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A very happy birthday to you Bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky birthday morning smut and after party smut

A/n (nsfw gifs)

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Birthday. Some people like them, some people don’t, Bucky was one of those that didn’t like it. He hated the fact that he was turning a hundred, sure he looks like he’s in his late twenties to early thirties but it still bugged him.

It didn’t help that the entire team teased him about it. You always told them to stop but they ignored you and kept teasing him until he snapped at them. He told them that if they kept up the teasing they would have a birthday party without the birthday boy. You reassured everyone that you were going to get Bucky in a good mood and get him to attend the party but they had to stop the teasing. They stopped and now it was your mission to get him in a good mood and have him stay happy throughout the party.

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Bellamy Blake imagine: Oblivious

Requested by anonymous

Summary: Everyone in the camp teases reader about Bellamy being in love with her, but she doesn’t believe it. There’s a party in the camp and drunk Bellamy tells her he loves her, but she thinks he isn’t serious. However, next day he makes it clear, he meant it.

Word count: 1360

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“He’s looking at you,” I rolled my eyes at Octavia, who had her face covered with smirk. 

I automatically turned around to see Bellamy looking our way. However, once he realized I was looking at him, he turned his gaze away. 

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Tonight on Aunty Fishy abuses the Ewan McGregor Google Search algorithm, here is a WIP of the three Obi-Wans in my fic Where Shall We Three Meet Again? They’re not done by any stretch of the imagination but you know, how could I not give Arulas his proper eye color? HOW CAN I RESIST SITH EYES? I AM NOT MADE OF STONE.

They are from left to right…

Canon! Obi-Wan Kenobi otherwise known as The Old Man or occasionally Ben Kenobi.
Fem! Obi-Wan otherwise known as Little Sister.
Sith! Obi-Wan otherwise known as Darth Arulas.

Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Picture-But-In-This-Fic is Anakin Skywalker, otherwise known as The Podracer and you can find a lovely portrait done by @writegowrite right HERE.

Also, please click to make it bigger so you can actually see details, if you want to? You don’t have to but I think it looks better that way. Also, I think Arulas has raided Count Dooku’s wardrobe. I may need to talk to him about that.


Your mother was coming back from her service in the military. She left for 4 monthes training fighters in the middle eastern  war. And as a result family and friends began to plan the welcoming party. You didn’t care what they were doing, all you cared about was being in charge of the drinks. You pushed for the drinks and in the end got it only because you were her son.  This plan of yours had been 4 monthes in the making, upon her leaving you began to plan. You bought the drinks which was a mixture of fruit punch and Hennessy. On the day of the party everyone was going crazy putting the party together. All you did was get a huge bowl fill it with fruit punch and the two bottles of Hennessy without anyone seeing. To your suprise the party was set up perfectly. Man your mom has some good freinds. You all waited for about 30 minutes until you heard your mom’s car pull in. People had already begun to drink the fruit punch and get a little tipsy. You had two drinks in your hand. One just for you to calm down your nerves and the other one for your mom. They were both practically  the same except for one crucial ingredient. Your mother’s drink had a special powder you bought in some sketchy areas of town. When your mom walked in everyone jumped up and shouted “Suprise!!!” You gave your mother a huge hug and you put the drink in her hand. After a while at the party everyone was already drunk. Everyone except for one person. The one person no one wanted to invite except for you. He bullied you in your younger day and everyone knew it. You managed to convince everybody by telling them you buried the hatchet and have become really good freinds. That was a huge lie but you didnt care. You only want him to complete the mission. He stood in the corner the whole time until you gave him the signal. That’s when he grabbed your mom who was practically  passed out because of the powder. And the best part about it was no one noticed because they were all drunk. You made sure everyone was occupied and sneaked upstairs where the real party had already begun without you. Upon opening the door was you mother’s beautiful ass with a huge black cock coming out of it. He continued to fuck her while your mom’s best freinds were useless to help. This is how your mother is repaid for her service to this country, to be fucked in the ass by the very guy she defended you from. Your mother may of won the battle but he won the war.


Axl Rose imagine (requested)

It was friday night and you knew exactly what lay ahead of you: going out with the guys to get drunk and eventually one of them would try to pick up a girl. After so many times you were tired of the usual routine and decided to bring up an idea what to do with the evening instead.

“We’re not twelve anymore, (Y/N)” Slash said and shook his head chuckling. “Hey, we’re not going to play it the way kids do” you protested. “We’re always going out. Why don’t we stay home once and do something fun instead?” Duff sighed. “Alright. As long as you got some vodka at home I’m fine with it.” You grinned. “Ha! I knew it would be easy to convince you, Duffy.” “I guess it could actually be fun… let’s give it a try” Izzy said. “I’m not in the mood to go out anyways.” You gave Steven a pleading look. “Please say yes! I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!” Steven sighed. “I couldn’t say no to those puppy dog eyes.” With a winning smile you turned to Slash and Axl who still didn’t look very happy about tonight’s plans. “I’ve played truth or dare when I was ten the last time, I think” Axl murmured. “Time to refresh your memory then” you grinned. Slash shrugged. “You know what? Let’s play this game. Everything can be fun when you’re drunk.” “That’s the spirit” Duff agreed.

