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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

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Episode 18 (One Begets Technique)

The look exchanged between Tasha and Reade says it all. An embarrassed Allie contemplates the ruins of her relationship with Weller, while Kurt’s fingers play nervously. Well done Rich Dotcom, for creating this most awkward of moments.   

Hey Gavin...

…as sad as everyone clearly is (and as mad as some people are too) I’m just gonna mention some positive things.

Everyone has different ‘favourite Connor’ moments. It could be when he painted his nails blue to support Jude, or told Lena he was keeping the bullies away from a mute Jude, or when he told his Dad he snuck out to see Jude.

Or they could be one (or all) of the three moments posted below.

I think these three ‘Jonnor’ scenes spoke to more young people and had more of an impact on any young person who is confused or worried about sexuality than any media campaign, politician or activist ever could.

And no matter what anybody anywhere has to say about ‘Connor’ not being on the show, these images (and others like them) are recorded for everyone to see so people won’t forget. They can never, ever take these things away from you.

So @thegavinmacintosh, thank you for Connor!

My thoughts after the ToZX finale
  • Tales Fanbase: We don't think Alisha's story was very well done in the game.
  • Ufotable: We can fix that! We'll focus more on her side of the story in the anime!
  • Fanbase: That sounds great!
  • Ufotable: It will have to be at the expense of other character screen time
  • Fanbase: Wait . . .
  • Ufotable: We'll write it as if Sorey's relation with Alisha is stronger than with the seraphs. Edna and Lailah who right?
  • Fanbase: thats not what we . .
  • Ufotable: We'll cut out everyones favourite moments in the story edits
  • Fanbase: please no . . .
  • Ufotable: We'll give sorey a darkside where his hair covers his eyes to make him more edgy and relatable
  • fanbase: we're begging you, stop . . .
  • Ufotable: We'll add in lots of overt Sormik and Rosali material!
  • Fanbase: OK, this we can get behind!
  • Ufotable: But we'll also make it so that Sorali's relationship is more overtly romantic than it ever was or could have been in the game in the game! Thats what you guys want right!?
  • Fanbase: *is dead*