the last couple days to think about it.
I don’t have many friends in real life as sad as it sounds, it’s easier for me to communicate behind a screen than anything, but I’m 15 and I have the world ahead of me yknow? I need to get out there in the real world and actually put an effort to meet people like all of you because it won’t happen if I live behind this phone :// You all don’t understand how much you mean to me, each one of you deserve the world. Thank you everyone of my mutuals who have treated me like a little sister.. I love you all and I hope all of you become the biggest blogs on Tumblr and support our men to death☺️ I will always be a proud Exo-L😌

That being said, I’m not going to be active at all, possibly once every blue moon if that. I won’t delete just because I want each and every one of you to remember the best blog💁🏽 This was a great 2 months :) If I ever come back, I’ll spam the death out of each one of you, you best believe it😜

To all of my followers, thank you so much for everything and supporting me🤧 But if you want the quality content, please follow the following blogs instead, the sweetest and the best blogs on tumblr:

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We’ll meet again my lovelies… mark may words😘

Things I need in life

Yuri and Otabek going on friend dates with each other and gushing over their crushes at each other (or at least as close to gushing as these two can get lol).

Like Otabek listening to Yuri enthusiastically talk about Yuuri and then Yuri playfully teasing Otabek because when Otabek talks about JJ he gets all shy.

or if you want angst, they both comfort each other because both of their crushes are engaged :’) 

I get so intensely proud of my people, like my brother is ridiculously good at music things and a couple weeks ago he just picked up a saxophone, having never touched one in his life, and just… started playing it? and it sounded nice? and one of my friends is the most Art person I know and she was one of the best in her art school in freshman year, and now she’s a junior and terrifying all the freshmen with her art (and possibly the purple undercut), and another friend is so kind and determined and speaks four languages fluently to the point where her Spanish gets mistaken for a native speaker’s, and this weekend I was doing my ski teaching exam and there was a drill that one of the guys in the group couldn’t get for the whole weekend, long after everyone else had done it, and then suddenly in the end he comes up to me and goes “did you see that? I did the thing you told me to and it finally worked!” and I was just grinning so much because he got it! he did the thing!

too many white ppl not wanting to speak up bc they’re scared of bein ostracized by their white friends…and u know what i’m really sick of? white ppl who never bring up issues on their own. they wait till all the people of color on their twitter feed, on tumblr are discussing something and post a shitty rephrasing of a post a person of color already made and better to seem involved. they try to rehash a point that has been made millions of times to the point where it’s common knowledge and play this off like they’re accomplishing something. you don’t have to teach poc about racism. we fucking know all about it.

y’all are silent 364 days of the year but then when poc are upset about something you decide to chime in with your obligatory white two cents that accomplishes nothing. and you won’t bring this stuff up in front of other white people either. not ever. you’ll listen to the white people around you being openly hateful and you’ll keep your mouth shut. all this talking like you care and then you refuse to confront your racist and hateful white friends because you don’t want them to exclude you or get mad at you. if you care about us why the fuck you want friends like that in the first place? 

we can tell when you’re posting shit just to seem like “one of the good ones” and we can tell when you post stuff bc you’re scared the big bad people of color will come for you if you don’t and you’re just trying to cover your ass


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