You all sat down on the floor in a round and Duff placed the first already empty vodka bottle in the middle. “Who starts?” Izzy asked. “Always the one asking” you said. By now Axl was the only one who still didn’t want to play truth or dare, the other ones seemed to be getting into it already. Izzy spinned the bottle and the cap eventually pointed in Slash’s direction. “Oh, are you fucking kidding me?!” he exclaimed, which caused everyone to chuckle. He took a mouthful of vodka before deciding for truth. “Alright” Izzy said “How ‘bout that one: did you ever have a threesome with a girl and one of your snakes?” Duff and Steven looked at each other and burst into laughter, you couldn’t help but giggle. “What a way to start!” you cheered. Slash groaned. “That has nothing to do with a kink, I swear.” “Is that a yes then?” you asked, only to tease him. “I advise you not to be that cheeky, maybe you’re next.” “Stuff I’ve always wanted to know” Axl commented. Before you continued playing the game everyone took a swig of vodka and you could feel yourself already getting drunk. Duff was the next one and for the enjoyment of everyone he chose dare. “I was hoping for that” Slash said with an evil grin. “Alright, I got one for ya Duffy; you’ll knock at the neighbor’s door and you tell them you’d like to have sex with them - no matter who opens the door.” Steven, Axl, Izzy and you grinned when Duff got up immediately without any doubt. “That’s an easy one” he claimed. Of course you followed him to the door to see if he would actually do it. Duff knocked right next door and you tried real hard not to laugh since you knew that a family lived there. Soon the door opened and of all things the husband stood in front of Duff now. “Good evening, Sir” Duff slurred “Sorry for disturbing you at such a late time but I was wondering… I’d really like to have sex with you.” The second he had said those words out loud the door was shut and we all held our sides from laughing. Duff got back inside, laughing as well. “You should have seen his face! Ha!” “I’m proud of you” Slash said and patted his back. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” We sat down again. Duff spinned the bottle and you laughed when it pointed at Axl who still didn’t seem like he enjoyed the game. He covered his face with his hands, groaning. “Fuck you” he said. “I’ll take truth.” Duff smirked. “Oh-oh. Bad choice, Ax boy” he warned. “What happened last time you tried to pick up a girl?” Duff and Axl seemed to share a secret story because Axl’s face turned bright red and he shook his head. “Okay. Once again, fuck you” he spat. Duff chuckled, too drunk to care about Axl’s attitude. “I ain’t gonna tell that story to anyone.” “You have to, killjoy” you said “Or you decide for a dare.” Axl rolled his eyes. “I’d rather take dare then.” Steven handed him the bottle of vodka. “You could use some of that.” Axl whipped it out of his hand. Everyone else was already drunk, Axl was only tipsy but that would change soon since he swallowed everything that was left in the bottle.

Duff looked at you and back at Axl. “Oh god, I’m scared” you giggled. “I think you’ll be anything but scared soon” Duff predicted. “Axl, I dare you to do a lap dance for (Y/N).” It was silent for a second before everyone burst into laughter except for Axl and you. You stared at Duff, partly amused and partly shocked. “You gotta be kidding me!” you exclaimed. “I’m leaving. I’m not doing this.” Axl got up but he staggered a bit and sat back down again. “Come on guys, it’s all just for fun!” Steven said. You nodded slowly. “Steven is right” you agreed and smirked at Axl. “If any guy in this room could pull of a lapdance, it’s Axl” Slash claimed. “I doubt that. I don’t think Axl could move like that” you countered and gave Axl a challenging look “But I understand that you’re afraid to do it, Axl.” Duff raised his eyebrows. “Well. Then you gotta tell us your funny story instead.” Izzy and Steven still couldn’t stop laughing. Axl looked at you, then he pointed to one of the chairs around your kitchen table. “Take a chair and sit down” he ordered. “Ooh, bossy” you said giggling whilst you did as Axl had told you. All of the sudden the situation was not funny to you anymore. You have seen Axl on stage many times and you knew he could move his hips like no other guy. “Wait!” Slash got up and walked over to the stereo system. He searched a bit through your CDs. “We need some music.” Eventually he inserted the only Alice Cooper CD you owned. “You ready?” Slash asked. Axl didn’t avert his eyes from yours once. A few seconds ago you thought the joke was on Axl but now the tables had turned and the way Axl looked at you got you all nervous. “Fuckin’ ready” he said. When ‘You’re my temptation’ started playing, Axl strutted around the chair with slow steps just in accordance with the rhythm of the music, placing his hands on your shoulders. The little bit of body contact was enough to send shivers down your spine. He slowly lowered himself to the ground when he was back in front of you, biting his bottom lip and gripping your thighs, making your skin prickle. Your heart was racing by now. You heard the other guys wolf-whistle but you only paid attention to Axl who now got back up, moving his hips in a circle and letting one hand glide down his body until he lightly started touching himself. He looked up at you and smirked when he noticed how turned on you were by this sight. “I know you want me, baby” he whispered so only you could hear him. Slowly, so slowly you wanted to do it yourself, he pulled up his shirt and eventually took it off completely, showing off his perfect, well-toned body. In the next second he placed himself on your lap and wrapped his legs around the chair whilst putting his arms around your neck. The weight on your lap didn’t bother you at all; not as long as Axl would continue moving up and down, almost rubbing his bare chest against yours. He brought his face closer to yours until there was hardly any space left between your lips. Just when you thought he would kiss you the song came to an end and Axl pulled back to get up from your lap. “Sorry, honey.”

“See? I knew Axl could do it!” Slash exclaimed, the other guys applauded and started laughing as well as Axl who sat back down on the floor. Only you were left completely baffled on the chair. You were confused by the effect Axl had on you, his lapdance got you turned on so much you wished you could be alone with Axl for a while.

“I think (Y/N) wants more, Axl” Duff said and smirked. “She’s horny as fuck.” You rolled your eyes. “As if.” Your cheeks were burning and you were sure you just blushed madly. “I need something to drink” you said, Duff held up the empty bottle. “Sorry, (Y/N), it’s empty.” You knew that already, all you needed was an excuse to leave the room and have some privacy. You didn’t want to admit to yourself how horny Axl’s lap dance actually got you.

When you opened the fridge you suddenly felt someone’s hands on your hips. You turned your head back to see that i was Axl. “I think this has gotten a bit more serious than we actually intended” he spoke under his breath. “Maybe” you simply said, still feeling nervous around him. He pressed his body closer to yours and you could feel that he popped a boner. “I don’t wanna go back. Let’s play a game in your bedroom instead” he whispered seductively. You turned around to him with a smirk. “Sounds fun. Let’s go”

Today, I fucked up by having a one night stand

Obligatory disclaimer: This happened a couple of months ago. My friends encouraged me to post here about it and today I decided to. I know, I know…

So, a good friend of mine invited me to a cowboy themed drag show he was putting on as fund raiser for a pretty bad flood that happened in our area recently. I accepted and showed up on time but realized pretty quickly that “on time” is early and no one really shows up early anymore. Should’ve known.

After the obligatory “hello’s” and “how ya doin’s” to my buddy and the other folks running the event, I found the bar and settled in. Drink in hand, I began scoping out the few people that had trickled in since I arrived. I didn’t really expect to find anyone I’d be into at this event but hey, I’d gone through a pretty bad break up a couple of weeks prior and was feeling desperate for some action.

After chatting with the bartender for a while I finish my second drink. Feeling a little loose, I turn around to check out the new arrivals when I notice an old friend of mine sitting alone at a table on her phone.

I walk over, say hello and we begin to catch up. I hadn’t seen Angela (nope, not her real name) in about a year and find out she was in from out of town and meeting up with a few of the folks I planned on seeing this evening as well. Score. We’d always had a mutual attraction to each other but never acted on it since I had always been in a relationship. Obviously I’m thinking that shouldn’t be a problem now.

The night progresses and we meet up with all our mutual friends. We drink. We dance. We have a blast. Everything is going well and her and I are really hitting it off.

Once the show ends, someone suggests we go to another bar and as a group, we all agree. Everyone is already quite drunk so inhibitions are pretty low. Angela and I made out on our way to the bar and I’m feeling like a boss ass player.

One or two bars later and we end up at an after hours dance club. It should be noted that Angela and I pretty drunk at this point and I convinced myself that I’m some sort of amazing dance god. She’s digging it even if I’m struggling to keep from falling down so I go in for the kill.

“You wernt ta come over ter my place??”

I asked right before the beat dropped so I never actually heard what she said but it was something along the lines of, “Sure. I guess.”

Fuck yes. I’m da best.

I call an Uber and we start heading towards my apartment. She has us stop at a 7-11 to get her a toothbrush and I grab an ice cream sandwich. This night is going way better than I thought it would.

We get home and our clothes start flying off. My buddy had given me a couple of Viagra a while back so I pop one. I didn’t want to get whiskey dick so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We start going at it and the Viagra kicks in. My Tony Stark turns into Iron Man and for about 15 minutes, we have amazing sex. I feel like such a boss.

She flips over and prepares herself to ride Reverse Cowgirl. I remember thinking, “Hmmm. Things seem a little dry down there.” just before she slams down on the saddle.

You know that moment when you’re in so much unexpected pain that your brain doesn’t even really register it? You know something bad just happened but you don’t really feel it yet. That’s about where I was in that moment.

I shout in pain and push her off. I look down at my boy and blood is shooting out of the front. Literally shooting out. The Viagra and high alcohol content are pumping out blood like the fucking Bellagio Fountains.

I run to the bathroom holding my junk and jump into the bath tub. She comes careening in after me shout-asking what the hell happened. I shout-tell her to shut up and take a deep breath before examining the damage.

Turns out, her forceful mount and lack of lube put an abnormal amount of stress on my bowstring (Frenulum is the technical term) and popped the little guy right in half.

So here I am, sitting naked in the shower, unwillingly rock hard, drunk and bleeding an impressive amount. She becomes hysterical, starts crying and calls her Dad.

Why her Dad? Well, apparently he’s a doctor. Apparently she thinks he can give her some advice or home remedy to fix my broken bowstring at 4 AM in the morning. Yeah. I don’t think so.

You know what this guy says? “Why are you talking to me? Take him to the hospital.” Thanks Angela’s dad. Real helpful.

After about 15 minutes, the bleeding slowed slightly but I’m starting to feel pretty woozy. The shock of the situation finally subsides and I begin laughing uncontrollably. I think, “This is what’s happening to me right now. Everything I’ve done in life has led up to me boner bleeding in the shower. This is what I have become.”

Angela puts some clothes on and grabs the keys to my car. She tells me to get out of the shower and meet her out front to go to the ER. I tell her she better Yelp the best one because I’m not having some 4 star doctor handle my precious wounded hog. She’s not very happy with me at that moment.

As I shamble out of the shower and gingerly put some clothes on, I look around for the nearest object to carry my broken junk in. Maybe a smart person would grab a towel but nope, I grab a wide mouth Mason jar that was sitting on the counter and tuck my dick and balls in that. Why both? It was just more comfortable that way.

The blood isn’t coming out as much at this point but I still have an erection. Pants pulled up to my thighs and holding the bloody Mason jar between my legs, I walk outside and get in the car.

We drive the 5 minutes to an Urgent Care (5 star rated on Yelp, of course) and I walk in there with all my glory showing and no fucks to give. There’s a few people in the waiting room but the guy behind the counter doesn’t want me sitting in there with them because my pants aren’t pulled up so I get the VIP treatment and see the doctor right away.

I explain the situation to Dr. Ted while Nurse Caroline takes my Mason jar and throws it away (I mean, I didn’t want it back I guess). Ted is in his late 60’s and and Caroline isn’t far behind in age. Ted gets the thing clean and puts pressure on it when he drops the bad news.

“OP, the bleeding isn’t really going to stop with out putting pressure on it. I don’t want to stand here all night and hold your [Glorious Member] so we’re gonna have to stitch it up.”


I ask if there’s anything else we can do. Literally anything else. Glue? Bandaid? Caroline puts pressure on it? No dice.

In a last ditch effort, I ask for some sort of anesthetic but he explains that would be more painful than just getting the stitches.

Caroline holds my hand. I glare at Angela. Ted puts 3 stitches in. I cried. We all bonded.

Angela and I drove back to my place in silence. She left back to her hotel shortly after we got back. We haven’t talked since then but I like to think the conversation with her dad the next day was very awkward.

Three days later I got the stitches out. Ted and Caroline weren’t there so I had to explain the story to a whole new set of people. They laughed, a lot. I left them a 5 star review on Yelp.

TL;DR I thought I was a boss ass bro getting a one night stand. Ended up breaking my dick and going to the ER.


Have you ever seen a video uploaded so late? We’re so late to the party everyone’s already drunk and passed out. But if you wanna see two random Australian kids (adults, god we’re old) get super stressed and super scared then give it a watch!

Neighbours- Kenny Holland Imagine

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could write a Kenny imagine? There really isn’t enough writing about him.

Everything about him sickened you. The way he used his voice to gain attention from every girl in school. The way he smiled as if he knew he had a million girls wrapped around his finger. The way he acted as if he always knew exactly what you were thinking. He was disgusting. And unfortunately, Kenny Holland lived right beside you. 

For as long as you lived in Arizona, Kenny had always been right beside you. You two were practically attached at the hips growing up, mainly because your mom and his mom decided to become best friends and wanted their perfect little kids to become best friends as well. You’ve always been close with Kenny’s sisters but as you grew up, you and Kenny fell out. 

“Hey neighbour.” You were outside grabbing the mail when you saw Kenny doing the same. You wanted to avoid talking to him but because he always tried to annoy you, he decided to start a conversation.


“Colombia…wow.” You scrunched your face in confusion but when Kenny pointed to the pile of mail, your heart stopped. In your hand you held your future. You were either going to Colombia University or you were screwed. 

“I gotta go.” You said and left before Kenny could say anything. 

Later that night

“Girl, Landon’s having a party. We’re going, start getting ready.” Your best friend’s name popped up on your phone with that message and you couldn’t help but smile. She was the biggest party girl around and no matter what, she never skipped out. 

As you walked up to the party, the music was already blasting and everyone was already blackout drunk and you knew it was going to be a good time. Landon was the rich jerk who moved to town just this year and because he was such a jerk, he had trouble making friends but you had to admit, parties in his parent’s mansion…they were pretty cool. 

You decided to take a look around as everyone around you decided they wanted to get so drunk that they wouldn’t remember anything the next day. You headed down the hall and saw Landon’s indoor pool. It was the only room with no one in it so you decided to just hang out but when the door swung open a couple minutes later and a bunch of people came in, you had to accept the fact that peace and quiet was not what you were going to get. You watched as everyone jumped in the pool and before you knew it, everyone was skinny dipping. 

“Kenny! Come on!” You heard one of the biggest sluts around calling Kenny into the room and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. She had been obsessed with him from day one but he never gave in. 

You watched as Kenny removed his shirt and your eyes traveled down to his abs…he didn’t have those growing up. You took a sip of your drink as Kenny jumped into the pool. 

“Come on, neighbour…get in.” Kenny said as he floated in the pool.

“I think I’ll pass.” You started to head for the door but before you could leave, Kenny got out of the pool, wrapped a towel around his waist and headed over to you. 

“Come on,” He said, with his hands playing with the end of your shirt. “It’s nothing we haven’t done before.” 

Your mind traveled back to the summer you two spent in Cape May. You two did everything that summer; skinny dipping included. You finished your drink and after you put the cup down, you allowed Kenny to remove your shirt. 

“You didn’t have those growing up.” You knew Kenny was referring to your chest and you let out a laugh.

“I could say the same about you.” You said, slowly dragging your finger across his abs. You winked at him before starting to run towards the pool. 

“I got in.” You said to Kenny hours later as you two walked home. “To Colombia…I got in.”

“You don’t sound too happy about it…”

“I am,” You said, reassuring him. “I just realized how much I’m gonna miss this place…how much I’m gonna miss the people.” You said, looking over at him. 

When you two reached your driveways, you headed for your door but you heard Kenny come up behind you.

“I’m sorry we stopped hanging out…I know I didn’t do anything…I just…”

“Yeah, me too.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and you finally felt like you had your life back. “Those abs though.” You whispered before letting go.

Kenny let out a laugh before turning to head home but before he was fully out of sight, you heard him say “I’m gonna miss you too…neighbour.” 

A/N: I hope you liked it!  Check out my masterlist for all my other imagines: (x)

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When Woohyun has a bit too much to drink, and you have to take him home!

Scenario: Woohyun is your friend and on a night out, he drinks a bit too much. You’re left to take him home, but he tells you something you won’t forget easily.
Word Count: 2103

It was 1am and you were pretty sure you should have stopped Woohyun from drinking about two hours ago when his eyes had taken on that glazed quality, but it had been such a long time since you’d seen him truly laugh with all of himself that you couldn’t begrudge him a night getting really drunk. Everyone else had already moved on to a noraebang across the street, or had headed home, but Woohyun was adamant the two of you stay so he could finish off the bottle of soju left over from your meal. You’d sighed at his suggestion, cursing the antibiotics you were taking which stopped you from drinking with him.

You’d been friends with him so long that you were mostly immune to his cute persuasion tactics, but having seen him so down in the dumps recently, his displays of aegyo were starting to make you smile more than making you want to puke. And when Woohyun got drunk, he got very cute.

The restaurant was closing up, and the waiters were giving you glances. You felt it was time to go and nudged your friend in the arm, fighting to stop yourself from laughing at the dopey expression on his face. You got him up from his chair, slinging his arm over your shoulders and nodding to the waiters as you manhandled your idiot from their establishment.

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anonymous asked:

11. partners in crime au or 22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au :)

Thank you! For the partners in crime AU I’m going to link you to Robbers, because that’s a partners in crime story I already did, and if I tried to write anything to do with that AU I’d probably just end up rewriting that. 

Here’s two miserable people meeting at a wedding for you though! Hope you like it <3

Words: 2,077

Warnings: slight alcohol mention

* * *

Phil was so uncomfortable. His tie was too tight around his neck and his suit was rubbing on his shoulders and his trousers were digging painfully into his hips. As well as feeling like he was being constricted by his clothes, the atmosphere was doing him no good either. There were people everywhere, and whilst he usually was fine talking to people and could make a good conversation, there were just too many of them. People were buzzing around him and talking too quickly and laughing too loudly and almost everyone was drunk already. Phil had lost his parents and his brother somewhere in the crowd, and he had been left stood awkwardly in the corner with a glass of flat champagne in his hand and a sullen expression on his face. Terrible, typical wedding music was blasting through the speakers, and there were a few children sprinting around the dance floor, as well as a handful of couples swaying from side to side, clinging to each other, moving far too slowly for the songs that were playing. 

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HARRY IMAGINE "You and Harry go to a beach party"

**loosely based off of the song “Falling for you” by the 1975**

‘Are you coming tonight?’ You smiled as you read the message from Harry.

You quickly typed out an 'I’m not sure,’ sending it and waiting for his reply.

'You have to!’ He messaged back within the minute. 'It won’t be the same without you.’

'I told you, I can’t, plus I have stuff to do.’ You replied, which was a blatant lie. You had nothing on, in fact you would kill to be able to go and have a good time but you couldn’t.

'Fine, your loss.’ was his response. You sighed and put your phone down on your bed. You hadn’t hung out with him in a while and you knew that he thought he’d done something wrong.

You stared up at your ceiling, listening to the sound of your clock ticking on the wall. It was almost 10pm which meant that the party would be starting soon.

Every few months, your friends would organise a full-moon party at which they would all go down to the beach, get drunk and have fun. You’d been to one once before but once your parents had found out, they’d flipped. This time, when they’d said 'no’, you didn’t bother arguing.

You tried to convince yourself that this was out of respect for your parents wishes, but it wasn’t. You knew deep down that it was because of Harry. You wanted to see Harry so badly but you didn’t want to see him how you’d seen him lately. You didn’t want to see the Harry that you’d seen, pressed up against your friend Chelsea. You didn’t want to see the Harry that you’d walked in on, his lips on hers. You didn’t want to see HER Harry.

You shook your head at how pathetic you sounded. It was just a stupid crush.

You stood up, grabbing out your laptop and settling down again to watch a movie. About half an hour into the movie, you heard something tapping on your balcony.

“What the hell?” You said under your breath, pausing your movie to go check what it was. You turned around to see Harry standing there, bottle of Vodka in hand. He had a huge cheesy grin on his face.

You went over to the door quickly sliding it open and pulling him inside before your parents caught a glimpse of him.

He chuckled at the startled look on your face, taking a seat on your bed.

“What are you doing? You’re gonna get me into trouble.” You said in a stern voice.

“Oh come on, I know you’re bored. I came to pick you up.” His smile grew even more and you were surprised that that was possible.

“Why didn’t you just message me or something?” You were sort of whisper-yelling at him so that your parents didn’t hear.

“Because I knew that if I did that, you’d tell me not to come.”

You furrowed your brow.

“You’re coming tonight.”

“I can’t, my parents will kill me.”

“Since when have you ever cared about that? Plus, they won’t know.”

You shook your head. “Come on, I just climbed up the side of your house, the least you can do is come with me.” He said.

You giggled a little.

“Plus everyone’s there… Louis, Niall and Chels are all waiting for us. They really want you to come.”

'Chels’, you thought to yourself, rolling your eyes, and just like that all of your motivation to go vanished. Your smile dropped and he could sense something was wrong.

“Please,” he said. He gave you his best puppy dog eyes. You avoided them, looking straight to the floor. He stood up making his way over to you and grabbing your shoulders before hugging you.

“Please,” he repeated, “I really want you to.”

You sighed, uttering a quick “Okay,” before taking the vodka out of his hands and taking a shot from the bottle.

You both snuck out, making your way down to the beach which you were glad was walking distance from your house. You could hear the music and see dozens of teens running around in their swimsuits.

Everyone was already drunk from what you could tell and as soon as you got there Chelsea swooped in saying a quick 'Hi’ before taking Harry’s wrist and leading him down to the water. As they went to swim, Louis came to sit next to you.

“Hey, Love.” He said, giving you a hug. “I’m glad you came. We were hoping you’d come.”

You nodded, giving a small smile.

“You alright? You don’t seem happy.” He wrapped an arm around you.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” That was a lie. You’d been watching Chelsea kiss Harry for the last five minutes. You were jealous and you weren’t too proud to admit it to yourself, but nobody else needed to know. 

“Here,” Louis said, handing you a cup of what smelled like Bourbon and coke. You sculled it, finishing it in one go.

“Woah.” Louis chuckled. “Someone’s on it tonight,” You gave him a smile and nudged his shoulder. He playfully nudged you back before tickling you as you burst out in laughter. Just then, you saw Harry make his way over, clearly a bit tipsy.

“You two alright?” He asked and you nodded.

“Hey, do you mind if I steal Y/N for a bit? I gotta show her something.”

Louis smiled and nodded. “I’ll see you in a bit, yeah?” He hugged you before leaving.

“Come on, then” Harry said, offering you his hand and helping you up. He picked up his bottle of vodka from where he had left it and began walking, leading you to a spot a few hundred metres away. Everyone else was out of sight from here.

He sat at the edge of the water. It was darker here, the only illumination was the full moon which hung low in the sky. He patted the spot next to him, gesturing for you to sit. You sat down next to him, your feet in the water.

“Y/N?” he said, timidly.


“What have I done?”

“Nothing,” you said, giving a small fake smile.

“I’m serious.” He frowned. “Why do you keep avoiding me? I’ve been trying to hang out with you and you just keep blowing me off.”

“It’s nothing,” You said, trying to refrain from saying something stupid. It wasn’t his fault. It was yours. You had no right to have him any more than she did. You still couldn’t help but feel hurt though.

“I-” He began but you quickly jumped into the ocean, going under the water so he couldn’t finish. You were too afraid to hear what he had to say.

The water was cold and came up to around your chest area. Before long he dived in with you.

“Stop it,” He started, making his way over to you. “Stop ignoring me.”

You looked down into the water. It was pretty much pitch black, but you had to avoid his gaze. If you didn’t, you were sure you’d end up kissing him.

He moved closer to you until you were touching. “Please look at me.”

You eyes slowly moved upwards until they met his. The moonlight bounced off his features and he looked beautiful. You felt your heart sink. You’d never wanted him as bad as you wanted him right now, here, on this night.

“Do you want me to go?” He said, the look on his face was heartbreaking. “It’s so hard to keep up with you, you know. I don’t even know if you give a shit about me any more.”

“Of course … I- you’re,” You started before pausing. “You’re my best friend.”

He shook his head. “I don’t want to be your best friend.”

'This was it’ you thought to yourself. He was going to tell you that he couldn’t handle you being so difficult any more. That your friendship wasn’t worth the effort.

“Then what do you want?” You said, feeling defeated.

To your surprise, he leaned in, running his hands up your back before kissing you on the neck. He worked his way slowly up your neck until he finally met your lips. He picked you up wrapping your legs around his waist and kissing you, slowly, gently.

“What are you doing?” You said, pulling away. “What about Chelsea?”

“This is what I want.” He said pressing your foreheads together. “She’s amazing, but she’s not you. Me and her … we’re not right together. So I’m making it right.”

He leaned in kissing you again and this time you kissed him back.  

Moving On (Stiles Stilinski)

Imagine that you were dating Stiles, but he broke up with you for an unknown reason, and you ‘move on’ and start dating another guy, and you show up with him at a party, and Stiles gets jealous.

A/N: Of course me being me, they end up back together ;)

It’s been about two months since Stiles broke up with you, and you have no idea why. During that time you managed to “move on”, and now you have a new boyfriend. His name is Tyler, and he seems to like you a lot, but you feel kind of guilty, because you know deep down you are still madly in love with Stiles. But what can you do? You needed to distract yourself from the pain,, and that’s exactly what you did. Your friend Lydia helped by introducing you to Tyler.

You combed through your hair, and you looked into the mirror, making sure you looked okay. Tonight Tyler is going to be taking you to a party, and Lydia told you that Stiles would be there, so you knew you had to look happy, so he wouldn’t know how much he hurt you.

“(Y/N), you’re trying too hard. You don’t want Tyler to catch on.” Lydia, your best friend said. “Am I using him?” you asked worried. “Do you really need me to answer that?” she said as she inspected her nails. “I feel so bad now.” You muttered. “Honey, you loved Stiles, and he broke your heart. You’re not going to get over him in two months. Tyler is you distraction. Sometimes you can gain feelings for him. He doesn’t need to know the truth.” Lydia said. “I still feel bad! What if I was only Stiles’ distraction?” you asked. ‘Oh come on!’ you thought to yourself. ‘He broke up with you, move on already!’, but deep down you knew you couldn’t. You knew the more you pushed away those feelings, the stronger they will come back.

“For God’s sake (Y/N)! Stiles broke up with you to protect you! Can’t you see that? I can! Everyday he asks if you are okay.” Lydia said standing up. “What so you tell him?” you asked smally. “I tell him that you are okay physically.” Lydia said. You didn’t know what to say, partially because you found out he broke up with you for protection, not because he didn’t love you anymore. Now you really didn’t want to go to the party. “Oh, no, I know that look, you are going to this party, there’s no getting out of it.”  Lydia scolded, shaking her head at you. You sighed, and you put the last touches on your outfit, and then you heard on a knock on the door downstairs.

You ran down quickly, and opened the door to see Tyler. “Ready to go?” he asked you. You forced a smile, and nodded your head, even though that is the last you wanted. He grabbed your hand, and led you to his car, and you saw Lydia follow after. The way to the party was awkward, and you were sure he could tell. You were about to put your phone in your bag, but you got a reminder saying that tonight is the full moon.

You quickly shut your phone off, and put it in your bad, and hoped for the best. This town has a tough time with full moons. Even the most controlled werewolves almost break. You were sure you were hallucinating, but you swear you saw Tyler’s eyes glint gold in the oncoming headlights. You pushed that thought aside, and figured that it was just your paranoia of something bad always happening.

Ten minutes later, the car reached the party, and he parked his car along the street. You guys all got out, and you fought the urge to run and hide. Tyler grabbed your hand, and led you inside. Everyone was already drunk or almost there. “I’m going to get us a drink!” he shouted over the music. “I’m fine!” you yelled back, wanting to be in the most controlled state of mind as you could, because something bad always happens on the full moon. He wandered off, and you felt someone grab your arm. You turned your head, and you saw Stiles there, and he looked mad, but it made him look severely more attractive. “What are you doing here with Tyler?” he asked angrily, and you were shocked. You thought Stiles had seen you at school with Tyler before.

“Why do you care Stiles? You were the one who broke up with me, remember? Not the other way around.” You said bitterly. “I know, and I’m sorry. I did it to protect you.” Stiles said. “I can protect myself, okay? I don’t need a white knight in shining armor.” You said harshly.

“It sure looks like you do.” You heard Tyler growl out. He gripped your arm tightly, and you winced in pain, because you felt his nails, no, claws dig into your skin, and you felt blood trickle down your arm. “Tyler, let go of her! You’re hurting (Y/N)!” he said, obviously not knowing what to do, but you didn’t blame him, since you didn’t know either. “Why do you care what happens to her, huh?” Tyler boomed. “Tyler, let me go, now! You’re hurting me, and I want you to let me go, or we’re done.” You said in an eerie calm voice, it was the only thing you could do to keep from causing a scene. How had no one noticed that you were bleeding?

Tyler’s grip tightened, and you felt your bone threaten to snap, and you let out a wail of pain. Stiles didn’t know what to do, so he just acted. He balled up a fist, and decked him in the face. Tyler let go of you, and you stumbled forwards, and Stiles wrapped a protective arm around you, and you hid your face in his neck. He pulled you through the crowd, and you saw Isaac and Scott take care of Tyler, to keep him from coming after you.

“Take me home please.” You whimpered. He kissed your forehead, and brought you to his car, and helped you in, because you were shaking so bad. You struggled to contain your tears that threatened to spill. Your arm was hurting, and you were completely terrified. “Don’t cry, please. If you cry, I’ll cry.” Stiles begged as he drove. You whimpered, and you were mad at yourself for feeling so weak. Stiles reached over, grabbed your hand tight, and you felt comfort in that simple gesture. Stiles knew exactly that, but when Tyler held your hand, you didn’t feel comfort, you felt cold.

Stiles pulled into your driveway, and led you to the door of your empty dark house. He was about to turn away, but you grabbed his hand to keep him in place. “Please stay. I can’t be alone right now.” You said in a broken whisper. He looked extremely upset that you were so scared. He nodded his head, and you led him to the living room, and he sat you down. “You’re first aid kit is in the bathroom right?” he asked for clarification. “Yeah.” You said, nodding your head. He kissed your head, and walked away, and came back a few minutes later. You felt nervous to be alone with Stiles, but not afraid. Nervous, because you knew you and him had to talk everything over.

Stiles carefully grabbed your arm, and he began cleaning the wounds. You looked down, and saw a dark bruise on your arm, and Stiles looked like he was ready to punch something. “I’m going to kill that bastard. He hurt you, he hurt my (Y/N).” he said the last part under his breath, but you still managed to hear it. With those words your heart swelled, and you felt a lump form in your throat, that you couldn’t choke down. He took off his hoodie, and he wrapped it around your shaking form. You hadn’t even realized that you were cold.

“Sh, (Y/N), what’s wrong?” Stiles asked softly. “You just care for me so much. It hurts, Stiles.” You sobbed. He hugged you close, and he let out a choked sound, and you realized that he began crying, too. “I was trying to protect you. I know it was stupid.” He whispered. “I can’t breathe.” You said gasping for breath. He pulled back quickly, and placed his hands on either side of your face, and he looked worried, but he realized you were having a panic attack. He took a deep breath, and his lips crashed against yours.

At first you didn’t know what to do, but you soon wrapped your arms tight around his neck, and kissed back with everything you had. He laid you back on the couch, and climbed on top of you, and a few minutes later, he pulled back slightly, and rested his forehead against yours, and you both were breathless. You also realized you weren’t having a panic attack anymore.

“Take me back. I need you. I thought I could stay away from you to keep you out of harm’s way, but I love you too much, and if that makes me selfish, I don’t care. I need you.” He whispered. “I love you, too, and of course I will take you back. I always will. Tyler was only a distraction.” You whispered. He smiled, and he lowered himself, and covered your body in his, and you felt safer than ever.

Some Advice.

To all the kiddies getting ready to pack off to college for the first time, or the second time, or for all the kiddies who are over it or skipped it or finished it or found another way to do life, may you all remember: 

1. You can be whoever you want to be. 

2. Don’t be scared to do things that make you uncomfortable. 

3. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. 

4. Homesickness is normal. 

5. You are so much smarter than you think you are. 

6. Evaluate your relationships. Keep the fruitful ones. Toss the toxic ones. Never feel bad about doing either. 

7. Stand up for the things you believe in. Stand up for the people you love. Stand up for yourself. 

8. Take pictures. 

9. Challenge the impossible. 

10. Laugh. Share. Grow. 

In conclusion, it’s your time to shine! I’m so excited for you! Say YES to things that scare you! Say NO to things that threaten you! Stand up for yourself! Stand up for your friends! Stand up for people who aren’t your friends! BECOME! 

Religion obsessed atheists.

Let’s get this straight.

Are you annoyed because you have an atheist friend who talks about religion more than anyone you know?

Do you find them irritating, or hypocritical?

Do you ever arrive to a party late and everyone there is already drunk?

This is EVERY day to us.

To us, it all feels like obvious bullshit. And yet for some reason we turn on the TV and what do we see?

-Mass homophobia, STILL.
-Climate change denyers
-Wars, and terrorist attacks
-Women are treated like shit, pretty much across the religious spectrum

And we are surrounded by people, constantly, every day, who honestly, with all their heart, believe in a talking snake and that a man and his family built a boat that housed two of every single land animal on the planet, plus food and fresh water for a year.

We believe in science and we’re surrounded by people who deny science because they believe in a book simply because 1) quite simply, the location of their birth and 2) because their parents read the same book, and probably their parents before them.

The discovery of dinosaurs didn’t destroy religion.
The discovery of the Americas didn’t destroy religion.
Being presented with the limitless vastness of the universe hasn’t destroyed religion.
But time and reason will. It already is.

Make no mistake, Atheism is growing. The same way you don’t believe in Thor(what a ridiculous idea right?), we don’t believe in your god. And we will be on the right side of history, as long as you nuts don’t wipe us out first.

I’m an atheist, and I will be vocal. Every. Single. Day.